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Book of Budgets
The Book of Budgets
by James R. Jaeger II
ISBN 0-9723274-3-6
Digital Book w/ Movie Magic budgets: $99
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325 Pages

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Warren Buffett says that the most important thing a company can do to succeed is allocate capital prudently.

The Book of Budgets will give you insight into how a feature is built - dollar by dollar.

Learn invaluable financial philosophy while mastering exact budget procedures. Find out why Investors love budgeting by Method One and why Vendors love budgeting by Method Two.

The Book of Budgets contains sample above-the-line and below-the-line budget details (and top sheets) for feature motion pictures costing from $250,000 to $37,000,000, and offers sample feature-length motion picture budgets any (new) Producer or Production Manager can benefit from. Budgets in the Digital Book version can be changed with the Movie Magic program to suit your exact production needs. You will need to have, or purchase, a copy of Movie Magic in order to read and use the budgets in The Book of Budgets. More

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