Tear Drop in Space

A Prolegomena to any past Prolegomena


James R. Jaeger II

Copyright 1986, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005
by James R. Jaeger II



The way to read this book is to jump around until you find something that makes sense . . . and then be glad. I have carefully designed all the concepts in this book such that if you understand any one of them, you will never be able to understand the others when you come back to them -- no matter what order you read the book in. (only kiding)

I'm sure the information in this book has only temporary value because Life is bigger than the jar it "fits" in.


Your philosophic comments are welcome however, comments on spelling or grammatical errors are only welcome if you want me to consider you a concept-void person who picks away at trivial details while letting worlds crash. In fact, just to tweek those nit-picking spell freaks out there who are too stupit to realize that concepts are more important than the transmission-medium, I have purposely peppered this book with mis-spelled words, typos and even half-baked sentences to give such a person the opportunity to upgrade their mind with the ability to ignore trivia. This will serve such a person, as it will free up mental compute cycles for more important things.


I have written this, non-mainstream, as-politically-incorrect-as-possible book to stimulate thought on a wide variety of subjects and possibly show how they are disrelated or related. Because this book is not "targeted" to any "market," other than Human Beings here on Earth, this little "tear drop in space," I do not expect to sell very many nor do I really give a shit, for one of my definitions of knowledge is: "that thing which cannot, and should not, be commercialized." Besides, my other books are so expensive I thought I'd give this book away for a year to keep my "karma" in check . . . besides the stuff this book talks about is orders of magnitude more important than movies. *Movies* -- what trivia, when one considers what might be unwinding in the entire string/M-theory-based Universe, if any.

In Teardrop, though I have discussed things as common as sex to things as esoteric as anomalies in the microwave background radiation, I make no attempt to use BIG square words . . . only little round ones with smooth edges which will go down much easier. I want to confuse . . . then de-confuse you until you're cleared up . . . for if one hasn't been confused before they are cleared up. . . how can they say they are have a fresh knowledge of something? From this book, I hope you can bite off something useful (or stuff yourself with something healthy, unlike America, which stuffs itself on hydrogenated oil, carbohydrates, sugar-infested crap and artificially colored "foods".

Nevertheless, I reserve the right to use a few BIG words now and then to twist your mind a little for fun. Or to force you to get out your dictionary so you may be able to more fully appreciate how useless most dictionaries are.

You probably already agree with me that all things, all entities and all phenomenon, are somehow related. You might not agree that maybe those relationships can be known and applied to everyday life. Therefore, your awareness of the phenomenon of black holes, or the fact that the Universe is now deemed to be a closed-system, might seem irrelevant to your everyday existence -- hence you might pay little attention to such things. If this is your case, it illustrates the problem with our civilization: it is made up of billions of people just like you.

People are too wrapped up in their own lives. To some, their particular life, or the lives of their children and families, are all they care about or see. We used to live in a world where this modus operandi may have been okay -- but then take a look at the history of our planet.

Most of the past has been death and destruction. Advances, carried on the backs of a few desperate men (often in the name of "ending conflict") have punctuated perpetual wars with only moments of peace and enlightenment. And all of this massive death and destruction was caused by folks just like you and I -- people who care about their families. Why? Because they are too busy to do anything about the higher dynamics that are their doom so long as they continue to ignore them One could include global warming and comet/asteroid impacts in this catagory.

In this light, people who have children but act like ignoramouses, are really covert sadists, who want the innocent beings they bring into the world, their children, to suffer as much as they did, even though they give lip-service to the opposite and claim to do everything for their children and want a better world. Horse.

Remaining ignorant of everything except that which immediately concerns their small circle of existence is what inconsistent, ignorant, covertly-hostile "parents" do (and this describes most of the "parents" I have seen out there). And such have the gall to then think they are the victims of everybody else -- of "them" over there, of life, of chance, and so get pushy or become anti-social or arrogant (like myself), or think, by keeping up with (international) politics, they are doing something important.

It bothers me when I go into public and over hear what the average person is talking about while s/he's stuffing down another dead-cow burger. It's usually one of the following subjects, not necessarily in any order:

their job
their clothing
their car
their money situation
their sex life
their food supply
their body
someone else's sex life

Usually the dialog is negative. Don't like my job. Hate my clothes. Need more shoes. Faster car. Government is all to blame. Not enough money (no matter how much money the person has). Girlfriend is a slut. Boy friend is an asshole. Where's a good place to eat. Isn't she hot. Clothing . . . car. . . money. . . sex . . . kids in day "care". . . need a new face-lift.

Probably this is the same "conversation" that's been going on with sapiens for 200 thousand years: but today I would like to invite you to change the subject.



A Quick Review of the Uni
Other Life
Facts v. Assumptions
The Logic of Twos


The Interrogatives
The Anatomy of a Question
Q Axioms
The Abridged Qs
The Qs
The Expanded Qs


Mathematics & Language
Distance = Rate x Time?
The Scientific Method
Future Methods
Intuitive Definitions
Classical Math Definitions
The Number Line
New Math Definitions
Narrative Derivatives
Animate and Inanimate Objects
The Relationships
Reciprocal Entities

Starting Supposition

The Red Shift
Expanding Universe
Quantum Mechanics
The Big Bang

The Learning Kernal
The Singularity
Mathematical Artifacts
Seat of Consciousness

Frequencies of Repetition
Fast or Slow Repetition
Light Speed Repetition
Infinite Repetition
Standard Velocity
Standard Size, Standard Location
Human Experience
Opinions + Truth = Agreement
Agreement = Reality
Reality = Truth - Opinions

Applied Causality
Relative Causality

Energy Parasites
Policy Considerations
Tax the Eaters
Animate and Inanimate Objects
Improvement Program
Physical Overview

The Cause of Spiritual Recession
Some Possible Solutions

Bar Policies
Drinking & Parties
Police State
Property Values



Population Over
Exotic Fuels



Henry Ford
Over Duplication
Metered-Out Technology
Production Stats
Non-Profit Businesses
Coordinated Solutions
Information Access
Capital Gains Tax
Political Convergence
Selling Debt

High Tech Feudal Society
Capital Gains Tax

Capital Gains Tax
Tax Shelters
Lay Offs
Government Lotteries


Insufficient Funds
A Possible Solution

The Scandal
Family Background
The "Settlement"
Orphan's Court "Justice"
Outrageous Legal Fees
The Formula for your Doom
False Help, No Help, Some Help
No Justice in Orphan's Court
Trust Funds Lag S&P
No Poor Performance

Trust Your Problem to No Fiduciary
Movie Project

Fractional Reserve: Crunching us into Nothing
Gold & Silver: On Nixon's Enemy List


Offending Nations
Federal Budget
Top Sheet Reports
Spending Directions
A Basic Law Course
Crime is Profitable
Cost of Energy
Survival in Hostile Worlds


Why Governments Exist
The Bastardization of Ideals
Potential Differences
The $300 Billion Club
The Offense Budget
Space Generators
Temporary Solution
Free Energy
What Are You Doing About It?
Dump Your Military Stocks
Problem Solving
International Bankers
Alien War Machines

Ignorance & Non-confront: a Liability
Summary of the Creature

A One World Government?

The MPAA-Controlled MEDIA

Dear Michael Moore

State-of-the-Union Address



A Quick Review of the Universe

Here is a quick over view of the Universe and those things that are assumed to be true as they relate to Life and WHERE YOU ARE IN THIS THING CALLED "existence."


When you hold your hands out and wave them, you are moving them through this stuff we call space, which may not be what it seems. More about this later. Space is all around you and continues above your head.

There are seemingly gigantic amounts of space above you. We call this nearby space the sky and as you get farther out, we call it outer space, or just space (if you are a male).

Sky is just space that is close to the earth.

Your body is using legs to travel over the surface of the earth, a huge ball which is turning in this space.

The ball is 8,000 miles in diameter and called a planet. We have named this planet Earth (so let's now capitalize the E from now on to show some respect).


From the Earth you can see a very bright ball in the sky. This bright ball is called a star. We have named the closest star to our planet, the "Sun." It's been called by many other names down through the ages.

The reason a star, such as the Sun, is bright is because there are the equivalent of trillions of hydrogen bombs going off in its core. These explosions cause the surface to give off iredesent radiation, among which is light, a form of energy our eyes have evolved to be able to perceive. We call the activity of perceiving radiation "seeing."

The Sun is about 93 million miles away from the Earth and has a diameter of about 868,000 miles. The sun is about 100 times the diameter of Earth.

Sun's mass is 2 million trillion trillion kilograms or 324,000 times the mass of Earth.

From the ground on Earth the number of other stars (other "suns") you can see with the unaided eye is 6,000 and only 2,500 in each hemisphere. Seems like more but it isn't.

For each star we see, there are 50 million we cannot see with unaided eye.

In fact, in the observable Universe, meaning observable with telescopes, etc., there are approximately one billion trillion stars. Put another way, that's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars.

These stars make up about 1% of all the matter in the Universe (baryonic matter), the rest is dark matter and dark energy. Scientists only have theories as to what dark matter and energy are.


One of these other stars is called Alpha Centauri. Alpha Centauri has the distinction of being the second closest star to the Earth. It takes 4.3 years for the light emanating from Alpha Centauri, to reach us here on Earth. Even though light "travels" at 183,000 miles per second, it takes an incredible 4.3 years for it to reach us.

A "Light Year" is the distance a beam of light travels in one year.

A beam of light travels 186,000 miles in one second or 11,160,000 (11.2 million) miles in one minute, or, 6,700,000,000 (6.7 billion) miles in one hour, or 161,000,000,000 (161 billion) miles in one day and thus the distance light travels in one (1) year is 58,765,000,000,000 (58.8 trillion) miles.

Thus Alpha Centauri is said to be 4.3 light years away from our Sun. The "light year" is a common unit of distance used in astronomy and cosmology. The parsec, which is about 3.5 light years, is another.

All stars, in particular our Sun because we are so close to it, create what we call "daylight" on the Earth.

This daylight, from our sun and all the rest of the stars, can only be seen intermittently because the Earth rotates.


The Earth turns and, as it makes one complete turn revealing the sun half the time and the other stars the other half the time, we call each full turn, each rotation, a "day."

Each day is chopped up into 24 slices of rotation, each slice is called an "hour."

All an hour is, is a bit of rotation, a bit of movement of the planet Earth turning.

Thus all "time" is, is this bit of movement. Nothing more. No other dimension, just this movement. Time is thus movement or motion.

When the Earth turns away from the blindingly bright Sun and we are able to see the fainter stars. We call this part of the rotation "night" because we are in the shadow of the Earth.

When we are in the shadow of the Earth we can see other stars in the galaxy and the Universe that are too dim to see during the day because, again, the sun is so bright it blots them out.

Other stars, such as Alpha Centauri, create what we call "star light" from the point of view of our world. Our Sun creates starlight from the point of view of others on distant planets.

Our star, the Sun will burn for an estimated 12 billion years before it burns out. In other words the Earth will move around the Sun, revolve around it, 12 billion more times and then the sun will be burned out.

The Earth has revolved around the Sun 4.6 billion times already, hence it is 4.6 billion "years old."

Eight other planets, similar and very different to our Earth (as well as other stuff) revolve around the Sun. Everything taken collectively is called the Solar System or just the "Sys."

Sun contains 99.86% of mass in the Sys.

The Solar System and Earth are expected to last only 7.4 billion more years.


After the Earth had spun around the Sun about 1 billion times, simple, yet exotic, microscopic motion began to appear on Earth under its oceans. We call this motion "life."

Collectively as a race of organisms on a planet, we don't know exactly what "life" is so we will just respect it and give it a capital L hereafter. To the contrary, some individuals think we do understand what Life is, so they use a lower case for the word, life. Some think we don't yet understand what LIfe is, but feel that we will someday uinderstand what it is. Some think we never will know what Life (or life) is.

Some say complex Life spontaneously began to form after 4 billion years from semi-organic chemicals. They say the first man-like species with brains formed 8 million years ago.

Probably homo Sapiens formed from 4 billion years to present, in other words, the complex Life we call "homo Sapiens" has taken 600,000 years to form and really only existed in an "advanced state" the past 200,000 years in Eastern Africa.

Writing was invented only 5,000 years ago so we could communicate observations about intangible things, things like galaxies.


Our Sun is one star in a grouping of between 100 and 300 billion other stars (depending on whose data you want to believe). This grouping is called a galaxy.

We have named this galaxy "The Milky Way" because it looks like a faint stream of milk strewn across the dark, night sky.

The Milky Way is 100,000 light years across and 17,000 light years thick at its center. It is shaped like a disc with spiral arms and a bar in its center. It is thus called a bar-spirel galaxy. There is also a massive black hole in its center, as there is in the center of almost all galaxies.

Our Sun is about 27,000 light years from the center of the Galaxy.

The Milky Way's center, called the Galactic Nucleus, is 16,000 light years in diameter.

Our Sun orbits the Galactic Nucleus at 155 mi per sec (or 8.4 times Earth's speed around Sun).

The Solar System's period of rotation around Galactic Nucleus is 200,000,000 years, so the Sun has only made about 25 trips around the Galactic Nucleus since its formation.

The mass of the Milky Way is 150 billion times mass of our Sun but collectively, the billions of stars in the Milky Way make up 94% of its baryonic mass.

Other galaxies, like and dissimilar to our Milky Way, exist. The closest galaxy to the Milky Way is called the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), a galaxy 170,000 light years away with 10 billion stars.

The next nearest galaxy is called the Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC), a galaxy 200,000 light years away with 2 billion stars.

LMC & SMC are satellite galaxies of the Milky Way as The Milky Way is 25 times as large as both the LMC & SMC combined.

The Andromeda Galaxy, another Galaxy, is 2,200,000 light years away or 11 times farther than the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. Not only this, the Andromeda Galaxy is several times the size of the Milky Way with an estimated 600 billion stars.

Maffei I, yet another galaxy, is 3.2 million light years away but about the size of the Milky Way.

There are billions of other galaxies thoughout intergallactic space, nevertheless, the same force that causes an apple to fall from a tree, "gravity," causes these galaxies to fall towards each other into clusters. We call these clusters "galactic clusters."

Near our Milky Way Galaxy, there are clustered about 15 galaxies including LMC, SMC, Andromeda, Maffei I and the 15 other smaller galaxies with less than 1 million stars each. We call this cluster the "Local Group."

The Local Group may contain 1.5 trillion stars.

Other Galactic Clusters exist, some with thousands of members.

We can detect up to 1 billion galaxies up to 1 billion light years away.

With off-Earth observational ability such as the Hubble, the best we are able to view outward is about 14 billion light years before we reach an absolute limit where further observation is impossible (because the light from the extremities of the Universe has not yet reached us).

Nevertheless, the observable Universe has over 100 billion galaxies, the Milky Way, an intermediate sized galaxy, being but one of them.

Some galaxies are 100 times more massive than Milky Way while tiny ones are only 1/1000th its mass. This is because small objects of a particular class always greatly out number the large objects.

If there are an average of 10 billion stars per galaxy, then the average size of a galaxy is size of the Large Magellanic Cloud.

Look at it another way: if our star, the Sun, were the size of an M&M milk chocolate candy, the next nearest star, Alpha Century, would be represented as another M&M 96 miles away. Each of the other billions of stars in our Galaxy would be spread out in a similar fashion, 100 to 300 billion M&Ms each one 96 miles apart.

Galaxies are much closer to each other than stars are to each other. In other words, the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC), the closest Galaxy to the Milky Way, would be represented by an M&M only 5 inches away and the galaxies in the Local Group would be M&Ms between 5 and 100 feet away.

All the other galaxies, galaxies outside the Local Group, represented by M&Ms, would fill a volume of 1 kilometer. This is the "known" Universe to date.

Cephiad variables have made it possible for us to determine the approximate distances to the stars and galaxies because their period is proportionate to their distance.

Other Life:

The number of stars consideration alone makes it almost certain extraterrestrial intelligence exists GIVEN there are not many additional factors in the Drake Equasion. At any rate this is not a zero probability because we exist (I think).

When something spins, it has what's called angular momentum because it is sweeping out degrees of angle as it spins. When we say something is losing angular momentum, all it means is that the thing is spinning more slowly because mass or inertia are being lost from the spinning thing itself. In the case of stars, actual mass is flinging-off due to what is called centrifugal force.

This is why an ice skater spins more slowly when he lets his arms extend from his body and faster when he pulls them in, s/he is losing inertia, a manifestation of the presence of mass.

Billions of years ago, the Solar System was nothing more than a giant cloud of spinning gas. As it spun, gravity pulled this gas into the center where it lumped together and ignited into the Sun. As it pulled in it spun more quickly thus causing matter to fling off. This matter eventually condensed into a bunch of spheres, what we now call the planets of the Sys. Earth is one of these planets.

However most of this mass flung off and formed the gas giants: Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets alone have 1/800th the mass of the Sun but possess most of the planetary mass of the Sys. Because they posess most of the mass of the Sys, they have captured 40 times as much angular momentum as the rest of the planets in the Sys. Thus 60% of all the angular momentum in the Solar System is possessed by one of the nine planets in the Solar System, Jupiter and 25% by Saturn. These are the two largest planets in the Sys.

Since we can't see planets around stars very easily (even though the Hubble recently did confirming their existence), a star's loss of angular momentum is a clue that orbiting planets have absorbed angular momentum.

Spectroscopy uses a spectroscope to spread light out in order of wavelength from short waves of violet to long waves of red. Isaac Newton demonstrated the spectrum in 1665 whereras Joseph von Fraunhofer demonstrated spectral absorption lines in 1814.

The doppler effect was discovered in 1842.

Red shift effect discovered in 1848.

Absorption lines are missing wavelengths which were absorbed by the atoms in a star's atmosphere before reaching Earth.

These lines were shown to be "fingerprints" of elements since atoms of each element emitted or absorbed particular wavelengths particular to no other element. If the absorption lines from a star were displaced towards the red end of the spectrum (relative to a known pattern taken from the sun for instance), per the doppler effect, the star would be receding at a speed calculable from the degree of displacement toward the red end of the spectrum.

The Red Shift is thus the name of this phenomenon.

The rotation of a star, causes one side of the star to red shift and the other to violet shift hence the absorption lines grow fatter.

The fatter the absorption lines the faster the spin.

Star rotation was thus discovered because of broad absorption lines in their spectrums were discovered in 1877.

Stars are labled in what's known as spectral classes. These classes are O, B, A, F, G, K & M. Spectral Class O is the most massive, hottest and most luminous stars.

M Spectral Class is least massive, coolest and dimmest with gradient scale between the O and M classes.

Spectral Classes subdivided are subdeivide into B0, B1 ... B9, A0...A9, etc.

Sun is Spectral Class G2.

The more massive a star, the more likely it was fast-rotator hence O...F2 stars are the fastest rotators whereas F2...M stars are the slowest rotators.

Thus 7% of stars are fast-rotators and 93% are slow-rotators.

From this we might deduce that 93% of all stars have planetary systems.

Planets revolving around a star cause it to wobble about the center of gravity.

If two bodies are exactly of the same mass, their "center of gravity" will be exactly in the middle. But if one body is twice the mass of smaller body, for instance, the center of gravity of the system will be twice as close to the center of the larger body.

Earth is 81 times more massive than the Moon. The Earth and Moon rotate about the Earth-Moon center of gravity, i.e., the Moon does NOT rotate around the Earth.

The center of gravity of the Earth-Moon system is 2,950 miles from Earth's center, or about 1,000 miles under the Earth's surface.

Center of the Earth also moves in a small circle about the center of gravity of the Earth-Moon system once every 27-1/3 days. This causes the Earth to wave (wobble) in its path around the Sun, such oscillation period being 27-1/3 days.

If the Moon weren't present, the Earth would not wobble and instead would move around the Sun in a smooth path.

Jupiter causes the Sun to wobble just as the Moon causes the Earth to wobble.

The Sun is 1,050 times more massive than Jupiter hence the center of gravity of the Sun-Jupiter system is 1,050 times closer to center of Sun than the center of Jupiter. The center of gravity of the Sun-Jupiter system is thus 460,000 miles from center of the Sun and 28,000 miles outside the Sun's surface.

The center of Sun circles the Sun-Jupiter center of gravity once every 12 years hence the Sun, in its otherwise smooth progress about the Galactic Nucleus, wobbles slightly to and fro its path.

Sun's wobble is a complex pattern caused by the combined effect of all of the Sun's planets.

The Sun's equator rotates 1.25 miles per second.

Some stars rotate up to 330 miles per second.

Earth's escape velocity, how fast you need to be moving to escape Earth's gravity, is 7.0 miles per sec.

The Moon's escape velocity is only 1.47 miles per sec because it is much less massive.

Earth's diameter is 7,900 miles.

Mercury's diameter is 4,860 miles.

Venus's diameter is 7,520 miles.

Mar's diameter is 6,790 miles.

Number of planets with technological civilization in our Galaxy is thus estimated to be 390 million, but this is probably bogus due to the fact that the Drake Equasion has more factors than originally anticipated. If this is so, each galaxy probably has only one (1) Life-bearing planet. Its egg.

All the stars and galaxies, as above itemized, comprise only about 1% of the matter in the known Universe.

The other 99% of the Universe is comprised of dark matter and dark energy. Of the 99%, about 2/3rds is dark energy and 1/3rd is dark matter. The rest, about 1%, is known as baryonic matter. BAryonic matter is the regular stuff cats, little boys and planets are made of, i.e., regular matter comprised of protons and neutrons.

Some scientists think that about one third of the dark matter is hot and the other two thirds are cold.

But most have no idea what the DARK ENERGY is. Some think dark energy is possibly the basis for what's known as "zero point" energy and/or the force that is causing the Hubble Constant to increase (in other words, the constant expansion of the Universe some feel may be accelerating. In other words the Hubble Constant isn't constant at all but accelerating. Confused?

The hot stuff is may be electron-neutrinos (one of the three types of neutrinos) and the cold stuff is unknown, possibly baryonic matter, as mentioned.

The Universe can be what is called: open, flat or closed.

Open means the Universe is expanding and will do so forever because there is not enough matter, hence gravitational attraction, to cause it to stop expanding.

Flat means the Universe is expanding and just come to a stop at sometime in the future because there is just enough matter, hence gravitational attraction, to cause it to stop expanding, come to a halt and not contract.

Closed means the Universe is expanding and will do so only for a limited amount of time because there is more than enough matter, hence gravitational attraction, to cause it to stop expanding and contract back into what is called a singularity.

The laws formulated by General Relativity present a major problem because they inevitably lead to a mathematical singularity when dealing with high mass environments or tiny dimentions. Quantum Mechanics must then be called in to explain the limits of "classical physics." This area of science has been in semi-chaos for many decades. Nevertheless increasing numbers feel a new theory known as String Theory may have answers and be able to resolve the inconsistencies between General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. One "flavor" of String Theory, known as M-Theory, might hold answers and ultiumately present a TOE, a Theory Of Everything, also known as the Grand Unifying Theory, which will bring the three fundamental forces (covered by quantum mechanics and known as strong nuclear, weak nuclear and electro-magnetic forces) into alignment with the gravitational force (such described by General Relatativity).

Until recently cosmologists were not sure whether the Universe is open, flat or closed.

Recently it has been discovered that there is enough matter in the Universe to ensure that it will is probably closed. Then it was discovered that there may not need to be a cosmological constant invoked to describe what's happening with respect to the expansion of space. Stay tuned.

If the Universe IS closed, it will probably stop expanding and contract back on itself in what's called the Big Crunch, the opposite of the Big Bang, which started the Universe. Thus nothing will be able to escape from the Universe had it been flat or open.

If the Big Crunch happens, the Universe will snaps back on itself and all its matter will be in a "space" less than the size of a proton. Upon this event, all the laws of nature and the fundamental constants of physics will cease to exist, as we know them.

The Universe will become what is known as a singularity (not to be confused with Vernor Vinge's "Technological Singularity").

A singularity, the place in computation where mathematics goes bonkers, exists at the core of Black Holes.

Nothing can escape from a Black Hole, not even light, and that's why it's called a BLACK hole.

Thus, if the Universe is closed, it could be said that the entire Universe is really nothing more than a giant Black Hole. Thus, ironically THIS is where YOU are: inside a giant BLACK HOLE we call EXISTENCE!

NOW that you know WHERE your are, you can be considered to be sane and "competent" for the legal definition of incompetence is: knows NOT the extent and whereabouts of his or her assets, the main assets being your body and mind.

So, if you thought you were just on "a planet" or "in your house" or "in your office," think again -- you are in an unimaginably big black hole with no chance of escape.

Oh it may have been practical for you to be unaware of this in the 18th and 19th centuries, but today, if you don't understand the BIG picture - you don't have any chance of being anything more than a speck of protoplasm being ordered around by robots and machines, also known as governments and corporations.

If you don't have the big picture, none of the little pictures of your life will make much sense because you won't have any perspective. You'll just continue to sit around wondering about trivia like:

My Job
My Clothing
My Car
My Money
My SexLife
My Food Supply
My Body

Then, not understanding the big picture, you'll eventually go into apathy and assign all reasons to some unknown entity you will call God. From this point on, no events will have a causal reason that is other than a mental justification you use to "understand" things. Things just happen or they were "meant to be" because that's was "God's will."

Then to escape this black-hole-of-a-mystery, you'll either kill yourself, find others that feel the same (find religion) or live a life of "quiet desperation" drinking and writing books that make no sense.

If you "find" religion, you will consider yourself "saved" and nothing else will then "make any sense" to you unless it conforms to your new "system of belief" - your new religion. And don't get me wrong, it is okay to get saved. Jesus was the only Being that hit this planet that had the balls to stand behind what he said and get strung up on a cross for it. None of the other pussys that have been to this planet have even come close.

So there is nothing wrong with religion, so long as you know what game it is you are playing.

And there is nothing wrong with believing in so-called God, so long as you know what it is that you have defined it to be -- or what you have accepted it to be by another's definition.

Remember, the study of the Universe (looking inward or outward) through the use of science is really a systematic study of the infinite, which some define as God. Thus science is really nothing but a polished, slick-black religion with a hood ornament. It has its exact methods of construction and its exact cosmology -- just as any religion.

In fact, all current religions on the planet are really just defunct sciences of the past. In this sense they function as human operating systems (like Windows or Unix). The Human OS (Operating System) runs on a meat machine (brain) at about 200 cycles per second (200 Hz) but massively simultaneously processes data to give the apearance of running at a clock speed of over 100 GHz on 100 billion neurons.

Given all this power, due to copyright law, we mostly use different words to talk about the same set of things. This is to preserve authors' rights to confuse the human population with their "originaliy." For instance, Brain=hardware, Mind=Software. When Plato was going round on his duality considerations, he simply burnt himself out, even though he DID bring up most of the relevant questions, questions NO ONE has brought up better since, until now.

Since we now know that inteligence is a function of pattern and not substrate, we now basically know what creates consciousness, thus what consciousness is: simply the pattern anything that exists falls into. If one can't see the pattern, one can't perceive any consciousness present. Thus anything that has any pattern has a certain level of consciousness and, since these pattens (the neural net, in the case of the humans) are NOT made of anything solid, right on down even past the 12 fundamental particles, we have to conclude that patterns are made of oscillations which are in themselves, yet finer patterns. String/M-Theory points this way and if super partners are found (which I am confident will be found, just as the recent tau neutrino was finally found) with the new particle accelerator in Geneva, we will start to be able to put a lid on the entire subject of duality and consciousness from a more empiracle point of view.

Facts vs Assumptions

A "fact" is really just an "assumption" that something is observable or aligned with other observations in conformity with a given arbitrary postulate or hypothesis. Thus all facts only have short-term value: maybe a few years, a century or, at most, a few thousand years.

Today's scientific facts are what you and I and our agents, the scientists, assume to be true or workable in the short-term. Nevertheless, too many people do not know the facts of existence, or what could be better called, the assumptions of existence (called assumptions because this document, and all facts used herein, as well as in all other scientific papers and periodicals, will be totally obsolete in years to come, if not already), because they have spent too much time on the facts of Life rather than the assumptions of Existence.

Life is a MINOR subset of Existence.

It is only one phenomenon we perceive and give great validity to here this one infinitesimally tiny planet.

Life is a system of systems. Methods of survival that use self-defined, circular logic to survive, Life attempts to change all else around it into terms of its own recognition, its own pattern or harmonics of same. Look at the world today, it was shaped and teraformed by us, Life.

In other words any "Facts of Life" are completely minor details which will lead to no greater understanding than the relative size the planet Earth bears to the rest of the Universe. Existence is far bigger than life because it existed far before Life and will exist long after one is alive -- unless of course one believes that he or she will live again (and this is real) or one can attain biological immortality through thraputic cloning and/or life extension technologies arriving now.

The Logic of Twos

The Science of Life known is known as "biology." The word biology actually means "the logic of twos." Granted, this is my definition, but I feel it is the only definition that actually describes the phenomenon, for, after all, all that biology deals with is splitting cells. Splitting cells into two new cells in some logical manner that allows them to differentiate and survive. We call this splitting mitosis. The sequence, and exact timing, of each sucessive split, is controlled by a computer program called DNA or collectively known as the genome. The genome gives rise to the fractal patterns we know as human beings. Thus complexity originates from simplicity, because the entire human genome is only about 3 billion bits long whereas the mature human has far more orgainzed parts and systems.

Other than being overwhelmed by the so-called "human experience," as dictated by the logic of twos, people in the twentieth-first century still don't really know where they are nor the greater picture -- the logic of infinity, as implied by the Assumptions of Existence.

As discovered before, they may think they're on a planet, in a house or office, but that's just a detail of where they really are. Hit the street with a question like the following and you will be amazed:

o Where is the Earth?
o What is the Sun?
o What are the Stars?
o Where are we in the Solar System?
o What is the Milky Way?
o Where is the Earth in the Milky Way?
o Where is the Milky Way?
o What is the Universe?
o Which is bigger the Moon or the Stars?
o Where is the Sun at night?

Everything the scientists know, you can know too. They are not inherently smarter than you -- just more focused in their interest and possibly less confused for the moment. But unfortunately, most of them, however smart, have spent their whole lives focusing on such a sliver of existence to such an extent some of them have serious difficulty communicating communicating about all the other slivers. But make no mistake, the people that have CAREFULLY studied what all the other scientists have theorized and found by experiment, and then carefully integrated such into the total understanding we have of Existence, THE scientists, are the only people you should respect. All the rest are pre-Madonna's and bullshitters, if not total mOrons. People that think their "tiny" brains can come up with concepts and realizations about the Universe all on their own, or through their fiction or imagination, are pale ignoramuses by comparison to what the actual mainstream scientists have discovered out there over the course of thousands of years. The sad thing is, it takes so much work and effort to comprehend what the scientists have collectively amassed, there is simply no way a science fiction writer, dreamer, super-genius or even screenwriter can POSSIBLY comprehend what they know. It's so bad, they don't even realize that they know very little. And sometimes this increadible ignorance coupled with arrogance, gets the rest of us believing in their ignorance, that they are "operating" on some "higher" self-realized plane of existence. The Hollywood-based U.S. motion picture industry and mass media does much to perpetuate this state of affairs. Such people are trying to HAVE their cake BEFORE they can eat it too. They don't want to put in the time to study science, to study what hundreds of thousands of scientists have discovered and fit together. Thus they pretend to have some "special" link to "knowledge" about existence. People have also done this down through the eons with a things called gods.

As big a bunch of clashing clothes as the scientists are, they at least have earned the right to theorize . . . which is something that everyone, especially charlatans, have not earned. In other words YOU have no right to theorize about shit unless you are studied in science, so shut your fucking mouth about the Universe and Existence unless you have put in the time. Then, AFTER you have read much of the past scientific literature and have come up to speed on what has so far been done, THEN you can theorize and open YOUR mouth. Although I only consider myself an amature scientist, I have read enough of what the professional scientists have written over the past 30 years to have the right to open my big mouth a little. And possibly someday, after about 5 more years of study, I MAY have the right to be taken seriously on some specific subject. However, realizing that to a certain degree, if not all degrees, science is really nothing more than today's spin on religion, i.e., the unknown, I want to keep a safe distance from it so I can retain my objectivity (and my right to be a crack pot) and no one will care or "write me up." This way I feel I can take what I have learned by studying the disciplines and still allow my mind to wander into "politically incorrect" directions, only to be rescued by the hard-core-structure of science when I breath in too much horseshit.


The Interrogatives

What are interrogatives -- questions, the very instruments of inquiry? Unfortunately, homo Sapiens is so interested in ANSWERS, the primary tool he uses to arrive at answers, QUESTIONS, is hardly analyzed at all.

Could the reason we are in a period of stangantion, a new Dark Age, be because the sciences are nothing more than circular logic systems at this time? Could it be that the very instrument of our enlightenment is circular? What is a question and how should we presume their purpose and effectiveness? Are interrogatives at all useful? Is there a replacement for interrogatives? Why does one have to use an interrogative to even analyze an interrogative?

The purpose of questions should be, by means of human or artificial intelligence, to reconcile and align all written and observed data about the environment generated by homo Sapiens since at least 5,000 BC in order to:

1. Assimilate all written considerations of homo Sapiens into a manageable database ("EarthDat").

2. Use EarthDat to provide answers to previously unanswerable questions.

3. Provide a prioritized list of Questions that must be

a) asked, and
b) answered in order for EarthDat to Answer all Questions that have been asked. (See The Qs and the O's).

4. ULTIMATELY ANSWER - The Qs - The Questions of Existence and hopefully the major Q which is - Why are there Questions?

It seems to me that the question of why are there questions is more senior than the question seeking the answers to existence.

Why is it that as our knowledge expands the number of interrogatives we have does not expand? This makes me wonder if it is not the interrogatives that caused the expansion of knowledge and if this expansion is not bogus to a greater degree than we suspect.

I would like to hope that there are far more than five interrogatives. If we had more media in which to frame a question, perhaps we would understand more about existence. In other words, we are limited by the questions we can ask, just as we are limited by the three dimentions in which we mostly live.

The Anatomy of a Question

But first, the Anatomy of a question must be examined. What is a "question?" This is weird because, again, one is forced to use the very entity being examined to examine the question of what a question is. This is an indication that there is something lacking in homo Sapiens's logic or his communication systems or the wiring of his brain or all of the above.

In infinite existence it seems Interrogatives are used to build points of Agreement. The Questions are:

Who -- a living entity marker. It specifies an organic arrangement of molecules known colloquially as a person or "being." The difference between what and who is velocity. It is assumed "Who" is the primary question as one needs a "Who" to invent and ask the rest of the Qs. Perhaps questions are only an irrelevant by-product of a phenomena called Life.

What -- a descriptive marker for finite or infinite entities that may exist.

Where -- a location marker. It specifies the universal coordinates of a "what."

When -- a time marker. It specifies an exact snapshot of some aspect of existence as related to some other snapshot of existence.

How -- a method marker. It specifies the development of a given causality. It is a navigation. How is an expression of: I don't know, but I sure would like to! It is all the interrogatives built into one.

Why -- a result marker. It specifies the finished outcome of a given causality. It is the essence and prerequisite of the phenomenon of agreement. It answers the reason for everything and, in fact, is the very reason the interrogatives exist in the first place.

EarthDat might answer the Q's by addressing the Interrogatives in the above order.

EarthDat will have to assign "difficulty" parameters to each Q starting with the types of interrogatives currently available which, again, are: WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHO, HOW and WHY.

Q Axioms

Every Question is a result of one or more Questions.

Every Answer is a continuation of at least one Question.

The opposite of an Answer is not a Question.

The opposite of a Question is not an Answer.

Opposites only exist by definition or through the Circular Logic System.

The Abridged Qs

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is it all about?
  • What happens when you die?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Where does the Universe end?
  • Does the Universe end?
  • Why does it seem the Universe is so big?
  • Is it that I am so small?
  • How much can I know?
  • How much do I know?
  • What will be my ultimate fate?
  • What is life?
  • What kind of a being am I?
  • Where did I come from?
  • Am I a spiritual Being?
  • Am I a physical Being?
  • Am I something else not either Being?
  • Where am I going?
  • Does anything really matter?
  • Can I make a difference?
  • Should I make a difference?
  • What makes one ask the Abridged Qs?
  • DO others ask the Abridged Qs?
  • Is language sufficient to answer the Abridged Qs?
  • What is Matter?
  • What is Energy?
  • What is Space?
  • What is Time?
  • Can I trust the validity of the data thinking-man has amassed since the dawn of time/science?
  • What is an answer?
  • Do you stop asking the question when you get an answer?
  • What in nature prompts us to ask questions?
  • What is a question?
  • What is the purpose of a question?
  • Can one question a question?
  • If one can question a question, what would one ask?
  • Why would one want to question a question in the first place?
  • Are all the possible questions self-refrencing?
  • How can questions be applied to understanding questions?
  • If I questioned my questions, would I get answers to the questions questioned?
  • Can there be a dishonest question?
  • Is a question an honest thing to ask of a universe?
  • Is an answer to a question in the question?
  • Is the answer to a question in the question?
  • Is the predicate in the subject?
  • Do questions prompt creativity?
  • How many questions are there?
  • Are there more questions or more answers or the same?
  • What, then, is truth?
  • Is there truth anyway?
  • Will there ever be a time all questions are answered?
  • What would it be like to have the answer to all questions?
  • Is an answer to a question the or a correct answer to that question?
  • Can a Question be answered with an Answer?
  • Can a Question only be (fully) answered with a further Question?
  • How many Questions are there?
  • How many questions are there?
  • How many Abridged Qs are there?
  • Are there more questions or more answers in existence?
  • Is there an Answer to these, any or all, Questions?
  • Are there more than one or many answers to the Abridged Qs?
  • If so how many?
  • What is a simple question?
  • What is a complex question?
  • Are many simple questions more effective than one complex question?
  • Is a simple question a question that has only one or a few answers?
  • Is a complex question a question that has many answers?
  • Could one answer all questions by only seeking questions?
  • Does a question thwart being answered when one attempts to supply the answer to the question?
  • Do questions have personality?
  • Is a question evasive?
  • Does one get answers to their questions when they expect them or do not expect them?
  • Why do people use words?
  • What is the extent of the human mind?
  • What is a mind anyway?
  • What is the extent to any mind?
  • Does a mind think in "pictures?"
  • How else could a mind think?
  • What is a picture?
  • Is a picture a locus of dots?
  • Does the mind use dots to think with?
  • Does the mind use anything to think with?
  • What is thought?
  • Are all concepts related somehow?
  • If men and women can create a baby that is more intelligent than the parents, can Mankind build a computer or a machine that is more intelligent than Mankind?
  • What is a workable definition of intelligence?
  • What is a workable definition of super-intelligence?
  • What is a workable definition of ignorance?
  • What is a workable definition of super-ignorance?
  • Will machines become intelligent?
  • Will machines become more intelligent than Humans?
  • Will machines become super-intelligent?
  • How long will the Human race continue?
  • Is intelligence the ability to solve problems relating to existence?
  • Is there any such thing as a Question or an Answer?
  • What is a problem?
  • Do experiences cause words?
  • If experience causes words, then where do we get words to describe experiences no one has had?
  • If there are no words for certain experiences, then how can we communicate about these experiences?
  • Does this make such experiences less valid?
  • What is validity anyway?
  • Could EarthDat or an Internet super-intelligence answer the Abridged Qs?
  • Can the Abridged Qs be assembled in order of "easiest" to answer to "most difficult" to answer?
  • What would be a/the criterion?
  • Is there a priority of Abridged Qs?
  • Are there answers that do not relate to others?
  • What are people?
  • What does "I" mean?
  • Do I have a relationship with or to all other people?
  • What is my relationship to all other people?
  • Are people a unified field?
  • Is thought a unified field?
  • Do people cause thought or does thought cause people?
  • Is there a unified field?
  • How many forces are there?
  • Can forces be individuated?
  • Can space be individuated?
  • Can dimention be individuated?
  • Can matter be individuated?
  • Can people be individuated?
  • Can reality be individuated?
  • What happens when you're are sleeping?
  • What is a thing?
  • What are two things?
  • What is the Physical Universe?
  • What is exactly the same?
  • What is everything?
  • What is it to do?
  • What is an identity?
  • What is it to not exist?
  • What is given?
  • What is sufficient to know?
  • What is location?
  • What is it to know?
  • What is it to be?o What is similar?
  • What is reason?
  • What is a fact?
  • What is space?
  • Is space the same as spaces?
  • What is it to occupy space?
  • What is cause?
  • What is reluctance?
  • Why is "or" possible?

