The Mini Mogul Manual®

The On-ramp to producing and directing quality features

The Mini Mogul Manual Perfect Film School Textbook
Shoot 16mm, Mini DV or Super 8
Prep for your first feature
Shoot Hollywood-style drama
Handle union-configured crews
Camera, lighting techniques
Learn sound & editing
Crowd & Nightclub scenes
Script & production guidelines
Increase production values
Organize for efficiency
Learn production management
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Perfect for college or film school professors, The Mini Mogul Manual is the original, no-nonsense reference for the serious film student or filmmaker who wants to produce, direct or production manage narrative dramatic productions on his or her way up to the feature level. In other words, if your goal is to direct and/or produce quality features, this manual will get you or your students into production and well on the way. No other text provides a safer, more cogent methodology for the student who wants put other technical aspects of their education and experience to use. If you've already produced a short demo film and want to continue your education, The Mini will improve your abilities drastically. If you want to increase the size and quality of your productions, but are uncertain how to proceed, The Mini provides the perfect curriculum.

As a student, perhaps you're not sure what your career goals should be. The Mini Mogul Manual can help you sort it out and give you insight as to what additional courses you will need to supplement your over all theatrical arts or mass communications education. Looking at the credits at the end of a movie, you're probably aware that a feature can have hundreds of people working on it. Ever wonder how one gets to the level of sophistication whereby they are able to direct it all? And we don't mean just hiring union personnel and "letting them take care of it" while you stand around yelling "action" and "cut." The Mini will start you on the road to a solid understanding where you're less dependent on others, yet more aware and able to integrate the talents they can bring to a production. The Mini Mogul Manual is the perfect, hands-on text to use in a film school environment.

Perhaps you have a story idea (treatment or screenplay) you want to develop and shoot someday as a feature. How do you begin? The Mini will take you through the process step-by-step using proven, Hollywood and European techniques.

Need to create a demo reel? Want to practice your directing skills in digital or 16mm? The Mini will give you the ability. The Mini Mogul Manual outlines each production so that you grow more confident, more professional, and more able to handle the next larger production on your way to your first 90-minute feature. With the basic Job Descriptions found in The Mini, a High-def MiniDV camera, Super 8 camera, 16mm camera or 35mm camera, you can start your first production and end up with more production value on the screen than you ever imagined. Recruit your fellow students, friends, family or associates as your first crew and actors. Suddenly, you're in production!

Whether you're a freshman or grad student, a professional filmmaker wanting to cross-over from industrials or just a maniac-with-a-camera, The Mini Mogul Manual will take you places you never thought you could go! This book cannot be purchased anywhere else than MOVIE PUBS. Get a copy today.

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