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Welcome to a description of The Production Course which will hopefully encourage you to proceed. This course is broken into 8 sections as follows:

The Production Course starts out very simply and builds carefully to the feature level, as you can see by scanning the various links to the sections listed above. You will have actual production assignments towards the end of the course. If you do each Work Shop Production and Semi-Professional Production well, we can almost guarantee that you will be able, and prepared, to produce and/or direct a Professional Feature Production.

The production course will guide you through a series of productions (1-Day Shoot, 2-3 Day Shoot, 6-Day Shoot) which will prepare you for feature production (18-Day Shoot).

The complete programs for every production including the 18-day feature are included in this course. We have left nothing out and we no longer require you to sign a franchise agreement or pay any franchising fees, now or any time in the future on any of your productions. The franchising program is still available, but it is not a part of this course.

You can take as long as you need to do this course and you can stop or continue at any time.

For a number of years tuition on the Production Course was free. We did this so we could figure out what people needed and whether everything worked. It all does, but one of the major problems we have been having is figuring out pricing. How do you price something that potentially replaces $80,000 worth of film school and provides a student with the knowledge to produce a motion picture that could earn millions of dollars in the market?

Check out the tuition and give it a shot -- enroll on The Production Course by filling out the form below. I think you'll like it a lot.

James Jaeger,

P.S. I have used every molicule of information in this course and personally piloted (produced and directed) all of the productions suggested. So this information definately works . . . all you have to do is add your particular uniqueness and creativity, and you're on the way to success!

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