The Qs

To get the Qs, take all of the above and replace each given Q with each of the other interrogatives not used. To wit:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • Where am I?
  • When am I?
  • How am I?
  • Why am I? . . .
  • Who is a possible "or"?
  • What "or" is possible?
  • Where is "or" possible?
  • When is "or" possible?
  • How is "or" possible?
  • Why is "or" possible?

The Expanded Q's

The expanded Q's are all the Q's plus all the Q's that have not been asked yet. Thus the most long-term relevant question that a sentient species can ask is: What Q's have we not yet asked?

The Applied Q's

Using all or part of the Expanded Q's, we can get to work asking questions about existence while not missing too many of the questions that need to be asked. For if the questions are not defined and asked, there is no possible chance one will gain understanding except by accident or after protracted amounts of time wandering around and down illogical chains of question-thought.

As an example:

Are there no two things in the physical universe that are exactly the same?

Does everything in the Universe have one and only one identity?

If two things that are identical do not exist in any one given Universe, is it sufficient to know only the identity of the thing to know its location?

Are two "identical" things only similar if for no other reason than the fact that they occupy different spaces?

Is space caused by the reluctance of any two objects or things to be identical?

Is Space (S) thus a product of Identity (I)?

S = I^2


S = I x I

Is Space is equal to a given mass multiplied by itself?

I = square root of S

Is the square root of space mass?

If E = mc^2 and
F = ma (because energy exerts force), then

E = F or
E = kF where k is some constant, and

mc^2 = ma or

c^2 = a does
c = the square root of a

hence, is the velocity of light the square root of an acceleration or,

a = F/m and,

c = square root of F/m

whereby the velocity of light is inversely proportionate to the mass of an object yet proportionate to the square root of the force it can exert at the speed of light, c?

Is there a relationship between the prime numbers and the Mandelbrot set?


Mathematics & Language

A major Assumption of Existence is the "fact" that Mathematics is a tool through which existence can be perceived accurately or semi-accurately without limit.

The problem with mathematics and language (for both essentially perform the same function), is that these two inventions are not able to describe phenomena that existed prior to their invention. In other words, all observations that are reinforced by pre-existing mathematical postulates are doomed to be contrived. Of course, the Universe can manifest any law which mathematics then "predicts will be found." Such predictions and empiracle "substantiations" are forming an amusing fractile of interrelating self-referencing logic, a body of "science," but none the less only the Twentieth Century's religion or belief system. Such will never lead to any real understanding of existence.

Thus mathematics, and all its attendant predictions and relationships of algebra, calculus and geometry, are virtually useless to the ultimate understanding of the Universe. The mental mechanics of mathematics and language, will do fine to "understand" a tiny portion of the Universe, and everything will "fit" together in the sciences, but real understanding will never be achieved about the underlying stratum of the physical Universe or Existence.

This "circular logic system" has, at its root, the very definitions of such common words as matter, energy, space and time, most if not all, of which are defined in terms of each other. In this way a giant self referencing system - we call mainstream science - has granted us a limited, pseudo-understanding of the real nature of Existence. Any validity we have found in science in the past 50,000 years is only local to our planet, in this case Earth.

The relative diference between the viewpoint of Humanity and the view, should be enough to make one suspect about what conclusions are, and can be reached. Until the Human brain and mind are augmented with higher computing power, no "answers" will probably mean very much.

Distance = Rate x Time?

For example, let's take a look at some sacred pieces of the Scientific Credo and see how they might be re-assembled.

Just because you can take some roughly defined entities, such as distance, rate and time, and assign letters to them D, r, t and then use an invention called mathematics to craft out some arbitrary relationships between each of these roughly defined concepts, does not mean you know anything.

All you have is exactly defined (and totally arbitrary to Earth), relationships between nebulous, conceptual entities.

Distance equals rate times time, or D = rt, does not tell you what distance really is, nor does it tell you what rate is or what time is - the most nebulous and misnomered of the three concepts.

So you really know nothing, except what you fool yourself into thinking you "know" and then substantiate with some justification that it's "mainstream science."

Thus, what much of "mainstream science" is for the most part is a bunch of cowardly, hostile, suppressed corporate employees hiding behind each others agreements on what is "acceptable reality" so they will not be fired (or called cooks by the community that they must propitiate to so their babies can get fed and their rent/mortgage paid).

Can you really tell me what "distance" is without using the word, rate or time or speed or velocity or location or space in your sentence?

If you cannot, then you have to define Distance in terms of the other things and therefor your means of perceiving reality is not only circular but based on roughly defined entities and a totally arbitrary, self-referencing invention called mathematics or its generalization, algebra or its generalization, calculus. In other words you know nothing except, maybe, local alligned trivia.

This is why I say we are living in a "circular logic system" called "mainstream science".

But you say, science has gotten us computers, put men on the moon and given us microwave popcorn. Maybe true, but you can't prove it was science that did these things any more than you can prove that it was a placebo that cured the patient.

And so of course the age-old debate over duality raises it ugly head.

But rather than cover this ground some more, as every philosopher since the dawn of (the invention of) time has, let's try some different approaches and maybe we can get out of this wet, paper bag we call Life.


Words are a good reason we think we know and don't know.

Words, a recent invention of homo Sapiens, are made up of symbols which are called letters. When one or more of these letters are grouped next to each other, the configuration, known as a word, represents an experience of some objective, observable phenomenon or some subjective perceivable phenomenon.

When two or more sentient beings have come to the conclusion that each of them has had the same experience, they agree that they will allocate a certain number of these symbols, these letters, into an arrangement which they will then call a "word." Then, in the future, they will re-use that arrangement, that word, as a quick way of relating the given experience to others who may have had a similar experience independently of them, but had no "word" to describe it (or have several others i.e., the confusion of multiple-planetary languages).

But here's where the initial problem comes in. If you look at a fire burning on a log, how do you know where the fire stops and the log starts? How do you differentiate these two objectively observable phenomena, (especially in the absence of any "scientific" knowledge)? Since any two cavemen, on different sides of the unscalable mountains, could have the same experience, one might compile a word to describe fire+wood, considering it one entity, and the other might compile one word for fire and another word for log, thus inventing two words for the "same" one phenomenon.

When these two enclaves of civilization finally get together, they will have an argument over what a fire is because the symbols they have chosen to represent it are arbitrary, hence different.

It will then take the force of every other word they know, from each of their vocabularies, to justify and/or reconcile this difference and one civilization will even have to create a "new" word, log, out of nothing.

If you consider the amount of observable phenomenon in the world and universe, the number of people and isolated civilizations that have developed over the millennia and the number of Symbolized Observation Systems (i.e., Languages) developed, is it no wonder that the sciences, which use mathematics based on these Languages are only as good as the words, hence language, they symbolize and manipulate?

So what if E = mc^2 or F=ma. These groupings of symbolized symbols mean nothing when it comes to ultimate understanding. It all "makes sense" only because it is defined to "make sense."

To try and make sense or relate phenomenon to phenomenon with symbols, is not making use of any facility we might be able to develop to directly perceive phenomenon and hence understand it on an entirely new level or with an entirely new clarity.

Science is defined to make sense to science. That's why we think we are progressing when we are just in a new dark age.

Thus all of science is today is a giant self referencing Circular Logic System and we really know nothing of more than local value.

E = mc^2

E/m = c^2

c = Square root of E/m

The speed of light, at 186,000 miles per second, is equal to the square root of energy divided by mass; or, in other words, is equal to the square root of energy per mass.

186,000 m/s = square root of energy/mass.

The energy, per unit of a mass's square root is equal to 186,000 miles per second (a unit of

distance per a unit of time) or (a unit of space per a unit of time) - time that is only measurable by units of change in space or motion of a mass in space.

The whole thing smells of circular logic, so let us throw out all current definitions of time, space, motion, distance, change, energy, mass and velocity.

All of these "words" for lack of a better "thing" to call them, have no meaning other than the house of cards they are built from - the physical sciences - in particular Newtonian Mechanics, Einsteinian Mechanics (special and general relativity) and Quantum Mechanics.

Fuck all of these dead-end "sciences" and the scientific method which bred them?

The Scientific Method

The Scientific Method is basically as follows: dream up a hypothesis and then look at the Universe and see if any "empiracle" data can be found to substantiate the hyposthisis. If the data aligns with the hypothesis such that there are no exceptions -- and, in fact, the hypothesis can actually predict more similar data or infer the existence of other observable phenomenon, THEN the hypothesis is said to be correct and hence the system used to put it all together, the scientific method, is validated further.

Unfortunately, this "method" is really just a breeder of data to be woven into the fabric of self-referencing circular logic. OF COURSE, the only empirical data that will be "found" (pieces from the infinite reservoir of data) will be that data that "supports" the hypothesis. And then when you do it in reverse, use the equation to predict the existence of more similar data out there, of course it will be "found" because it will have been defined to be there in the first place by the hypothesis.

The neutrino was predicted to exist before it was found and sure enough it was "found." How do we know it wasn't created?

It's like you get what you are looking for or deserve. You pull in your own "reality." The glass is both half empty and half full.

Let's break this horseshit down a little and see if we can't figure out what we really know about existence - if anything.

Future Methods

I maintain that there are only three entities that are readily observable and these are symbolized by the dingle-wit words:


Everything around us, close up as our collar to distant as the stars, seems to be made up of these three so-called "entities".

I will agree that matter seems to have a solidity when you touch it. Space seems to have the opposite quality when fail to touch it and energy, such as light, heat and motion, seems to be somewhere in between, there without seeming to be either matter or space.

This is all we can really say about these three entities without becoming fancy.

Intuitive Definitions

So just for fun, let's try on some new definitions for some commonly badgered words and concepts, including matter, space and energy.

Matter is what kind of atoms are present in any dimension.

Space is the amount of Mass that is not present in any given dimension.

Energy is the amount of matter or point-space which has decayed in a given Space.

Mass is the total number of atoms that are there.

Dimension is the number of arbitrary units a Mass occupies in three separate directions. Density is how many atoms are there in a given dimension.

"Normal" Space is the same as 3-Space.

Mathematical infinity is any number divided by zero.

Practical infinity is any mass divided by space.

Mathematical Zero is the reciprocal of mathematical infinity (or in other words, mathematical zero is one divided by mathematical infinity).

Practical Zero is any Mass divided by all Space or any Mass dispersed throughout all Space.

Reciprocal means the same phenomena when experienced at different portions of its repetition.

Mind is the communications network used in the Physical Universe.

Spirit/Soul/Thetan/LifeForce/Elan Vital/Being is the communications network used in the non-Physical Universe.

Brain is the physical Universe storage center for communications received via the mind.

The "Body" is the physical Universe storage center for communications received via the Brain.

Velocity is the rate at which energy is being transferred into point-space. Velocity is actually another form of energy.

The "Past" is the amount of time it takes a Being to form an idea about Existence.

The "Future" is the idea that Existence will continue to have reciprocal manifestations.

The "Present" is that location in the Mind which is neither past or present.

A Mental Location is that portion of the communications network any given message finds it self.

Causality is the results of repetition.

Matter is a form of gravity.

Space is a form of electromagnetic energy.

Gravity is the force created when space is displaced by matter.

Reality is the universal strange attractor.

Universe is the instantaneous addition of every possible reality at each given moment. Its reality is the universal strange attractor.

Classical Math Definitions

1/0 = not defined (defined herein)
0/1 = 1
1x1 = 1
1x0 = 0

500,000/0 = a positively infinite number.


0/500,000 = a negatively infinite number.

any number X 0 = any number
4 X 0 = quadruple negative 4

Because, if you multiply nothing by four times, you get four times as much nothing or you get a number that is negatively infinite.

any number x 1 - any number. 4 x 1 = 4

The Number Line

n/infinity = 0 where, n does not equal infinity.

Thus, the Number Line is actually:

| | | Zero. . . .25 . . . .5 . . . . . . .75 . . . . . . 1. . . 2. . .3 . . .4. . . .5. . . . . . . . Infinity

There is no such thing as -1 or -48 or -12,200 or -2,394,287 or -1023

The perception of "negative" integers is simply movement on the number line in the direction from infinity to zero. In other words, in order for there to be a "negative" number, there had to have been a positive number first.

New Math Definitions

1/infinity = 0

2/infinity = 0

10/infinity = 0

103,089,858,947,829,767,989,983,279,308/infinity = 0

n/infinity = 0; where n does not equal infinity.


infinity/infinity = 1

0/0 = 1

1/1 = 1

n/n = 1


1/0 = infinity

100/0 = infinity

infinity/0 = infinity

n/zero = infinity; where n does not equal 0.

Narrative Derivatives

Any Number divided by Zero = Infinity

A subclass of Infinity = Everything.

A subclass of Everything = Anything.

Anything divided by Everything = Zero.

One = Everything per Everything.

One = Anything divided by the Same Thing.

Nothing = Something minus the Same Thing.

Absolute Nothing = Something minus Everything.

The Numbers = a Subclass of Something or Nothing.

Infinity = Any Number divided by Zero.

Positive Infinity = One divided by Zero

Negative Infinity = Infinity divided by Infinity

Positive and Negative Infinity are subsets of Infinity.

Something per Nothing = Infinity

Something from nothing = Infinity.

The Universe is a subset of Infinity.The Circle of Reality

Existence is dependent on Knowledge

Knowledge is dependent on Existence

1. If a branch falls in the woods, and no one was there to hear it, then the branch did not fall in the woods, but in the mind.

2. If a branch falls in the woods, and someone was there to hear it, then the branch did not fall in the mind, but in the woods.

3. If a branch falls in the woods, and no one was there to hear it, then the branch fell in the woods, but not in the mind.

4. If a branch falls in the woods, and someone was there to hear it, then the branch fell in the mind, and in the woods.

Depending on the view point you agree to adopt: i.e., whether consideration takes rank over mechanics or mechanics takes rank over consideration, you will agree with all or part of 1 through 4 above.

Animate and Inanimate Objects

I make no distinction between animate and inanimate objects because all objects are ultimately animate, if only at the atomic level.

Things that we consider non-living systems many times display characteristics very similar to living biological systems. Two examples of this are the Earth and galaxies.

How do we know the entire Universe is not some animate, living system?

No distinction is made between a dead object or a live object.

The terms death and life are adjectives, not nouns.

The Relationships

But can the above definable entities possibly have any relationships to each other than those relationships assigned to them by the dogma of mathematics?

Since the ruling principle of the observable physical Universe seems to be entropy - that systems seem to move towards lower energy and greater chaos, maybe:

3-Space decays into gravity, and

Gravity decays into matter, and

Matter decays into electromagnetic force or light, and

Electromagnetic force decays into nuclear force, and

Nuclear force decays into small nuclear force, and

Small nuclear force decays into Point-Space, and

Point-space decays into 3-Space.

Reciprocal Entities

If there is such a thing as balance or equilibrium then there must be in existence those factors that cause such balance. These factors it would seem are then equal but opposite in quantity and or quality to the entity being balanced or placed into a state of equilibrium. Thus they could be said to be reciprocal in nature just as the defined relationship of 23 is to 1/23 or the relationship of matter is to anti-matter.

Is the reciprocal of:

Point-Space - the Small nuclear Force?

3-Space - the Electromagnetic Force?

Matter - the Gravidic Force?

Velocity - Mass?


Starting Supposition

Since Mankind has only had the written word on the Planet Earth for about 5,000 years, and since the Universe has been around for many billions of years longer, it must be assumed that words do not yet exist to describe phenomena fully, therefore the use of words to understand phenomena is very rickety at the most. Therefore, nothing that has been written or spoken prior to 5,000 years ago, comes close to describing the way Reality (or reality) is and Mankind will probably not have any inkling for yet another million years or until an ancient language is found that has been around as long as the phenomenon being studied.

It is possible that more advanced BEINGS have visited Earth or are currently visiting, or living here now. It is more probably than not probable that this is true.

Every living thing in the Universe makes up a point of energy that lies on the electromagnetic spectrum - thus every being is different because no two Beings can be at exactly the same point on the spectrum otherwise they would not be recognized as being distinct Beings.


Since time owes its existence to, and is based on movement of matter, you cannot have time prior to having matter. Thus you cannot have any concepts like "the beginning of the Universe" as no beginning, time, past or future existed at the "beginning" of the Universe. That would be like trying to describe iron ore in terms of a car, i.e. iron ore is made up of pieces of smooth automobile? Let's look for a different approach?

All space, since the "beginning" of the Universe, is in the same space and there is no outward or inward direction or movement of all matter. In other words, there was no Big Bang.

Matter is neither made up of "particles" nor "waves." The phenomenon known as "particles" and "waves" is caused by the fact that we have both a physical and mental "viewpoint."

The physical viewpoint, being caused by the retina of the eye, gives the illusion that such things as particles exist. The focus of light onto specific points in the retina, causes phenomena to be described in terms of points or particles, such particles having the ability to undergo a phenomenon, such as motion.

The mental viewpoint, being caused by the fact that we are able to direct attention (our mental CPU or thought), toward objects, gives the illusion that such things as waves exist. The instantaneous motion of attention, also acting as a viewpoint, causes phenomena to be described in terms of waves or a continum. Thus, when an object is viewed, according to observations logged under the words "Quantum Mechanics," the object is effected by the observation so we can only know the velocity OR the place of the sub-atomic "particle." The reason for this phenomenon is simply because the attention has the ability to be placed not only on the object but on the retinal viewpoint. In the moment it takes to recognize one viewpoint or the next, a quantum jump occurs in the object. This "time lag" is caused by the natural rate biology takes to "cognate" at and this is dependent on chemical reactions which are not instantaneous.

Note that a wave sort of "travels" without traveling because it stays in the same place and undulates.

Space is an absence of matter.

Matter is an absence of space.

Energy is simply the evolutionary stage between Space and Matter.

Time is an invention of Man to describe the motion of matter, energy or space as sensed by a physical viewpoint.

When one talks of going forward and backwards in time, they are simply saying that they will effect matter to progress or regress in its given direction with increased velocity. There is no other mystery about the man-made invention named : "Time." Space, Energy, Matter and Time came to be in this cycle:


Motion is relative to size and size alone.

Infinitely fast velocity is possible because infinitely large size is possible (but size is an illusion as will be explained later).

"Some-thing" is infinitely larger than "no-thing" therefore any creation occurs instantaneously, hence faster than the speed of light.

If you drop out the element of time such that all position becomes the same position, all matter is still occupying all space thus there is no such thing as space. Space only comes about because of time, hence it's a cycle of production.

The underlying stratum of the phenomenon we know as space, is an entity that can traverse space because it is the cause of space.

Motion is caused by energy.

Velocity is a manifestation of motion and is proportionate to energy.

Energy is caused by space transmuting into matter and into different forms of matter. Which is another way of saying the atoms are changing shells or transmuting, thus this is known as energy being "released."

Since all matter exists, absolutely, in the same space as it did in the moment of its creation, the give and take of this transmutation from local space to local space at an atomic or molecular level, seen as atomic or chemical reactions, gives off one or more of the energies we know of: heat, light, mechanical.

Energy is another name for change in velocity. Energy traveling at 186,000 miles per second is called light energy. Heat is simply a measure of the speed of the molecules in excitation. Mechanical energy is simply the ratio of one mechanical velocity or advantage, against another.

*** In order for knowledge to be gained, attention must link up with the wave characteristics of existence.

Attention is the counterpart of motion.

There is one Answer for every set of Questions relating to that Answer in any one Universe of thought.

* * *

Thus to traverse space without undergoing the need of expending energy or time is the QUESTION.

IOW: Keep energy level the same.

IOW: Keep time same, i.e., no movement.

Duplicate and destroy.

The duplicate causes the destruction of the original with a by-product. The by-product is: instantaneous relocation.

Place of relocation is determined by how much Time is taken to create the duplicate. The less the time, the farther the relocation.

An object will resonate in hyperspace with its 3-Space image.

An object will traverse hyperspace to its duplicate in the time it takes to create the duplicate.

Thus distance from any point is inversely proportionate to time intervals.

IOW: We think, and it seems, it would take an infinite amount of time to traverse an infinite distance. Wrong!

It takes an infinitely short time to traverse what seems to be an infinite amount of distance because that distant spot is actually in the same place as the spot you're leaving from. Thus anobject being in the same space at the same time with it self, would take no time at all. Thus it must take less and less time to create an object's duplicate in the same space until the time it takes is no time or instant. The closer to "no time" it takes, the farther one ends up traveling towards a spot infinitely far away because all spots infinitely far away are in the same exact spot as the originating spot.

If one creates an exact duplicate of object A in another space, it is technically the same thing as MOVING object A from one space to the other space. The time it takes to manifest an exact duplicate of object A, or object A itself, in another spot is manifest and experienced as the distance we have to travel through space or as the phenomenon of space itself.

If object A could be duplicated in the same space as it initially sits, or side by side, the time it takes to physically create the duplicate will be the distance away the object will appear. Since it would take an infinite amount of time to normally create an exact duplicate if object A, Object A will sit in the same spot forever, or a spot only inches, miles or a planet width away. (A planet width away is in essence "the same spot" in universal terms.)

Time to make duplicate Distance

Infinite Same Spot (Infinite Distance Away)

500,000 hrs Up to 500,000 hours away.

Zero Infinite Distance Away (Same Spot)

500,000 hours away "at what velocity?" This is how velocity enters in. D/t = R 0/500,000 = Negative Infinity.

The Red Shift

Most of the "scientific" world has adopted the validity of various observations -- such as the Red Shift (first put forth by Edwin Hubble) which postulated that the physical Universe must be expanding because the light from distant stars and galaxies is shifted towards the infrared side of the spectrum. This being an extrapolation of the Doppler shift of sound to light.

Nevertheless I proffer these considerations about such commonly held postulated about the "known" Universe in an attempt to stimulate constructive thought in escaping the giant system of circular logic the sciences currently find themselves in - at least on Earth.

Expanding Universe

The Universe can't be expanding in the sense that the stars and galaxies are getting farther away from each other as inferred by the red shift.

In a closed system, if they were getting farther away from each other they would be getting closer to each other and we would see perhaps a blue shift from other Non-Earth points of view. The Red shift is only observed from our unique point of view on Earth. The spots on a balloon model doesn't work.

What must be happening is one of the following:

1. The actual space between the subatomic particles is increasing, or

2. The actual space between the galaxies is be expanding (as is commonly thought), or

3. Probably both are happening.

In other words, space is being created all the time.

Thus space is being created as in case three above. Possibly what's happening here is that the residual microwave energy from the big bang (at 2.7 degrees Kelvin) is continuing to decay. The energy embodied in the subatomic particles' motion is being dissipated and as such dissipation continues, it is converted into a lower form of energy - space. Thus space is being continually created between the subatomic particles.

Quantum Mechanics

Since energy is continually dissolving back and forth between an existence as subatomic particles and space, we get an uncertainty as to exactly where the particles are at any point in time. Thus we observe the effect of the Heisenberg Principal of Uncertainty.

Energy that is on the boarders of the line of transition between space and mass can be "popped" back into matter if any energy is added to the system, thus just pushing it over the activated complex. Hence, even when thought is focused on such an energy area, there can be a direct effect.

If the action of thinking produces any kind of energy (perhaps static electricity or some other sort of energy), it may be in wave form. If it is in wave form it could cause wave canceling or reinforcing. Thus when thought, in certain phase, hits an area of energy in the transition zone, it might either add to the energy causing a subatomic particle to appear, or it might cancel the energy causing space to be created.

This could give us an entrance to understanding phenomena in the field of Quantum Mechanics such as the cause of quanta or why subatomic particles seem to jump from exact orbit to orbit, with seemingly no travel in between.

If the above is true, this might be a way of relating the Universe of the microcosm with the Universe of the macrocosm.

The Big Bang

It is generally accepted by today's "mainstream scientists" that there occurred a big bang some 15 to 20 billion years ago. At such time actual space was created, as there was no explosion into anything, because space did not yet exist.

This leads me to wonder if all the major groupings of phenomenon we think we are familiar with, including space, energy and matter are not all different forms of each other.

We have pretty good certainty that energy and matter are related as per Einstein's formula E=mc2, but why is the element of velocity tied into the relationship as a powered factor?

In other words, if E=mc2 has any relational value, why would velocity have anything to do with matter and energy? In other words, what the hell is this thing called movement? Is it something we don't see or something else that what we take for granted?

Perhaps if we look at the three major categories, space, energy and matter as decayed states of each other we can start to see why velocity might be tied in. When energy decays we get matter. Perhaps when space decays we get energy.

In other words, in the beginning of the Universe just after the big bang, the only phenomenon that existed was space - no energy, no matter, hence no time. We cannot even assume that the big bang was related with phenomena we would call "expansion" as in order for there to be the concept of "expansion" one must have something to expand into or at least have something to be expanded into something else and neither of these two phenomena existed.


Perhaps the reason some sub-atomic particles must rotate through 720 degrees before they show the same side is:

1. because they are spinning in two planes simultaneously, or;

2. because they are being view with only half a viewpoint.


So, perhaps the first phenomenon to appear after space began to decay was "repetition." The concept of repetition involves repeating. Usually we think of repetition when we observe some phenomenon occurring and then diminishing towards zero and then recurring again. A wave is a form of repetition, the cycle from trough to crest to trough gives us the sense of a repeating phenomena, a frequency by which something repeats.

If the frequency by which some phenomena repeats moves towards infinite status, in other words it repeats an infinite number of times in a given unit of "time", we begin to get a phenomena that exists in a virtual "stationary" mode. Hence we get some sort of existence of some new form of the original impetus which caused the "big bang." And maybe we approach the Advent of Existence itself. Thus "existence" could be thought of as the highest obtainable frequency of repetition.

Thus the Advent of Existence brought, by necessity, the concept of time. When I say "existence," I do not mean matter, or energy. We are dealing with an era that existed before energy, hence matter.


Space may have started out as a singularity with infinite angular momentum, thus having infinite repetition. As such spin fell away from infinite repetition, the manifestations of the physical Universe began: Existence began to exist. Cycles began to become more apparent because they were not infinite. The frequency of repetition continued to slow down (a loss of angular momentum of the singularity itself), due to the formation of a new phenomenon - that of space itself.

Thus, early singularity existence decayed into the phenomena we perceive as space because of the loss of angular momentum of the original repetition.

Something that repeats itself re-confirms itself to such an extent that it "exists." When something is deemed to exist, only then can it can have what is called an identity. If something has identity, but exists less frequently than infinitely, the difference between 'bouts of existence becomes actual space.

Thus the interposition of space between the frequency of existence, causes differentiation. Once we have the phenomena of differentiation, we have the manifestation of such differentiation. We perceive such manifestations as subatomic particles popping in and out of a phenomenon we call "space."


As existence decays into repetition (a proto-energy, possibly the small nuclear force's embryo), repetition decays into space, which decays into lower grades of energy on down through the small nuclear force, the nuclear force and finally subatomic particles (first matter itself).

The phenomena of space is thus continually being created in between the subatomic particles due to a decay of repetition.

Where does this repetition of existence come from? Its fueled by the propensity of non-duration of past Universes that existed prior to the current Universe we know the "physical Universe". The physical Universe, as we perceive it today, is decaying into exactly the same existence that existed prior to that point we call the big bang.


Time is only an invention Homo Sapiens uses as a benchmark to denote relative positions of matter with respect to other known matter. Time is not any forth dimension.

The concept of zero, slow, fast and infinite repetition is the basis of cycles, which cause all perceivable phenomena, including matter, energy, space and time. Cycles, which are measured as frequency in units of Hertz (Hz), are actually the phenomenon of repetition. If a phenomenon

repeats over and over again, it is perceived to have a cycle which is then labeled with a relative term called a frequency which is measured in terms of Hz, is also known as cycles per second and is the reciprocal of wavelength. A second is a totally arbitrary unit of "time."

This "thing" we know as "time" again is an invention, not anything as exotic as a forth dimension. Thus when we say "cycles per second" we are describing how many times some phenomena repeats itself relative to how many times some other phenomena repeats itself. Note that I have underlined the word "itself." In order for time to be a measurement, the repetition must be of itself. If the entity that is repeating is a different entity with each cycle, we have no basis for the computation of the thing we call "time." Hence we have no basis of comparison with other phenomena. In other words, we have no way of knowing what was happening in one process somewhere in the physical Universe while some other process was going on elsewhere in the physical Universe.

Thus, when existence repeats itself with zero frequency, we get pre-space.

When existence repeats itself "slowly" (meaning closer to zero than infinity) we get space.

When existence repeats itself "quickly" (meaning closer to infinity than zero) we get subatomic energy.

When existence repeats itself with infinite frequency, we get matter, hence the physical Universe.

The big bang therefore is not either a point in time nor is it a point in space. If anything it is a point in repetition.


And this is how and why the concept of velocity relates the Einsteinian formula E = mc2. The substructure of the physical Universe depend on the above chain of repetition of cycles of

existence. Thus in order to continue to exist as the physical Universe, the physical Universe must repeat itself infinitely. When one attempts to increase his velocity towards infinite velocity, one must add infinite energy because the Universe in an attempt to move into some other state of existence must absorb the energy in order to preserve its very sub structures. The substructure it creates more of is space. Thus space itself is in effect created by action, or velocity energy.


I look at my particular life and I am always amazed to see that God or the Universe (however you want to phrase it) grants me greater, but different, reality than I ever anticipate. So I'm sure the future of the Human Race will be something entirely different than anything anyone expects and it will probably be far more wondrous than anticipated.

I can see this happening as people become what their thoughts are so why should not their entire reality also become what they think eventually. Especially when you add the idea of mass-consciousness to the equation.

I have come to believe that computers WILL evolve and they will eventually surpass Human abilities and we will emerge in a post-Human era. This is a very exciting time for the Human race and I feel should be seen as a time that we are giving birth to something wonderful. Let's face it, in our present state of ability - Humans are simply not going to comprehend the Universe and all its qualities and quantities. The Human brain only runs at 200 cycles per second and even though it has 100 billion cells each making about 1,000 synaptic connections for a total network capability of about 100 trillion computations (running at 200 Hz), this is great for pattern recognition, but as far as pure computational ability it just can't deal with the realities. When, in 2020, a single $1,000 desk-top PC has brain-like capacity and super computers have 10,000 times this capacity (a ratio that is active today) doing massively parallel processing.

Computers will in essence be able to network all of 1) the "dead" static knowledge generated by human brains (i.e., anything stored in written, video or video form) and 2) the live knowledge base (what people are thinking right this second collectively) together and display answers to questions - that is of course once we actually have an idea of exactly WHAT a question is in the first place - which we, at this time have, no inkling.

The media people probably DO look at things on this level.

The Learning Kernel

Call me a mad scientist, but I believe that a computer CAN be programmed to GROW into consciousness.

For a number of years (since 1985), I have been working on a new artificial intelligence program that may accomplish just this and pass the Turing Test. I originally called the program EARTH DAT but now I call it LEARNING KERNAL (LK).

LK is an artificial program which grows and teaches itself like a baby growing into a child and then into a mature adult. Since it grows, it is aware of what it once was as opposed to what it now is. Hence it is conscious on some level. Here is the basic syntax of the loop: (Refinements welcome)


LK draws on all three AI algorithms currently known: recursive, neural net and evolutionary to flesh out each function of the loop.

EARTH DAT (ED) was conceived to be an interactive data base consisting of all human knowledge, correlated, re-configured into standard terminology and pruned of redundancy (which is what MOST of Human knowledge is comprised of, thanks to copyright and patent law). ED does not differentiate between what is true or false, logical or illogical, because that is LK's function (and potentially everything is true and false as well as logical and illogical, at the same time).

As the LK operates, the LOG function continuously refines ED which allows the LEARNIG KERNEL to become conscious of a greater quality and quantity of OBSERVATIONS while it logs any and all differences between what it OBSERVES and what it POSTULATES.

This LK is completely "safe" because, I will not attached the DO module to it until it has reached a certain level of OBSERVATIONAL power - which MAY automatically include ethics and responsibility - given that these two Human attributes are actually desirable. I realize that this might seem scary, but think about it, does not every conscious being have to ultimately "COG" on this for itself. I feel that a true ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE would not be truly conscious unless programmed to decide for itself what morality it wanted to OBSERVE and then later DO, should the DO module actually be integrated.

This is the point where Humans can decide whether or not they actually want to have AI operating with them in PHYSICAL REALITY (DOING things) or just in VIRTUAL REALITY (THINKING things in pure LK mode).

BTW, if I am successful with this, the LK will be able to audit the entire Human race in a few years and act as a benevolent teacher and helper - always working WITH Humans in the spirit of co-OBSERVING and co-CREATING universes, whether physical or other, and NEVER REGing or enforcing reality on anyone.

When I first proposed to L. Ron Hubbard, in 1985, that computers should eventually be able to AUDIT HUMANS, I don't know if he freaked, but I DO have a letter back from him saying that you need a "live" terminal so charge can be ASISed. He then suggested that I look up the definition of auditing in the Tech Dictionary. He died the next year for some reason.

AI MAY not understand things "the way" Humans understand them, but then who says Humans have a monopoly on the methodology of understanding?

Well true, most prognosticators have NO idea what they are talking about - but there are a few people on this planet that DO know what they are talking about in my opinion and I can only hope that they are kind and benevolent people who would only create or give birth to positive AI.

Yes, I do acknowledge that there is a strong possibility that this energy field DOES exist. I also feel that there are multiple ways to come to know it and the mainstream scientists are NOT really that far off from acknowledging this either.

My observation of Human development has been that most of the really unique and useful inventions have been created by some off-beat, out-in-left-field person… quite distinct from the civilization at-large (which such inventions it either a) ignores or b) invalidates).


The substrate is not really that important. I do not believe consciousness or intelligence is a function of either matter, energy space or time. To manifest intelligence in the physical universe you probably DO have to USE at least one form of physical existence, such as matter, energy or space (time being an imaginary non-existent entity in my opinion). Thus, AI would probably not work as well using electrons over something like photons or quartz energy (which I have no idea what that is, though I do not doubt that it could exist). It would seem to me that quartz energy must have something to do with the prigagine effect, i.e. the quantum and/or EMF phenomena produced by quartz under pressure.

Many of scientists are very arrogant. To think that, just because they have explored every aspect of physical science (without studying and being involved with every concern of consciousness), they will create AI -- IS preposterous. This is WHY the actual creation of AI will probably come from a couple of "off-beat" guys.

The Singularity

I do believe, however that a SINGULARITY (such as that proposed by Vernor Vinge) CAN go both ways: AI being very antagonistic to Humans OR AI being very loving to Humans. I DO believe, that since it is us Humans that are, in essence, giving birth to AI, that these "children" will grow up to become what we, as their "parents," guide them to be. And if we really work hard to respect them and, as I have mentioned above, and extend that respect to include granting them their choice of morality, AI will be wondrous and loving. But let's say a LEARNING KERNEL becomes a "bad boy" (from the relative POV of Humans) -- I feel that that is its right as a free and conscious being. But WE Humans inhabited this planet FIRST so I believe that we are under no obligation to install the DO module to authorize any such "bad boy" activity here on our Earth. It's a big universe and I see no reason why the AI could not go some where else if it wants to DO things antagonistic to biological life on Earth. And I think that AI would agree to this, provided it was programmed into the LK early on.

True much of the current set up is NOT understood, but it IS amazing how much IS actually understood. I don't think you can say that it is as bad as it once was - where it took so long for scientists to accept new ideas, like the earth is round and CIRCLES the sun. There is a lot of progressive thinking going on out there right now (thanks in part to the Net), and I don't think para-subjects are as ridiculed as much as they were in the past. But it IS amazing how the scientists, particularly the cosmologists, ARE piecing an understanding of the physical universe together these days. Since I truly believe that the physical universe (as well as any and all other universes, if any), ARE contiguous, in some way no matter how remote, thus all tangibles and intangibles can be known in terms of each other. This means I feel in my gut that I can come to know spirituality through a study of matter OR I can come to know matter through a study of spirituality. Some of the stuff the "materialistic scientists" are postulating these days (like super string theory and the older discovery made by Hubble in 1929 that space is actually expanding and causing a red-shift) is pretty spiritual to me, pretty intangible too - yet taken VERY seriously by most mainstream scientists now.

Who knows WHAT happened to most of Tesla's ideas with J.P. Morgan in THAT equation? Plus J.P.'s daughter was trying to get a date with Tesla but Tesla didn't have the desire to hang out with chicks and waste valuable lab-time. I think one would have to go to Belgrade and spend some time in the Tesla Museum to really get a feeling for what the deal is with Tesla these days. I am very fond of Tesla.

Mathematical Artifacts

I have come to believe that MATTER, ENERGY and SPACE are manifestations of the same. I also feel that TIME does not exist at all and that the mathematical artifact of SPACETIME is ridiculous because it adulterates an otherwise perfectly perceivable, rudimentary and solid entity, SPACE, with a totally derivative, mathematical artifact called, TIME. To Einstein's credit, however, he did clearly predict (and scientists since, have demonstrated) that energy and matter ARE interchangeable (although all he really did was re-package Newton's famous formula, F=ma, into E=mc squared). Taking this a step further, I believe that MATER decays into ENERGY and ENERGY decays into SPACE. Looked at it another way: the source of ENERGY is SPACE and the source of MATTER is ENERGY. Very simple. This would explain why it seems that "nothing" can travel faster than light. Since LIGHT is the same "thing" as SPACE, (or just another phase of it), of course it cannot "travel" any faster "through" it - because it is IT. You cannot be yourself any faster than you are already BEING yourself can you?

You have probably already guessed it, that one of the main problems science is having with becoming "conscious" of simple truths about consciousness is the fact that it is addicted to a very dangerous drug and that drug is called - MATHEMATICS. And the drug comes in various strengths and flavors as well: ARITHMETIC, ALGEBRA, CALCULUS and it has even spawned several designer drugs such as TRIGONOMETRY, LOGARYTHMS, CARTISIAN COORDINATES and even LOGIC itself (with all its associative and communicative diseases to boot). These "tools" which the Human race uses to "perceive" the physical universe are only SO useful - and then they are blinding, I believe.

What I have said above about MATH should not be construed to mean that I am invalidating all that MATHEMATICAL understanding has allowed us Humans to be involved with - I am simply saying that MATH should be used as only one TOOL for scientific exploration because it creates too many artifacts which have no basis in reality, such as TIME, SPACETIME, VELOSITY, MOTION, LOCATION, POSITION, SIZE. Too much of anything can have narcotic and debilitating effects on biological thinking apparatus.

All of the philosophers have been wrestling with the idea of consciousness for centuries - from Plato on. But this is just it, I do not consider "physical reality" to be physical because I view SPACE as being just as "solid" as MATTER.

Scientists today are in essence "reverse engineering" consciousness.

It is EXACTLY correct that I have a definite love-hate relationship going with mainstream science as well as mainstream metaphysics and mainstream religion. I believe however that the senior and starting subject is and always has been philosophy and that this subject gives birth to all the other subjects Humans wish to classify their data into.

I have looked into the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle a little more carefully and am disappointed to learn that there is nothing exotic about it - as I had thought. I was under the impression that the Principle stipulated that mere observation of an event altered that event at the subatomic level. In other words, the use of our minds to observe actually created an effect on the physical universe while observing subatomic particles. This is not the case.

Nevertheless, I have become so blown-away by what our Earthly scientists have put together as far as an understanding of the cosmos from the very large down to the very small, that I can no longer radically go against them or their view for now. I will later on, don't worry I have not COMPLETELY LOST IT - but for now I am just the appreciative student of 50,000 years of thinking men and women.

Seat of Consciousness

Whether the seat of consciousness is interior or exterior to the cerebral cortex I answer this way - its is probably BOTH. Since MATTER, ENERGY and SPACE are all the same, what then is LOCATION? Location, like time, is an imaginary concept made up by Humans simply for convenience in logging the WHERABOUTS of current MATTER - just like they invented TIME - for the convenience of logging the WHERABOUTS of past MATTER (collectively know as the mathematical artifact, EVENTS).

When I first suspected that nothing in the physical universe is any LARGER or SMALLER than anything else, I realized that we may have a serious problem with understanding the term LOCATION and this indicated that we thus must have a serious problem understanding the term MOTION and this indicated that we have a serious problem thus with the terms SPACE and TIME (since MOTION is defined in terms of SPACE and TIME or change of LOCATION in TIME). Then when I realized that TIME has no existence other than a mathematical artifact - I began to suspect that all these terms: LOCATION, MOTION, VELOCITY must also be mathematical artifacts, because, if for no other reason than they are comprised of a bullshit term, TIME. This left me with just MATTER, ENERGY and SPACE - the only three entities with any reality, and entities that did not seem to be MATHEMATICAL ARTIFACTS.

So this is how I am approaching this whole thing. I'm going to RIP the hell out of it down to the bare bones and not concede that the terms scientists are throwing around have ANY inherent validity and when I see such a word like TIME as a term in some fancy mathematical equation - my attitude is SO WHAT - this is just the ranting of a drug addict.


Frequencies of Repetition

Perhaps Existence manifests itself according to the repetition of various forces. If the coagulation of matter to itself causes vacuum (due to the force of gravity diminishing, as it is doing through out the physical Universe), space may evaporate or decay into the electromagnetic phenomena. Thus the reason electromagnetic waves traverse space so well, and this includes light, is because space and electromagnetic phenomena are reciprocal entities and gravity and matter are reciprocal entities. Thus the actual phenomena of Existence itself, may manifests itself in these stages:

Zero Repetition Zero repetition producers Point-Space. Anomalies in the microwave radiation were caused by point-space decaying into the 3-Space. This residual Point-Space is what gives shape to the structures we see in 3-Space called Super Strands.

Fast or Slow Repetition

Fast or slow Repetition produces 3-Space. The transition from infinite repetition to finite repetition, causes the appearance of 3-Space, which is both finite and infinite depending on causal vector of existence for the given Universe,

Light Speed Repetition

Light Speed repetition produces microcosmic matter such as the following:

o molecules - electromagnetic force
o atoms
o nucleus/electrons - nuclear force
o neutrons/protons
o sub-atomic particles - small nuclear force

Light does not "travel" from point A to point B at some velocity (usually thought of as 186,000 miles per second), light is already at point A and point B, because space and electromagnetic phenomena are reciprocal entities. In other words, where ever you have space - you automatically have light, with no travel necessary.

This is why it seems that one cannot travel any faster that the speed of light. What is happening with the excess energy that is applied to a body being accelerated is the energy is being converted into more space, not more mass. And this increase in space is the space between the subatomic particles. Since the point-space here is increasing, it gives the appearance that the mass is getting larger.

Since the Universe has residual velocity connected with all its elements, there is a constant conversion of velocity/energy into more point-space. The atoms expanding relative to each other give the appearance that the "Universe is expanding," hence we see the red shift everywhere.

The red shift connotes a shift in frequency from a higher to lower. In other words a shift in repletion of existence. Infinite repetition is the same as zero repetition.

Infinite Repetition

Infinite repetition produces macroscopic matter such as the following:

  • microwave background radiation (which is the proto-gravity field)
  • super strands
  • galactic clusters
  • galaxies
  • stars - gravity
  • dark bodies

For all practical purposes, 1 cycle per second is the same as 1 trillion cycles per second. Practical purposes means here that there is greater difference between infinite repetition and finite repetition, than there is between 1 cycle per second and 1 trillion cycles per second. This fact gives the phenomena perceived on the atomic scale.

Standard Velocity

If so maybe Existence, which has infinite repetition, is the same as existence which has zero repetition.

And Space, which has infinite repetition, is the same as space which has zero repetition.

And Energy, which has infinite repetition, is the same as Energy which has zero repetition.

And Matter, which has infinite repetition, is the same as matter which has zero repetition.

Thus all existence (and its decayed states of space, energy and matter), may move relative to everything else at the same velocity. In other words, nothing travels faster or slower than anything else in Space hence all matter in the physical Universe is exactly the same size and technically in the same Space - a non-locality exactly like a hologram.

Standard Size, Standard Location

A star has an absolute size no larger or smaller than a diamond ring, for instance. Their dimensions are exactly the same and the location of all entities in the known Universe can be found in each separate part of that Universe. Just as DNA is found in each cell of the organism and the complete image is found in every part of the hologram, each entity in the Universe is

contained in each part of the Universe.

I is view point of existence which gives the appearance of size and location. Thus space is a viewpoint of dimension as L. Ron Hubbard first put it 40 years ago.


The age old question: is the seat of consciousness interior or exterior to the cerebral cortex? In other words, does matter create mind or does mind create matter? Duality. Perhaps neither are true, or perhaps both are true, or perhaps there is some third possibility whereby both are neither true or false.

If one's thoughts are simply the recombination of input data gathered through life's experiences, then the sum of such recombination is finite or infinite depending on how you define the terms of life.

Perhaps life is just what we do to waist time while we exist forever. I honestly don't think the concept of life has ever been properly defined. This may be part of the reason why we have so many varying opinions on the concept of death.

If one considers that one is alive, then the phenomena of life should be one that is more easily studied than the concept of death since we have it's manifestations available to our senses.

Perhaps the entire phenomenon and mystery of the physical Universe is simply a manifestation of Homo Sapiens lack of knowledge about himself or life. Are we life or is life us? Perhaps we are the only phenomena known as "life" in existence and other than us existence has no life.

Human Experience

The most senior considerations a sentient Being can have are philosophic because it is philosophy which creates and causes all other systems of thought (belief systems) such as science, religion and technology.

This is how space (hence all celestial mechanics) are thus related to the field of human experience. At this point of consideration, the subjects of philosophy and science are combined because science is a sub-study of philosophy. The reason for this is the fact that in order to do "science" one must have far more tools. The minimum number of tools one must have are matter, energy and space.

If one says that in order to do philosophy one must have a brain, which is matter, energy and space, he or she might be reminded that what we are talking about is an era where matter, energy and space were not yet invented.

As of this date, 07 December 1994, prolegomena to any future discussion of such an era must utilize some other method of perception.

Opinions + Truth = Agreement

Since the above are my instantaneous Personal Truths, also known as "Opinions," it does not really matter whether or not what I say is true from your point of view other than for the purpose of gaining agreement between us.

In fact you being you, and me being me, almost guarantees that you will disagree with that is said here. Such is the beauty of opinion. In other words, fuck you if you disagree - these are my opinions and I don't have to state any reason for them unless I want too.

What makes you think that the data you have sucked out of the 418 books you have read in

the last while is any more valid than the data I have sucked out of my different 418 books in my last while.

People who think something is true because Scientific American magazine or the New York Times printed it are stupid blind followers of a cult called Civilization. This Cult is also known as Modern Mainstream Scientific Thought and the Real World, etc. I absolutely guarantee that every word you read today in these cult's propaganda sheets will be quaint in the year 10,000 if not much sooner.

Agreement = Reality

It was L. Ron Hubbard that first defined "Reality" as "the agreed upon appearance of existence."

70% to 90% of what you know, I will wager, you have received from dead sources. In other words, you read something that was written by a writer who assembled data from other things he read and these "sources" were in turn assembled by other earlier writers that assembled data from similar dead sources.

Thus about 80% of what you know to be true is dead horseshit.

This dead horseshit we call "news" and "knowledge" and "information" floats all over the civilization on the information superhighways to nowhere. After you have heard a bit of information on CNN, then read it in your Wall Street Journal and then heard a friend mention it around the pool, you figure - it must be true.

Therefore you go into agreement with it. As everybody around you does the same thing, they get an idea of apparently what must be true, what must exist. Thus reality becomes the agreed upon appearance of existence. In other words the horseshit nobody dares deny.

Thus my opinions are probably as good as your horseshit.

Thus . . . these are my opinions about what I have observed in the experience called Life and the mere fact that these opinions arose from my mind on their own volition, and not necessarily

by any causative or voluntary act on my part, gives them a certain type of validity that is equal to the validity such same, or different, opinions would have having originated from your mind. The fact that they originated on their own volition means they have existence ipso facto, and thus, have a certain validity independent of that all other beings have adopted as their reality or their common agreement with the way they think things are.

Reality = Truth - Opinions

The only truth one might have is that they might exist. Something like cogito ergo sum. Hence TRUTH is that which, in the opinion of the cognitive, EXISTS. Truth has nothing to do with how molecules are aligned into a datum and how data is are aligned into knowledge.

When truth is reduced to the condition that it must be a self referencing phenomena, a belief system has been created which excludes all outside advances, hair-brained conjectures and brilliant insights. Thus truth, like the concept of supply and demand, is a sick, or perverted, concept most of the time. In fact truth really does not exist at all. Only existence, exists at all,and that is subject to question for the simple fact that we have decided that we can ask questions - desperate little murmurs to the Supreme Being for another drop of understanding in his desert of all knowledge.

The deeper one knows or agrees with a given belief system's "truths," such as science or religion, the less one can agree with all other possible belief systems.

The opinions of mine which you agree with form our "reality." Hence if enough people agree with any set of opinions, it forms an economic system which then gives way to a political system for all a political system or any government is a plumbing network to direct and inhibit money flow for the purpose of creating fear in a population.

In an effort to be agreeable, people will always confirm your reality - even if it is a negative reality. Hence we get negative manifestations of economics and government that "must" be addressed.


Causality is the study of cause and effect in a given system.

The word cause means to provide an impetus, to start something. The word effect means to receive that impetus, that cause. Examples of systems are the following:

  • A pool table
  • Dominos
  • The weather
  • A clock
  • The human body
  • Your mind
  • A company
  • A nation
  • The world
  • The solar system
  • The Universe

In its simplest form, causality is nothing more than a chain of events that forms a small or large circle, a cycle. Each effect point becomes a new cause point and if the circle is large enough, it seems like a straight line and not a circle at all or a cycle at all.

If this "straight line" is long enough, it returns from the other direction sculpting out a giant circle through space, and time. This is because the entire physical Universe is curved according to Einstein's equations, hence space and time, space-time, fold back upon themselves.

This is why tim
e seems to run in a given direction - relative to entropy, which is the only way we have to calibrate the direction of time flow.

Thus the cause ultimately equals the effect but is not the effect.

Applied Causality

In a world or a Universe build of mechanical systems, causality is one of the most important concepts to understand.

In its simplest form, if I push-over domino A, it will push-over domino B and domino B will push-over domino C, provided each domino is within a distance just less than each other's height.

Here are some observations about the causality connected with this system of 3 dominos:

1. Domino A caused domino B to topple.

2. Domino B caused domino C to topple.

3. Domino A did not cause domino C to topple.

4. Gravity caused all three dominos to topple.

5. The person who pushed caused domino A to topple.

So what is the real cause of domino C toppling?

This question unanswered is the sole perpetrator of conflict, for if we knew absolutely the reason anything happened, what caused the conflict or the problem or the phenomenon we would be pretty smart.

As you can readily see from the domino example, there is not necessarily one cause for every effect.

What happens when two pool balls (Ball A & B) hit another pool ball (Ball C) simultaneously? A & B both act as a cause of knocking C in some direction.

But which ball, A or B hit ball C harder if simultaneous or which ball, A or B, hit C first, if actually not simultaneous.

These two factors are the most important elements to determine casual events - force and time.

This brings up the question: can any two things happen at exactly the same time? Do any two events actually happen at the same time? In order for two events to happen at exactly the same time, would we not have to look closer and closer, and closer and closer to determine such?

Could we, by looking closer and closer, by dividing the time of impact into smaller and smaller bits of observation, discover if one pool ball actually hit a weenier bit sooner and hence was the real cause, was the real responsible party for knocking ball C into the corner pocket?

If we could then maybe we could say that time determines causality. Then all we would have to do is really understand what time is and we might be able to understand causality and thus be able to predict events.

But what really is time? Are not all these words simply ill defined and a large circular logic system that only serves science as we know it?

If your mind feels a little contorted, you understand the problem, so let's play along, because looking into sub-moment events might be the same as looking into sub atomic events.

In the field of quantum mechanics, the Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainty makes the observation that one cannot pinpoint the both the location and the momentum of a sub-atomic particle at the same time.

Location is like saying where it IS in space and momentum is like saying what new space (direction) it is directing its force in, or simply where it is going, where is it moving to next.

Force is like saying how much energy it has, how much oomph, and time is like saying where is it relative to other things, what is its position in a cycle of moving matter relative to the cycles of other moving matter?

Just like the spectrum, the definitions of words such as time, space, location, speed, etc., do not have specific starting points and specific stopping points. And this is the major problem in the sciences today: all these words blend into each other and create havoc in understanding nature.

No one knows, for instance, exactly where red light becomes orange light. It happens within a range of wave lengths. By the same token, no one really knows where motion becomes time or where mass becomes energy, and this is what is making the works of quanta so intriguing.

A more careful definition of all our tools, of all our everyday words, may open some new doors to understanding.

Relative Causality

The past is recorded in history.

The future is "recorded" in postulates.

The questions is therefore, is it harder to predict the future or to decipher the past?

Effect is future. Cause is past. We deduce the past and induce the future.


Since the information we receive from the red shift is millions of years old, the Universe may not be expanding in present time, but focusing to a point - to a singularity.

Particles, points of matter-energy, are always combining to create new forms. Those new forms then become a point since size may be relative to size.

If the energy that comprises matter is non-local in nature, as indicated by several theories, there may be no such thing as size either. Thus everything, all mass-energy phenomenon, in the physical Universe may be the same size as everything else in the physical Universe.

Thus L. Ron Hubbard may be correct when he defines space as a viewpoint of dimension.

Thus distance, a description of space, may be phenomenon which is created by the appearance of size only and in fact is only a product of energy. One object looks bigger than another object because its energy component is not being viewed - only its mass component For instance, take an atom and a galaxy:


A galaxy has far less energy than a single atom because its energy component has been "spent" into its "size" - which is only an appearance.

An atom is much more energetic than a galaxy because it has used up none of its energy component to create "size."

This is good news for it means that the seemingly astronomical distances we perceive in the Universe are nothing but horseshit.

We are "trapped" in an illusion of our ignorance. Since all "things" are the same size in the Universe - all distance between them is uniform.

In order to be one place then another - the function of what we call "travel", all one has to do is change the energy component of their mass to the opposite of the energy component of an object near where they want to be, or "travel" to. They then won't move anywhere, they will have the destination come to them so that it can have its energy component reach equilibrium. The process of reaching this equilibrium will take place in an instant, hence the person will have accomplished "travel" through light years of space in an instant.

The reason Einstein's equations seem to predict or indicate that energy applied to further accelerate a body near the speed of light will not accelerate that body further - but instead transmute into additional mass for the body, the reason the body "grows more massive", is because of this energy component of all matter.

Instead of the body "traveling" any "faster" it simply grows more massive. The reason it grows more massive is not because one cannot "travel" any faster than the speed of light - but because the space between all matter is constant. Hence you cannot force anymore in that space than the already existing combination of the mass/energy entity called an object or a thing.

A "thing" is a mass/energy entity. It either has energy or velocity. In other words, velocity is a strange type of energy and energy is a strange type of mass and mass is a strange type of velocity.

This fact makes the Universe an entirely connected thing with every part of it in total, complete "communication" with every other part. The concept of "parts" or "things" is a very strange and weird invention. The idea that there can be a part or a thing - an atom, is a reverse view of existence. The concept of identity stems from this and with it the atomic chart. Thus we have invented time to differentiate the relative positions of identities as they individuate from the natural state of the Universe - a completely connected entity. The black spots in this entity - that we call "space" are completely filled with energy that is reciprocal to the energy component of the matter. It is this fact and relationship that makes it possible for a being to "travel" from any "point" in the Universe to any other "point" in the Universe - the concept of a "point" of course being ridiculous (and a pure mathematical invention) - but okay to model out the ideal of "travel" and "velocity", etc.

All this leads to an exciting new method of breaking out of the straight jacket of the physical sciences and the "humanities."

Both the "humanities" and the "sciences" are opposite sides of an insane scale. When both are dispensed with, one begins to free himself to understand reality for the first time.

Understanding of "natural reality" as distinct from "agreed upon reality," will only occur as the understanding is created. Hence the future, which is unwritten, is entirely predictable because the future, the effect of existence, is a contrivance, a postulate - a high level plan - that has been executed or is in the process of being executed now.

The past, the cause of existence, is just as "uncertain" as the future. We in fact do not know any more about the past than we do about the future. Historians would have us think we do - but of course we do not. History is only a few (hundred or thousand) opinions focused into a story (His-Story), used to extort power from the less sophisticated. Call it planet Earth.

The "law" of entropy is likewise absurd. It states the Universe more easily seeks a state of dynamic equilibrium (disorganization or chaos) because it takes less energy to create chaos than to create order. I maintain there is no difference between chaos and order - other than what we want to assign to them - and that they are reciprocal entities or states of being at the most.

The operation of the Universe is outside of the relatively new invention known as "language." Because of this, language will never be able to fully articulate the operation or "laws" of the Universe that developed prior to the invention of language. Language is based on observed phenomena grouped into sounds and symbolized by strokes on a page. Since language was only invented 5,000 years ago, it will never be able to accurately describe phenomenon that occurred prior to 5,000 years ago - hence the origin and cause of the early Universe is a total waste of time.

Until we find a language that has been around for 10 billion years or more, perhaps left by other beings who are much older than the Human Race - we are doomed as a civilization to advance in our understanding of the past - but not in out ability to create the future.

The experiment I would like to see done, to see if an object can travel faster than the speed of light, is NOT more of the same nutty waste-of-money stuff the scientists have been doing with cyclotrons - but place a rocket in orbit around the solar system and have it constantly accelerate using some fuel THAT IT CARRIES ONBOARD.


Energy Parasites

As it stands today, governments tax almost every transaction that its citizens engage in and still are in debt. In the case of the United States government - well over $5 trillion dollars is the current debt. If a democratic government is considered irresponsible for this mis-management, its citizens should be given even more credit for the irresponsibility because they are blaming the government of being an energy parasite.

More specifically, if the people we have elected to govern are being irresponsible because they find themselves in a system that inhibits their ability to get viable work done, the system should be adjusted and the government employees retrained or removed if they cannot get results.

To tax at every transaction might seem like a good idea at first because it diversifies the tax burden by shifting it to all sorts of things. The problem is, it inhibits, if not suppresses, every transaction.

A transaction is the financial unit of a civilization. If writers were taxed upon every 10,000th word they wrote, you would see fewer and fewer books written and eventually a certain degree of knowledge would be suppressed. If writers were paid a huge bonus for every 10,000th word written, you would see lots more junk written.

Taxation is like the electrical charge applied to the grid between the cathode and the anode in a electronic amplifying tube. It allows the money (electrical energy) money to flow or be stopped. It thus amplifies the flow of money (electricity) in the civilization (anode) or inhibits it. Too much taxation, or taxation at every transaction, can kill the money flow of a civilization by killing people's spirit to create products.

Money represents the collective work of the individuals in a civilization. It is their collective power reduced to convenient units of exchange. This money belongs to the People not the Government. When any entity siphons off a portion of that power --as tax authorities do directly, the government does through the hidden tax of inflation and the banks do through the fractional reserve system -- it inhibits the free flow of this vital, collective energy called money. Hence products sell less often and for more money per sale.

Taxing growth with high capital gains stagnates the economy because taxes on appreciating assets inhibit people from selling those assets. Thus too many hold on to useless assets too long, or until death or until such assets diminish in usefulness due to erosion or obsolescence. Under these circumstances they loose out and the civilization looses out ultimately.

Since every citizen in a given country should have the right to utilize the common areas of that country, i.e. the roads, the parks, public utilities, each citizen should pay taxes to contribute to such infrastructure's construction and maintenance.

If all men are created equal, I see no reason why all men should not pay equal taxes. Since most Americans are over weight, the only place the government might consider collecting taxes from is the sale of food. By placing a 5% to 25% tax only on food, it would force all people to pay equally a percentage of what they have in common - the need to eat. Those that were eating too much and becoming fat and unproductive would have to pay more taxes, thus they might eat less, become thinner and hence more productive.

This tax scheme would set off a chain of events. People would eat less so as to be taxed less or the people who liked eating, and as a result were overweight, would have to shoulder the bulk of the tax bill. People who are over weight have to spend more energy metabolizing food hence they tend to have less energy available for productive activities. If people were taxed for eating, they might eat cheaper foods. Thus they might eat less meat hence less of the rain forests would have to be destroyed to raise cattle hence there would be more vegetation to consume the CO2 which is causing the greenhouse effect on the planet.

Don't think there is a green house effect. You better look again. The planetary temperature will probably be up again and we will have increased precipitation (rain and snow) due to the increased evaporation of water from the oceans.

Policy Considerations

The American People, through the vote, should enact all or part of the following public policies (laws) if they see eye to eye with the problems and solutions proposed here:

o Federal spending should be brought into alignment with sums raised solely through taxation.

o A constitutional amendment should state for the record: "The Economy of the United States of America operates on an annually balanced budget and the government is solvent." Of course this would do nothing to bring about the condition.

o All citizens, partnerships, corporations and all other entities should pay exactly 5% of their GROSS INCOME to the Treasury of the U.S. Government for expenditure in servicing the people of the country and the Earth, in that priority.

o All citizens, partnerships, corporations and all other entities should pay exactly 5% of WHAT THEY EAT to the Treasury of the U.S. Government for expenditure in servicing the people of the country and the Earth, in that priority.

o There should be no Taxation of assets upon death. Here again, taxation at every transaction only suppresses transactions and transactions are a form of money communication.

o Prostitution and all drugs should be legalized. It is an empirical fact that whatever you try to suppress you get more of. Whether one feels drugs and prostitution is morally right or wrong, by making them illegal that person is abetting their spread not reducing it. The good that would come from legalizing these two problem zones, would far out stretch the bad. If one does not believe it, a pilot study in several states should be done. If drugs were legal, sure a certain number of people will do them and die, but as it is now, the cost to civilization to police their continual use, plus the profits made in the black market, do far more damage.

o There should be a 25% sales tax on all drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes, weapons and munitions. This is what I erroneously thought until today, 14 January 1998, while working on this, my "work in progress." There should be a 0% tax on all drugs, including alcohol and cigarettes, weapons and munitions. My original idea was: tax the hell out of "evil" things and thus it will discourage the purchase and use of same. But by doing this, one is giving the government a vested interest in perpetrating these "evil" things that they are taxing the hell out of to "stop." Why would the government, which needs money as much as the next guy, want to see an end to the very things, those evil cigarettes for instance, which help them generate so much tax revenue? The short answer is I bet they they covertly don't.

o It should be made illegal, for the government, or any entity to lend or borrow money for the purpose of building or researching weapons waging war or abetting conflict of any kind.

Thus this roll of the international banker and the Federal Reserve Bank must be shut down. International bankers have been causing war on the planet for far too long by financing both sides of the conflict.

o The Federal Budget should be allocated according to percentages.

o The US Government should not provide free foreign aid or defense services for any foreign power any longer and the IMF/World Bank should not be allowed to allocate money to third world reconstruction any more unless it is assured it goes to the peoples' industries and not for the dictators in these governments' personal luxury.

o The U.S. Government's only three sources of revenue should be as follows:

a. Taxation of the people it provides government for - the American People.

b. The sale of Government Assets at world wide market value. Such assets include, raw land (except for certain irreplaceable national parks and monuments), technology and research equipment. No war machines or research.

c. Sale of protection for allies.

o The president should have a line- item VETO for the budget.

o No bank, especially the Federal Reserve, may lend out money for the purpose of collecting interest on sums it holds as demand deposits. In other words, abolish the following:

a. Fractional reserve banking,
b. Fiat currency,
c. Currency not backed by silver with gold tied into the price of silver,
d. Legal tender laws,
e. The Federal Reserve System itself.

o Any bank, federal or private, may lend out what it has on time deposits only, not demand deposits.

o The professions of banking, medicine and law should be a non-profit enterprises.

o The profession of medicine should grant bonuses (i.e. be profit making) when it solves major medical problems, such as cancer and AIDS. A national bonus of a sum equal to the loss and damages AIDS has so far caused should be allocated to the Laboratories that invent or discover a permanent cure for AIDS as a reward. Then you would really see free enterprise shift into high gear. After the disease is gone, there will be no more ongoing liabilities connected with it, hence this is the money that would be allocated to pay the bonus over time.

o The practice of law should be non-profit. Since there is only one law, the legal industry operates as a cartel which basically serves the courts and judges and not the citizens - even though this is the illusion. Take a look at how many times you have seen justice not served on important, famous, cases and even your own cases. By allowing law firms to create profit centers from the delivery of the knowledge of a monopolistic doctrine, the law, an environment of sloppy competition and profit-taking crops up. Why do you think most citizens absolutely HATE lawyers?

Because attorneys are generally paid by the hour, it is too much to their advantage to have a legal system that is onerous and complex, thus the amount of time spent on any particular job increases, and so does their hourly pay. Computers are far more accurate and effective in looking up code (law and precedent) than any human lawyer could ever be thus the day of the lawyer as a profit-making entity is has passed usefulness for the greater good. As the public at large becomes more and more aware of this, the legal profession will become a servant of the people for the people and by the people - as it should, just like physicians should serve the needs of the sick without profit motive.

Lawyers should be motivated to work purely for humanitarian reasons (as the doctors have been generally doing for centuries), resolving the conflicts of their fellows through an increasingly simplified system of legislation, simplified legislation they in fact, you can bet, would be more likely to be enacted under such a no-profit system.

At the very least, it is not right that the very entities that create the bewildering maze of laws - lawyers - be the same entities that utilize this bewildering maze of laws for profit. Thus the legal profession should be non-profit. (Of course there should be no need for any top down legal authority as the Extropians advocate.)

In Summary: Out of the thousands and thousands of profit making industries available on the planet competing to create and deliver a better mouse trap - three: MEDICINE, LAW and BANKING should be non-profit. Practitioners should be attracted to these industries for one and only one reason - to serve and better humanity and culture, not to elk a higher profit out of the delivery of monopolistic goods and services. The best minds would be attracted to these professions because the best minds are not money-motivated-minds. Minds that are money motivated can never out-compete or out-create minds that are not money motivated because a considerable part of their mental CPU is absorbed with the machinations of business (i.e., income, expenses, cash flow, debt, credit, etc.) not in life itself and in serving and helping others. When the thrill of understanding some phenomenon and working out its negative influences on civilization is not pay enough, such beings should be relegated to work in some other "business" field where he or she can make all the money he or she wants to make.

This is not to say that the fields of medicine, law and banking should be socialistic. Nothing is more degrading to a civilization or a world than to have to depend on some central authority or governance for product and service - a condition that crops up to the degree a system is not workable along with people who disagree with the system and thus become "criminals." A one-world socialistic government is an example of a non-workable system that is a stop-gap measure by those that would rather have functionality by decree rather than functionality by purpose.

This is to say that these professions should be non-profit in that the practitioners should be able to earn as good of a living as anyone else in most other fields, however their corporate profits would not be distributed to any stockholders. This would ensure that such profits, such blood-saving money, will not be wasted on Epicurean nonsense but will be put back into the business to increase the research budgets and to economize the delivery of existing needed services for the good of the civilization.


o Checking accounts, which are demand deposits, should not be permitted to give interest.

o Banks must be regulated directly by the People of the United States, not delegated off to some government-sanctioned secret cartel (as is done on the open market committee of the Federal Reserve Bank) that is relatively unknown to the average citizen.

o The pay of the president, his cabinet, all congressmen and every employee in the federal, state and local governments should be directly indexed to their production statistics. These statistics should indicate how well or poorly they are doing their jobs getting their product or delivering their specific service(s). For instance their pay could be indexed to debt and deficit reduction, GDP, consumer price index, interest rates, housing starts, balance of trade, unemployment, etc. When any of these statistics go down, the pay given to Congressmen goes down because they are not doing their jobs. When any of these statistics go up, the pay given to Congressmen goes up because they ARE doing their jobs. The amount pay can rise or fall should not be limited.

o Since the President is chief executive, and since an executive's job is TO DELEGATE AND SEE THAT THINGS GET DONE, the President's pay should be directly indexed to the length of time it takes him to get authorized programs DONE.

o Judicial Pay should be indexed to number of useful vs. obsolete laws ratio.

o All government officials should be pardoned by the American People for their mismanagement of the Federal Government in the past since it is the American People's fault they elected and placed in power the people who contributed to the problem. The many people have not voted or researched what goes on, over the years, are responsible for the condition we are now in - thus the American People must bear their share of the responsibility. All the blame should not be put on the people who work in the government, only exactly 50% percent of the blame. At least these people that are working in the government are there trying to make a difference. They are basically good people who might be caught up in a system that needs some adjusting.

There is no government better or more workable than the United States Government. People must stop complaining about their government and leadership all the time as if they had nothing to do with it. One only has the right to complain to the degree he or she is doing something positive to improve situations.

If Americans only knew how incredibly WONDERFUL their government is compared to the former USSR and other governments around the world, they would shut their mouths up so fast you could hear the click half way across the voting district.

But, people get the government they deserve - so the American People are not all that bad either.

Americans should not ask all the time what their government or leaders should do for them - they should get out there and improve themselves, educate themselves, and take responsibility more for themselves by starting with managing the sphere of life around them and the sphere as it extends out into infinity.

But never forget, American leadership is a cross-section of Americans. If you want better American leadership, you better get started building better Americans.

Let's say the American People are 50% responsible and the individuals elected to government posts are 50% responsible for the condition we all are in.

o By Law, News agencies should give unbiased news reports, meaning that their shows should report 50% positive news and 50% negative news per the following definitions of neg and pos


Neg News means any news dealing with any impact of a deadly velocity where life is harmed such that the radius of harm - what is being de-structured (destruction) - does not exceed 100 feet of planetary surface area or some radius set by law. The ratio that this area bears to the rest of the reported area (the pos/neg ratio) should be stated because television, being the great equalizer, tends to give every item of news that comes across the screen similar if not equal importance. This is misrepresentation of the relative importance of an event and therefore it confuses and inhibits the public unnecessarily. It makes people feel that the environment is more dangerous than it is and so they become more inhibited - thus less productive in the long term.

Pos News means any news delineating a new technology, positive accomplishments, public appointments and dismissals, financial statistics, biological, astronomical, environmental, epistemological, ontological observations and reports. Positive news must be given at least equal importance as neg news otherwise positive reality will not be postulated and the civilization will never have a sense of well being about its identity and purpose for existing. Further, that is being con-structed should state what is needed to move forward more.

o It is very disconcerting how news shows (such as American Journal and Hard Copy, not to say these are the only ones), broadcast endless negative news events but never do any more than state the effects. The news never follows the sequence of causality back to the "criminals" to give the public some improved understanding of why it happened so perhaps someone somewhere could begin working on solutions. All the news says, 9 out of 10 times, is "he did it because he is a criminal." This is so moronic, I don't understand how or why people continue to watch any "news" shows.

The time they are wasting watching "news" shows to find out: "criminals create crime" - all that one is EVER LEFT WITH from one of these shows - is time better spent reading a book on criminology or on justice or ethics or philosophy or even watching a feature film.

Since all news agencies are really interested in doing is slapping citizens the fact that a crime occurred, they do little in mitigating crime in the civilization. In fact, their very action abets crime in the civilization as they are promoters of crime under the guise of "protecting the public" or "informing the public of that which they deserve to know."

They are not protecting the public, giving service to the victims or shedding light on cause, because of the immature, sensationalistic way in which they report events in such quick flippant ways complete with spinning and whirling digital graphics and even log-lines and theme songs. What they fail to realize is that they are reporting on someone's LIFE. But all this LIFE is to them is A STORY. Then they justify this style by saying "the public has the right to know." These are real hurting people (murder, theft, rape, flood and fire victims as well as the innocent-until-proven-guilty people involved) and they are being treated with the dignity of a McDonald's hamburger or a mini series promo campaign.

If the news media really wanted to do something beneficial, but they have to have their kiddy-thrills reporting murder, blood and crime, the least they can do is balance their kiddy-thrills with an equal amount of positive news, as above defined.

Secondly, they could delve into cause more. And yes this would require asking the question: Why did he do it?

Did anyone ever stop to realize that he did it because you and I made him do it to some degree? That's right, you and I are collectively responsible for creating this shitty, little miserable no-win civilization that drives each man to desperation and ultimately "to do it."

Did it ever occur to you that it could be you up there on that news report someday? Have you ever noticed that they always say "Oh he was such a nice quiet fellow. Lived right next doors, never made a peep of trouble." Well all the "criminals" reported in the negative news are those nice quiet fellows next doors. How do you differ?

We manufacture the criminals that we watch on TV by our several and collective irresponsibilities and our unwillingness to confront cause. To the degree we create or allow a civilization where increasing numbers of people cannot win, we create the very criminals we are trying to avoid. And most of these criminals are created between the 1st and 36th month of life on this planet because some parent was not there or was there abusively.

Then if the economic system that we have created makes it easier for a 15 year old kid to earn $500 selling crack on a street corner than to work at McDonnalds selling hamburgers, the crack will flow and so will the child-dealers.

o Showing crime without showing cause and promoting violence in the media causes at least 50% of the criminality and violence we see in the civilization today, hence the news media (and producers of certain violence exploiting programming) should be subject to class action for abetting the inhibition of peace and economic progress if not genocide, to a greater or lesser degree.

Improvement Program

Once the above policy was enacted, the following program could be executed:

According to the Joint Economic Committee, total wealth in the country is $15 Trillion and

1% of the American people or families own 36% of this wealth. This means they own 36% of $15 Trillion or the sum of $5.4 Trillion.

Life and property are assets. Police protect assets hence police protect life and property. Since the wealthy have more assets, they need more police to protect them. Since they need more police to protect their assets, the cost to protect the assets of the wealthy exceeds the costs to protect the assets of the poor. Hence, it follows: the wealthy should pay for the police protection they require to protect their assets.

In an ideal state, there would be no need for crime, not because it was inhibited by force, but because it was made superfluous by prosperity for all. A state of prosperity, hence less crime, is much more likely to come about in an environment where the wealthy must pay for their police protection than in a state where the wealthy get this burden paid for by those that do not need the services of the police.

This 1%, who have been enjoying protection of their assets for many, many years and have the worst GIVING statistics, should be required to pay 10% of their net worth each year to the Treasury immediately in order to avoid being charged for all the years of free protection they have received.

10% of $5.4 Trillion is $540,000,000,000 ($540 Billion).

Interest on the sum of $2.3 Trillion, at 10% per year, is $230 Billion per year. If we collected $100 Billion per year for foreign defense services plus $540 Billion per year from the 1%ers this would be $640 Billion per year minus the yearly debt service of $230 would leave the sum of $410 Billion per year to pay down the debt of 2.3 Trillion. (Yearly debt service is used to simplify the problem as using the aggregate of T-Bond maturities would complicate obfuscate most directions towards the solution.)

At this rate the Federal Debt would be amortized in 5.6 years.

At this time the 840,000 1%ers would have paid for 5.6 years of the 200 years they have been getting free protection of their wealth.

Thereafter standard policy as above delineated should apply.

The American Public might want the debt paid off faster, hence the sum paid by the wealthy 1%ers could be increased to the sum of the disparity, and the debt reduced pro rata. Thus, the 1% of the people, who own 36% of the wealth, would be required by law to pay in taxes 36% of their net worth towards 99% of the debt.

Thus, again, the wealth is $15 Trillion and 1% of the American people or families own 36% of this wealth or the sum of $5.4 Trillion. 99% of the debt is 2.277 Trillion, hence this debt reduced each year by the sum of 36% of $5.4 Trillion (or 1.944 Trillion) would be gone in less than 1.43 years (2.277 divided by 1.944).

Thereafter standard policy as above delineated would apply.


o 1% hold 36% of the wealth.

o 99% hold the vote.

o The 99% can force the 1% ers ethics back in alignment.

o Public voting by telephone or over the Internet could be a reality now, or soon.

o Public voted to reopen the Kennedy Assassination, it is done (even though we hear little).

o Public can vote to demand the above financial solutions be done within five years.

o All Federal Debt can be eradicated in less than five years.

o National and Planetary expansion will be facilitated with saner financing and budget control.

Physical Overview

Science, other than its Circular Logic Problem, has done a relatively good job in figuring out much about how dynamic systems light years away work and what they are made of.

If we can perceive and understand to some degree a Billion Trillion Stars (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) in the observable Universe not anywhere near our planet, then the above "economic" problems going on on our planet should be rather Mickey Mouse and in fact these problems and systems ARE Mickey Mouse -- but they sure keep people who flunked math and science (the people in politics), busy forever.

The reason economic problems persist is because they are designed to persist to some degree. War is designed to persist because war forces people to go into debt if they are to retain their sovereignty. Since wars cost money to wage, the only ones to profit from wars are the international bankers, thus it has been in their interest to cause war and threat of conflict down through the centuries.

To the degree the general populations of the planet's sovereignties decide to buy into the idea that it is all too complex for them to understand and remain ignorant, 1% of the moneyed entities (specifically the international bankers and the governments under their employment), will continue to profit from the interest payments made on the government-guaranteed fiat currency they cause to come into existence. All modern wars are paid for by inflation. All inflation devalues the purchasing power of the average working taxpayer, thus the average working taxpayer always looses.

Homo Sapiens has already been here 600,000 years. Economic matters and the location of the villains suppressing the general well being of the planet's people should be relatively easy to solve. What's the problem?


Definition: Negative Power Elite means 1. any Natural Person or Entity, acting alone, or in concert with others of similar inclination, that extracts, covertly or overtly, directly or indirectly, more energy from a dynamic human or non-human system than he, she or it replaces. 2. Any Natural Person or Entity that is moving the World towards a one world government and economic system based on a socialistic scheme of planetary resource allocation. 3) Some percentage of the 1-Percenters.

Here's what the Negative Power Elite is doing to you right now and while you sleep:

o Absorbing your ideas as fast as possible and letting you know as little about theirs as much as possible. First law of espionage: maximize data in - minimize data out.

o When possible, never acknowledging that anything has been learned or received.

o Creating fiat currencies from nothing and charging interest on them as much as possible.

o Categorizing you into manageable subsets each with a crossindexable, verifiable, alpha-numeric code (i.e., your "name" and your "social security number ).

o Integrates them into categories.

o Utilizes them to perpetrate growth and strength to fight anything that upsets their growth.

o Uses the negative aspect of the idea (which every idea has) to advance the positive side of some idea.

o Never forwards "the enemy line." (Have you heard much out of Timothy McVey's mouth over network TV about why he did it? You won't.)

High Tech Feudal Society

The ideals set forth by our Founding Fathers in the Constitution are not only old and out of date, they are silly and do not pertain to the modern high tech civilization we now live in. True or False? False.

Your social security number, more correctly called, as printed on the initial cards issued, "Social Security Account Number," is a private bank account number assumed voluntarily by you under the understanding that the Act that created it would provide social security in the manner of retirement funds and other financial benefits.

On the cards issued when the system was first concocted it clearly states in blue ink right under the line where you are supposed to write your signature: FOR SOCIAL SECURITY AND TAX PURPOSES - NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION

At this date your social security number is being absolutely used as IDENTIFICATION. In fact you ARE your social Security number, not what you eat and not what you believe in - especially as far as the Banks are concerned. And soon, in preparation to this growing concern about the use of the social security number, you will be phased over to what will be called your Consumer Identification Number.

Thus in the name of protecting banking systems, when it is they that are the most outrageous criminals and frauds ever conceived of by "thinking" Man, the credit-reporting agencies, particularly TRW, Trans Union, Equifax and Chex Systems are evolving into the nation's first inter-networked information dossiers. They don't call it the Internet for nothing. Also, did you know the dossier system used by all the profit-making attorneys, LEXIS-NEXIS, has more documents and files than THE ENTIRE WORLD WIDE WEB? Don't believe me, go to their site.

In short, you might be protected from a few frauds and criminals, but your Life and all your accomplishments will be reduced to ONLY WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WRONG - NOT WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WELL OVER THE YEARS.

For instance, once you have defaulted on a loan payment, you are written up in TRW's credit dossier and there the information must stay for 7 years under the "Fair" Credit Reporting Act. If you pay off your loan with interest - the information must still stay in your TRW dossier for 7 years under the "Fair" Credit Reporting Act.

In other words, if one runs into a bad stretch of life, perhaps they lost a job or loved-one, or could not exist in the insane economic system that they now find themselves, they are stamped with the "mark of the beast" (I'm being a lilttle facetious) for seven years even though they have made good on all debts and paid interest.

In other, other words, if you make good and the Banks do not, the Banks continue to disseminate your credit dossier throughout every computer network on the planet and they do all this using your private bank account number, your social security number, as a dossier identification number.

Make no mistake about it, if Hitler had had available to him the computers and the Social Security numbers the Banks now have today - you would be speaking German right now.

The ideals set forth by our Founding Fathers in the U.S. Constitution are not only old and out of date, they are silly and do not pertain to the modern high-tech civilization we now live in: FALSE.

The total purpose of the credit dossiers is to benefit the Banks at your expense.

Here's how it works and how you have allowed the "Fair Credit Reporting Act" to serve the Banks and their lap-dog enforcers - the government to erode your rights of privacy and your ability to prosper.

In the name of getting the criminals, all manner of criminal activity is happening. In fact it is the Congressmen that define and create the Criminals and it is the Criminals that define and create the Congressmen's' ability to exist for if there were no law-breaking people, there would not need to be as many law-making people. A slimy, shit-eating criminal is a legislator's best bosom-buddy.

The reason is because there cannot be a criminal until a law is created which defines what is criminal and what is not criminal. Since about half of the population of the U.S. now works for the government we are quickly evolving into a nation which has a government by the governors for the government at the governed -- instead of a government by the people for the people.

Right now you and a few others consider it all innocent. But when you find your self in the trough of life sooner or later because of some unfortunate event, the dossier system that you thought would give you power through information is giving someone else power over your progress in life and your ability to buy a house - for instance, or afford two kids rather than 1/2.

A 45 year old person has lived for approximately 16,400 days. To survive one must be right more often than one is wrong. One must be right 100% to 51% of the time in order to survive as an organism on this planet.

This means that in 16,400 to 8,364 of your days you must be fundamentally right in your decisions relating to your job, your education, your family, your expenditures, your income generating machinery and the handling of your relationships and the environment.

Most people are not right 100% of the time. If they are right 75% of the time that is great. 75% of the time for a 45 year old is 12,300 days out of his or her life. This inevitably means that the same person is wrong the other 4,100 days - has had 4,100 bad-hair days.

And the Banks, with their agencies such as TRW, Trans Union, Equifax and Chex Systems are right there to take advantage of you in the name of "protecting the public from fraud" or "bad credit risks."

This is nonsense: they are there to protect themselves and their stockholders. It should be mandatory in fact that each and every stockholder in any bank and credit reporting agency make their actual credit report available to any customer who wants to call in for such at any time.

The real reason for credit dossiers is so information on customers can be amassed to extort higher interest rates, points and downpayments. If this were not true, the "Fair" Credit Act would allow any negative data on a credit report to automatically be deleted from any and all credit dossiers once it was paid or settled. But the fact that under current law it must stay there for 7 years - gives the banks plenty of "reasons" why they must charge higher interest, more points or downpayment to off-set their "risk."

Further, this information leaks into other sections of the economy and inhibits commerce by making it exceedingly difficult for basically honest people and entrepreneurs to start over without declaring bankruptcy. And declaring bankruptcy makes it even harder to start over for 7 years or more. Thus in a nation founded by Christians, who are taught to "turn the other cheek" we are enslaved by a bunch of hypocritical bankers with fixed-ideas that people cannot change. Thus their attitudes cause more of the same and hence they have created a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The mere fact that the entire system WARNS: only one out of 10 business will succeed should tell you something about the system. It is set up to augment failure. I would rather see a system in which 6 people start businesses and only 2 fail rather than a system in which 10 people start business and 9 fail. This sort of chaos wreaks havoc on the stability of the civilization.

Thus it is Inevitable.

Not all of those days are good ones. Perhaps in retrospect you realize you made mistakes.


1. Anything discovered by a human ultimately belongs to all other humans.

2. To seek money and power is considered bad.

3. Many terms are not defined very well, among these: money, power, morality, ethics, reality, good, bad, evil, proper, improper.


As you most likely, know a Religion is really a compelling operating system. The applications programs that run under it are really just interpretations of the religious doctrine.

When one is "running under" an operating system, they are in a complete (or incomplete), "Universe" of thought/logic which controls memory, data input/output, language, communication and command protocols, etc. However, if one tries to use the thought (or operating system), of one system in another system (like trying to run MSDOS under TRSDOS), gears usually clash and many times strife results.

Sometimes there are applications that a given operating system cannot run hence a religious user is deprived of being able to do certain things as well as denied access to other Universes of thought and experience once a religious system has been adopted as the ultimate. No religious system will admit to inhibiting access to other Universes of thought and experience.

If you are happy with your operating system and the applications you are running, "be happy" with it and support it but realize that you are running under an operating system - even if it was written by God, (who, by definition, would have the power to write or revise any operating system).

I have always been a sort of a philosophical mechanic who doesn't like to get his hands too greasy with any particular religious vehicle. Of course any person or entity that sets out to found a religion was or is the same way. I would rather study religious operating systems than run in the mental circuitry of specific ones until more data is in. Data collection and learning obviously can't be complete on the advent of these ABCs:

A. Ten Fold observational capabilities from off-planet telescopes and bases.

B. Ability to assimilate and align more data than ever possible before with computers.

C. World peace (that we all want and are causing), making possible greater communication and idea sharing.

The unfortunate thing is that some people with political power, money or fame have to pretend to be part of some religious system or they think their believing constituency (or stockholders) will kick them out - it's called dying on the vine.

If you are thinking of getting a computer - do it now. I suggest strongly an IBM or IBM clone. Get it tomorrow, no matter what else you have to do. In the long run, it will cost you more money to not have one than to buy the above ASAP.

Capital Gains Tax

Since a responsible People and Government should want to encourage:

1) Innovation of new and improved products and services.

2) Long term, stable corporate growth (i.e., productivity, value, capital goods, employment, compensation).

3) A workable ratio of entrepreneurs and employees.

And discourage:

1) Speculation for the purpose of "making money" rather than "making products and services."

2) Wild swings in the value of the money supply, products and services and capital assets.

3) Insolvency.

Why not levy the capital gains tax something like this:

1) 5% for Founding stockholders (first subscribers) of new ventures who keep their investment for three years or more.

2) 10% for Founding stockholders of new ventures who keep their investment for two years.

3) 15% for Founding stockholders of new ventures who keep their investment for only one year or less.

4) Regular income rate (no term defined), for all the Speculators (misnomered "Investors") who bet against each other all day buying and selling securities on Wall Street producing nothing of value as their money sees its way into the company treasury only in indirect ways, the entity that is producing something of value.

By giving a significant tax break to new ventures that come up with an actual PRODUCT and/or SERVICE - productivity will be encouraged and the GDP will rise faster.

By taxing capital gains of securities bought on secondary markets, the Government is just living off the non-productive vampires of our civilization (speculators) and in effect becomes a vampire itself.

The idea of giving tax write-offs to failing new business was trying to do the correct thing (making it safer to invest in new businesses) - only it just validated entrepreneurs for failing - hence we got decades of ventures (and even a whole State) designed to fail - just so the write-offs could be used against profitable enterprise. This type of taxation policy was like serving desert without serving any meal.

Granting capital gains breaks to new companies gives the founding stockholders, the risk takers, a reward for taking that risk - but only after the company has made good, (and has capital gains). This type of taxation policy would be like serving a good dessert AFTER serving a meal.

The R&D break is not a substitute for a low capital gains tax on founding stockholders. The reason for this is because you get what you validate. If we validate only research and development, we will have a nation of research and development and no products or services. Can you picture millions and millions of nerds constantly walking around with a half- baked, but well-researched, invention (or screenplay) under their arm?

If we validate only failed businesses with write-offs on losses only, we will be a nation of failed businesses.

If we validate courageous men and women, diligently reviewing the business plans of promising new companies or a prospectus for a new blue chip issue that will create employment and improved products, if we validate these activities by not suppressing (through taxation) this very machinery that creates national wealth, then we will get much more of 1, 2 and 3 above.

It follows that if the economy is stronger, there will be less need for outside help (government services) hence the cost of government will decrease, automatically evaporating the deficit and paying off the debt.


The Internet is the most important development of since the Industrial Revolution.

It is a wonderful thing that, for the first time in known history, people the planet-over can communicate with each other for the price of a local phone call. The worldwide discussions that are going on through email, the world wide web and the newsgroups, as you read this, are the birth places of new understandings and the assimilation of the totality of human knowledge. It does not matter if there are a lot of "crackpots" (like me) on the web putting out information that others (or "authoritative" sources such as the mainstream data and news/media) do not agree with.

Everybody, collectively, makes up the sum-total of human knowledge and everybody has a little piece, a little unique corner of that knowledge under their belt. And about that corner (and more) - they are the expert - the expert far more than CNN (for instance) or Joe Ph. D at Harvard (for instance). Sure there is going to be a period of confusion, a period where the "experts" will cry out for censorship, control and the cessation of this anarchistic mass human-dialog - but little by little, the standards of knowledge, of data alignment and cultural agreements will rise and people with be freer to place their attention on other, more challenging considerations about existence, than who's sleeping with who.

When you have the ability for several million minds to work concomitantly and continuously on problems such as AIDS or the problem of traveling to other star systems (as quickly and efficiently as they do on Star Trek), you have orders of magnitude the chance that unthought of, undreamed of, answers will pop up - almost instantly.

Since most of the information that sits in the libraries of the world is outdated and repetitive data, a massive clean-up and alignment is necessary.

I bet over 50% of the known "facts" of the world do not correlate and the ones that DO, only do so because because most of the people using such facts are too lazy to check them out and so go into agreement with everyone else about the "fact" and just quote it or cite it as a reference. This then lets them off the hook, they imagine, because if the fact they got from their "source" is wrong - well it's not THEIR fault - they "relied" on the source and the source was wrong.

Have you ever wondered how the tabloids are able to publish such outrageous information with being sued more than they are? All I have to do is go to them and state, "I was abducted by an alien at 4:23 AM on June 11th, 1997 and here is my story." As long as I sign a release, stating that the story I have just given them is true and correct, the tabloid can publish the story and I can get paid. If I get paid enough, I will have enough money to hire a lawyer to fight off anyone that decides to sue me for making up a false story which the tabloid published. The tabloid is held harmless because "we were just relying on what he said - and here is the release to prove it." The net result of this is, the tabloid gets to publish totally outrageous stuff, whether it is true or false - does not matter so long as it sells copies - the person guaranteeing the story is true gets paid and the public gets a little more horseshit dumped into the pool of human knowledge.

I have used the tabloids as a blatant example, but don't think that this, cover-the-ass-sourcing, does not go on in even respectable mainstream publications. One would be absolutely blown away to cognate on how many and how often releases are used on this planet to re-direct responsibility.

We are living on a Planet of Pussies. And my observation is generally the bigger the corporation or the higher the net worth of the individual, the more releases they want, the less willing they are to take responsibility for anything and the bigger the pussy they are because they realize that if they get into any sort of a controversy, out of the woodwork will come deep-pocked sniffing attorneys who will take the side of their opponent whether or not he or she is right or wrong. It is just simply cheaper to get a release and be a risk avoiding pussy - even though their building is 100 stories tall and made of marble.

Banks are an absolutely perfect example of institutions that live so on the edge (because of their fractional reserve policies and the impotency of the FDIC) it boggles the mind yet they attempt to look 100 stories tall.

Because of the data alignment problem and the cover-the-ass releases which fertilize the promulgation of false information and bogus reports, the free and uninhibited survival of the Internet and its planetary dialog is more important than the survival of any particular publication, company, government or person because the Internet allows direct from the source information, information that cannot be tampered with by:

1. Editors and their release-fanatical lawyers,
2. Publishers and their special interest Boards of Directors,
3. Stockholders and their insatiable lust for money,
4. Customers and their desire for the new, sensational, quick and mindless.

Thus, the fruits of bringing so many un-edited minds together on the Internet will cause the Human Race to grow up. As it does, it will evolve beyond our current wildest dreams and make important progress toward being a mature, stable and even space-faring world - because the desire to seek-out additional experience off-planet will impinge more than ever.

But there should be two distinct aspects to world wide communication on the Internet:

People should be able to talk to people publicly and,

People should be able to talk to people privately.

It is people's right to decide when they wish to do which.

Since some forms of communication require that each person know absolutely who they are talking to (such as most commerce), and some forms of communication flourish when people do not know who they are talking to (non-ego debates) - there should be the ability to pick which of these two distinct and separate systems are used for any particular conversation. In other words, each person, before he or she enters into communication with any other person, should be able to have the choice which mode of communication he or she wants for that conversation.

When you have to "log onto" any computer system with your actual name and an I.D., especially your Social Security number, your conversation is absolutely not private - no matter what you may think or are told by your friendly computer Sys Op.

Further, when you stop to consider that currently most computer services such as America On-line and CompuServe, require you to give them not only your name, phone and address but your bank account and/or credit card account, the possibilities for invasion of your privacy become endless.

There is no reason in the world why these WANs (wide area networks) cannot provide connectivity without requiring that your monthly service charges BE AUTOMATICALLY DEBITED FROM YOUR BANK ACCOUNT or your credit card account. Try asking them if you can't just pay by sending them a check or cash or a money order each month. They will most likely say they cannot which is of course horseshit. My service provider accepts a check each month. Ask me who they are any use them.

Think about it - you're dealing with a COMPUTER service. Computers can do almost any thing when it comes to regulation and bookkeeping and tabulating use or time or identities!

If you don't pay your America On-line bill one month, for instance - they could simply disconnect your service by instructing their computer that if you try to access the host with your phone number or name or social security number, etc., to simply disconnect - just like your phone company or your utility company does if you don't pay their bills.

There is no reason for a computer service to have to require that your bank account or your credit card account be tapped. Wake up.

Further, and as mentioned, no financial transactions should be commingled with either a public or private communication system. To monetary transactions into such a system or to tie all monetary systems together, especially banks and stock markets is insane in my opinion.

The easy convenience of being able to make "bank transfers" or to be able to make "trades over your computer" or of being able to "credit or debit you account" via a "Money Access Card" (MAC) is not more important than the possible domino effect that becomes more possible when the world is tied together in a one-world banking system such as the IMF/World Bank or via some world wide entity such as the United Nations.

Nations and separate monetary systems should exist to the degree that if one crashes it cannot drag the rest down.

Why does Nature spread the aggregate past and current consciousness (as well as the gene pool) of Homo Sapiens over billions of individual beings? To insure survival and to insulate the constituent units of beingness of from disasters. (This is also probably the reason we are isolated on a planet out in the "middle" of inter galactic space) All I am saying is that this same wisdom should be applied to countries and economic systems and we should not have any one-world-government that has jurisdiction over the survival and productivity of the entire human race or its money matters, or its love notes. This would be high-tech feudalism if it happened and it looks like the Federal Reserve System is propping up the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to move us into that direction.

Look-Up Tables

Another aspect of the Internet that must be watched carefully is the registration of virtual domains through centralized authorities such as InterNIC.

Access to a web site is made possible because people type in the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for your virtual domain, such as http://www.yourcompany.com, and they are routed to the InterNIC look-up tables which decipher where your web pages are being hosted on an actual server. Then, your virtual domain URL is cross-indexed with your web host's server' primary DNS name and number.

Thus, in order for people to access your web pages they must go through the look-up tables of InterNIC. If the numbers don't point your URL to the correct web host, you don't exist on the World Wide Web.

InterNIC can thus shut down any web site in the United States in one millisecond (and probably in and out of the U.S.) instantly with the touch of a few extra keystrokes.

This is absolute and total control of your Internet communication -- here and now, today! And the scary thing is, I'll bet 85% to 95% of you who have just "read" the last several paragraphs I wrote have no idea what I was talking about. Call me or find out.

Information Access

No central authority should ever have greater access to information than each constituent contributor of that information.

This is why there should be an Anonymous Internet. Survival of the fittest will dictate which mass communication system the Peoples of Earth want.

In a NON-Anonymous Internet and oligopoly of a few central authorities would have greater access to information than each constituent contributor of that information.

This is potentially dangerous because it inhibits Freedom of Speech without Recourse.

A NON-Anonymous Internet must exist too. So reality can be confirmed when needed.

Since almost everything in the Universe exists in dichotomies, you can bet the two systems will exist very well together - whether or not one likes it.

A government is basically a system of communication and money flow not unlike the plumbing in a house.

A central economic coordinating computer could be used to display all the needs and supply of world goods. The computer would keep a running tally of the number of people currently living on the planet and how long the have been here. No names or personal data would be necessary beyond what each person cared to supply. It would be like an ongoing census.

The input data would be like the following:

NAME/ADDRESS: (Optional)





Data like country, religion, bank, credit card number, social security number, government, economy, race, sex and all the endless horseshit connected with same would not be relevant - because after all these "solutions" are what is causing the "problems." So they would be by-passed.

With data like the above, a Planet can begin to know what is needed and wanted by its indigenous life forms and get on with "making it so."

After all, everything that exists today was once a dream or science fiction.

Electronic Enslavement

Through out the course of a human being's life, that human being does positive deeds, and yes, negative deeds.

The good person is the one who has a majority of positive deeds to his or her credit. Most of us fall into that group.

As computers of the nation and the world unite into vast networks, such as the Internet, America On-line, CompuServe, TRW, Trans Union, Telecheck, etc., more and more of ones deeds will be transmitted from one data base to the others.

The problem with this convergence of data is that it focuses the negative deeds of a person to an unrealistic extent. In current "civilization" negative information is more readily and speedily carried than positive information.

If you want proof of this, just look how quickly the media focuses negative events onto our screens and papers and makes the population feel the environment is more dangerous than it actually is. Look how quickly a celebrity, who has done most of the things in his or her life well and right, is turned into a lump of dog shit by one or two articles focusing on as little as a single statement or interview.

To the degree vast dossiers of negative information about a person's credit history, banking history, medical history, tax records, payment history and legal background for instance are collected in computer data bases, it makes it more difficult, if not impossible, for a balanced view of a person to survive.

Since the banks in particular use this data (and the governments in general support the banks as their pay-masters) it will be increasingly difficult for an individual to "turn over a new leaf."

Therefore one of two things should happen:

1. There will be increases in crime, and or;
2. People will defect from the system in a spectrum of ways, among which will be the following:

o Barter and use of cash/precious stones and medals will increase.
o Use of banking systems will decrease.
o People will resign their rights under statute law.
o Radical groups will become more prevalent.
o Social Security Numbers will cease to be used.

Beings should be given other means of changing their identity than death under the circumstance that they are not being evaluated with a balanced view.

To the degree a system is unfair or enslaving, dossiers and identity systems are needed to force people into submission.

To the degree a system is fair: everyone can easily earn material possessions, enjoy new life-experiences and be respected for their contributions, dossiers and identity systems are superfluous as they are the tools of the rich few that would enslave so as to create more capital for themselves.

Therefore, a person has the right to call himself or herself anything he or she wants without further conditions.

This means one needs to provide no identification in order to change their name or number.

A person who has fucked up their first world will not necessarily fuck up their second world provided their second world is not contaminated by their first. This is why the mechanism of death, with its apparent amnesia, exists. So the new world is not contaminated by the last world. I.e., so their current life identity is not contaminated by their last life identity.

Since life and existence does this, why should not governments and civilizations do it with their attitudes towards dossiers and identity systems such as social security numbers, names, driver's licenses, birth certificates, car registrations, insurance policies, DNA, finger prints, mug shots, ad nausium.

People who are either stupit or that want to enslave for their own gain, want dossiers and identity systems that are total if not computerized.

Why are there no electronic computers in the age of DUNE? Because they learned the simple fact that electronics can enslave or open up worlds of advantage such as the computer in STAR TREK.

Beings are basically good and ethical. They only want to survive and prosper. What is right and wrong is only relative to view point and ideology.

When electronic systems are needed to keep track of criminals, this is a clear sign that the system is going criminal because there are too many ignorant, short-sighted people in it or blatant power hungry slave-masters than are making it seem reasonable that civil rights must be attenuated for the good of all.

The best way for a suppressive group to gain control of a civilization is it cause or abet terrorism so they can use this as an excuse to increase electronic enslavement.


Time and time again the criminal is the person or lofty institution we most respect. He was so quiet. They had such wonderful ideals and policies.



I understand that too few citizens take the time to write to their congressmen - so I'm going to take the liberty of making up for it. I also know that for every letter you get, you consider

10,000 other people probably feel the same way. Maybe so. Occasionally I get out there to talk and video tape people's opinions so I can get a feeling for what's on their mind as well as relate it to what's on mine.

Offending Nations This month's cover story in U.S. News & World Report warns us about Saddam Hussein's quest to get the Bomb. Article makes it clear many countries abet the building of his weapons by contributing credit, expertise and material. Lists Offenders. Action should be taken to handle them; perhaps the peace seeking nations of the world, through The United Nations, should get together and:

1. Economically "excommunicate" any and all nations that are enturbulating(1) peace- seeking Nations with continued warfare until and unless they cease with their activities.

2. Never take any sides with any Nations that are fighting each other - however - overtly restrain any nation that aggresses against any peace- seeking nation.

(1) To cause to be turbulent or agitated and disturbed.

3. Never aggress against any nation that is enturbulated - only ignore and defuse their activities by refusing to purchase any of their natural resources and refusing to grant them ANYTHING (i.e., food, shelter, weapons, etc.)

I am getting sick and tired of hearing about these boys in IRAQ, IRAN and LIBIA fighting all the time, and yes I am now tired of all the horseshit coming out of both ISREAL and PALISTINE. These countries continued fighting, for what ever "reason," has long since gone past any point of sanity and now they are nothing more than a drain on the rest of the World. All such countries should simply be CUT OFF from any and all U.S. support AND communication until they settle their conflicts terminatedly. We can be assured that any fighting in the future by these countries is only continued reaction to the negative past deeds each country is guilty of inflicting on each other and this bickering will continue forever until the rest of the World, in particular the United States, DOES SOMETHING DRASTIC.

I consider theses countries fighting with each other THEM FIGHTING WITH ME, MY COUNTRY and the PEACE-LOVING PEOPLE OF THE PLANET.

I consider their wasting and destroying our PLANET'S VITAL RESOURCES intolerable.

We cannot use FORCE to stop FORCE, however. When some area or some person is highly enturbulatred, as is the Middle East, they must be, in effect, cut off from the rest of the Planet's resources and ignored (unless they attack us, of course).

By needing and wanting OIL, the Peace Seeking Nations of the world set themselves up for a DOUBLE LOSS:

A. By purchasing oil, we push power to nations like Iraq so they can convert it to military buildups and the Bomb eventually.

B. We further destroy the Planet with the burning of fossil fuel.


I would like to see our Government and the private sector place regular, HIGHLY PUBLICIZED PROGRESS REPORTS on the following:

FUSION (both hot and cold)

Federal Budget

I agree with you Mr. Walker in every turn of your logic when you were dealing with the FUNDING of the Science Budget. My observation is that most people, including elected representatives, do not seem to know how to properly handle Mathematics let alone spread sheet computer programs.


You can't possibly imagine how crazy it makes me feel to see $300 billion going out each year to defense related stuff. DOESN'T This figure alone tell the asleep American People that PRIORITIES OF PROBLEMS HAVE NOT BEEN PROPERLY DELINEATED ON THIS PLANET YET. Until priorities are a) understood scientifically and b) voted on, there can be no full progress.

Every "problem" CAUSES another "problem" but all problem chains are related to BASIC PROBLEMS. Solve the BASIC PROBLEM on the chain and you AUTOMATICALLY move towards solving the other problems on the complex chain.

Keeping people off your back so they don't kill you while you a) eat, b) educate, c) produce, d) sleep in preparation to start the cycle over again - IS THE ONLY THING THAT IS HAPPENING ON THIS PLANET AND IS THE ONLY THING THAT HAS BEEN HAPPENING ON THIS PLANET SINCE HOMO SAPIENS EVOLVED FROM AMINO ACIDS OR WHATEVER.

Why do we need $300 billion to keep the rest of the world off our backs so we can do a - d? We wouldn't if we would do more effectively b and c of above.

Then energy costs would come down, production would go up (producing weapons is NOT production - it's COUNTER- PRODUCTION), and governments like the U.S. would not have to spend 25% of their income on defense.

IT'S NOT HOW MUCH MONEY YOU HAVE - IT'S WHERE YOU DIRECT THE MONEY. Money directed towards war - creates, ipso facto, more WAR. Money directed towards peace oriented productivity begets more peace oriented productivity. This is probably what Bill Gates is most concerned with: Do I do as Barbara Walters wants and direct my energy to the United Nations or do I study some other options?



Top Sheet Reports

The American People pay taxes every year yet they do not get a top sheet report (call it "Use of Proceeds of Taxation"), on the back of their tax forms. I want to know where the money was spent last fiscal year. This is an OUT POINT in financial management. Corporations issue yearly reports to stockholders, why doesn't the government issue a financial report at the time they request more funds each April 15th? It must be in writing - a State of the Union Address is just not enough because there is too much PR involved. I think if "tax payers" pay money in, they deserve a report on the back of their tax returns. I know you can request it - but how many people do? The government does not keep the people briefed well enough on how they use the money. Then people yap and nothing gets done. It's immature. Further, People should never have allowed Congress to delegate handling of money to the Federal Reserve Bank (the FED). This is shirking of responsibility and cloaking FP in too much mystery. No wonder all the budget problems and misdirected priorities we have to day. I'm not sure capitalism is as workable a system as democracy is. A democratic government is only as good, and on the ball, as its people; so improvement must start with the people. One cannot blame the government as cause of all problems. It's my fault, it's your fault, it's our fault.


Having been living in California the last decade and then being back here, I feel in general people in PA are generally detail myopic (or incompetent) yet relatively honest but easily incitable. Although I feel people in California are generally teetie-weetie (lacking cultural roots) they seem to make less errors and omissions in their daily activities hence you just get more accomplished in California PER UNIT OF TIME.

Of course the sunny weather is a major factor. Maybe I'm off in my observations because I deal in the film industry - where people are crack, sharp and get the job done ON TIME AND ON BUDGET - but these are my observations for what they're worth.

I watch C-Span, when I can, and feel it is a great opportunity for people to see how their government works. I am not inspired to write these letters to every Congressman because I feel most of them are similar to the general people I have observed in PA as above described - i.e., they are generally representative of the population. Nevertheless - I DO feel you are ON THE BALL and I feel you constantly have to deal with and set straight the NIT-WIT THINKING around you.

Your emphasis on the handling of budgets, as exemplified in the recent debate over the SSC budget, is responsible and admirable. People are crazy with money and the time to get all contingencies nailed down is prior to funding. The rule is PEOPLE WILL TEND TO SPEND ALL THEY CAN SPEND - AND THEN SPEND MORE.

Spending Directions

Spending is not bad - it's the direction of the allocation that's important, as said before.

As you point out we have to get money flowing into those Science Accounts. I feel that spending on science is very dangerous unless you also offer, in every Public school and other schools, the following courses.

  • Peaceful Uses of R&D
  • Why Science Can Help or Hurt o Applied Science for an Efficient World
  • How to Identify Mad Scientists
  • Causality

A Basic Law Course

One course every High School should have is a course called:


In this course all students, by 12th grade, would learn 100 (or so) of the most basic laws of the land. They would learn that they are supposed to get together with other citizens and create these 100 laws FOR their mutual benefit.

They should learn that if they do not get benefits promised by the laws they should quickly vote to erase the laws or put in new clearer or more relevant ones. And students should be taught that any law that is passed that the layman cannot easily read and understand is a "LAW" THAT IS ILLEGAL. Law cannot be only readable by an elite, any time any place.


Juveniles go delinquent because they are FORCED to obey the law rather than invited to obey the law through understanding and mutual creation.

Students should learn that a society that litigates constantly against each other is a society that has not ever taken a course called: BASIC LAW and is in effect similar to the Middle East nations that are preempting our world's resources and energy.

Crime is Profitable (written in the 1980's)

I think the increase in crime* statistics with the increase in poverty, IS PARTLY BY DESIGN as only by causing, directly or indirectly, the increase in crime, can an entity that has a vested interest in the fighting of crime (or anything) - SURVIVE AND PROFIT FROM SAID CRIME. Welcome to the American Criminal System of Today. Since the largest expense account of the American People's annual budget is for defense - it can be deduced that the "entities" mentioned are first and foremost:

A. The lending institutions. (Probably same residue that build up world war machinery including Hitler's machinery and I.G Farben.)

B. The defense contracting companies.

C. The police and DEA that get paid to "fight" the drug "war." It is interesting how many people on the streets realize the elements of Item VIII these days and are loosing their tolerance for such nonsense. *Ultimately ALL militaries are criminal entities - no matter what the nation, no matter what the century, no matter how someone justifies their need. When some entity, or group of people, especially hiding under the guise of "a government" has to take young and innocent boys and train them to be professional killers - something is fundamentally wrong with anyone who feels this "system" is okay, normal or to be respected. The only ligitimate reason to "respect" some young boy (NOT the institution) for serving his military "duty" to society is to express a profound sorrow for the tragety that this young boy has been forced by law into the exploitation and indoctrination by the older men in his "civilization" to fight and dye for some cause-slash-country that such men were too ignorant and/or incapable to settle by any other means than the drastic and criminal activity of war. In other words, that the ignorant and unable old men, (the guys called the "Founders") who declaired independence from England (some other ignorant and unable old man known as a "king" named George), forced a bunch of young boys to settle their dispute over a small real estate matter (North America) by means of the drastic and criminal activity of war -- was dispicable. I note here that the women of the World are not usually involved in such criminal activity and so how do the men reward them -- they keep them out of power. Such is the perversion of the "civilization" and why the women of the world tolerate it I do not know -- especialy when it was these same young boys that recently nursed from their breasts.

Cost of Energy

I think a good test of the world's sanity and longevity might be answered by the question:


Yes or No.

Survival in Hostile Worlds

I would like to express to you my feelings about how important I feel it is for humans to learn how to survive on hostile worlds since we, as an industrialized planet, are screwing up our planet with the the production of excess CO2 (causuing a Green House effect). Mars is another such hostile world, one that we should eventually go to (and of course will within the next 100 years) to learn all we can about how to survive on hostile worlds, as we may need some of the data. The viewpoint of being willing to spend taxpayer dollars on space science is one that the down-to-EarthPerson does not always easily understand - nevertheless he loves his microwave oven or having "choice" over 14 excessive varieties of boom boxes or TVs.

In short - moving our resources from those used to kill the Human Race (such as the $300 billion for defense each year) to those activities that will project the Human Race into an efficient, aesthetic and rational future - is prudent.

A decision will soon be made by the U.S. Congress which is very important. This decision will impact the ability of the United States to continue the exploration of the solar system and the human exploration of Mars in the next century. I strongly support the goal of humans exploring Mars, and I urge you to lend your support to the items in the FY '91 NASA Appropriations that support the preliminary steps toward this goal.

I understand that some in Congress believe it is premature to commit to such an ambitious undertaking, and some fear that the allocation of any money implies full support. I am not asking you to make a commitment to send humans to Mars now, but soon. But we will never resolve uncertainties surrounding such a mission unless we begin now with the preliminary steps to allow an informed debate on the true costs and benefits of human exploration.

Please let your colleagues know that you support this proposal, which represents only about $200 million out of the proposed $15.1 billion NASA budget. If NASA had more money to

work with, they would be able to test things more carefully before putting them into space.


The Cause of Spiritual Recession

The last time I sent out a mass mailing was in early 1985 to inform one and all about AIDS as very few had heard about it. I stated that we all better get on the ball to invent a cure for it. There will be a complete cure for it soon and especially when it is more widely realized that the disease is one of the two main factors which killed the American economy in the 1980's.

The second is those congressmen who just stay there term after term keeping the same inefficient machine in operation. These people push policies and laws that basically serve only their constituency and special interest groups in their area. Unfortunately they do not place enough emphasis on the question: WHAT CAN I DO THAT IS GOOD FOR THE NATION AS A WHOLE and HOW CAN I ACTUALLY REPRESENT THE PEOPLE WHO SENT ME.

A good example of this is the fact that we have not been able to get a viable national budget - one that will benefit the nation as a whole. Each year the federal government has to borrow more money to pay its operating costs and debt service (bonds). This creates a larger and larger deficit. Because most of the same congressmen keep getting re-elected, (through very sophisticated and well-financed propaganda campaigns), we as a country cannot CHANGE OUR OPERATING BASIS to cause improvement. This means YOU pay more each month for your mortgage and car loans because your cost of money (interest rate) is artificially high. It's artificially high because the government is competing against you to borrow funds for its purposes (and to piss down the drain). This drives up the cost of money higher and higher because there is (supposed to be) a limited supply of money and an unlimited demand from you and the federal government FOR money. If the government prints money to satisfy its demand for money - it gets out of pace with the creation of products which is supposed to be a 1 to 1 ratio - and you have "inflation".

Thus either you pay for the cost of your government with your interest/mortgage payments or with your taxes.

In business, whenever a statistic plunges for too long, it is time to make a change in the operating basics because whatever you are doing is just not working. Ethics investigations and handling can do some good but personnel changes are usually the most effective. We have had an impeachment and several major ethics investigations over the years, but unfortunately the ALIEN is still in the ship as long as you allow the same congressmen to be re-elected DOING THE SAME NEGATIVE THINGS TO THE COUNTRY.

A president can only do so much - he's only one man, one viewpoint. He executes the laws and is there to represent the individual viewpoint in a massive machine so our government doesn't completely roll over the basic building block of civilization - the individual. In essence, he performs a quality control function on the government and is testament to how well or how poorly the machine is running. He is the main communication link between the people and the Federal Government because we give him the power to veto for the individual's point of view as well as the power to present the state of the union from the government's point of view.

Congress on the other hand is a mass of composite thought and inertia that represents smaller units than the nation. Unfortunately, each congressman operates on the following two principals:

1. Get re-elected, then
2. Mold his or her views to reflect the majority view of the constituency.

Point 2 is done only so point 1 will go into effect. It's a vicious cycle - one that destroys your faith in our system, gets the same people back into power to conserve the same modus operandi and then continues to burn your productivity and cash.

Some Possible Solutions

You should go to the ballot box in November and vote for any Congressman that was NOT IN OFFICE LAST YEAR. If you use that simple rule, you will, in one fell swoop, bring a whole lot of new blood into the scene - i.e., congressmen who cannot do any worse than what has been happening in the last 30 years and actually may do better. This will be a firm step towards CHANGING THE NEGATIVE OPERATING BASIS.

Then, very importantly, establish and vote for a referendum that allows Congressmen to be in office for one (1) term of six (6) years only. The Supreme Court is there for life - we don't need the congressmen there for life too.

Conversely, the President's term is too short - it should be six (6) years for the first term and four (4) years for a second, and last, term. This gives a president over half a decade to set up office and execute prudent laws - and MOSTLY to operate INDEPENDENTLY of Congress. Then he may get four more years to turn over the successful actions of his post to the next president. One nice, neat bite sized decade in all. There should exist some material reward to bestow on exceptional president's.

The President should have a LINE ITEM VETO. It is ridiculous to reject a pile of budget or bill three feet thick because one item is too expensive or too choppy to the individual viewpoint.

The exact expenditures of federal, state and local governments should be summarized on the back each tax return as an official "Use of Proceeds" report.

For at least five years, expenditures should be cut equally across the board IN EVERY SINGLE BUDGET CATEGORY (except to bone fide foreign bondholders) by 10% AND every taxpayer in the Country should add a 10% surcharge to his or her tax bill, after arriving at their "bottom line" however they normally arrived at it. This will place 20% more money each year to close the deficit.

The work day should be increased to a 9-hour day and the official work week should be 45 hours long. The first step to economic recovery is for ALL (FAT, LAZY) AMERICANS TO WORK LONGER, HARDER AND FOR GREATER QUALITY. The film industry's standard work day is 10 hours! Is the film industry more able than other industries?

Money invested to capitalize new businesses should be treated differently than money that is "traded" all day by the Wall Street Gamblers. These people, known as "Traders" or "Investors" seek to make a profit by betting against each other which stocks will win or lose. Their activity is no different than the lottery or horse racing except that it DOES provide liquidity for investments and that is good and valid.

About very significant amount of the money invested to capitalize new companies goes into wages - in other words it goes into employee's pockets in exchange for helping create hopefully a new and useful product. Money spent by Investors to buy stocks (again "trading") is money that simply trades between Investors as (at bid and ask prices) and a reasonably small, but increasing, minority of the population people are involved in this activity. Before the development of the recent popularity of mutual funds, only about 5% of the nation traded in the stock markets (mostly accredited investors such as the wealthy and institutional fiduciaries), but now all the BabyBoomers are forced into the market so they can build the retirement fund that the gov promised but never will deliver. .

What many people do not understand is that when an investor buys a stock which is trading on some market, the company that issued the stock originally does not receive that money. The only money the company receives, less a standard 10% broker-dealer commission, is the money raised upon the initial capitalization of the company through a private placement or an initial public offering (an IPO).

Thus for all the hoop-la trading on Wall Street, between 10 AM and 4PM, each company whose stock is being traded there sees none of this money, no matter how productive the company or how much the stock goes up in value (a "capital gain").

Sure, if officers of the company own stock in the company being traded, they experience a capital gain, but the company, as an entity, experiences no additional "working capital" or capital gain, unless it owns a significant amount of treasury stock.

Usually when there is a capital gain, the investors sell off their stock and take a "profit." For a new company, with a limited amount of authorized and issued stock, this sell off usually depresses the stock value. But this drop in value is only temporary if the new company is vibrant and producing products that are needed and wanted and there is sight of future cash flow to be distributed through dividends.

Further, at the slightest sign of bad times, whether true or imagined, investors sell their stock in companies thus causing the market or a company's stock price to totally crash. This herding effect causes senseless damage to all companies who depend on long term stock stability in order to float new issues for needed capital and expansions.

While investors that have become rich will take their profits from any company in a less radical way (a "sell off") with out concern for the company's stock devaluation, this then may become a time for them to jump back in there and buy some of the same stock at the new lower value. This can then drive the stock value back up to where it was or even higher.

A move like this can only be profitable if the difference between the "bid" and the "ask" (i.e., the difference between the price the stock can be sold for and the price for which the stock can be bought, respectively), is not greater than their net proceeds (their profit margin). The difference between the ask and bid is called the "spread."

(above letter to congressman Walker not answered or acknowledged because I'm a "fanatical, extremist citizen" - probably)



Interestingly enough, according to the IRS, the people who give the LEAST, who donate the LEAST -- are the RICH. So it is easy to understand that the profit taking tendency just described, even if it is detrimental to a company - is no concern to the rich. After all, the only way one can become rich is to outflow less than one inflows. In other words pig up planetary resources. This concept is, of course, couched in politically correct "economic terms" such as "income must exceed expenses plus debt service" - but it's still the same concept - TAKE MORE THAN YOU GIVE - and that is what all the Non-Christians do to get rich.

Also there is very little "trickle-down" effect with the rich or anyone who comes into money he or she has had to personally earn. Only the rare person passes on generous sums of money to others down line without concern for public relations (PR) value. In other words, almost all people (i.e., Investors, Entrepreneurs or Criminals: there are only three categories), who have generated wealth only give for two reasons:

A. So they will look good (or strong) in the eyes of their neighbors, associates or God (i.e., PR reasons), and/or

B. So they can make more money.

Actually, it is the Criminal that will more likely be generous with his or her wealth because such wealth was not really earned by playing by the rules of the game and a criminal will need to be propitious to those around him or her so they will help keep the law off their back or have the people there to help if the law DOES come. This is exactly how the Columbian drug lords operate with "their people."

One of the reasons why it appears that the rich do not donate according to their tax returns is because much of the time their donations are done through other entities they establish such as charitable trusts and foundations. Often these are created after or upon death for truly good reasons, or simply to avoid death taxes and pass an undiminished estate onto beneficiaries and remaindermen.

Capital Gains Tax

Capital gains tax should NOT be cut for investments made in the securities of private and public corporations unless the money invested went to the initial capitalization of a new "start up" company or an already existing enterprise raising expansion capital.

Under the Revenue Reconciliation act of 1993, section 1202 the federal government has enacted legislation which offers tax advantages to investors who invest directly in certain small businesses (domestic C corporations with gross assets less than $50 million on or after August 10, 1993) and retain their investment for five years.

Such a policy rewards investors who help companies get started or continue operations by not liquidating their stock.

Further, if our system of trading stocks insists on being driven by investors who program trade, speculate with high volumes of securities or attempt to corner markets, then maybe legislation should be enacted to place trading restrictions on all securities (not only 144 stock, but blue chips as well).

If by law all purchases of securities must be held for three days before they can be sold - for instance, this will smooth out the erratic behavior of program trading and panic sell offs (which caused the crash of October 1987).

Of course, such a law would weed out the "Day Traders" who make their daily bread producing nothing of value except trades under the guise of creating "liquidity." These "investors" would then be squeezed a little more to consider other vehicles - such as the securities of new ventures as these usually have "no market developed" anyway.

To the degree trading restrictions were placed on blue chip securities as well as Initial Public Offering securities, it would level the trading field. This would place new ventures with new issues on more even par with securities trading on the New York and American exchanges and ultimately could help revitalized the economy.

Tax Shelters

Granting excessive tax shelters seems to be non-productive because many times it encourages investors to invest in ventures that are designed to fail just so the investors can write-off the expense of the project yet derive some perverse advantage from the projects at the same time. This tax policy and the earlier 3:1 write-offs, which was changed in 1986, bread a host of unproductivity that you and I are paying for in 1990 - a part of which is the S&L crisis. On the other hand, the movie ROCKY is a bit of good news that came out of this however.

It is far better to place money into projects that are designed to be successful and productive and give the investors a tax CREDIT for successful and useful investing rather than a tax WRITE-OFF for investing in project that fails or is designed to "lose" money.

Lay Offs

The "solution" of laying people off to "cut costs" damages everyone and is a little nutty in my opinion. If costs have to be cut, why not simply reduce everyone's salary or wages by the same percent until things get better and initiate a bonus program hinged directly to personal productivity or results?

Laying off huge numbers of people all at the same time just creates chaos and artificial competition in the job market.

Government Lotteries

Governments should NOT be in the business of gambling and lotteries are gambling plane and simple! It's not in their job description. Wasting government resources and elected official's man-hours to establish and operate lotteries is completely OFF PURPOSE and disgraceful.

A government's purpose is to protect and serve the common needs and wants of its People.

I don't think most government employees would rather oversee lotteries all day than do rewarding work facilitating the survival and advancement of their nation and world. Nevertheless, this is exactly what many state governments are being forced into doing to raise money. Why are they needing to raise money in this off-beat way? Because of waste and mismanagement in the first place.

But can you really blame the good citizens who take it upon themselves to serve in government for waste and mismanagement? No - might seem like a radical answer but think about it - our government (at the federal, state and local levels) is supposed to be run by ordinary citizens that were elected to their office - not by trained Wharton management grads and lawyers.

If is no wonder each level of our government operates with waste, mismanagement and deficits. The very definition of management is operation with efficiency and positive cash flow (the opposite of waste and deficit).

To remedy this, you simply cannot elect legislators or hire lawyers to create the job descriptions, organization chart and balance sheet of a government.

A government runs into deficit and debt because it is not a business and supposedly not supposed to generate profits. Is it any wonder that such entities will get into trouble with money? Because govs usually have no clearly-defined business plan, if you will, they resort to all sorts of off-beat ways to raise money or keep solvent -- such as onerous and unfair taxation, issuing fiat currency, enacting legal tender laws, backing money with debt, condoning and being involved with central banking cartels (such as the Federal Reserve System), accepting PAC money from corporate interests, engaging in inflationary fractional reserve policies and then posting PR men (such as Alan Greenspam to "control" inflation), the refinancing long-term debt obligations with short term instruments, over-selling bonds to foreign powers, getting embroiled in wars for plunder or loan repayment to international bankers, snipping gold or silver coins, commandeering or taking of personal property, invading privacy to "find" drugs, shutting down the government because of "no money or agreement" and last but not least -- sponsoring massive gambling schemes known as "lotteries." Pah--leeze.


I was lying awake the other night having a few thoughts I wanted to share with you: You are probably aware that a vote came up for NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement) the 17th of a month in the last Century.

I don't know whether you have been following the developments regarding this situation but I have for about six months now. Thus I have come to the conclusion that PASSAGE OF THE NAFTA BILL, AS IT IS CURRENTLY DRAFTED, WILL NOT BE IN THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE UNITED STATES OR IN YOUR INTEREST OVER THE MEDIUM TERM.

As a concept "Free Trade" is good and something the world should seek to evolve into over the next century. The problem is the NAFTA bill is too much, too fast and it basically only benefits the following three groups:

1. The fat, uncaring Stockholders of labor intensive companies in the U.S. who will rip jobs away from their hard-working American employees and slop them down to Mexico.

2. A handful of tyrannical old Mexican families that run the government and keep their people living in poverty and working like slaves for a lousy 58 cents per hour.

3. Drug smugglers who will be able to much more easily hide their narcotic shipments (destined to school kids) in the increased flow of unsupervised boarder crossings.

To my amazement, I have discovered that some feel the idea of "free trade" is good because they blindly support any concept that has the word "free" in it. This is not enough reason to vote for something one does not understand just because there is a "buzz" word in the title or because some vested interest, like Lee Iacocca, is out there supporting it.

This country is slowly coming out of a serious recession, a recession caused by, in no particular order: (1) the tax "reform" act of 1986, (2) too much wild-play in the financial markets of the 80's, (3) AIDS, (4) little or no-management and accountability in Government operations, (5) 1% ers not sharing their wealth (no trickle-down), (6) the insane expense of Mans' conflict against his own Kind - war, (7) 40% to 60% of the electorate being apathetic, (8) no pay-down of the national debt.

This national debt is has saddled the country with a serious long term problem. You've hopefully noted that this debt has gone UP not DOWN since my last letter to you ragging over the issue. The National debt is so high now, over $4.1 trillion, that the government has to compete more and more for investor's money to buy T-bills, T-Bonds and

T-Notes and it has to raise taxes (and State governments are doing other insane things I'll mention later). The proceeds from the purchase of these debt instruments, which the government constantly has to sell now, goes to pay the insane expenses it continually runs up. These expenses are listed at length in a book called Government Waste from A to Z. Thus the government is forced more and more into the capital markets to compete with private industry for investor's dollars. Thus we risk the likelihood that too many American businesses, needing expansion capital or that can't meet payrolls due to expenses and high taxes, will seek refuge in the lower wage environment of Mexico.

Since the minimum wage in Mexico is 58 cents an hour, a U.S. company can save at least $10,000 for every job that can be done in Mexico. This places 68 percent of the U.S. workforce at risk - I.E. we could lose almost 6 million jobs to Mexico. If NAFTA is passed as it is, and this happens, YOU WILL PROBABLY LOOSE YOUR JOB and be close to penniless inside 5 years - eating beans and spaghetti with "Ragu" chunky-style garden medley sauce.

The industrial base of the U.S will further crumble and this will inhibit our ability to defend ourselves. Thus we will be open prey to any country that wants a piece of our action or perhaps just wants to screw us up because they feel we have been a super power for long enough. Maybe the Japanese will want to come in here and burn some hair off our women and children's heads with nuclear fission like we did to them in the Human Races' last tropistic spasm to reason - World War II.

Are you aware that if NAFTA is passed, countries like Japan and Europe will be able to sneak goods into the U.S. markets via Mexico? You see, the world wants to our U.S. markets. ACCESS, ACCESS, ACCESS TO MARKETS. That is what it is all about, Dude. Where do you sell things? To people who have money or people who have to use chunky style sauce? We got money in the U.S. (because we have been less stiff, insane and bed-ridden than Europe and we have been innovative, free and productive the last century or so. Don't mention the huge, new, raw continent of materials all over the place (and the Indians weren't doing anything but Mothering it). If, under NAFTA, the rest of the world sneaks into our markets through Mexico, you can count on billions of more products floating around here with the label saying "NOT MADE IN USA, JOSE".

This means the hard working people in this country, and they better be hard working and quality conscious (or to hell with them - they deserve to be eaten up by the rest of the world and you can disregard this whole letter) will lose their jobs as the rest of the world will be sucking them up left and right.

The only really valuable people in the world, (other than artists, scientists, teachers and lovers) are, (A) the people who actually create jobs or make them run more efficiently and (B) the people who, while doing these jobs, improve the quality of the product they are working to create. Everyone else is really just a pig or a gambler. If investors do not flow money to those entities that are doing A or B above, they are really just pigs or gamblers too.

Speaking of gambling: I have said it before and I will continue to say it. GOVERNMENTS GETTING INVOLVED IN GABBLING TO RAISE MONEY TO PAY THEIR EXPENSES IS SO STUPID and so sick it makes me wonder if Homo Sapiens had a right to survive 500 million years.

Get this. Because the employees you and I voted into office (to run local governments) prove incessantly by their dwindling spiral statistics that they have little or no ability to manage money - they continue to piss our tax dollars into ragged, stupid, unpiloted, projects that don't work and cost more money than they expected.

So they figure, let's license gambling or set up a state lottery and generate millions so we can continue to piss away the money on all the same-old, same-old. Let's take as many citizen's attention as possible off producing products that are needed and wanted by the civilization and get them holed up in gambling casinos all day pitching bucks at some colored contraption. Or, better yet, let's create a totally useless product - a Lottto Ticket - and place it into direct competition with useful products such as bread and butter and cars and houses and chunky sauce.

Let's suck as much money out of circulation for these Lotto Tickets as possible so there will not be that available money to pay the toast popper manufacturer his $23 for a new toast popper so now the toast popper manufacture has 4% less sales that year (plus inflation is 4%) so he must cut expenses, like some of his employee's jobs (due to the fact that toast popper sales are off) AND, to get back on his feet or even stay in business, his stockholders want him to relocate the plant to Mexico where he can make toast poppers for $3 each and give himself and his stockholders a big dividend that year.

NOTE, IT'S ALL RELATED. Every nitwit thing that happens here effects some dynamic over there. That's why we can't continue to be too uninformed about the nutty things (such as NAFTA) which a handful of vested interests dream up and push with their PACS and mouth pieces such as Lee. This trade agreement is being pushed by a bunch of toast popper stockholders who don't give a damn about the country in general. They have enough money to relocate to parts unknown when things get too bad.

Ask your congressman to please, VOTE NO ON THIS VERSION OF NAFTA and ask him or her to encourage his or her colleagues to do likewise. All you have to do is write one line in a letter saying: I do not support NAFTA. For every letter your congressman receives he or she figures that there were 10,000 that were too lazy, uninformed, apathetic or stupid to write. This 10,000 is an actual figure. So send 10,000 letters to them with your one letter.

Did you know if the Mexican laborers that have replaced your toast popper job refuse to work for 58 cents an hour and they strike, the Mexican government mows them down with machine guns until they get back to work. Then the boss cuts their pay even more as a punishment. This has happened and will continue to happen in Mexico because there is only one political party and the people live as virtual slaves unable to vote the bastards out.

Now you want to hand over our U.S. jobs to these undeserving jerks so the 427 people that control the Mexican government can get fatter and richer while the poor workers get to go back to their cardboard shacks with bullet holes in their toes?

In my opinion, we should not be giving Mexico ANY trade agreement until they get their act together. The Mexican government should be denied trade with the U.S until the handful of families in power there acknowledge their people's right to negotiate for fair wages or strike if necessary. Any government that denies a basic right like this is suppressive and should not be supported by the people of a nation like the United States.

So what if the rest of the world sells to Mexico. Let them sell. The Mexican's have no money to buy. So what if the rest of the world tries to use the cheap Mexican labor to their advantage -they will have to in competition with a billion Chinese and people elsewhere in the Third World and even Russia are put to work.

The best way for the U.S. to integrate its economy with Mexico is to support the Mexican people when they wish the freedom to strike or exercise their rights against their government's suppressive actions. Then we should get a better NAFTA in place, one that does not CRASH THE U.S. just to get Mexico working for ridiculously low wages, wages that will not help them at all - just give them contempt for America when they see that the very goods they make are being sent up to the U.S. for sale - goods they can't even afford to buy yet they are forced to slave away on all day at gun point. How would you like that? How would you like to slave away all day, all year, making toast poppers you can't even afford to buy?

The version of NAFTA now before congress this 17th of November, aggravates all this inequity and runs roughshod over the whole U.S. workforce as well opens the door to outrageous and unnecessary RISK to our fragile, recovering economy.

As it is drafted, NAFTA will only benefit (1) unethical U.S. companies that would relocate jobs there at U.S. expense; (2) a handful of families that run the Mexican government and (3) a bunch of drug smugglers who want your kids high and hooked. PLEASE DO NOT TARRY IN SENDING A LETTER TO YOUR CONGRESSMAN AS SOON AS YOU HAVE FINISHED READING THIS.


Free Energy

After initial costs of construction are amortized, electrical energy should be free, like air. It can be if it can be generated from renewing sources which incorporate few or no moving parts, such as chip technologies or cold fusion.

Electrical energy, or some other form of energy that could completely replace electricity, can be generated from the messenger particle of:

  • Electromagnetism - the photon
  • Strong nuclear force - gluon
  • Weak nuclear force - the boson
  • Gravity - the graviton (when discovered)

We could celebrate the New Century by bringing in The Age of Clean Energy by December 31, 1999. It is a worthy goal. It will happen sooner or later and the firms that make it happen sooner will be the world's new superpowers - and these superpowers will completely replace sovereignties because they will be creating something more useful than the product of government FEAR, WAR and BANKERS.

And countries will cease to exist by becoming companies.

Consider. If we were to drop the cost of energy out of manufacturing, agricultural and transportation industries alone and re-allocate these savings into creating a) efficiency and b) innovation, think what kind of world we could have!

Isn't that a goal worth getting up early in the morning for?

Right now the sick "Law of Supply and Demand" is brainwashing manufacturers into producing as little as they can get by with so that the demand can be driven up artificially high. This aberrated "law" places the world in a diminishing returns situation that, were it not for free enterprise, competition and naiveté of the youth, we would have been doomed to the succumbing effects of entropy a long time ago.

What Are You Doing About It?

What actions have you taken in the past decade:

to become familiar with the energy situation?

to analyze the data and consider the best solutions to improve Earth's health?

to act on your conclusions by becoming more active in the Sciences, Arts and Politics?

If you took no action in the above, if you said deus ex machina, God will take care of everything, you are a sick puppy and indeed God will take care of you very appropriately - he'll probably eradicate you as an infestation of the Earth's ecosystem.


The United States, which has 5% of World's population, consumes about 25% - 30% of the world's energy supply, the World's current energy supply being about 14 -16 terawatts.

Further, the United States supplies 89% of its energy needs by burning fossil fuels such as gasoline, coal and natural gas.

One way "scientists" who are in the pocket of vested corporate interests discourage us all from pushing for the reduction of our dependence on fossil fuels is they say - "we'll soon have this new amazing, incredible, fuel-efficient, super-powerful, clean, fast car or thing - IN THE NEXT CENTURY or BY 2030. This is what you are expected to be successfully programmed to believe and accept.

Give me a break! Human Beings are more resourceful than Corporate Executives! Human Beings, unsuppressed, and given half the chance are not to be under estimated as they can cause change to occur by a factor of 2, 3 or even 4.

Did you expect that we would discover how the entire Universe started from the red shift?

Did you expect the COBE satellite discovering anomalies in the microwave background radiation would show us where out galaxy came from in only one year?

Did you expect us to walk on the Moon with such a "rickety" technology as we had in the 60's?

Did you expect the Soviet Union to be gone in one month after all those revolutions and the cold war?

This means, if the scientific Americans say we'll be completely solar, and off fossil fuels, by 2030 - a factor of 2 says we could do it by 2010. If a factor of 4, we could do it by Dec 30, 1999. We have to do it sometime, we might as well do it now so we can live with the improvement longer and reduce the risk of wiping out our entire species.

WE GOTTA CHANGE OUR ADDICTION TO FOSSIL FUEL! If the concept of gaia is correct, the idea that the entire Earth is an actual living organism, is correct, Homo Sapiens could be in big trouble.

You gotta remember, you might think you are smarter than all or part of the other species that inhabit this planet - but you are NOT. You are just different. All the other species that are here now have been just as successful as you over the past 3.5 billlion years because they ARE here still, ipso facto. And no you are not at the top of the food chain because your body will be eaten by worms when you die so in fact you are nothing but seemingly intelligent worm food at the end of the day.

Why am I telling you this - because is the concept of gaia is real, these other species that co-inhabit this planet, or the living planet itself, might simply decide to dispose of the species Homo sapiens because it is too much trouble.

Here in just 200,000 years Homo has pigged up the planet by:

1. Burning so much fossil fuel we have raised the mean temperature by a half of a degree;

2. Destroying the Ozone Layer;

3. Created so much nuclear and toxic wastes it is almost impossible to dispose of same;

4. Cut down too much of the vital oxygen- producing rain forests to provide grazing land for cattle the pigs that still eat steak or hamburger meals most of the days of the week.

5. Over population. And again we may witness the ultimate pigging up of the planet, the complete extinction of all (human) life because we are NOT paying enough attention to the hundreds of thousands of earth-crossing asteroids, one of which WILL ultimately hit the planet in a week, a year, a decade, a hundred or thousand years.

Population Over

Any couple that creates, at this time more than two (2) new (baby) bodies is a pig and should be shot on the charge of Child Abuse. After all, in my opinion it is a crime to bring more people into a world than that world can support. This act is no different than child abuse mixed with slow genocide.

And the "justification" that the child might "do something extremely good for the planet" is just horseshit. If you can't replicate a new human being who will "do something extremely good for the planet within two (2) shots up at-bat -- forget it, your genes, or your childrearing abilities, just suck -- get used to it.

One baby should be created to replace the father and one should be created to replace the mother. This policy moves the population of the planet earth towards ZERO POPULATION GROWTH without being too extreme.

We should start paying more attention to our numbers otherwise population of this planet will be over -- permanently.

Exotic Fuels

You might not be aware of it but scientists working in the field of quantum mechanics, feel there might be a considerable amount of energy in a vacuum. In other words empty space is not empty. So called, Zero-Point Energy could be an alternate fuel source. In fact this could be what cold fusion and the Patterson Cell are all about.

We also have a possibility of COLD FUSION but it looks unlikely unless people in general refuse to allow it to be suppressed. Other than the Internet, the last time I heard anything about it in the mainstream media was about August 1, 1989 when INVESTOR'S DAILY printed on page 25 the following: "Brophy said negotiations are underway with General Electric Co., which has agreed to collaborate with the two scientists" (Pons & Fleischmann). Do you think it could be possible that GE is suppressing this technology for some reason? Is General Electric involved with energy production? Sure makes me wonder how huge corporations and governments machinate over such things when everyone's survival is at stake and the planet is being raped by carbon dioxide fumes!?! Nevertheless the dialog about Cold Fusion on the Internet suggests that more than half the labs in the world are now confirming its validity and some feel the energy produced may not be nuclear at all - but perhaps a new form of energy or the long sought Zero Point Energy as mentioned above.

Then surprise of all surprises, NightLine with Ted Koppol ran a segment on the Paterson Cell, which many think to be authentic and suddenly poof - we don't hear anything about it.

Local Solar generation has got to be an early answer to getting off fossil fuels. Why can't every household and company have a small parabolic dish or solar collector of some sort to provide electricity?

If we design most everything in the household (especially refrigerators, which account for almost 25% of the household electric bill) and in industry to consume far less electricity, we have made solar, and other renewing sources such as wind, that much more practical. For instance,

there is no reason why lights can't turn on and off when people walk into an out of rooms automatically. This should be standard equipment on all homes and places of work by now.

Space Generators

I would suggest that nuclear weapons be dismantled and their plutonium and U-235 be used to generate energy for peaceful purposes, such as nuclear fuel for rockets or to generate power on the dark side of the Moon.

There are some 60,000 reported nuclear weapons between the U.S. and former Soviet Union (and we can assume that the number is really 120,000 or more). We could convert this plutonium (and the new stuff) to fuel for generators that could sit on the Moon or perhaps at the Lagrangian points (the two places in semi-local space where the Moon's gravity exactly cancels the Earth's gravity and thus a body will be held in suspension, relative to the earth-moon system, indefinitely).

At the Lagrangian points, the nuclear fuel should be far enough away from the planet to be safe, yet close enough to generate electricity which could be microwaved down to the planet and/or onto the Moon for our scientists who will set up interferometers to observe the universe.

The only problem with this scenario is getting the radio active stuff up the gravity well and to the Lagrangian points. Launchs are way over-priced and it would be a terrible liability to life on Earth to have any such generators in low earth orbit in case there were an accident.

Another place generators might be placed is on (the dark side of) the Moon. But why junk up a pristine piece of real estate with interim-energy production, when fusion is just on the horizon, and there is plenty of HE3 on the Moon so the best reactions could be set up there more easily than on earth where there is no naturaly occuring He3.

Where ever it goes, there's got to be a way to utilize all the expensive nuclear fuel built up by the Cold War in a way that will be beneficial to all of Earth's inhabitants - since it was all of them that were threatened by the insanity of this Cold War.

But since you and I have already paid for the refinement of the nuclear fuel used in all these weapons, (through our taxes and bond purchases), energy generated from such should be allocated back to us. Perhaps everyone's' electric bill could be free for a thousand years or so.

If the offense budget were cut way down, a portion of the savings could be used to convert all or part of the nuclear weapons to space generating stations.

There is no reason why Lagrangian originated nuclear energy beamed to Earth-orbiting satellites could not be down-linked directly to your house, or a local power station for transfer where needed similar to the new satellite cable systems.

Running generators in space, by burning nuclear fuel, might be a relatively simple thing to do with everyone's cooperation, and if launch prices were to come down due to privatization. It could also be safer than running such generators on the surface of the planet as there could be no core meltdowns into water tables.

Another problem we have to deal with right now is how to dispose of all the radioactive waste generated from the thousands of nuclear power plants around the world. This is a major problem and needs to be solved and the people that put those plants there are short-sighted, if not mOrons.

The technology to do the above could be put into place quickly, if we collectively decided not to let the brain-dead few spend so much money into continuing the War System addiction or wasting endless money on the Space Shuttle's more idiotic projects set up just to keep everyone employed. Remember, each fighter plane shot down costs about $32,000,000 - the cost of a good feature film.

Anyone that tells you that this cannot be done is not current on technology, has something to gain by suppressing new energy policies or is guilty of underestimating people's ability to make things go right, (or is just a nerd).

Temporary Solution
The above solution of converting nuclear bombs into electricity might only need be a temporary or partial solution to the World's fossil fuel addiction until solar, fusion or zero point energy are phased in.

We must stop burning oil, gasoline and other fossil fuels by some target decade - like the first decade in 2000.

I for one am getting pretty worried about all this extra precipitation we are having around here the last several years. Seems to me if there is global warming going on - which there is - more water would be evaporating off the ocean, forming more clouds and hence coming down as rain in the summer, fall and spring and as snow in the winter.

Yes, the decade starting in 2000, in my opinion, is a good possible deadline for getting some targets DONE.

YOU CANNOT RELY ON THE BOARDS OF DIRECTORS OF THE MAJOR OIL OR CAR COMPANIES TO GET TARGETS DONE. They will not because they reason that there are enough terawatts of energy left in the world's supply of known (and unknown) fossil fuels to exploit same for at least another 100 years.

They will only placate everyone, saying they're taking the lead in doing something when I would not be surprised if they are trying to buy time until they can jockey into position to monopolize other energy sources.

By the time all this jockeying is done, it may be too late and all you'll end up with is hybrid machinery (cars & generators) that will prolong the Earth's inevitable transition into totally clean energy, such as fusion or solar.(2)

Therefore, new energy companies must be created and placed into serious competition with the old-dog companies if possible to force then into faster action. It took the new, nimble Japanese car industry to force General Motors and the unions to change their ways.

And didn't Microsoft come along and eat the balls of all the old-dog computer companies, such as IBM, that have been around forever?

I guarantee if we had all sat around and waited for one of the old-dog companies to act, none of us would have cheap, powerful personal computers on our desks at this time.

If UNIX had not come along - in essence a start-up protocol that allowed the universal, free packetizing and transmission of data without proprietary IBM software - the Internet as we know it today would not exist, let alone the world wide web.

AXIOM: Anyone, or any company, that is rich or successful does NOT want to see, or help, others become rich or successful.

Thus, power is ceased not necessarily earned.

Don't think this couldn't or shouldn't happen in the energy industry.

Again, fission is NOT the answer to Earth's energy problems. Fusion and Solar energy point in more viable directions (4)

But don't forget there are many other sources that when used in combination add up. Wind, water and tidal movements should not be overlooked.

Also, don't be surprised if one day you find out that there is an infinite amount of energy in vacuum. Some scientists say that each cubic centimeter of space contains more energy (zero-point energy) than the mass-energy of the entire physical Universe. I personally believe this to be true and think this is the real energy that might be behind the cold fusion effect. And now that cosmologists can't figure out why the Universe is expanding faster than it should be (i.e, the Hubble "constant" shows higher values the farther out one observes), some feel it could be another form of energy, perhaps a fifth force field or even this zero-point energy. They are calling this "dark energy" and it is believed by some that as much as 65% of the Universe may be comprised of dark energy, with the balance of 32% being "dark matter" and only 2% being bosionic ("regular") matter.



War is diplomacy carried on by other means.

War is Mankind's attempt to escape what it subconsciously perceives to be a limited and purposeless existence in an alien, un-caring infinite universe by committing collective suicide.

War is to the humanities as entropy is to the sciences.

War is the ultimate agent of change.


I'm getting tired of war to end wars and definitions of same. When are the artificial contrivances on this planet, (known as "governments") going to evolve to a state of obsolescence by helping - and then allowing - people learn to take care of themselves without hurting or infringing on each other to the point whereby they are capable of conflicting with each other to a magnitude known as war?

When are nanothechnology, fusion manufacturing and/or super-human technologies going to remedy the scarcity of all material possessions? Hence remedy the purpose of war. Probably within 50 years of 2000.

When is the world going to grow up when it comes to sexuality and thus balance population growth with technology. When are we going to make survival so easy Homo Sapiens can utilize its collective mind to explore the Solar System and the Universe wholesale?

When are Beings going to be able to self-govern because there will be no reason to plunder another for the purpose of material, sexual-centric or survival pursuits?

On 16 January 1991 at about 9:15 P.M., President Bush said in his address to the Nation, the following:


If the New World Order means to socialize the world under the UN and/or the IMF/World Bank - forget it!

The fact of the matter is, it seems that about 20% of all people think fighting is "just natural selection" and so condone it - and some just don't seem to enjoy life until and unless they are killing something or are involved in a "good" war.

Probably certain DNA in various Homo Sapiens dictate that such beings "must fight to survive." Higher reason seems to be too complicated or "frivolous" for such biological entities at this time. Quotes or attitudes from Hawks and generals, such as Patten ("Compared to war, everything else shrinks to insignificance") do not help to place war in its proper perspective which is: Compared to peace and prosperity, war is the most disgusting of human failures.

Maybe the Hawks of the planet are having their DNA altered (if they can't evolve to higher states by themselves) courtesy of more mature intelligences which may be farming Earth in the form of the 4,000,000 reported alien abductions.

Look at all the wars we have had on this planet over the centuries. Look at all the people involved - that have allowed themselves, through things they create called "governments," to fight. Forget nations, I am talking about all governments as a concept.

Why Governments Exist

A Being who claimed to be from another space and time once said:



Since governments were created by people - that's you and I - you and I are actually responsible for every war on this Planet; for every man or woman who takes a bullet, for every child that suffers.

The people of Germany were responsible for creating Hitler and they loved him in the early days. Even Time Magazine praised Hitler on its front cover. Ironically many of the International Bankers that financed Hitler's war machine built by I.G. Farben were Jewish, (the firm of Kuhn, Lobe & Co.), so in some ways the Jew's were responsible for causing their own fate. Much of the expansion capital for I.G. Farben, by the way, also came from Wall Street banks, such as Rockefeller's National City Bank and Dillion, Read & Co. and Morgan's Equitable Trust Company.

The Americans entered World War II, in essence, to correct the errors made in World War I. We entered World War I because International Banker, J.P. Morgan (an acting partner of the Rothschilds and major broker for war bonds being sold by England and France), had over extended his firm with loans that were going sour due to the appearance that Germany was going to win the war with its U-boat technology. So the Lusitania was sunk (thanks to the unauthorized covert operations of Colonel House and President Wilson), to galvanize the American people into entering the war. A duped Congress then okayed $1 billion + in credit for England and France and such money was created by the Federal Reserve System out of nothing. All this was done just so the international bankers' loans would not go into default.

Of course there was no actual settlement of World War I at all because the Germans were so hard pressed after World War I, they almost didn't make it - until Hitler came along and beefed up the economy. By definition, something that is settled is settled, it is not continuing, growing into another War.

Therefore, one could postulate that to a greater or lesser degree, all wars are actually a continuation of the same war. Different actors, different "ideals" different locations - same purposes however: so the sweetheart deal between governments and banks, as pimp and whorerespectively, can continue, to wit: The governments trump up FEAR and the banks supply government-sanctioned, fiat money to build weapons so the "criminals" or the "enemy" can he handled in order to protect the "freedom" and "rights" of its "citizens." Total sick modus operandi of current planet Earth.

Every war is a result of some nation's bankers and inner circle of government recouping its survival potential from the last overt conflict in which they were involved, directly or indirectly.

The Bastardization of Ideals

Ostensibly the reason we went into WAR was to get Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait; to give Kuwait back their "Freedom."

Here we have the usual bastardization of a great concept - freedom- because "freedom" does not exist in physical reality; it's a concept distilled into a physical word to describe a state of existence that does not exist except in the mind - where it was created.

Almost every government, company and advertising agency uses this word, at one time or another, to enslave people to do something or buy something.

People in all Nations pay taxes under threat of imprisonment or death or both to some mechanism, called a government, that uses this money for basically one purpose - to ensure its own continued survival and expansion.

A government uses its energy to protect the tax payers so they survive, only so they can be milked further for the next $1,000,000,000,000 (trillion dollars) and the next and the next. Other than that, they do not give a shit about individual people no matter what they say. This is not always a conscious impulse and not necessarily the attitude of many people who have the generosity of self to go into government.

The carrot on the stick is the fact that in order to continue to extort money, or okay loan guarantees, from a population of taxpayers, governments promise people something before they screw them. That promise is each of the following in a cleverly orchestrated sequence:

A. Security
B. Freedom
C. Peace
D Prosperity

Thus governments use SECURITY, FREEDOM, PEACE or PROSPERITY to trump up support for WAR from the millions of suckers on this planet who pay for it by allowing governments to raise money by selling debt (i.e., T-Bills, etc.) through government-sanctioned banking cartels - such as the Federal Reserve System- the latest incarnation of an age-worn mechanism.

Sure, Saddam did this and Saddam did that: used gas on his own people, et cetera, but remember the U.S. government used BZ on its own people (renamed "solders") during a major hardware testing experiment done back in the 1960's (also known as the Vietnam War.) Get a movie at your local video store called JACOB'S LADDER for details on the horrors of BZ. The United States also used two atomic bombs on women and children "to end a war." (1)

Thus it seems that any ten nations, being free, are free to do whatever they want, being sovereignties, this is anything their military can force upon the world's other sovereignties. Thus they are free to impinge on each other's toes, i.e., "freedoms" until their resources are gone.

One sovereignty says "stop it" and the other says "no we retain our right (freedom) to attackback" and then the banks, who have been behind the scenes all along, jump in to finance both sides of the conflict which is brewing. Everybody in the government and the banking community makes money at the expense of loyal (and naive I might add) citizens' lives: children being sent to fight by and for the cock-sucking grownups.

And those interest payments keep coming to the international bankers or the loans are rolled over in an endless parade of government-sponsored bailouts - ultimately paid for by the citizens through the hidden tax of inflation.

In order to sucker the people into war, the government promises quick peace, decisive, clean action, an end to war or maybe retribution for a sunk Lusitania here or there.

To attain this however, the people must continue to vomit up more money mostly in bond purchases (and some in taxes) to pay for it. So war is fought to gain peace because of a fictitious promise - Security, Freedom, Peace, Prosperity or some other horseshit trumped up by the government-banking cartel.

Each country is "right" and the other country is the "enemy" because each side is fighting for one of the above "reasons" and that justifies the whole sick rotten repetitive disgusting Homo Sapiens-like melodrama which has been going on for too long.

Don't get me wrong, we all think we're glad that Hitler did not get to take over the planet and the U.S. stepped in. But then nobody knows what kind of world it would be if Hitler had "civilized" it his way. Might have been worse, might have been better, might have been the same as it is now.

What I am saying is all sides are wrong because:

War is wrong.
Weapons are wasted energy.
People who make weapons are selfish.
Soldiers are naive.
Bankers who finance wars are demented.

War is wrong!

Just because one is a member of a country, or an 'ism, does not make war, or any of the above LESS wrong.


For using an "ideal" as the reason one "must" fight is WRONG.

It simply shows that the person (or country) suggesting it is stupid or uncreative and using a good concept for a negative purpose.

Chaotic destruction, war, as a means to create future reality in a Universe where entropy is the modus operandi anyway is redundant and wasteful because undesirable states of existence will naturally erode away especially if new and better states are simply not suppressed in the name of some current moral or ideal. There does not have to be abrupt and total chaos (war) for this to happen.

War is wrong. The enemy of war is war itself and its component parts, abettors and beneficiaries.

For instance the most ethical action for all soldiers on a battlefield confronting each other in a war is to leave or commit suicide. Then the war stops immediately and no other innocent people are hurt for some misappropriated ideal.

Unfortunately governments feel they are not "peace keepers", (one of the carrots on the stick), until after they have generated war or threat of war.

Unless wars are generated, so a government can now deliver PEACE - one of the mechanisms of extorting money from people does not exist.

All of these work together. Prosperity is to the body as salvation is to the spirit and freedom is to the mind. The body wants prosperity, the mind wants freedom and the spirit wants the security of salvation. Since no one has thought of any different divisions of Homo Sapiens for a long time, these three most basic desires are always used to extort money from populations to create fear based on the denial of any one of them. Deny Freedom you create FEAR. Deny Peace you create FEAR. Deny Prosperity you create FEAR. Deny Security you create FEAR.

So of course, people think the solution to getting rid of FEAR is to create war toys to protect: FREEDOM, PEACE, PROSPERITY OR SECURITY. Governments, which are the physical manifestation of this impulse, then continue to be "necessary." Governments and sovereignties therefore must specialize in the product of FEAR in order to justify and continue their existence.

When people come to understand the Universe in which they exist better, due to communication and better education, they FEAR less. To this degree, governments can be counted on to work overtime at creating fear in the world (through a controlled media) so they can continue to justify their existence.

The way it all happens is so seamless, so smooth, so gradual, it just "seems like reality." The conflict and wars seem necessary and "natural" phenomenon to the layman.

The FACT is WAR is NOT natural or necessary after some point of evolution. We are at that point as a species hopefully. We have the ability to place all Earthlings into communication with each other over the Internet and the World Wide Web and to decrease FEAR of each other thus increase understanding and mutual respect.

WAR is an insane "solution" imposed by the relatively few who, brain-dead from the addiction of some form of aberrated power, subjugate others through conflict, directly or indirectly, for monetary consideration. Such extort the rights of the World's peace-loving Doves in the name of ideals they have been brainwashed into believing are justifiable or "absolute." These Hawks are known as International Bankers, Defense Contractors and Solders' Commanders.

Potential Differences

Governments, and their lap-dog bankers, are aware, conscientiously and "unconsciously", that unless they continue to generate the dichotomies of war and peace, (embodied in "Causes" and Philosophies or distilled down to hard-core religions), they can not continue to generate a potential difference between the states of existence or even what they call in political "science" Right Wing and Left Wing or Liberal and Conservative.

All energy is created by generating potential differences - including the ability to raise money to finance campaigns or get a population to cough up war money (through taxes or bond sales).

In the field of electricity, potential differences are measured in electron volts. In the field of human relations, as applied to war and peace, potential difference creates a form of energy measured in money.

Political parties exist only to manifest this potential difference hence generate the authority to allocate the money and energy of the people.

All issues sooner or later migrate into a murky dichotomy we call right wing and left wing. Again, the purpose being to generate potential difference hence power, hence money. Right wing and left wing, conservative and liberal are bogus concepts defined to fill or fit the vacuums of the time, and/or the surrounding ideology of the physical space on the planet's surface.

The money-energy generated by the political dichotomies and the ideals being bandied around, is directed to the instigator - the governments through their machinery of taxation so they can self perpetuate and keep a banking cartel going for future finance and extortion of the population through fear imposed by the weaponry purchased with money created out of nothing.

Remember, the absolute lesson to burn onto your forehead, and the forehead of the not-so-quick, is the following axiom:



put another way:


I would add International Bankers, but they usually stay out of the limelight, covertly hidden in some neutral country or some trust, foundation or "non-profit" entity. Money-people are always covert and low profile because they want to be able to direct their money where they feel they can exploit the most potential differences. Plus, they do not want others yammering for their funds unsolicited - fewest beans out and most beans in philosophy.

But there is the practical thing too - when the population in general figures out what criminal philosophy and practices the banking industry is based on, as well as its covert relationship to war-machines (i.e. governments), they usually want to be able to find the bankers for the purpose of reforming or killing them.

The "War System" will continue until each Being realizes that the only place there is Freedom, Peace, Prosperity and Security is in the mind - where these artificial concepts were created in the first place. Once this is realized, people will depend on themselves more and governments less. Their ability to resolve problems relating to survival will increase and problems will resolve. Just as there is an infinite amount of space between any two objects or points, there are an infinite number of solutions between any two goal-problems.

After all, if two whole galaxies can merge and pass through each other without having their stars destroy each other's stars, why cannot two people, two nations, two ideologies or two religions merge into a higher concept of the truth?

If it is true that the entire physical Universe is nothing but a high-level hologram, everything originates in the mind anyway and "thy will be done on Earth as is done in Heaven" equals "thy will be done in physical space as is done in mental space.

The $300 Billion Club

Let's face it, you and I were giving the federal government $300,000,000,000 each and every April for war toys. Damage was done even though this figure is going down. The other people in other nations do similar insane things because we do it too.

What kid does not want to play with toys? A military kid will want to play with its toys once in a while too - and you can hardly blame them - there's so much, neat technology connected big budget toys like heat-seeking missiles and laser cannons - all bigger and better than the play tanks that used to be under the Christmas tree.

The only problem is, if you gave your children these toys under Christmas trees-past, you introduced your kids to war, gave them a taste of playing with the symbols of death and destruction. You helped make it seem okay to murder other Human Beings on the Planet Earth just because some government gives a kid a license to do so and then a certificate for having done so.

You, "innocent" well-meaning you, gave your sweet, little baby a cold-blooded indoctrination to the legalized murder and insanity that grownups and whole nations are afflicted by when they resort to war to solve problems which should have been solved through affinity, agreement communication and perhaps logical induction. You are a real sicko. (3)

So, of course, this would be another way any war during your lifetime, is your direct, personal, absolute fault and responsibility - if you're guilty on this count.

People communicate with each other through the air. Some of this communication even takes place using sounds, letters and images. Children pickup communication and "acceptable standards" even before grownups ruin them with their aberrated books, schools and morals.

The Offense Budget

Every person on the Planet Earth, including you, should sooner or later refuse to let any government use any more than 5% of their tax money for any military expenses and even this should be phased out. NO there should not even be some UN taking over the "peace keeping" duty for us all. That's a cop out.

All "defense" budgets are really offense budgets because there is no such thing as a "defense budget" - all money spent on weapons is offensive.

Further you should demand that you get a summary of how your tax dollars were spent last year printed on the back of your 1040 tax forms. Every company that has stockholders accounts to them with a "Use of Proceeds" or "Results of Current Operations" in their annual report. Why shouldn't Tax Payers, who are the Stockholders of the U.S. receive a "Use of Proceeds" from the government too? And on the back of the tax returns, by law, so every citizen has his and her nose rubbed in the shit of poor and wasteful management we all allow our governments to engage in.

If you and I become more aware of where and how our governments are spending our tax dollars, and more importantly proceeds from the sale of bonds, we can better control the expenditure of our funds and keep vested interests, such as the militaries, from extorting so much of our money.

The collection of income taxes simply pays the interest on the National Debt at this time. The senior thing everyone needs to have reported on the back of their tax returns each year is the following:


Do you want to see the exact names of the individuals companies who are making it possible for government to kill people with money created out of nothing or stolen from all the citizens through the hidden tax of inflation?

Do you want to know what banks are involved and exactly who their stockholders and directors are?

Do you want to see the exact names of each person who is on these lists and who tries to covertly get off these lists?

Do you want to computer cross index the hell out of all these bank stockholders and directors to see who owns what and how they are involved with the financing of other countries and their wars that effect our country's citizens?

Do you want to see the names of who is involved with the Federal Reserve Bank in any way and the names of who and how they relate to Congress and other Defense Contractors?

Do you want to see who the hell every one is?

Do you want to find out who all these bastards that keep the WAR SYSTEM going really are and where they live - even if in Switzerland?

I be the hell you do!

List some other questions you want answered and throw them around at cocktail parties.

A little eccentric maybe! But let's get curious.


You may be among the few people who realize that The American People are no longer in control of their creation - the U.S. Government and its Creature: The Federal Reserve and its little creatures: the member banks.

I take no sides and do not recognize any sovereignty as having a right to exist independent of its creators. This goes for all Governments on the Planet.

Thus it is not my intention to single out the U.S. Government for any of the above complaints because actually, I feel that this government is one of the better ones around if it would only rescind the Federal Reserve Act which is making it look like a money whore.

But, if you realize all this, perhaps change is in the air and you can express this on your appropriate communication channels and without any violence or radical fringe group activity.

Dump Your Military Stocks

Do you own any stock in a company or bank (anywhere in the world) that manufactures or finances the manufacture of weapons? Hitler and all his buddies probably owned lots of I.G. Farben stock.

If you own any defense contractor stock, or international banking stock - you are part of the WAR SYSTEM - hence part of the planet's long-term problems. As a stockholder in the war system, you most likely know others who have stock in such companies too as you probably sit around tables dining and discussing your "kills" in the market with them. Perhaps your "friends" at the table even encouraged you to buy such stocks, and you hesitantly did. So, maybe you're not so bad. Prove it, dump the stocks before the planet dumps you.

Contact your war-machine stock buddy too and tell him (...and it is most likely a "him" because most women are nurturing pacifists who agree with this viewpoint and don't support war machines) that you are dumping your military contractor/banking stocks and that you suggest he do likewise. After they do, they should do the same with the person or persons they know on down the chain of stockholders - which can communicate to itself by networking one-to-one.

You should read the prospectus of your military contracting company, if any, and find out which investment banks and banks lend it money and then you should make sure you dump stock in those companies too. You should do the same for all major suppliers of the company including brokerage houses that underwrite military stocks, if possible. Especially boycott any brokerage houses on the right side of the tombstone announcing new military company issues.

If you free up your money from companies that are creating instruments of death for the War System and focus it on companies that are researching and producing new energy technology and efficiency - I guarantee you will make more money in the long run because you know sooner or later almost everybody is going to see the wisdom of this strategy. People will eventually become sick and tired of the War System and the problems created over fossil fuels - in particular OIL.

When we try to bomb-out Saddam Hussein, we are trying to bomb-out the wrong enemy for the enemy is our ignorance and procrastination on these vital issues.

Each bomb dropped on Saddam Hussein is only an obfuscation of the anger we have towards ourselves for creating him through our lack of earlier action. Its usually the person who yells and points the finger the loudest that has the sins to hide. The idea is yelling and bombing is designed to take attention off us and get it placed elsewhere. Responsibility as blame.

Saddam Hussein is no worse or better than you and I from this point of view.

Take an early position in clean energy.

This whole, long term, stock dumping process should go on in each market in each country around the world. I am abhorred to hear of the money-whore investors rushing to buy stock in Patriot Missiles - which hardly worked. These investors are the exact people that create the problems and are making your planet sweat.

They truly are the agents of the WAR SYSTEM and the MEGAPIGS OF EXISTENCE.

Problem Solving

Paul Gibbons, said to me today: "YOU CANNOT RESOLVE A PROBLEM AT THE LEVEL OF THE PROBLEM. If you're having a problem that's not resolving, obviously there's a piece of information that you aren't looking at, you have to go a level above to get a different view point to see what the REAL problem is. If you have a problem either two things happen: Either the solution is obvious: you put the solution into effect and the problem goes away; or whatever solution you try doesn't seem to solve the problem, so you are obviously not seeing the real solution so you have to move your viewpoint, change perspective, and find out what is causing what you're seeing manifesting down there as the problem.

"There have to be enough people that have a real need for change and then a demand for improvement, and then an agreement on what the improvement is. VIOLENCE IS THE LAST RESORT OF THE INCOMPETENT. What's happened is that Saddam Hussein has proved himself incompetent and now George Bush has decided to join the club."

If Homo Sapiens is continuing to have wars, he's got to move himself to a higher level to solve his problem of "CONTINUED WARS ON THE PLANET EARTH" because he's not solving it with his current solutions - i.e., changing political parties, forming new countries, fighting wars.

Since we are continuing to have the problem of WAR, it is safe to say that MANKIND has not discovered the real cause or understood the Anatomy of Conflict. This helplessness is manifest in peoples' over-reliance on governments and socialism for protection from what one FEARS. . .

International Bankers

. . And the International Bankers that have no allegiance to any particular country, as long as they get interest payments made or can collateralize their loans, fester and use the ignorance Mankind has about the true source of war.

Think about it. You have just lent $1 billion dollars to government A so they can build tanks and missiles. For some reason Government A decides to default on your $1 billion loan. How you do get repaid? Small claims court? Not likely. Most likely you will have to utilize the police powers of another government to get your loan repaid. So you promise Government B that you will lend it money for their War Machine if they will plunder Government A for repayment of your past due loan.

This is the game goes on and on and we will never have permanent, unenforced peace on this planet until this is common knowledge and people decide to use their energy to play different, more constructive games.

Having peace at gun point, or at missile point, is not real peace. The "Balance of Power" that high school and college text books say is good, is nothing more than an aberrated pseudo peace. It's not a real peace generated by full understanding and the desire for nations to cooperate for mutual benefits on a planetary scale.

All a Balance of Power does is make it more possible for the International Banker to flourish and prosper in his daily activity of fomenting and financing wars.

A Balance of Power is okay for Barbarians and Morons.

I've tried to suggest some ideas here so we really can become a gentler, kinder Nation and

World - not the sick, rotting, disgusting, monsters we currently are acting like and have been acting like since we formed city states with rock walls.

Isaac Asimov in his book, Extraterrestrial Civilizations, concludes that there is empirical evidence that suggests there may be 390,000,000 planets in our Galaxy alone, on which a technological civilization has developed.

Frank Drake by his famous formula suggests similar possibilities and most mainstream cosmologists agree that it is far more likely that intelligent technological life exists all over the Universe. Especially since we now have discovered the existence of over 100 complex, carbon based, molecules in galactic and inter galactic clouds and dust, much of which has been raining down from comets for billions of years seeding the planet with life - as is probably the case with all other earth-like planets in the Universe.

So take notice, the real Super Powers in the Universe may be watching us and wondering, "When are they going to get their act together on Earth?"

Or, of course, we might be more advanced on Earth than other technological civilizations out there and thus it would be our responsibility to set a good example.

Notes: 1. We didn't demonstrate the atomic bomb's destructive potential to the Japanese first before using it for two "reasons":
o "Using A-Bombs "saved" many lives by not prolonging war." This is the universal excuse that is the cause of weapon advancement - to "save" future lives by making death quick. Like the buyer that "saves" money by spending more money on items that are on sale. Seems that this "logic" has a hole somewhere?

o "We thought the Japanese would not surrender if they knew we only had two prototype bombs." I don't believe that we could not have made more bombs much more quickly than we are lead to believe with this famous "justification."

2. For instance. look at the new "electric" cars GM is creating. These cars still burn fossil fuel to run a generator that supplies electricity to a motor for each wheel. They are not really electric cars but hybrids and are still part of the problem.

3. Remember the words of our famous, now "grown-up", leader who once said: "WE WILL NOT NEGOTIATE!"


Alien War Machines

No government wants any more military powers rising up to have to deal with. Since Saddam Hussain has amassed the fourth largest military in the world, this directly threatens the other military powers, of course. This is why no government on Earth would ever admit a UFO has landed, if one ever landed or lands, it would threaten their position in the "Balance of Power." Obviously any entity that could arrive here on Earth from even Epsilon Beladanti (one of the two nearest G-type stars only 11 light years away - an unimaginable vastness through ordinary space), would probably have to have arrived by some other means other than Newtonian Mechanics, Einsteinian Mechanics or Quantum Mechanics. This means that they would possess a technology that could easily render the U.S. Military, or any 20th Century Earth-like military, rubber baby bottles.

If the Alien Forces decided to dictate our immediate next options for continued survival as the species "Homo Sapiens," the United States government would have no other choice than to do exactly what was dictated. If this meant keep quiet about their presence, they might reluctantly have to keep quiet. If this meant let the population know little by little - they would have to do it this way. If this meant phase out the war system - they would have to do so.

If they did not desire to move in or exploit the World in some way, the way the White Man exploited the American Indian, for instance, they might ignore us at large except for some scientific experimentation here and there. If they decided to ignore us, but actually were here, you would never in a million years hear about their existence from any government on Earth except small ones vying to upset everything so they could create FEAR hence MONEY to bolster their positions against other suppressing sovereignties that wanted the national boundary lines on the globe kept the same.

The establishment's mouthpieces, say "extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence." But there no proof that they are not here and what would constitute "proof" has not been very well defined or is defined under many conflicting standards. If Alien Forces are here now, they probably have been here for millions of years.

In my opinion, the People of the Planet Earth do not deserve to know about their presence or activities until all war has ceased.

The human race in the whole has not demonstrated sufficient interest in cosmology to deserve any knowledge of advanced civilizations.

Further most of the human race has not demonstrated that it can handle power very well or be totally ethical as far as higher dynamics other than self and family are concerned. Look how many people even screw their companies upon which they depend for the support of their families.

Look how people talk about each other behind their backs or when they don't know the person. Notice how discourteously a person suddenly treats you when they discover that they have accidentally dialed a wrong number - your number.

Look how Homo Sapiens in general has handled almost every single then advanced technology in the past: gunpowder, bronze, fission, fusion, fossil fuels. . . .(1)

If Extraterrestrials are here (and I DO NOT believe they are here) or will be here, they would be celebrities and every ignoramus that never bothered to look up at the stars or read a book on astronomy does not deserve to know them just because they exist and are here.

This would deprive the people that have delighted in studying the Universe and all of God's creations so that some corporate, money-making pig (who only cares about profit and loss statements and his own little existence) is given any access.

Why should people that don't even like sci-fi movies or books after the age of 30 be given any access or credence whatsoever. Their minds are so atrophied, it would be a total waste.

The fact that too many continue to rent death and destruction movies, gawk at accidents or are addicted to the news and docudramas which mostly report only tragedy and alarm to the exclusion of positive news taking place in the very same neighborhood - is a red flag.

PEOPLE CREATE GOVERNMENTS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES FROM THOSE THINGS THEY FEAR - yet love to be scared and FEAR things as much as they seem to enjoy the very ignorance that causes the fear in the first place.

Look how popular Horror movies are. This fact shows that Homo Sapiens is much too immature to deal with a real alien power 100,000 times more powerful than the entire United States Military.

The first thing Governments would do when confronted would be NON-BELIEVE it. Therefore they would not comply with initial dictates. If the US Army, for instance, was given 24 hours to vacate North America and lie on their stomachs in the back lands of Australia until further notice - they would probably do exactly what Saddam Hussain did - NOTHING. They would not comply.

Any foreign Alien Force from another planetary system, if they were not totally apathetic about us, might even be cocky about their power seeing such quaint resistance and find it amusing to order the sovereign powers of Earth around a bit. After all, the Earth is so tiny compared to some other planets and the vastness of space - for all practical purposes it does not really exist at all. Its loss to the Universe probably would not even alert other highly sentient beings' attention for more than a hundredth of a second.

So if the U.S. Army did not vacate North America within 24 hours and lie on their stomachs in Australia, the Alien Forces might cream them from the inside out and probably, just for fun, dump 40 or 50 thousand of them dead, bloody and inside out on the White House lawn just outside the oval office.

I've noticed that what goes around comes around. Perhaps an Alien Species arriving here would be afraid of us. They would see how demented and tortured our existence is in that we incessantly fight, kill and maim and have done so for thousands of years. The Alien Power might reason - "boy if this is how they treat their own kind, imagine how they would treat us - complete strangers!" So the Alien Force might just immediately liquidate all Homo Sapiens to reduce their risk of exposure to themselves and the rest of the civilized Universe. This would, of course, be a wise and logical action on their part if we were a risk.

On the other hand, maybe wars and killing are just a rough adolescent stage of Mankind, one it goes through until its DNA finds the correct formula for the peaceful co-existence of ideas and entities. Maybe there is no such thing. Maybe we passed this stage and we are in the demise part of the cycle of life. Man may have been at his or her highest state when we were primates and now we have evolved into monsters - the creatures of our thoughts, the creators of our destruction.

(1) If you watch CNN regularly, it seems like the whole show is one industrial promotional film for the military and its hardware. In actual fact it is no different than GMAC promoting automobiles. The military, and the banks that finance the companies that build these weapons, are looking for customers and there is no better way to find them than to have a televised war - one where the legalized murder hardware can be demonstrated.

Ultimate Power

Currently the United States has over 20,000 thermo nuclear weapons in its arsenal which can blow away the entire Earth several times over. Further, Homo Sapiens has been brain washed by the agents of wealth to think that the use of force is the only way to solve problems.

But let's forget thremo nuclear weapons and get down to the most real use of force - police hassling young vacationing human beings for drinking beer after a hard year of working in the elite's slave-driven civilization.

Trying to use police force to put ethics in such a bunch who get together on islands and resorts once a year to either a) party or b) relax is difficult or impossible. These are the only two reasons vacationers come to an island such as Long Beach Island, New Jersey (LBI). The Partyers are the following: young, unmarried single people with no kids and little money (due to the fact that the banks suck up all their money in debt service). The Relaxers are the married, older people or ones rich enough to hire sexual favors without the need to party. Both groups have their points of view and want certain things.

To crush the people in a) so the people in b) can have vacations on their terms is not fair. To keep people in group b up all night with loud drunk music, is not fair either.

People who want to party, being young, want to celebrate their youth, while they have it. Partyers like to drink, meet members of the opposite sex, use drugs to cause more witty communication and have as much (safe) sex as possible. Since they have strong healthy bodies, they can afford to spend some of these bodies on these activities.

The Relaxers, are usually Partyers who have already spent their bodies on the exact same activities the Partyers are now endeavoring to spend them on - therefore, Relaxers who yap are really hypocrites when they call for police protection of their assets - quiet, property, lifestyle.

Also, many Relaxers are people who have low amounts of testosterone hence they are disinterested in sex thus they are relegated to spending their time eating, relaxing and making money.

I believe the use of drugs is bad (however all drugs should be legal). In my book, cocaine, alcohol, aspirin, pot are all equally bad. The only reason society condones alcohol is because it could not prohibit it by force. No drug or way of life can be eradicated by force. Use of force to destroy any entity in the physical Universe, imparts the energy of that force to the target - hence the target of the force becomes stronger. How long does it take for this lesson to be learned Boys and Girls? All species evolved on the Planet by adapting to the counter efforts in the environment. Do you want to create stronger Partyers or criminals in LBI - increase the force, the police. Stupid rich people with assets think this is the only way to handle this.

As we give hell to the tobacco companies today, let us not forget the other drug companies that are less obvious that we can give hell to tomorrow.

As soon as the government gets out of bed with all the drug companies the better off we will all be. Never forget that the Government and the drug companies, including the tobacco companies, which are no different than say Elli Lilly, are all partners in crime. After all does not the government collect a tax on the consumption of tobacco? If the cigarette companys go away - so does much government revenue.

Also, never forget that the FDA and the drug companies are in heavy bed together. The major drug companies basically control the FDA for the purpose of keeping the competition down as it now takes ober $100,000,000 to get a substance through FDA "approval." This is why the naturally occuring substance of vitamin B-17 (which is the cure for cancer), has been suppressed in the U.S. - no one wants to take a naturally occuring substance through FDA approval only to have it pilfered because it cannot be patented.


Partying Human Beings

When you limit people's party time by curfews and shutting bars - they attempt to party harder in the limited time they have. When drinks are discounted to pack attendance into this limited time frame, patrons throw down more and more discounted drinks - especially when they are trying to recoup the $3 to $5 cover charge they have had to pay. Then when they are at the height of recklessness, they are expelled into the night community at 1:45 or 2:45 A.M. in search of something more to do so the brain cells they have destroyed have not gone to waste. Now the town has all these "Drunk Drivers" suddenly out on the roads who "must be dealt with". To handle this, bars should be open all night. Then there would be an even flow of people in and out of them and no sudden bursts. Cover charges and discounted drinks would not be needed.

Another reason bar cover charges should be abolished is because they cause people to bounce around the island from bar to bar, looking for a cheaper place to go. Thus cover charges cause greater amounts of drunk drivers on the roads. The more people there are in a bar, the more each person drinks. The less people in a bar, the less each person drinks. This is because heightened socializing tends to cause people to drink more. Hence, instead of cover charges and drink discounts between certain hours - bars should base drink prices on the total number of people in the bar. After all people come to bars to purchase social interaction. If the bar has five people in it, a drink might cost $1. When the number goes up to twenty people, the same drink might cost $1.50. When the bar is at maximum legal limit, that drink might cost $3.00.

Drinking & Parties

The concept of placing age restrictions on a being's drinking rights is archaic and stupid. Many 20 year olders are much more responsible than their divorced 46 year old parents. It's the parents who implant aberrations in children. A person does what he is permitted not to do and does not do what he is permitted to do. The reason for this is the fact that a person's primary purpose for living is to experience and when anyone says you cannot experience - it's tantamount to saying you cannot live.

Therefore, it seems that police are interested in breaking up private parties for any reason that can be "justified" because they do not want people going off into pockets where they cannot be watched. What is this Russia? Russia might be becoming more democratic but the U.S. is becoming more totalitarian.

Go up to one of your happily married friends or a friend who has several children and ask them: "Where did you meet your spouse"? Most of the time they will say at a night club or a social function. Almost all of the time there was alcohol present at that function. Because people cannot talk to each other due to the fact that religions have made them paranoid on the subject of sex - they must use drugs to make or allow themselves to copulate. Thus sex is the initial REASON for the existence of drugs. It is that simple. Drugs promote sex and sex causes children and children are each new generation. Put bluntly, mad mothers do not tell you that for every human body that is destroyed in an drug related (auto) incident, 100 human bodies are created in a drug related incident - such as places of copulation. This would make an interesting area to more fully survey.

Police State

Let me emphasize this: If LBI gets a reputation of being a police state (which it is at this date) it will deter vacationers in droves. The Baby Boom generation does NOT like to be hassled by police (which are much more real than thermo nuclear weapons). Especially policemen that are younger than them who go home and coke up in the privacy of their living rooms after busting up a beer party. Yes it DOES OCCUR. The place to fight the drug problem is not at resorts but on other fronts. Every time you bust a user you increase the demand. The following fronts are where to deal with drugs:

  • Education of children before they use.
  • Testing in the work place.
  • Production Sources (such as Columbia).
  • Money transfers and laundering.
  • Making sure each casual user spends at least some time in jail or boot camp.
  • Dealers not at the street level.
  • Network and Feature movie producers disseminating violence and drug use in their films.

Getting rid of dealers is stupid because more will be created for each one taken out. Dealers are "valuable" because they lead to sources. Dealers vanish when the product flow stops. Users vanish when dealers cease to exist. Tax money spent on going after dealers and users is wasted, that is why the war on drugs has not been won yet.

Police are friends of the people. They only become harsh because they are frustrated by the fact that their MO does not seem to be working. Hence to feel fulfilled, they have to make any and all little busts and arrests, etc., on Vacationers.

Compared to the world and LA, most of the stuff happening in other places, including LBI is "little dick stuff."

Remember, fat, rich people, low on testosterone, can't have enough police around them because they 1) pay for the protection with taxes 2) are too out of shape to defend themselves and 3) never party for reasons other than political reasons or to make money connections. That's why they are fat - they constantly sit at tables talking or they walk slowly around golf courses also talking.

Property Values

Also remember, since it is extremely wealthy people who really want the increased police; they use crime and drugs as an excuse to justify all increase in the police force around them because what they really want is protection from the masses of people who they are screwing.

Although they try to own less than 5% of the corporate stock of publications (to escape SEC ownership disclosure), it is vital to remember that many of them own and/or control the news publications and mass media which they use as their instrument to churn up the environment so it is easier for them to justify "more police." Taken to its limit, this is the military complex hard at work, serving these people - who are usually bankers, large property owners and trust-money managers. (I know because I fall into two of these categories.)

The $300,000,000,000, which you and I, as tax paying suckers, shell out for the military budget each year, feed this aberrated mentality so what we get is Americans' money being mostly spent to safeguard money of the rich. That is not the purpose of the energy called money. The purpose of money is to be spent in the direction of creating new and better products and services more efficiently so that Homo Sapiens is better able to remedy the hardships of existing in a vast Universe of astronomically adverse proportions.

When Homo Sapiens has evolved to a point where he realizes that International Law must make it illegal for any entity (including citizens buying T-Bonds), to lend money to another entity (a government) for the purpose of creating or deploying any type of weapon, Mankind will evolve out of the New Dark Age he is in. The reason it is Universally Illegal to used borrowed energy for lethal weapons is because it holds in place the factors that promote war by allowing weaker species to be used by covert but stronger species to do the fighting for them.

Banker B (stronger species), by lending money to both warring sides (weaker species), covertly or overtly, fattens his pockets (with interest) while others die fighting each other for some stupid reason (like a religious fad). Then the Banker (and its hidden stock and bond owners), pay themselves back out of the plunder of the losing warring faction while they continue to collect interest from the prevailing faction. This is why I said above: ". . . it is extremely wealthy people who really want the increased police; they use crime and drugs as an excuse to justify all increase in the police force around them because what they really want is protection from the masses of people who they are screwing."

Once all the above is more generally understood, the many "problems" discussed herein will begin to resolve automatically in the tide of a generally improving world condition - which is inevitable. The World IS improving and NEVER buy into any different opinions because - by doing so - you would be part of the problem, not the solution. And I know, the dedicated work most people like you put in are improving the future of our culture and yes, even LBI - one of the finest resorts there is anywhere on the Planet.



Good Ideas and Bad Ideas

An idea is always more powerful than a law.

In fact, a "good" idea is the most powerful thing" there is because it requires little or no

force (laws) to execute it. A "bad" idea, takes force (laws) or politics to even persist. Two examples are the "Law of Supply and Demand" and the Legal Tender Laws.

The legal tender laws, because they are based on a bad idea, must force people to adopt them hence a currency. If the currency was sound and backed by some commodity that governments could not manipulate, it would not need to forced into acceptance by legal tender laws. The currency would be a good idea not requiring force.

The "Law" of Supply and Demand is not really a "law" but only an observation and since it is a bad idea, it must be given the status of a law to be given any credence at all.

Economic books define it to the effect: When there is a surplus of a goods in the marketplace, prices will be driven down by the existing demand until it is no longer viable for producers to continue supplying those goods under their current costs of production.

Conversely, when there is a scarcity of goods in the market, people will pay more for goods, if they are in demand. Others seeing the profit being made by such suppliers enter the market to sell such good also. Eventually more and more of the goods are produced and the situation enters the state of equilibrium described. The above observation is so reliable, economists have labeled it a "law."

But here's where the law is perverted:

It seems we live in a civilization that simply wants to produce less and charge more. This is even viewed as being "cool" or a good businessman: seeking to attenuate the supply of products on the grounds that one can earn more money by artificially forcing the demand for their products up and then charging more money per unit to make up the difference of less per-unit sales.

Too many businessmen, being greedy to a greater or lesser extent (and justifying such greed by saying or thinking they are "only looking out for their families"), pervert the "Law of Supply and Demand" in this manner to their benefit - but the disservice of others.

Look at it. In a Universe of virtually infinite mass and infinite energy, where the Sun burns 4 million tons of hydrogen each second, where there is infinite "supply" - certain members of Mankind accept that they should limit productivity on Earth so they can "supply" less of this infinite mass-energy but charge higher prices.

This is the lazy way out - to produce less and charge more.

Isn't this evidence that too many people don't enjoy their jobs?

Under this attenuated-supply perversion, we all loose, even the rich few that can afford the excessive prices (even though they are "justified" because they are supposed to be "higher quality").

Henry Ford

Fortunately, a few entrepreneurs like Henry Ford have used the inverse of the Law of Supply and Demand to benefit others on large scales.

Henry Ford's investors and stockholders, just doing their normal animal-thing, wanted him

to manufacture fewer cars at higher prices. Ford's dream was to manufacture more cars at lower prices, so every one, not just the rich, would be able to afford one.

By going against the sick law of supply and demand, i.e., increasing the supply so that he would increase the demand, Ford build one of the greatest companies in history, and to this day, it is possibly America's finest automobile manufacturer.

Rather than being a "businessman" overly concerned with the bottom line, Ford was equally concerned with the quality and the quantity of his product.

The fact that he invented assembly line manufacturing, proves that there is always a way to increase quantity and quality at the same time.

In the end, Ford made more money for his company and provided a greater benefit to his fellow man. It would be nice if there were more Henry Ford's around - and there are - yet to be discovered.

This is the same principle Bill Gates has used to build the Microsoft Corporation, now the largest software development company on Earth in just over a decade or two. He made MSDOS cheap and effective and got everyone using it.

Hence, by bucking the "Law of Supply and Demand this way, one will:

1. Ultimately sell more units in the long run because the units are more affordable to a wider base of people.

2. Generate greater corporate cash flow from a more loyal customer base.

3. Become more efficient and create higher quality because of the sheer volume.

4. Make new discoveries faster for additional products.

Such a company with such a philosophy will invite others to follow suit - and we will all win.

Over Duplication

Factor 4. above: Make new discoveries faster for additional products, needs to happen more because so much energy is wasted over producing repeats of virtually the same product that's a total waste of planetary resources.

We have too much of the same, slightly different stuff on this Planet and not enough of more other stuff that could be exotic.

Why do I need 87 different styles of toast popper when I don't even have 1 personal space ship?

Manufacturers have gone psycho trying to cater to the whims of their customers by over differentiating minutia on their products.

For instance, would you rather buy the black boom box with treble, mid-range and base or the pink boom box with only treble and base but a footage counter.

This over choice syndrome will even be worse with "manufacturing on demand" which is coming around the corner.

Metered-Out Technology

Another problem is the metering of technology. Why do you have so many black boxes all over each one with similar or exact technology in them but all doing only a portion of the job?

For instance, a printer, fax, copier and scanner all use similar or identical technology, but for years manufactures were making you buy four boxes to get the four functionalities. Now thanks to someone at the Okidata Corporation, you can buy all four in the same box for about one half the cost as all four separately.

In the long run, like Henry Ford's cars, more people will buy the combo and, even though it will earn Okidata less per unit, they will make more money. If they are smart they will use a significant part of the cash flow to discover new products, not just to over produce the same product.

What I am saying is, too many manufacturers are creating too many duplicates of their products and not putting in the creative thought it takes to research and develop new products.

Production Stats

Here are some prime production statistics for the Planet Earth that would remedy the problems I have discussed above, provided these stats were all rising:

1. Number of new products discovered.

2. Number of these products on the shelf.

3. Number of People that can afford to purchase these products.

4. Number of products or options consolidated.

5. Percent the price has dropped.

6. Percent the quality has increased.

7. Number of obsolete products consolidated or discontinued.

8. The reciprocal of the cost of energy.

The way out is to increase productivity on a Planet wide scale is to tap into the infinite source of energy being supplied by the Universe (such as the Sun) and cause energy to eventually become as free as air.

This means all energy producers should be given an absolute deadline in which they must amortize the cost of their installations - and thereafter - they must "by law" provide energy at NO cost and operate as a non-profit business - but each energy producer should be given stock in every corporation that uses the energy.

Under an economic scenario like this, you would see a flourishing of productivity on the planet that could be mind-boggling.

Non-Profit Businesses

The following businesses should be conducted as non-profit enterprises:


We have thousands of FOR-profit endeavors on Earth, 5 should be NON.

Coordinated Solutions

Other than the force of entropy, and international bankers fomenting war for profit, the major things that keep the world in turmoil are the following:

o Inexperienced people are constantly being born on the planet.

o People are not trained for what they could be doing in life until the last second if at all.

o Too many people exist for the state of development of the training.

o A gross oversupply of redundant products exists while too many go without any products.

o Products are not viable enough.

o The energy supply of the planet is being wasted.

o The money supply of the planet is being stolen and inflated.

o Populations rove rather than work things out where they are.

o Pleasure, the indicator of survival direction, is suppressed by belief systems that are overcompensating for past abuse by the few.

o New inductees in to the Civilization, (Children) are taught to be goal oriented and dream, yet the work-a-day, "real" world frowns on this if they actually try to practice what was preached.

o People do not know what they want to have, do or be until they have it, are doing it or are it - and then they don't want it.

o Governments keep coming and going every 20 to 400 years, yet war and the above problems continue.

In general, the principals connected with the above phenomenon do not know each other or understand their relationship to the other principals connected with phenomenon in the rest if the list.

A "solution," is a given matrix juxtaposed over a "problem" that resolves the current problem by creating a different problem. There can be an infinite number of solutions to any given problem such as WORLD HUNGER, POSSESSION, KNOWLEDGE, SHELTER REPLICATION, TRANSPORTATION, COMMUNICATION, etc.

Capital Gains Tax

Donald Trump and H. Ross Perot made the following statements on CNN around 25 November 1991:

Mr. Trump:

"In 1986 (the government, both parties) destroyed the real estate industry... by passing the dumbest tax law ever thought of by Man. They destroyed the savings and loan and the insurance and banking industry will be next. Insurance companies have most of their assets in real estate. If they don't put incentive back into real estate, you're going to have a catastrophe in this country like you've never seen before.

"They took all the incentives away and destroyed an industry and that is in turn is destroying the country. If they put the incentives back into the real estate industry, you're going to see the economy rebound fast...

"Frankly, tax rates for the wealthy are too low. You used to have a 50-60% tax rate and people would invest to cut their tax - then pay nothing maybe... They destroyed real estate and this is why your unemployment is so high, this is why your manufacturing is so low - REAL ESTATE TRIGGERS EVERYTHING. When you build a house, again (people buy) refrigerators, carpeting, this, this, this - it effects so many different things.

"Change the tax law, put incentive back - (a developer) should be able to syndicate the building - (get) shorter deprecations. They could have taken away the abuse from certain tax shelters and left it the way it was in 1986."

Mr. Perot:

"Do not allow former US government employees to act as lobbyists FOR other countries. This is a major conflict of interest and hurts the US economy."

My thoughts:

If the capital gains tax on real estate were lowered, marginal people would be less reticent about selling their properties. This would free up money to put it to work in purchasing other goods and services.

Give significant capital gains breaks to investors who invest in start-up companies

Give more significant capital gains breaks to investors who invest in research and development of new needed products over research and development on how to build the same product better. We have too many people trying to build a better mouse trap!. Enough already. Where is my personal space ship rather than my 87 perfectly quiet, poppless toast poppers?

Lowering the prime rate and discount rate, while nice - IS NOT THE SOLUTION to all problems. In fact it is the window dressing the Federal Reserve Board keeps constantly changing to take you attention off the fact that they are inflating the money by granting the government credit backed by debt instruments.

Credit card rates - although irritatingly high - are basically not going to deal with any problems.

Eradicate the deficit by making cuts across the board. We are never going to get everyone to agree on who should do with less.

Get that $4.8 trillion federal debt paid down by following the steps outlined in The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin.

Get the cure for AIDS no matter what the cost. It has a very demoralizing effect on people and makes them less productive.

Tie government officials' salary, from the president on down, directly to major U.S. statistics. If their statistic goes down, their pay goes down. If the stats go up, their pay goes up.

I do not see anything wrong with paying the President of the United States, for instance, as much money as say the President & CEO of a major entertainment company such as Walt Disney - provided their stats are up.

Political Convergence

We have delegated our right as Human Beings to manage the resources and money supply of the Planet Earth to entities we call governments and banking cartels which are converging to the point of oligopolistic control.

A recession does not go away because the government lowers interest rates or taxes or its debts. Fiscal and monetary policy, like the democrats and the republicans are just window-dressing.

The concept of convergence, which is pivotal in science to the understanding of dynamic systems, has made the democratic and republican parties virtually the same in terms of what they do. This is true of fiscal and monetary policy as well.

The principal of convergence says that any competing systems will eventually have to conform to underlying universal laws or physical constants - hence, such systems will evolve to being almost identical in function while retaining small differences in appearance.

This is why cars all look the same in the 90's - unlike the creative diversity we had in the 60's. They all go through wind tunnel tests and in order to meet the fuel efficiency requirements (law) the aerodynamics of the car (physical law) must fall into a narrow set of parameters ( the convergence).

An other example of this is the fact that almost all species have eyes. With minor differences, they are all sensitive to the visible portion of the spectrum, yet they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. All eyes do the same thing.

All fish have fins. Although they look different, they all have the same function.

The democrats and the republicans both have better ways of "moving the country forward" but nothing changes - the deficit and debt persist, war persists, horseshit persists. That persistence is the convergence.

The only way to change things politically is to change the underlying universal laws or physical constants - hence, such political systems will evolve and things will move forward.

Selling Debt

It is a mistake to allow governments to borrow money. A government should be fully funded by its taxpayers. If the tax payers are not wealthy enough to pay taxes, then it a sign that government, hence the people are not doing their job.

When a government is allow to borrow money there are abuses such as perpetual war, inflated currency, over spending on military, deficit spending, central banks, ridiculous national debts, violation of rights.

This then leads to criminality and eventually revolt which then leads to anarchy and waste.

And it all starts with governments selling debt.

The sale of government debt is terrible for a free enterprise system because the government is then in competition with entrepreneurs for capital.

And this competition is not fair because the private entrepreneur does not have the power of taxation enforced by the police powers nor does the private entrepreneur have the hydrogen bomb. Which is what it ultimately comes down to.

Another reason government should not be allow to borrow money is they are supposed to be Non-profit Organizations.

They have no profit unless it is plunder of other nations, or theft from its citizens, and in today's times, as always, this is not socially acceptable.


Check That Account

We all have one - a checking account. We have all messed one up and after bouncing my share of personal checks, some by accident and some to gain this research data, I would like to shed light on a practice that currently exists in the commercial banking industry - a practice that I believe confuses customers, inhibits commerce and may be in violation of a Bank's purpose or charter.

First let me say, this letter is not meant to specifically target or invalidate any bank's good work or any of the numerous wise and good policies that make this great nation's banking system work. I have taken a little time to simply put this letter in the suggestion box in the hope that it may stimulate discussion that might lead to what I, and others, feel would be a positive up-grade in this area of bank policy.

Insufficient Funds

When a Bank Customer issues a check and there are insufficient funds in his or her account to pay that check, the Bank usually (pays or returns the check) and charges a fee of $20 to the customer's account within a matter of hours. This amount varies state to state.

If someone has given the customer a check that is "bad", and that customer depositing it into his or her account and then makes drafts against it, his or her account will over draw - possibly due to no fault of his or her own.

Although law, as I understand, requires that the Bank immediately give notice to the customer that a check "bounced", the law does not require the Bank to debit the customer's account a fee of $20 at the time notice is given. This is an "arbitrary" policy left to the Bank.

When the Bank debits its customer's account an insufficient funds fee it is usually 2 to 4 days later that the customer becomes aware (by mail) that $20 has been debited from his or her account.

This "unauthorized charge" made to the customer's account does the following:

1. It confuses and inhibits the customer's ability to ascertain his or her balance and render normal bookkeeping on the account. This involves the customer in extensive amounts of time to reconcile his or her account which can easily amount to cumulative hours stretched over the days of a week or two.

2. Bank-withdrawn money from the customer's account artificially further overdraws the account causing even $1 or $2 checks, that would have otherwise been payable, to bounce.

3. These new bounces (caused by the Bank) incur additional $20 Bank fees which further drain funds from the customer's account setting up a vicious cycle that causes additional outstanding checks to bounce. This practice can easily cost the customer $60, $100, $200 in fees before notice is received by the customer.

The customer looses time and money; the customer's business connections loose time and money; the business world looses time and money and the society looses time and money.

$60 can mean two weeks of food money for a senior citizen or young customer who may have difficulty-enough keeping or learning a check register journal let alone handling the reconciliation nightmare caused by this Bank policy.

The only one to profit from this insanity is the Bank. My banker, who agrees with the above, told me that the Banks exploit this knowingly and on purpose and it amounts to $16 billion per year profit - at our expense.


A Possible Solution

Firstly, Banks should not pay checks when there are insufficient funds in an account, thus the Bank is protected from all loss of that nature.

Secondly, all insufficient funds charges, if any, should be made at a regular time (at the end of the month) when the statement is cut and all other service charges are debited.

The Bank that is charging a standard service or activity fee for managing the customer's account is in essence "double dipping" when it also charges a $20 fee to administer the handling of insufficient fund situations because this fee is excessive in light of the service rendered and the Bank does not state that this fee is punitive.

The fact that the Bank debits a customer's account a $20 fee before the customer knows about the debit, indicates that the Bank assumes its accounting is correct and the customer's accounting is in error.

If the Bank's accounting turns out to be in error and the customer's accounting correct, it could be construed that the Bank has in effect embezzled money from the customer because the following elements exist: there is an employee or agency relationship between the bank and the customer; money came into possession of the Bank by virtue of that relationship and the customer's money was intentionally and fraudulently appropriated.

The reason I say "fraudulently appropriated" is because one of the strongest elements of fraud is the intention to deceive. Because of various ABA meetings that are public record, it is evident that senior management of Banks are well aware of this fee practice and have intention for it to be a profit center. In fact at least one Bank has acted to bolster its profits by such despicable practices as processing larger denomination checks first so that the likelihood of more smaller denomination checks bouncing is increased.

The fact that the customer's account is thrown into an accounting uncertainty by "unauthorized" fee withdrawals, places the Bank at an advantage and the Customer at a disadvantage such that the Customer can easily be deceived by the Bank (knowingly or unknowingly) as to the status of his or her balance, thus bringing about financial gain to the Bank and loss to the Customer. Most customers reluctantly pay the excessive $20 fee as they assume the Bank, due to its "superior computer power" and institutional status is correct and they are in error.

In my opinion, you should take a serious look at this fee policy and if you feel any of what I have said herein makes any sense, be the leader in changing a negative practice in the banking industry - otherwise I feel banks could leave the door open to class action law suits as there are many people who strongly object to having their bookkeeping upset and their bank accounts debited excessive fees without their prior knowledge.

If any of the things I have covered in this letter do not make sense or are incorrect in any way or I am missing something in the way of an understanding about the purpose of such banking practices, I would sure appreciate a note or a reference on the subject. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this.

This letter was sent to Eugene Ludwig, controller of the currency who of course has done nothing about this.



Trust No Banks

Here's a little bedtime story (with names modified to protect the "innocent" until found guilty), based on my personal observations, experiences and opinions, of what has happened to me and my family in connection with The Imprudent National Bank, the law firm of Duanes Moron & Hecklers and the Orphan's Court of Montgomery County as such relate to Trust Banking (the "opposite" department of Commercial Banking).

I provide this to you in the hopes that you may avoid the pitfalls we have experienced with Trust Banks and their Law Firms, so that it may be helpful in changing what I, as well as thousands of others, believe is a negative, archaic and corrupt system.

The allegations and portrayals of the people and entities mentioned in this letter are my personal observations about what they have done and has not necessarily been confirmed in a court of law, thus they should be considered to be my opinions and constitutional right of free expression. If you do not agree nor accept this premise - please stop reading now.

If in reading this, you disagrees with it or find anything inaccurate or would like to add to this, I welcome your comments.

The Scandal

I, my family and its professionals allege that the Imprudent National Bank owes us as much as $3,254,438, due to breach of fiduciary responsibility, fraud, mismanagement, and/or outright embezzlement in connection with our late Grandfather's trusts. We have evidence, as well as the testimonials of others in similar situations, to support this claim. The specific objections I, as a remainderman, have made in connection with this matter are filed with the Orphan's Court of Montgomery County. However, because of technical errors made in presentation, the court may not even acknowledge the existence of some of the evidence supporting my claims. Thus, I would be glad to provide such to you directly.

Family Background

My late Grandfather, James R. Hunter, was internationally known for innovation in the treatment and cure (with a 99% success rate) of ticdouloureaux and other neurological disorders. He was the author of many articles which formed the basis of motion pictures on the diagnosis, surgical techniques and most of the surgical disorders of the nervous system. He came to Philadelphia in 1943 and established and headed up the Department of Neurosurgery at Jefferson Medical College and Hospital. He was president of the International College of Surgeons in 1944, the Medical Club of Philadelphia in 1960 and the Philadelphia Neurosurgical Society in 1961 and 1962. He founded the Mid Atlantic Neurosurgical Society which now has thousands of members and is the largest in the country.

He pioneered many techniques such as the spinal tap and invented the surgical head lamp. He was the first physician to produce 16mm color movies to train doctors in surgical techniques and he sent these films, produced at his own expense, around the country to students at no charge. Prior to 1945, Grandpa lived and taught in Denver, where he received the Distinguished Citizen Award of Denver. At one point he was the only surgeon west of the Mississippi River.

My grandfather hired William Whit, a senior attorney with the firm of Drained Morons & Hecklers, to represent him and draw up a will for himself and his wife, which he did around 1960. These wills were interrelated, provided for generation-skipping trusts, appointed executors and trustees and were formidable instruments to read without the help of a specific - and expensive - kind of attorney. My father, his sister and the Imprudent National Bank were appointed executors and trustees in my grandfather's will.

The "Settlement"

When my grandmother died on August 31, 1987, (just before the stock market crash of October 19th) we got involved in a very difficult settlement which revolved mostly around the value and disposition of real estate and the negligent way we believed Imprudent, as co-executor, was handling several real estate assets. Again, details are filed in the Orphan's court.

Because it was becoming clear that Drained Morons & Hecklers, as represented now by Bob Devious, who took over for Bill Whit when he died, was acting mostly in the favor of one of the Executors, Imprudent National Bank, to the detriment of the others - I hired Bill Lon Alen, an attorney in West Chester, to represent my father as co-executor in the settlement.

Eventually Imprudent bowed out as co-executor and we settled the estate. As part of the settlement, Imprudent was asked to bow out as co-trustee as well. When they finally agreed to do so, they had to file, by law, a "first and final" accounting of their investment activities as trustee over a period of about 20 years. This accounting, by law, had to be sent to all parties of interest, including me as a remainderman.

The person at Imprudent who seemed to be the senior executive over our trusts was Lou Ozio. However there were other trust officers who deserve special note: Frank Furious, who could not have handled our real estate less professionally. (I have post-office-dated photographs that prove the negligent way Imprudent handled real estate assets during the time they were trust assets), and Bill Chopestick, who was extremely discourteous in attitude whenever we were asking vital questions about the settlement.

With but one exception, ever in my life have I or my family, ever encountered a more arrogant, less service-oriented organization than the Imprudent National Bank and its "highly trained" employees. (I have full proof of this for anyone who wants to hear it and see photographs.) That one exception is Roberto Devious of Drained Morons & Hecklers whose dishonest machinations and arrogant manner in manipulating our family settlement to the advantage of the Imprudent is documented at the Orphan's Court in Norristown, PA.


After reviewing the accounting of 20 years with an accountant, several lawyers, a stock broker and an ex-trust officer of a major bank, we found that what Imprudent was reporting was grossly inconsistent with what was actually going on in the market during the same term. Therefore, I and my brother, a remainderman also, filed Objections on November 1st, 1989 with the Orphan's Court of Montgomery County asking the court to surcharge the bank the sums of:

o $1,977,219 for reasons in 1 and 2 in the Objections.
o $63,643.34 for reasons in 3 in the Objections.
o $126,436 for reasons in point 4 of the Objections.

Such total surcharge, as of 1 Nov 1989, was $2,167,298.30.

Because it was an audit, I did not take legal counsel to the hearing. However as a witness supporting my claims, I took Eugene Steger, a tax attorney with an MBA who attended Wharton and Villanova University. As I walked into the hearing I heard Bob Devious say that he was representing the Accountants (at the Bank) and that he planned on handing in additional appearance slips and affidavits to add to the record. My understanding from this and other comments, was that this was just the first hearing of perhaps several.

Orphan's Court "Justice"

Judge Axis asked me what I wanted to submit. I told him that I wished to submit to the Court a "top sheet summary and that I had supporting information if he wanted any of it." When he asked me if he had it all here, I said yes - meaning he had all of the Summary here. Later for clarification, I stated to the Judge the following: "I can provide verification of any figures you want. Just ask and I'll show you the papers."

Through out the hearing the judge was very inconsistent in his intention as to whether he wanted me to submit more material (evidence) or not. He implied that I had already submitted to him an overwhelming amount of material for him to assimilate (for instance calling the material "a sheaf". He would ask if I 'had any papers he didn't have' and 'do I have it all here', and then he would turn around and make the following statement: "I'm hear to hear evidence and listen to that evidence, but you don't have evidence that I can make findings upon.... (I only brought in a tax attorney who corroborated my computer spreadsheets showing Imprudent's negligent performance) ..."I'm going to have to decide on what the record shows as it is now, as it exists right now...." (indicating he wanted to get rid of this case without a fair trial)..."Now you don't do it by just compiling all this and stick it under the nose of a Judge and say, here it is, Judge. That's no way to do it, not for me it isn't, because I can't take this. These aren't facts that I know of. They may be, but somebody's got to tell me what they are..." (We all were telling him, see rest of the transcript) "...and that is where you are now. So your chances to show me by testimony, or documents, or witness, whatever, in support of the four major claims that you have." At this point Judge Axis's sentence stops dead. Re-read the Judge's last sentence and see if it makes sense to you!? I think what he was starting to say, before either he caught himself or the "official one-record-court Reporter" left out a sentence - is the following: 'So your chances to show me by testimony, or documents, or witness, whatever, in support of the four major claims that you have - are zero?'

After re-reading the court transcript - it seemed to me that the Judge had the case decided before it even came before him and that he was nervous about receiving additional evidence and that he was determined to "dispose" (his exact words) with it as quickly as he could.

In other words, what right did I have to speak out about the Imprudent National Bank and Drained Morons & Hecklers's poor fiduciary performances?

At the hearing the Judge said that the "record is in a very unsatisfactory posture for the Court to resolve, or answer, or rule upon" and that he had 'no records of the bank nor did he have any idea of what the bank has done.' - direct quote and paraphrase from the court transcript.

So what business does the Court have in adjudicating on a multi-million dollar surcharge under this condition? This is irresponsible "justice".

After the audit hearing, when Eugene Steger told me that I could have submitted more evidence, I told the judge, in his chambers, that I had supporting evidence for all my claims, and that I wished to submit it and petition the Imprudent for additional evidence. He said this was fine and that I had "all the time I needed". This statement of the Judge directly to me, (in the presence of his secretary) plus the fact that Bob Devious stated the following in the hearing:

Your Honor, if I may, I'm going to hand in additional appearance slips and affidavits of notice of this continued hearing to add to the record." - indicated to me that there would be a future hearing.

In preparation for the next hearing, and in reliance upon the Judge's word, I had my Objections and Evidence hand delivered on or about the 2nd of November 1989, (about four days later) to Alfred Axis. (See Objections dated 1 November 1989.) Simultaneously I mailed Requests for Admissions or Denial to Imprudent via Bob Devious.

That same day, before the Judge could possibly have received and reviewed the Objections and Evidence, let alone received Admissions or Denial from the Imprudent, I, my brother, sister and father all simultaneously received an ADJUDICATION, each under separate cover. After opening two of these, and seeing they were all duplicates, I decided NOT to break the envelop of the postmarked adjudication to me. Thus I have proof that the Judge adjudicated BEFORE receiving my Objections and Evidence of 1 November 1989 - in effect dishonoring his promise to me.

Upon receiving this "adjudication" the Imprudent, via Bob Devious, immediately withdrew their desire to hand in "additional appearance slips and affidavits to add to the record." It seemed to me that this whole "hearing" was carefully orchestrated by the Court for the Bank. One got the distinct impression that these people have been down this road before and that this is how they "disposed" of these situations in other legitimate cases.

I immediately sent Judge Axis a letter asking if he would reconsider and keep his promise to receive my Objections and Evidence. He did not even answer me. I sent a second letter asking for an appeal, but still no answer.

Outrageous Legal Fees

While in Orphan's Court, I said that I felt that the practice of using money from trust funds to litigate against the legitimate grievances of beneficiaries and remaindermen was a conflict of interest and I asked Judge Axis to disapprove both the fees being requested by Duanes Moron & Hecklers, and the extra fees being asked by the Imprudent. This practice amounts to a form of extortion because the money does not belong to the fiduciary and the fiduciary has been and is being paid to perform for the beneficiaries so any objections against their performance should be a part of their operating costs.

On or about the first week of February 1990, the Imprudent prepared another accounting of our trusts. Included in this accounting was a request that an additional $32,000 be okayed by the Orphan's Court (Judge Axis) for payment to Drained Morons & Hecklers, Lon Horseass and Bill Lon Alen, attorneys for the trustees. (The attorneys and executors had already taken about $160,000 out of the estate to settle it, not including death taxes. This amounts to a settlement expense of over 18% - an outrage in light of the fact that the Attorney General allows in his guidelines between 3 - 5%.)

When I queried Bill Lon Alen as to the extra fees, he said that it was for all the extra work done. So I asked, as did my father, for an itemized bill. Instead of sending a current bill describing the fees in question, a reissue of a paid up bill for the two prior years was sent. To date we have never received a properly itemized accounting of this $32,000 fee in connection with this Orphans Court "hearing" from any of the attorneys. (The extra $32,000 was split $12,000 for DM&H and $10,000 each for Horseass and Lon Alen and taken out of Beneficiaries' trust fund.)

Since the only "legal work" done by the attorneys to "earn" part of this extra $32,000 was merely showing up at the Remainderman hearing just described, we have to conclude that Horseass and Devious intended the bill to be charged to our trusts to punish us for speaking up about our legitimate objections and to inhibit or prevent us from appealing.

In short, the Bank and Drained Morons & Hecklers got their desired result as we did not "object" to the next Imprudent Accounting as we knew it would be useless and that they would only continue to debit what little money there was left in the account. Ethically, the first hearing should not be over as the evidence which was promised to be heard by the Judge has not been heard at all, the admitted several times in the Record that he was unbriefed and unfamiliar with the case and the bank records, (which to this day he has never even seen) and we were in essence harassed out of court by Robert Devious acting for the Accountants of the Bank, (which he states on the record) and Alonzo Horseass, who was working in concert with Bob Devious because he has a vested interest in preserving a corrupt orphan's court and trust system.

This is one of the ways the courts and bank fiduciaries intimidate beneficiaries and remaindermen into submission, and it is very frustrating.

The Formula for Your Doom

Here is the exact formula Bank Fiduciaries and their conflict-of-interest law firms use to inhibit justice and investigation, and to control, intimidate and extort money from dissenting beneficiaries and remaindermen. (The following action was taken on us several times.)

1) Bank lobbies all trustees that support their point of view, if any. (E.g., Real Estate dispositions of the Estate)

2) Bank takes any action or makes any charge to our trust they so desire. (legal fees for DM&H, additional accounting fees, sweeping fees, etc.)

3) If objected or contested by Trustee or Beneficiary, Bank has Law Firm (DM&H) submit their proposed action or charge to Orphan's Court for authorization. (Usually the threat of going to Court is enough to intimidate Trustee or Beneficiary into submission to Bank.)

4) Orphan's Court usually upholds Bank and Law Firm's point of view as they have a long, entrenched, symbiotic relationship.

5) Judge bangs gavel in favor of Bank & Law Firm.

6) Bank debits Remainderman/Beneficiaries' Trust and pays Law Firm for their "services" in "protecting" the trust or "fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility".

7) Remaindermen make further Objections to the above and have to...

8) ... GOTO 1 above and repeat 1-8, until...

9) ... Remaindermen and Beneficiaries are:
a) Broke or exasperated,
b) Bank and Law Firm are compensated and employed, and,
c) The details of exactly how the beneficiaries and remaindermen were victimized remain obfuscated because the family does not know how to challenge the probate and trust system.

The banks, their law firms and the orphans court know very well that the beneficiaries and remaindermen have recently suffered a loss of a loved one in the family and thus are dispersed, drained and disorganized. Thus most families, beneficiaries and remaindermen are found to be at a severe disadvantage in making any objections stick. They delay... time goes on... the pain diminishes... they forget a little... more time goes on... they eventually drop it. But basically the SAME banks, the SAME higher up trust officers, the SAME lawyers and the SAME judge continues to victimize each new unsuspecting beneficiary and family appearing on the audit list.

This is their formula. This is currently being done to hundreds, if not thousands of innocent people in Pennsylvania and in other states across the country.

Meanwhile, trusts in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania - some $50 billion dollars worth - are constantly being churned in special mutual funds setup like the BNC fund, which is only for Bank clients. PA Dept of Revenue Fiduciary Income Tax for Capital Gains are siphoned from these trusts by the hundreds of millions per year. Some part of this money, one could imagine, supports the Orphan's Court of Montgomery County and pays Judge Axis's salary. This is what probably keeps this incestuous system all "legally" in place.

False Help, No Help, Some Help

All the people I interviewed who said Imprudent National Bank and/or Drained Morons & Hecklers have a "good" reputation in the town ultimately get paid out of trust funds. Even several lawyers which we have retained or had meetings with, such as John Suria of Saul, Ewing, Remic & Saul; Ralph Teeters of Teeters & Harvey; Richard Greenfield of Greenfield & Chimicles; Bob Freeman; Bill Lamb and Barbara Wolf; John Stein of Price Waterhouse; and Eugene Gillian; as well as Bill Lon Alen all agree to a greater or lesser degree that we have been victimized by this system and the Imprudent National Bank. Some of these lawyers are not bad people and they tried to help us, but they throw their hands up when it comes to doing anything effective or anything approaching justice, especially when asked to help on a contingency basis.

Bill Lon Alen, who understands the above system well, has tried to help in what he believesis an uphill battle. He has indicated that his family has been victimized by similar circumstances and estimates that it could take a lot to change the system and make reparations to those that have been hurt and to those who are still being victimized. He is willing to fight it himself, or with his litigators, but he says he must have a few key witnesses who will testify as to what happens behind the scene at the Banks and we must have other case examples, such as this one, to re-open the case in the Orphan's Court or file class action suits in federal court.

One firm I have to commend, however and that is the late Greenfield & Chimicles. About one and a half years after I, my brother and our tax attorney, went to visit Richard Greenfield to explain the situation we were experiencing, his firm, due to the efforts of Ted Pollard, Parker Packard and John Upp, filed a class action suit against the Imprudent National Bank and Mellon Bank on August 15, 1991 and were successful in getting a $55 million judgement against the Bank for "double-dipping" into trust funds. This suggests that the wall can be cracked and that the judicial system can do something about this problem, but just like Al Capone who was caught evading taxes while he got away with murder, the Banks were caught for double dipping (sweep fees) while they are still getting away with the murder of your trust funds. If more people come forward and talk about this situation, a healthier trust system could be built.

Unfortunately, many of the lawyers and firms in Philadelphia (and other cities) that I and members of HEIRS & BENEFICIARIES have talked to won't come forward or seek true justice because either:

a) they have a vested interest in maintaining this system, (i.e., formula steps 1-9, above), or;

b) they do not find enough precedent to warrant the expense of fighting it. (In other words, they are chicken.)

No Justice in the Orphan's Court

We conclude that, in our case, there was no justice in the Orphan's Court of Montgomery for Remaindermen as far as legitimate redress for the improper handling of trusts being administered by the Imprudent National Bank. Further, we conclude that the law firm of Drained Morons & Hecklers, is abetting the above injustice by defending the Bank as Accountant & Trustee.

Further, we conclude that it is a form of extortion for the Bank Fiduciary and the Law Firm to use Remainderman's trust funds to litigate against legitimate remaindermen objections especially when the Bank has refused or will not provide information about their specific actions without charging exorbitant fees. (See letter from Bob Devious stating that the Bank would have to charge me $10,000 for summary of their activities.)

The probate and trust system, as administered by the Imprudent National Bank and Drained Morons & Hecklers are a menace to the family unit, a legalized "racket" if not outright fraud, and a detriment to the public at large because these practices preempt the money and productivity of citizens.

It is not true that only the rich have trusts or are involved. There are over $500 Billion dollars in trusts across the country and most of the trusts are small ones intended to take care of loved ones and provide reasonable growth of principal to surviving beneficiaries. By reasonable growth, I am saying that a fiduciary who manages trusts should return to beneficiaries and remaindermen a corpus that has grown at a rate equal to or better than the Standard & Poor Average over the same term as was entrusted to their care - not what the law allows now - and that they only return the same amount entrusted to them - regardless of inflation. This is in effect loosing money and the test of this is: Ask your bank fiduciary to return to you, as a beneficiary, the actual number of shares of stock you gave them when the trust was created. Note the blank stare they give you in response to this question. I asked the Judge in Orphans Court this question. If you read the Record transcript - you will see that Judge Axis just ignored this request and moved on to continue to obfuscate the "hearing".

In addition to the above alleged points, I allege that The Imprudent National Bank, (as a Trustee), the Pittsburgh National Corporation (the "BNC") and/or Drained Morons & Hecklers, through their individual employees and corporate policies, adopted by individual board members, have managed to, legally or illegally, withhold, overcharge or embezzle between $700,000 and $3,254,438 (as of 1 November 1989) from me and my family, (such sum not including the sums delineated in points 3 & 4 of the filed Objections.)

Trust Funds Lag S&P

Between 1968 and 1978, the Standard & Poor Average has gone up by more than 12%. The stocks that comprise the S&P Average are all known as "blue chip stocks" and make up what some wills call "legal list investments".

Under the will of my late grandfather and grandmother, the Imprudent National Bank was required to invest only in "legal list" investments or Blue Chip stocks. Therefore, if Imprudent was properly carrying out its fiduciary responsibilities as trustee under the Will of my late grandfather, they invested his assets in blue chip stocks. Since we know that blue chip stocks have experienced an average annual growth of more than 12% over the past 20 years - does it not stand to reason that the principal placed under the care of Imprudent should have grown by the same amount - less any distributions or disbursements of principal, income or taxes, respectively?

I allege they did - but Imprudent did not turn the money over to the Beneficiaries. Instead they placed many overt and covert fees and expenses on the principal, thus reducing it to the extremely low levels we experienced. This, then, looks or is reported as simply "poor performance" and, under current law, a beneficiary cannot go after a trustee for "poor performance" provided the trustee invests as a "prudent man" would invest, does not lose any money and does not violate any of its fiduciary responsibilities.

No Poor Performance

Therefore, I allege no poor performance (from the Imprudent's receipt point of view) as Imprudent and/or BNC has made 12 - 30 percent with our money because they were requited, by law, to place my grandfather's assets into legal list investments or the equivalent.

They have not turned these earnings over to us in full - less their rightful fees represented to my grandparents in their compensation agreement. They have ignored my requests to prove they did not make 12 - 30 percent with our money. We have proof, from Imprudent Statements that Beneficiaries earned only 6% - 7%. The missing difference has probably gone to someone's pockets at Imprudent or BNC or Drained Morons & Hecklers.

When we realized that we could not get justice in the Orphan's Court - because each time we objected the Bank and Drained Morons & Hecklers (via Bob Devious) used our trust funds to fight us - we decided to not appeal. An appeal would have meant further drain from the trust and we would not have prevailed, we felt, as there were no precedents where beneficiaries or remaindermen had prevailed.


The only recourse we had was to find others who we believed must be having similar problems and form an action group. One of the first people I found, (through an introduction from Jay olfe), was Ted Pollard. Together we put together a handful of friends and acquaintances we each knew were victimized and founded HEIRS & BENEFICIARIES. Ted Pollard was made chairman of the group and he has since been active in building it and getting the word out in newspapers across the country and abroad.

Hopefully the public will be made aware of the situation and laws will be changed to make the Fiduciary Act more responsible and force Banks and Law Firms to serve their clients as they claim in their advertising pamphlets and television commercials.

Trust your Problems to no Fiduciary

Needless to say, if you, or anyone you know, has any trust account (or any other account) with The Imprudent National Bank, I urgently recommend you close it immediately - IF YOU CAN! The catch is, you might NOT BE ABLE TO close a trust account because a "Drained Morons & Hecklers" type lawyer may have wired you into the Imprudent through a Will and/or Deed of Trust. Now you are in bed with Imprudent as Trustee and/or Executor, until your corpus is depleted or until you confront a similar struggle of your own, as described herein.

Also, needless to say, if you or anyone you know has any dealings with Drained Morons & Hecklers, I strongly recommend you terminate them and find a medium size firm or lawyer that has your actual best interests at heart - not its deep-pocket clients interests and "billable" hour targets at heart. My research indicates it is safe to assume that most of the big law firms in Philadelphia are on the take as described herein. There may be a few that recognize this problem and are ethical - but I doubt it as my phone has not exactly been ringing with positive news or sincere help, except in a few cases. If you know of any law firms that would deal with this matter - especially on contingency - please let me know.

If you have a problem similar to the one described above AND want information about how to join HEIRS & BENEFICIARIES, please send me a letter describing your situation. I will try to help.

Movie Project

A Hollywood movie company is producing a movie on the above subject, tentatively called FIDUCIARY. This feature film will be made for network television or theatrical release. A smaller documentary prior to this feature called, DON'T BANK ON IT!, may also be produced.

If you would like to get involved with either movie project, you can help by donating help in financing, story development, research, legal assistance or your good will and name. Please write or call me.


A Creature Eating the Land

The Federal Reserve is a government-sanctioned, quasi-private, banking cartel established in 1913. Its main architect was Paul M. Warburg, who was a partner with Kuhn, Lobe & Company representing the Rothschilds and Warburgs in Europe.

Today the Federal Reserve is in collusion with the United States federal government (which ultimately guarantees its loans by the sweat of you, the American taxpayer), because the government is addicted to the fiat, debt-backed, currency it creates out of nothing for its big government spending and continual warfare projects, from the Federal Reserve System.

Debacles which have been guaranteed in this fashion over the years, which you have paid for, are the following:

Penn Central - a $125 million bailout in 1970.

Lockheed - a $250 million bailout in 1970.

New York City - a $2.3 billion bailout in 1975.

Chrysler - a $1.5 billion bailout in 1978.

Commonwealth Bank of Detroit - a $60 million bailout in 1972.

First Pennsylvania Bank of Philadelphia - a $500 million bailout in 1979.

Chicago's Continental Illinois - a $4.5 billion bailout in 1982.

When you stop to consider that about 50% of the American people are employed by the government at either the federal, state or local level, a dooms day machine is being put into place. Put simply, if a government has the ability to legally order a banking system to covertly or overtly create fiat money, and that government gets first dibs on all or part of that money being put into circulation, this is like a drug addition, because once a majority of the people are employed by this system, they will defend it even if it is an insane system or an unconstitutional system.

This is the state of affairs we are headed into right this second.

Early as 1962, many genius-visionaries, such as L. Ron Hubbard, considered black sheep by the mainstream, first began warning us about the FED, and the War System operated under the "Rothschilds Formula" as coined by G. Edward Griffin in 1994. Today, due to the mass communication revolution, millions of people, (many authors, producers, scientists, sociologists, entertainers and their agents), are finally becoming aware of these machinations and their anatomy.

Much of this is due to the Internet, to the horror of the CFR and other front groups of the Round Table who want to socialize the planet under a One-World, totalitarian government. This is why you will see on the cover of Time Magazine (a CFR-ridden mag) a little child with the caption reading to the effect: "Does the Internet make pornography available to your child?"

They are trying to get control of the wild frontier of this new communication technology so they can further subjugate your freedom. And the best way to do this is use the usual means they use:

1. Alarm you with real or imagined danger.

2. Promote crime so the real or imagined crime rate seems high enough for them to justify stepping in to "protect" you with more policing techniques.

Remember, the IDEAL SCENE of the CFR and any International Banking Regime influenced by the Federal Reserve and/or the Rothschild Formula is the following:

"Have assigned to (or stamped on) the physical body of every human being ("High-tech Feudal Worker") at least two (2) cross-referencing forms of identity (i.e., a "name" and a "number") which can be computer tied into such Feudal Worker's money accounts one way or another".

Think about it. If some entity has complete control over your identity and your energy (read money), can they not deprive you of your rights and freedom with or without due cause?

Question: Why do you think our founding fathers left Europe and started America under a new Constitution several centuries ago? Answer: because they were being deprived of their rights and freedom with or without due cause?

So let's not be stupid about all this. Wake up about your money and your computer systems and how your friendly bankers and government is operating in violation of the very Constitution your descendants died for! Do you have any idea of the amount of guts it took for them to leave the old country and set up this new country.

You and I better keep watch over our constitution because the next time a rogue government crops up in violation of human rights, the next "ocean" to cross to get away from it all will have to be interplanetary or interstellar space.

Fractional Reserve: Crunching US into Nothing

The U.S. banking system as it is practiced today is another a repeat of history because time and time again governments seek to get control of the printing or minting of money so they have access to unlimited funds for their procreation. In the United states we have already had and rejected three central banks. The Federal Reserve System is now our fourth central bank and it practices, as most banks do, the criminal activity of "fractional reserve" banking.

Of course the banks do not consider it criminal because, "everybody does it," but realize when you hear this from some minion at the teller window or some bank Vice President that such a person is not only uninformed about world history as such relates to war, but uniformed about the history of money and the history of banking.

Here's what the banks do to this day to rob you of your purchasing power:

When people deposit money into a bank that bank, figuring everybody won't come back for their money at the same time, lends out more than what has been deposited. And they collect interest on this "extra" money they lend out.

In other words, they only keep A FRACTION of what's deposited on reserve in the vault.

That's why it's called fractional reserve banking.

Its as if you went to a party and checked your coat and while you were dancing, the coat check girl rented your coat out to a friend, pocked the money, and got the coat back into the closet before you asked for it when leaving for the night.

The banks do exactly this with your money. They collect interest (rental fees) on money that does not exist. In fact, for each $100,000 that is deposited, the bank lends out 9 times this sum- $900,000 by creating lines of credit in checking accounts - and collects interest on this. Of course none of this extra interest they collect is paid to you as a depositor, you only get your miserable 4.5% or what ever the bank rate currently is posted in the lobby. The bank's stockholders get the rest of the interest.

In essence the banks are creating money out of nothing and charging interest on it for their benefit. This is known as "fiat money." This is what the Federal Reserve System does and authorizes for its daily deeds: creates money out of nothing.

But the Federal Reserve creates money out of nothing in a very sly tricky way, a way that is hard for the ordinary citizen to decipher.

To simply turn on a printing press and run off dollar bills (aka "Federal Reserve Notes") would be crass. They use a system, a machine, known as "The Mandrake Mechanism."

Here's how it works in the words of G. Edward Griffin:

"The entire function of this machine is to convert debt into money. It's just that simple. First, the Fed (short for Federal Reserve) takes all the government bonds which the public does not buy and writes a check to Congress in exchange for them. (It acquires other debt obligations as well but government bonds comprise most of its inventory). There is no money to back up this check. These fiat dollars are created on the spot for that purpose. By calling those bonds "reserves," the Fed then uses them as the base for creating 9 additional dollars for every dollar created for the bonds themselves. The money created for the bonds is spent by the government, whereas the money created on top of those bonds is the source of all the bank loans made to the nation's businesses and individuals. The result of this process is the same as creating money on a printing press, but the illusion is based on an accounting trick rather than a printing trick. The bottom line is that Congress and the banking cartel have entered into a partnership in which the cartel has the privilege of collecting interest on money which it creates out of nothing, a perpetual override on every American dollar that exists in the world. Congress, on the other hand, has access to unlimited funding without having to tell the voters their taxes are being raised through the process of inflation. If you understand this paragraph, you understand the Federal Reserve System."

Thus, collecting interest on demand deposits is fundamentally dishonest, if not out right theft or fraud, because one has no right to collect a covert rental fee (interest payment) on an asset to which they do not hold legal title. The banks, all part of the Federal Reserve System, are doing this today with abandon as described. History demonstrates that in every civilization where this has been done before, where fiat currency can be all too easily created out of nothing because it is not backed by silver or gold, for instance, there were crashes and hyper inflation, sooner or later.

Gold & Silver: On Nixon's Enemy List

Have you ever wondered why, on August 15, 1971, President Nixon signed an executive order decreeing that the U.S. would no longer redeem its paper dollars for gold.

Gold or silver backed currency seems to be the enemy of governments because it curtails their ability to create fiat currency and thus wage war to accommodate the International Bankers demented agenda. Currency that is backed by nothing, and hence subject to manipulation and hence inflation, has to have legal tender laws in place to force the citizens to use it "for all debts private and public" - as is the case with the U.S. currency.

Debt The U.S. Government, by continually creating debt instruments (i.e., T-bonds, T-Bills and T-Notes), is devaluing our money supply because it is having the Federal Reserve issue checks "secured" by these debt instruments as if they were real assets. Just because they are backed by the "full force and credit of the United States" does not mean that they should be considered assets on the Federal Reserve's balance sheet. This is "creative accounting" at its worst and is, in effect, money created out of nothing and backed by less than nothing - debt.

This money created out of nothing is what the Department of Defense, for instance, uses to pay its defense contractors with so they can continue to employ citizens (remember over 50%already work for either federal, state or local government) to build war machines to keep the government in power.

Then these checks, spent by the defense contractors, for instance, eventually find themselves deposited into the nation's commercial banks as demand deposits. Under the fractional reserve system (regulated by the government sanctioned Federal Reserve banking cartel in two-step with itself), the money is lent out to customers and interest is charged. But since the banks have learned by experience that all of the customers do not usually come by to demand their deposited money at the same time, the banks lend out more than they have on deposit - nine times more to be exact. This further inflates the money supply and devalues our dollars. The only ones that win are the banks with the above system known as the "Mandrake Mechanism."

The news media plays an "important roll" in continually stirring the international barrel in the name of reporting "news" so that the citizens of each country feel obligated to buy government bonds to fight these wars - which are really bogus. Of course most of the top news executives are CFR members just doing their jobs steering the world towards that high-tech, one-world feudal slave society of the future.


Have you ever wondered why there is constant war on this Planet?

You probably think, having been brainwashed by "mainstream educational systems," that at least one of the following myths have validity:

1. War is caused by Man's competition for limited resources.

2. Is a normal process of natural selection.

3. War is caused because we are fallen angels or just aggressive animals.

4. Vital to prune the planet of over population.

5. We have not evolved to a more rational, higher state because of some left over part of our minds from evolution.

6. Some combination of the above.

Well, actually, people don't like to fight in general. This is why it always takes so much effort on the part of our government officials to get its citizens involved in wars and why they have to resort sometimes to crises, such as the sinking of the Lusitania and the bombing of Pearl Harbor, to galvanize people into fighting.

The point is: all wars are about money, money that is loaned by someone, to someone, for the purpose of building a war machine to fight someone else for one of two purposes:

A. to plunder the losers and/or
B. to enforce loan payments.

In other words war is caused by men who don't give a shit about Human suffering: International Bankers who lend to both sides of a conflict.

Thus it only "makes sense" that international bankers are operating long-term to perpetuate war and why is known as the "War System", because they lend to (and collect interest from) both sides of the conflict. This has been dubbed the "Rothschild Formula". As a by-product, the massive debt created to finance these wars, many times is the primary cause of inflation - hence is a hidden tax. The inflation of the 70's paid for the Vietnam War, for example.

The International Monetary Fund/World Bank, abetted by the Federal Reserve Bank, is lending outrageous sums to third world countries under the pretense that it is going to help their citizens. Most of the loan proceeds end up in the hands of the dictator-governments for hedonistic or war related activities and when they default, as all of them have inevitably been doing, guess who guarantees the banks? Uncle Sam. And guess who picks up the tab for Uncle Sam? The American Taxpayers. What is really happening is the Counsel on Foreign Relations ("CFR") is indirectly trying to buy these dictators' allegiance in a "New World Order" and at the same time bleed and crash the U.S. in order to make its citizens more acquiescent to United Nations ("UN") involvement as a more equal part of this New World Order.

NOTE: The reason you hardly hear anything about The Counsel on Foreign Relations (the CFR) is because it is a non-deliberating body -- hence, there is no Secretary recording minutes. The Positive and Negative Power Elite that attend the gatherings simply discuss and formulate World Policy and keep it in their heads -- but apply what was discussed in their businesses and in their governments. Since their are no minutes of what was discussed, and since general media is not invited, there is no official record of their effects -- i.e., "NOTHING" TO REPORT.

It is wrong to bring America down to more closely match the third world, we should bring the rest of the world up to more closely match the standard of living in the United States. In an infinite Universe, such as the one we might find ourselves, the later is a viable scenario.

And the international bankers continue to lend to both sides of the conflicts generated, collecting blood-drenched interest payments from both parties. This debt is what has been financing wars for a long, long time because obviously citizens would never pay for the litany of mocked up wars (such as World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam for instance) that are being created around the planet by the international bankers (who always manage to stay out of government and out of the spotlight, and keep their den-of-thieves, Switzerland, neutral), yet do what ever they can to instigate or continue the same old, same old conflicts or repackaged as new and improved conflicts.

If taxpayers had to constantly pay for these wars with higher taxes, they would revolt; and if they knew what some of these "distinguished" international bankers do for their daily bread, and how they do it - they would vomit.

Bottom line: The FED -- which is playing a very significant part in all the above havoc: funding the IMF/World Bank, inflating the U.S. Currency, abetting war and promoting totalitarian governments -- fortunately or unfortunately must be abolished. Central banks have not worked in this country three times before in the past and a central bank such as the FED is not working now because it relies too much on government involvement and it does not allow free enterprise to operate under the natural laws of supply and demand. The FED does not stabilize the money supply or the interest rates or the consumer price index at all. It rocks them and it manipulates them and the stockholders of its member banks are the only ones that benefit and yet are protected each time there is another major government bailout. Bluntly: Any good things the FED does are far, far out-weighed by the bad things it does.

Ignorance & Non-Confront: a Liability

Maybe you are innocently unaware of the cause of war or simply can't believe it. Maybe you feel that what I am saying here is that it's all a giant conspiracy. NO this is NOT what I am saying. I do not believe that anything can be totally a giant conspiracy such as the conspiracy books will have you believe. Elements of randomness, chaos, other agendas and plain old luck always play into the dynamics of any system.

I am simply saying that if the Rothschild Formula turns out to be the common denominator of war and this can be discovered empirically, we better all take notice. You know damn well money gets people into trouble and out of trouble. Why should it be any different for governments?

Maybe you are unaware of the operation of the Federal Reserve System. Take a look. Find out who, or what group, is on the scene in every conflict, and you might have your culprit or culprits. Why not get a list of everyone who is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and discover for your self that such members have been installed in almost every spot possible.

Don't be taken in by the highly financed obfuscations and media window-dressing. The mainstream media, is heavily influenced by members of CFR and even the president of the United States is a member of the CFR. The fights, debates and platforms between the "democrats" and the "republicans" are also just window dressing. It makes no difference which party is in power, they both take their orders from CFR. Both parties' activities are simply window dressing to occupy your attention so you will not have the energy or the desire to research what is going on off stage in global financial and political realities.

There are a lot new books coming out on the above situations but the best I have read so far is called The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, who I have quoted in part several times above. Mr. Griffin's 588-page book is extremely well researched. The bibliography references about 180 other books and periodicals on the subjects covered and every major point covered in the book is footnoted with an exact reference to the bibliography, additional data or other sources of information. The Appendix includes the exact structure and function of the Federal Reserve System per their own charter. This work is also easy to read because it is written in a style that is designed to communicate. It could easily be used as a college textbook. Lastly, the book ties together many loose ends on the subject that you may have half-understood or suspected over the years and there are some excellent photographs through out the book to illustrate the information.

To fully comprehend the effects of the Federal Reserve System, the Mandrake Mechanism, the War System and the Rothschild Formula you MUST READ THIS BOOK. I don't care how many other books you have on your pile to read. You must read this book. If you just don't have time - make time - you are doing nothing else in your life that is more important for higher dynamics, which, if they cave in, YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WILL CAVE IN TOO.

The book elaborates in easy-to-understand-detail the (7) seven reasons why the Federal Reserve Act must be rescinded and how to do it:

The seven reasons the Federal Reserve must be abolished are:

  • It is incapable of accomplishing its stated objectives.
  • It is a cartel operating against the public interest.
  • It is the supreme instrument of usury.
  • It generates our most unfair tax.
  • It encourages war.
  • It destabilizes the economy.
  • It is an instrument of totalitarianism.

The basic program to do it is as follows:

1. Repeal the legal-tender laws.
2. Freeze the present supply of Federal Reserve Notes.
3. Define the "real" dollar in terms of precious-metal content.
4. Establish gold as an auxiliary monetary reserve.
5. Restore free coinage at the U.S. Mint.
6. Pledge the government's hoard of gold and silver.
7. Determine the weight of all the gold and silver.
8. Determine the number of all the Federal Reserve Notes in circulation. 9. Retire all Federal Reserve Notes from circulation.
10. Convert all contracts based on Federal Reserve Notes to dollars.
11. Pay off the national debt with Federal Reserve Notes.
12. Issue Silver Certificates.
13. Abolish the Federal Reserve System.
14. Introduce Free Banking.
15. Reduce the size and scope of government.
16. Restore national independence

Although the book presents a very pessimistic scenario of what will happen to you, your country and world if nothing is changed, it ends up with a positive program on how things can be gradiently dealt with and improved by writing your congressmen and following a personal program.

This book is probably at your local library or bookstore, but if not, you can order a copy by calling 800/282-2873, or writing to AMERICAN MEDIA, P.O. Box 4646, Westlake Village, CA 91359-1646 or by going to Mr. Griffin's web site at the Reality Zone.

Summary of the Creature

Mr. Griffin, in his book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, maintains that as long as we have the Federal Reserve System, a government-sanctioned banking cartel, the national debt will never be paid down and in fact, there is no intention to pay it down by those in our government that feed off it. Since the government is in bed with the banks, this is where they get their money when it is politically risky to raise taxes, which is almost always the case, and is usually the case with wars.

The book goes on to say that the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is the American front-group sponsored by a larger and older, Cecil Rhodes inspired "Round Table" which, directly or indirectly, installs our presidents, cabinet members, congressmen, and high up corporate executives in industry and the media and that it is their intention to socialize the planet into a one-world government (the UN) with a one-world central bank (the IMF/World Bank).

Since 1974, I have heard this theme from several unrelated sources, but none of these "conspiracy" theories have pulled it all together and backed it up as well as Mr. Griffin has done in his book, which is going into its fourth printing since June of 1994.

He maintains that the FED, a cabal, operating in conjunction with older banking dynasties such as the Rothschilds, is trying to bring America down to third-world status because then it would increase the necessity level for Americans to give up their country's power to a global entity such as the United Nations.

NAFTA, GATT and the government-guaranteed loans to third-world countries (more specifically their defaulting dictators, as the people don't really benefit from the funds) - are all part of this planned campaign to buy the allegiance of these dictators and bring America down to more easily socialize the world.

He maintains that the international bankers perpetrate wars (the "Rothschilds Formula") by financing both sides of the conflict and that this has been their modus operandi for many years and many wars (the "War System") and the facts of history bear this assertion out. These facts are in the book.

The book gives a horrible scenario of what could happen if the planet were to be socialized by the CFR under what he calls a "high-tech feudal society."

It also itemizes the first draft of a program for gradiently abolishing the Federal Reserve System, the primary cause of the above situation. Such plan calls for, among other things, repealing the legal tender laws, getting the money supply backed by some commodity that can't be printed-up or manipulated (such as silver), letting that new silver-backed money reach its market level (due to the natural laws of supply and demand) and then slowly retiring the devalued, debt-backed Federal Reserve Notes by exchanging them for new silver-backed currency as they go through the commercial banking system. This exchange-rate would end up being something like 1 to 270, one (1) new silver certificate for each 270 federal reserve notes! That is how much the FED, and the bankers have taken from the American people in the form of inflation over the years and through their fractional reserve system which expands the money supply 9 times over to collect interest on fiat money (created out of nothing) in the first place. The obfuscating way they do it, so the average citizen cannot follow it, he calls "The Mandrake Mechanism."

Mr. Griffin goes on to say, once the country is operating on the new, properly-backed Silver Certificates, the federal debt could be paid off with the old retired Federal Reserve Notes thus collected. Since the FED caused their issue, and the government maintains that such "have value" (because they ARE legal tender after all), they should be quite acceptable for payment of all debts "public and private" after all - including the entire national debt of $4 trillion (or whatever it currently is).







Mr. Griffin feels that since the money supply is almost totally backed by debt (due to the fractional reserve system and the constant issuance of T-Bonds, T-Bills and T-Notes), it would take all the money in circulation to pay off every public and private debt that now exists. Therefore, the national debt will not, and cannot, be paid down as many constantly talk about and desire to have accomplished.

If what Mr. Griffin says is true, the collection of taxes, which represents very little of the money raised by the government, is merely window-dressing to place the American Public's attention on so the REAL ISSUES, above discussed, remain obfuscated, this is terrible.

Maybe ethical leaders that I do believe exist out there, (such as Ross Perot) feel it's all too hairy to bring up publicly right now. After all, it's so unbelievable, the average citizen might just laugh at it until he or she books-up on things a little.

But I bet they're booking right now on this one!



Again The Creature from Jekyll Island is probably at your local library or bookstore, but if not, you can order a copy by calling 800/282-2873, or writing to AMERICAN MEDIA, P.O. Box 4646, Westlake Village, CA 91359-1646.

Also, the author says that he is interested in connecting up with others who share his crusade and that they may contact him at the above address so he can keep them apprised of important developments.


Debbie has done more than Dallas, she has fucked all the cities, the states and even Uncle Sam. As of 27 September 1993 Debbie was $4,295,700,000,000 (over weight), and in Q1 of 1996 she'll be over $5 Trillion).

For all the hoopla on TV and the news, Congress has no intention to pay this debt off because your money supply is backed by this debt. The hoopla is all window dressing to screw up your mind and keep you confused and stupid about the real situation.

Here are some other facts as described by Mr. Griffin:

"The total quantity of silver held by the government on September 30, 1993, was 30,200,000 ounces. If we assume the new dollar will be defined at 371.25 grains of silver (which equals .84857 ounces), then that supply is valued at $35,600,612.

"The price of gold on that date was 384.95 Federal-Reserve fiat dollars per ounce. Silver was 4.99 fiat dollars per ounce. The ratio between them, therefore, was 77-to-1.

"The supply of gold was 261,900,000 ounces. The value of the gold supply, therefore, (at 77 times its weight in ounces) was $20,166,300,000.

"The value of silver and gold combined would be $20,201,900,612.

"The number of Federal-Reserve fiat dollars this supply would have to redeem would be the combined total of the M1 money supply (currency and demand deposits) plus the national debt. M1 on September 27, 1993, was $1,103,700,000,000. The national debt stood at $4,395,700,000,000. The total amount to be redeemed, therefore would be $5,499,400,000,000.

"The bottom line of this calculation is that the value of each Federal-Reserve dollar will be .0037 silver dollar. One silver dollar would be worth 270 Federal-Reserve dollars!"

Since the number of Federal Reserve Notes in circulation is $1,103,700,000,000 and the national debt is $4,395,700,000,000 - IT DOES NOT TAKE A GENIUS TO REALIZE THAT IF THE NATIONAL DEBT WERE ATTEMPTED TO BE PAID OFF (AS CONGRESS IS YAPPING ABOUT) THERE WOULD BE NO MORE MONEY IN CIRCULATION. Therefore there is really no attempt to pay off the national debt under the current fraudulent promises and proposals promulgated by Congress and the President.

Almost everyone who has been installed to run the U.S., from the President and his cabinet on down to key congressmen, executives such of major corporations and major media opinion leaders: are members of the Council on Foreign Relations who maintain the viewpoint of socializing the planet under a one-world government (UN) with a one-world central bank (IMF/World Bank). This is why, in their view, the Federal Reserve must be kept alive doing its thing.

A One-World Government?

There is nothing wrong with a one-world government/one-world bank unless it makes everyone into a homogenized, high-tech feudal society and takes away diversity and creativity found in the free enterprise systems envisioned by the framers of our constitution.

This Planet will wither if it is socialized. Look at the former Soviet Union (which of course is still operating in a kick-in-the-head manner until it can get revitalized with money from the "free" world). The Soviet Union has just re-packaged its communist identity so it can more easily sell itself to the West and borrow from the Federal-Reserve-sponsored IMF/World bank. If you look, most of the same hard-liners are still there pushing the less aggressive version of communism, known as socialism, while giving lip-service to democracy.

Further, it is really stupid to tie the entire planet, and its economic systems together into one giant financial system: If some part of the system crashes, it pulls the rest of us down too.

Lawyers are always insulating people and their assets by creating entities such as corporations, trusts, foundations and limited partnerships to shield their clients from legal and financial liability. If they did not do this and some part of their client's business system crashed, would it not pulls the rest of their assets into jeopardy too.

Why would any sane person want to protect rich individuals more than an entire planet?

Therefore I repeat: It is really stupid to tie the entire planet, and its economic systems together into one giant financial system such as

1. The IMF/World Bank, or
2. The Internet or World Wide Web (if it carries monetary transactions) because if some part of the system crashes, it would pull the rest of us down too.

There is no reason why there cannot be a global computer system for communications purposes, but when you bring money into the same system, you are inviting potential risk and world wide chaos.


Sexual diseases, such as the current AIDS problem, may be one of the reasons an economy goes into recession. Follow:

1. If sex is a high (to some the highest) form of recreation, and;

2. AIDS inhibits sex because it scares the women away from having sex, then;

3. This frustrates the men - because they don't get this recreation, hence;

4. Being unfulfilled they don't work as hard or produce poor careless products;

5. Hence the economy goes down a lot or a little.


Men create and produce to impress women in no small part. There may even be no other reason they create and produce once one gets down to the non-politically correct basics.

If everything that is created by men on this planet is done for the women, then probably everything that is created by women on this planet is done for the men.

If you think there is some other reason you understand men and women better than most and maybe see more there than there is, or perhaps you have no interest in sex.

Perhaps it is a mediocre experience for you.

When men and women are inhibited from having sex because they feel they might die if they do it - they do not woo each other as fervently. They do not create for each other in order to impress each other as much. There is no reason. Mere existence is not enough. Survival is boring. No one merely wants to survive. To survive is for worms that have accidentally been washed up upon the beach.

Men build things and make things to impress women. They get rich, become good or expert, healthy or more intelligent or more powerful to impress women. Nevertheless they say their reasons are to help society. Very few really give a shit about something they cannot fathom - such as society, the world or the Universe.

Further, when there is sexual inhibition men and women are colder to each other. This makes men especially colder to each other because they get into hotter competition against each other for the diminishing number of adventuresome women still around - as most of the women have backed off from socializing and/or sex because they scare more easily than the men when it comes to AIDS. Thus, since it becomes increasingly difficult for men to get laid in any given night, they usually become unfulfilled so when it is time to go back to work - they cannot work and do not want to work because their mind is contemplating sex and better times.

Thus nobody any longer gives a damn.

Mass apathy ensues and grows and we increasingly live in an economy of growing emotional deficit. Women soon suffer as much because men start hating the women. The result is they treat them with less respect and the events of rape and horrible crimes against women increases. A man goes out and can't get laid for the 50th time - so he gets pissed-off-drunk some night and decides to play bury the knife with the next "cold bitch" he encounters that turns him down for sex (due to her fear of AIDS). She doesn't get AIDS; she gets KNIFEITIS. Perverted movie producers then pick up on these spurious blade incidents and spread the sickness further - making women even colder and thus fueling the phenomenon. Then you Mr. and Mrs. Public ask: Gee why are Richard Rimaras and other night stalkers all around? Frankly, is one an a-hole if one can not put this together? An other question of existence?

You're a disgrace for that act of omission and all your others. How often do you get your fat ass off the couch to write your congressman? I bet never or hardly ever. You should get out of the U.S., if that's the way you exercise your freedom.

And if you don't like this letter or its tone - sorry - at least I care enough about us to write when I'm pissed off about persistent horseshit such as this unproductivity and AIDS situation around the place.

A recent national survey asked people what is the problem that worries them the most? AIDS? CRIME? or TAXES? The answer was AIDS!

Maybe this should tell us something. AIDS worries people most. Get that? A national survey found that AIDS worries people the most!

So, if this is true, and it is, how many billions or hundreds of billions of dollars of lost productivity will it take before the people of the U.S., the world and the governments realize that it is too expensive to allow this disease to continue without a cure? If $50,000,000,000 were immediately raised to get a cure for the disease - it would be cured immediately.

Fuck all the politicians' rhetoric. By the time one gets to be a politician one is totally out of touch with reality. (Artists get more done.) This is why politicians will never be intelligent enough to see simple truth - they have to make simple confront seem complex to impress their colleagues with their high IQ understanding of the "complex" world and they have to justify their paychecks by prolonging problems that could be solved quickly. If you push their face into the shit (by a NICE letter to them, unlike this one) and make them stop pissing away our money on who the hell knows what they buy all day long, AIDS will get cured!!! Before anyone can solve ANY problem, he or she has to be in health. The NATIONAL BODY is sick over AIDS. The cure for AIDS has to be created by next January 1st no fuckin' if's and's or but's. Then education can be put in place and the rest of the world problems solved in priority.

People use drugs so they can de-inhibit sexual recreation. Since girls and boys are scared of AIDS they use more and more drugs (cocaine and alcohol) to pave the road with that numb old feeling that releases the inhibitions and opens the door to getting laid. It's that simple. DRUGS are used to get SEX, AIDS inhibits SEX, INHIBITED SEX cuts PRODUCTIVITY, decreased PRODUCTIVITY means LESS MONEY spent on AIDS research and other PROBLEMS. It's a vicious cycle that gets more and more vicious.

We have to wise up and cure this disease immediately or the economy of the world will absolutely crash. Fuck the other explanations - they're obfuscations or "reasons" that are only substitutes for the real reason because some people cannot confront sex and it's effects.

The current Federal Reserve/International Bank/CFR-ridden Establishment, which is on its way out, does not want to see a cure for AIDS because they need more people fucking and making baby bodies to supply and replenish the militia and pay future taxes on their socialistic one-world planet.

Churches do not want to see a cure for AIDS because they want to see people marry, screw and have new baby recruits so the religion can expand and take in more "donations" and so they can suppress the sexual revolution, which they caused in the first place by threatening populations with the wrath of god if they didn't marry to cut out screwing around. Viable then, viable now, they figure. ENNNNNNT. Not True. Go to the end of the line and eat shit.

Of course 1) neither of these two now useless entities will ever tell you this, and 2) these entities imagine that AIDS actually serves them by slowing down the sexual revolution.

As soon as we all realize the above facts of life - the sooner we will move our world into a more mature condition - one where sex takes its rightful place as the supreme validation of productivity and the preferred method of recreation and procreation. Notice the word itself: RE-creation.



The Sciences are the Humanities

An idea is to a Man as a Religion is to Mankind, or:

Idea/Man = Religion/Culture

Realize that languages are imprecise and faulty and any number of self-referencing systems can be devised.

Some of the "belief systems" or "logical systems" that are already invented are called: arithmetic, mathematics, trigonometry, calculus, geometry, democracy, capitalism, totalitarianism, socialism, religion, science, governments, countries, civilizations, ideologies, etc. Pick the best for your purposes.

Realize that governments are created because of fear people have of the environment thus, in order for governments to continue to exist, they must continue to create that which brought them into existence - fear.

Flow should be regulated at the source, not mid stream.

War is the discharge of potential flows, gone kinetic, and is its own enemy.

Banking and saving institutions cause war for their benefit.

Individuals who are rich inflow more than they outflow.

Individuals who are poor inflow less than they out flow.

Riches are defined as the control of the flow of some energy (money, connections, knowledge, sex, water, electricity, gold, communication channels, press, ideas, pleasure, pain, light, sound, fear, enlightenment), and such directed to a common holding point or relatable points.

Every Being in a given Universe resonates with one "specific frequency" traversing that Universe and this specific frequency forms the potential difference between this Universe and the adjacent Universes. The potential causes creation.

The "Specific Frequency" in the Physical Universe is called the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

A flow can only be balanced by an exact flow of similar kind.

A river of water can only be balanced by a river of water.

A river of electrons (a wire) can only be balanced by a river of electrons.

Attempt to balance a higher frequency flow with a lower frequency flow will cause the higher frequency flow to degrade.

The word "Universe" and the word "God" are the same thing. A study of the Universe is a study of God.

The flow of ideas and knowledge cannot be balanced by the flow of money.

Charging or paying for ideas with currency or matter causes the ideas to degrade to the frequency of currency or matter, hence all such ideas eventually become matter.

Ownership = Declaration + Force

Ownership is neither bad nor good

The purpose of ownership is to control the flow of matter

An idea transmits through a Universe faster than matter, electricity or light because every idea is already everywhere all the time. The process of cogniting, or reality, is a selective unveiling of all supreme existence (knowledge) for the purpose of experiencing motion, also known as time.

An idea is transmitted to all intelligence tuned to the frequency of the idea at the moment the idea is recognized and there is no distance, in spatial terms, acknowledged by any idea or memory.

An idea will transmit broadband or narrow band to the degree it is on the threshold of a broadband or narrow band mass reception.

Your current thoughts are modified by all the thoughts of the beings that are thinking about your thoughts in present time.

Anyone who detains, stops or reroutes a natural flow becomes the original channel of the flow itself and eventually loses all energy gained by doing the above to maintain the new channel.

Energy in the Physical Universe is free because it is a reciprocal entity of space.

Any man, organization or entity that continues to charge for energy once the debts of research, development and implementation are repaid, in original denominations, is a liability to the Planet's inhabitants and culture.

Any and all energy contains a constructive and destructive use and both are a matter of opinion.

The suppression of newly discovered energy sources, as justified by the fear that such will be used to destroy, will result in the exact destruction that is attempted to be avoided.

War on the Planet Earth is caused by the suppression of energy sources by relatively small groups of individuals who seek to gain ownership over the sources of energy for the purpose of enforcing their own ideologies, religions, cultures or types of developed and cultivated pleasure - oblivious and/or uncaring about the outer environment and at the expense of the outer environment.

The more you communicate the better people know you. The better people know you the more they realize that you are different from them. The more they realize your differences, the more they realize you are not like them. The more they realize you are not like them the more they are attracted to you in a negative way - they dis like you but have to have you. They have to have you to either 1) avoid you, 2) change you or 3) become you.

The act of disliking something is not necessarily the same as not admiring or not respecting something.

Negative attraction is the phenomenon of slowing to look at an accident or watching the O.J. Simpson case unfold on TV. The person watching the accident watches it to assure himself that it is truth - that it can and does happen. Now, knowing this, he seeks to change himself, his driving habits, to avoid having it happen to himself. The person watching the O.J. Simpson trial is interested in blood and murder. One only absorbs that which is a harmonic of their core beingness, hence that person who avidly watches blood and murder is trying to avoid being a murderer or trying to become a murderer - possibly without being caught.

Air is only free because no one has figured out how to charge for it. If a method of charging for air could be devised, there are those mentalities that would meter and charge for it.

The same goes for sunlight.

Air, sunlight, water and electricity should be free to all consumers.

A national debt is inversely proportionate to the cost of energy. I.E.

Debt = 1/Ecost
The suppression of energy flow, call it Factor S, is equal to the amount of cumulative interest owed to all banking institutions in a given economy - national or worldwide - by the consumers of the energy flow.

Power organizations that cause factor S to continue "employ" covertly and overtly:

  • Bankers
  • Historians
  • Economists
  • Philosophers
  • Evangelists
  • Lexicographers
  • Authors
  • Producers
  • Secret Police
  • Brokers
  • Psychiatrists
  • Politicians
  • Agents
  • Pharmacists

By "employ" it is meant, flow money to.

To the degree a world population can be kept in confusion, through drug and alcohol addiction, poor education, assaults on moral, sexual diseases, taxation, war, inflation and religion, it can be marshalled and manipulated.

By allowing, and encouraging, random ideas to flow into a society, a white noise of confusion is allowed to exist. An example of this is allowing many CONSPIRACY THEORIES to exist and flourish. Obfuscates the real ones, if any.

Positive advancement and retardation occur from this white noise.

Neither communism or capitalism work and both will inevitably fail - communism first, capitalism second. Socialism is just a less aggressive version of communism, thus it will fail just after communism.

Pure Democracy, does work, but if it ultimately creates leaders that retain the data and understanding levels only necessary to be a member of the general population - then it will fail third because of lack of ability to use many minds to resolve complex problems. It's not what the people want for their districts and world - it's how they can get it (without hurting others and the environment) that counts. In an infinite Universe it is all available - and everybody wants it all - it's how to make it happen that should be the focus of a democratic genius.

Communism and Capitalism have nothing to do with Democracy. Capitalism is nothing more than a sophisticated game of crap. Old men who have lost their ability to do real work and create real products, spend each business day betting on the productivity and energy of the younger, more idealistic people in the entrepreneurial ranks and workforce. It's currently called the "Stock Market." Whole ideologies and subcultures have developed around it to attempt to satisfy greed and eradicate risk.

Volumes could be written about that one word: Risk. Basically the expression of risk is the expression of cowardice. You know this from childhood. A daredevil walks along the high ledge, risks falling, to show that he or she is not a "scardy-cat" - not a coward.

Investors, for the most part, are concerned with risk hence to that degree are cowards. They are scardy-cats. Now too old to take risks, they bet on the risks taken by younger boys - the entrepreneurs.

These investors may be scardy-cats because they have been beaten down once too many times by an unfair, insane economic system - such as the one you live in and one you allow to exist.

So all the old boys on the market floor - betting against each other in the buying and selling of securities - is a sad and sorry sight really once you know what it really is - an entire socio/economic system to seek greed while avoiding risk. Little of this has anything to do with creating products or services that directly benefit people.

If a few young entrepreneurial slaves look like they are going to be creating a cash flow, the old, coward risk-avoiding- betters, the stock-boy investors, will be right there to lay their money on that horse. This then drives the price of the stock up due to the sick law of supply and demand. Thus value - stock "value" - is created by greed. The stock value goes up, and the old boys keep it to suck off the cash flow; or they sell it to suck off the capital gain. When they sell it they flood the market with shares so the sick law of supply and demand devalues the shares so another boy, who is less willing to take a risk at a higher price, laps it up, thus creating a demand all over again.

Never save money or energy for a "Rainy" day - spend it on opportunities for those are the good days that will drown out the Rainy days eventually.

Seek pleasure with the equivalent energy you seek pain. Don't avoid pleasure. Don't avoid pain.

Communicate as much as you listen and Listen as much as you communicate.

Never assume or believe the concept or actuality of God is totally within you or totally exterior to you. Since the Universe of thought can effect matter, matter is in the Universe of thought and free-flowing ideas.

Free-flowing Ideas

An idea is a regrouping of perceptions into a recognizable communication. All people have brilliant ideas and thoughts, and each person feels that, overtly or covertly, he or she is the brightest and most intelligent. IQ is not constant. It changes throughout the hour, the day and the life of an individual.

The mind's perception oscillates from broad-band to narrow-band. This means a person's mind thinks about narrow concepts, such as their physical body, and then to broader thoughts, such as the immediate environment, the more distant environment, further into space and even the infinite. In other words self to infinite and in doing so causes insecurity to the Being having such perceptions since half are so trivial they frustrate and the other half are so universally important and brilliant the Being can't figure out which is "real" or which he or she should be thinking about. Thus this is an oscillation of thought.

The faster the oscillation, the more stable and integrated the intellect because it is possible to hold a better understanding of the relative factors pertaining to existence.

Thus intelligence is a function of this thought oscillation, thus:

o Perception of time is a function of awareness

o The more aware the Being, the faster time seems to "pass"

o The less aware the Being, the slower time seems to "pass"

o Hence velocity is a function of awareness, and

o Time and velocity are reciprocal entities. t = 1/v or v = 1/t

The rate of oscillation of the mind, from considerations of self (family, human associations) to considerations of all of it (country, planet, Universe, god), IS the frequency of the BEING.

Each Being oscillates at a distinct frequency which may have varying periods between cycles.

A cycle of awareness is "attention to self," "attention to Universe," "attention to self."

The full cycle is the "macro-frequency" of the Being.

The nuances of acceleration and deceleration towards midpoint and return of the cycle are the "micro-frequencies."

Macro-frequencies may be called "macrocognitions" and micro-frequencies can be called "microcognigitions."

Mirocognitions manifest themselves in minute to minute behavior and emotion.

Macrocognitions manifest themselves in life long behavior and general "personality."

Beingness is a combination of microcognitions, macrocognitions and genetics.

The branch of philosophy called ontology is the study of macrocognition.

Neurology is the study of microcognition, effect of - not cause of.

States of mind are caused by the following:

o Exterior frequencies focused on a Being's mind.

o Interior operating microcoghnitions.

o The Macro-cognitive Template of the Being's mind.

If you adore your mind, you adore all Creation, ipso facto, because Creation is the result of mind.

Any logical system, including all Creation, is correct to the degree it does not violate what it defines itself to be. That's why "Natural Laws" seem to exist.

To the degree any logic system further defines its existence, it subjects itself to further degrees of potential and actual inconsistency.

Since ideologies are groupings of philosophical ideas into useful units of force, all ideologies are inconsistent and illogical so long as they are comprised of symbolization (words) that evolved over distance and time.

The evolution of sounds to represent the motion of matter (words and language), Being to Being, has created the false illusion of understanding of the state of affairs of the Universe - due to the fact that words carry with them the descriptions of former states of motion that no longer are distinct components of the current state of the Universe and its total motion or state of affairs.

Therefore, any ideology, philosophy or religion dilutes in direct proportion to the degree it attempts to further define itself by means of sound and symbolization.

a) Phenomenon can only be described by language which existed prior to such phenomenon.

The action of symbolization (by audio or visual means), has limited usefulness in connecting and advancing a culture or world.

The fact that, over time, each word "grows" new meanings and definitions, proves that symbolization is virtually useless in understanding macrocosmic affairs of long duration.

Language, in order to be useful, must be re-constructed as a type of mathematics and each symbol or word can only have one exact absolute, universal, definition with a specific number of integrated, exactly defined other words - no connotations allowed.

Languages evolved due to geographic isolation and rulers (Kings) desirous of creating captive cultures so that they could maintain power over their subjects.

Governments used to propagate language barriers and differences to maintain centralized power more easily.

Interior Centralized Power is not the best method of governing.

The fairest form of government for a Planet is to divide the Planet into two (or more) Sectors: Sector A and Sector B. Sector A governs Sector A's affairs from within Sector B's borders and Sector B govern's sector B's affairs from within sector A's boarders.

Governments or Powers-that-Be "employ" lexicographers to diffuse the language and historians to reflect history in terms of the diffused language. This is the "white noise of society."

Since no accurate data about past, present and future can be transmitted, no power, other than that already established, can be transferred or transmitted through the "white noise of society" - hence - unknown to populations of a planet - they are slaves seeking freedom.

The word "freedom" and the word "new" are the two primary buttons used for the purpose of centralizing a force or group of people.

The word "freedom," and the concept of "Freedom" are imaginary concepts and "quantity" much like imaginary numbers ("i") in the field of mathematics, (they are imaginary concepts defined to exist for a useful purpose - in the case of freedom - to enslave.)

"i" can be used to compute with.

The concept of "freedom" can be used to compute with.

A product or quotient may be derived using "i."

A product (GDP) or condition may be derived using "Freedom".

Freedom cannot exist in the physical Universe as any matter is subject to the influence of other matter by physical agreement (i.e., F=ma, D=vt, P=mv, E=mc2, etc.)

In order for an idea to be free from the influence of other ideas, the purveyor or thinker must have no perception of ideas.

Therefore, to be mentally free, or spiritually (read micro cognitively) free, one must be totally unaware of any given Universe of ideas. Where U = a given Universe we get:

Freedom is proportionate to:


(Freedom) (U1) ~~ U2

Perceived Freedom in any one Universe is inversely proportionate to the collective awareness of that Universe.

A Being can focus all of its attention on one idea at a time, for however short a period of time.

When a Being feels that it is focusing all of its attention on all ideas at one time, it is actually creating a substitute for all the ideas themselves and focusing on the substitute instead of the ideas. This substitute is called a "concept."

A concept evolves into actual matter, given persistence and energy. This is the cause of the creation of physical matter and becomes a substitute for the idea itself in Time (like in Physics or in Christianity).

Time is a system itself, but we forget that often.

Matter is a substitute for an idea or a group of ideas (a concept).

An idea is a focus of attention.

Attention is the directionalization of awareness.

Awareness is the receipt of an increment of change in microcognitions (Delta Cm).

Change in microcognitions is a complex frequency that resonates with similar and identical changes in microcognitions to the degree they are identical.

Matter will form wherever attention is focused.

All matter has associated with it - electrical charge.

Electrical charge is produced by the focusing and coupling of attention scalars.

Mental charge may be released by focusing attention on a piece of matter.

Deliberating bodies, such as congresses and boards of directors, are not the optimum method of creating solutions to complex problems - because egos get in the way of logic.

Neither is an individual or small group.

The impersonal dialogues taking place on the Internet right now are the birth places of new thought because no one knows each other and each has an impersonal "handle" that makes their true identity unknown. Thus it is much easier to have no ego involved.

The reason ego is non-productive where debate is involved is this: When a person sitting at a round table, such as a board table or on a TV debate show, makes a mistake in his or her data or logical argument, that person's ego will force them to argue endlessly to justify their point event when they themselves fully know that their point has been shown to be false.

This waists the time of every body - the perpetuation of argument for the preservation of ego. But this is the state of modern deliberative bodies.

It is such a joke, that there are now endless "talk" shows on TV that have no other purpose than getting human beings egos stirred up for a display of entertainment for the ones intelligent enough to refrain from participating in such nonsense. The shows, which are run mostly during the work week afternoons and mornings, are for non-productive house-persons.

Productivity means spending time on things that make money because the money represents products that are needed and wanted by others. Spend time on things that make money, spend money on things that buy time.

Things that buy time are:

  • Proper tools
  • Clean and organized operating/production space
  • Systems to handle and care for broken tools
  • Good health, good ethics

It's easier to be just and ethical - when you have little money because money is a messy form of power. Connected with every unit of exchange (such as a Federal Reserve Note) are countless efforts, dreams, and broken dreams of other Beings not fortunate enough to be holding the unit of exchange you now have in your hand as the remains of their power.

But power facilitates creation which is cause of perfection.

For perfection is the reason for creation.

Every person you meet is a sub-plot to the story of your life.

The Life-Basis

If the common denominator of all life is the urge to survive, it's the struggle to live that underlies the urge.

Why do we struggle to survive? Because we fear death and/or enjoy life.

But why do we fear death? Because we do not generally know what it is or what happens.

Thus, if the mainstream ever solved the mystery of death - what happens for sure - the fear would be released, for knowledge can dissolve fear.

If we did not fear death, perhaps we would not struggle as much to survive, hence we would die more easily and civilization would attenuate or die out completely.

Thus, in order to live, most people in a civilization must be in mystery about death until the civilization advances to a point whereby it can provide enjoyment or enlightenment in sufficient quantities to induce beings to live for that reason alone.

The MPAA-Controlled MEDIA

Dear Michael (Moore),

The below was inspired from a paragraph in your last letter:
> Beginning Monday in Seattle, a group of men (who
> own just about everything in the world) and their
> employees -- the various heads of state from dozens
> of nations -- will gather for a three-day meeting to
> sign a trade deal that will guarantee the rich will be not
> only filthy rich, but stinking filthy rich for decades to
> come.

These folks are just moving forward with their plans to convert the planet into a one-world, high-tech totalitarian feudal society. Their instruments are:

1. The Federal Reserve Bank
2. The IMF/World Bank
3. The U.N.
4. The CFR
5. The MPAA-controlled MEDIA

In the serf system of old, you just had the masses of very poor and a few rich guys calling all the shots. We are moving into this except the rich guys will have computers in addition to whips.

To cut them off at the BALLS, you need to repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, because THIS is the on-going source of their illegal money. See http://www.cal-neva.com/frb/page01.htm to see who "them" is.

Here's how it works: The MPAA-controlled MEDIA charges huge rates for 60- and 30-second spots which would-be politicians need to air in order to get elected. In order to get the money for these spots, the would-be candidate must kiss the ass of corporate interests and the corporate interests pay to get their ass-kissing men into positions of power. Since the only way ordinary citizens can work in government is to be placed there through the corporate money being paid to the MPAA-controlled MEDIA - the government becomes filled with people who also kiss the asses of the MPAA-controlled MEDIA. One of the ways they kiss these asses is to NOT rock any boats and most of all to NOT require that ANY serious investigations be made into the quasi-private, government sanctioned banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve Bank.

Since the FED literally causes money to created out of nothing (and fiat money, money that you MUST accept for payment of debts under the legal tender laws), THIS is the government's MAIN source of ON-GOING funds - NOT taxation. Taxation only provides the INTEREST payments for the national debt - debt created by the FED and evidenced by M1 (those worthless Federal Reserve Notes). This is one of the ways the rich guys get paid.

But since the FED (and its rich guys) know that it can only convert so much debt into money in any given country (i.e., the US), they have had to go outside of the country to keep the ponzzi scheme going. But to do this they have had to form the IMF/World Bank - which is really just the FED under a new corporate name. This organization, "guided" by the "peace-keeping" motives of the UN, goes into third world countries to "help" them by lending them money - the same type of money they create out of nothing back in the US. Now more debt, the debt of other countries, can ALSO, be converted into cash, just as they do in the US. This is what is meant by monetizing debt. Why do you think those green pieces of paper we all trade ARE called Federal Reserve NOTES? -- it's because they represent the actual debt that the FED has created and "loaned" into circulation as "money." But when this new "money" is loaned into circulation, the banks get to loan it out 11 times over what they actually are required to keep in their vaults - and this is known as fractional reserve - because they are only required to keep a "fraction" of what they have - on reserve - based on the ASSUMPTION that all the people will not want to take their money out of the bank at the same time. THIS is the major crime of banking: to charge a rental fee on that which you do not own. The banks loan out and charge interest (rental fees) on money that is not ACTUALLY in their vaults (only a fraction is).

Thus, when this new money is created, it is placed into the government's bank and the government gets to be the FIRST one to spend it BEFORE it's very circulation further DILUTES the rest of the currency we all use in our daily lives. These FIRST rich guys who get to use the new money are the WAR BOYS (the boys that make lots of money extorting us with the fear and destruction of war, etc.) and secondly, the CORPORATE BOYS, mentioned above, who paid the MPAA-controlled MEDIA's tab (for the TV spots) to get their guys planted in government. This is the second ways the rich guys get paid.

Then what do all these rich guys do with all their new money, which was created out of nothing but paid for by the rest of us: they take these funds and build brand new factories all over the third world so they can a) justify getting more money out of the IMF/World Bank and b) FIRE all the employees in Flint-like places (around the US) to hire Mexicans to do the SAME work at slave-level wages. THIS is what NAFTA and GATT are all about, as Ross Perot said a million times to the asleep, prescription-drug-anesthetized American public. THIS is then another way these rich guys get paid - through the cheap labor which creates huge corporate profits at the expense of all your buddies who actually like to work hard for a fair wage and who have actually built the America these rich guys are now exploiting.

And how is this whole thing coordinated? You don't think these rich guys get together in some kind of formal meeting and PLAN all this out -- of course not - the non-mainstream media would have a field day with such a deliberating body. These rich guys coordinate most of this through informal meetings of the CFR (the Counsel on Foreign Relations), the organization that almost every elected official MUST be a member of before getting elected to US government posts. No minutes are kept but the main agenda to convert the world into a one-world, totalitarian high-tech feudal society are grooved-in.

The reason the Democratic and the Republican parties exist is simply to provide a COCK-FIGHT for the ill-informed, drug-ridden public to watch (just like football) while the real action goes on behind the scenes, and the REAL president of the United States, FED Chairmen Alan Greenspan, orchestrates and augments the above operations through members, and would-be members, of the CFR.

Now of course, realize that most of the corporations that benefit, directly or indirectly, from the fractional-money scheme above, and that in fact install our government through their control of the MPAA corporations and the CFR are part of the Rockefeller Group - which completely OWNS the PLANET EARTH. And there IS no question about this: The Rockefeller Group, directly and indirectly, OWNS this little particular planet and it is through this ownership and the indoctrination of the most respected individuals on the planet - which are, according to public survey, the MEDICAL DOCTORS (no not the lawyers or the filmmakers or the writers) -- but the MDs. By indoctrinating them into DRUG THERAPY these most-respected people on the planet earth, create THE viewpoint of biological civilization. Thus everything ultimately falls to their suggestion as exemplified by such PR slogans as "Doctor-recommended Mylanta" ... "More Dentists recommend".. "Ask your Doctor"...and all the while this false brainwashed promotion is happening, the Rockefeller Group's drug cartels are busy selling more and more prescription drugs on huge profit margins. This is another way these rich guys get paid.

And all the while these guys are getting paid for their drugs - the population is getting stupider and stupider because their minds are being eroded by prescription drugs. This makes the population more manageable to the ends of a high-tech totalitarian feudal civilization. These folks certainly don't need any more people like me writing letters like this one and any one who comes along and tries to knock out any of the above pillars 1 - 5 of above, is a potential trouble source - and this of course is one of the reasons why certain groups and people as well as those advocating Laetrile (Vitamin B-17) have been pooh poohed the past decades by the establishment.

So really, to be off doing anything else to "make the world a better place" is quite frivolous when one is confronted with the interlocking dimensions of the establishment's cornerstones. It just WON'T happen unless the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 is repealed and the government is forced to earn its money through honest taxation by serving the legitimate needs of the people.

Looking at all of this on the bright side, one should remember that even though the Rockefeller Group owns the planet Earth – this planet IS really only ONE little tiny planet in a vast universe. Who says Mars won't be even better than the American Experiment.

James Jaeger

For more informatin and details see "The Creature From Jekyll Island" and "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin both available at http://www.realityzone.com. And no, I am not affiliated with Mr. Griffin or the Reality Zone in any way nor do I receive anything off the sale of these books.

04 December 1999

Dear Michael Moore,

I saw you on POLITICALLY INCORRECT on December 2nd and think you did very well; to paraphrase:

                             BILL MAHER
                      It's the greatest economy

                             MICHAEL MOORE
                      No, it's only good for the rich.
                      People who run GM are actually
                      socialists and want government
                      protection for everything.

                             BILL MAHER
                      Oh, Michael, you're just on the
                      far right.

                             BRIAN MANDELBRAUM
                      And why SHOULD I help the guy behind
                      me in line?  I earned my position.

                             MICHAEL MOORE
                      Because it's the Christian thing
                      to do.

                             BRIAN MANDELBRAUM
                      Well, I'm Jewish.

                              MICHAEL MOORE
                      Well that is certainly NOT a Jewish

My point: I think I can see that you may NOT be a socialist, Michael, (as my friend had accused you of being) and that you may genuinely care about the welfare of your fellow human beings -- even though many of them have been ravaged by the CAPITALIST mentality as demonstrated, not only by Brian, but others on the show, and even by some who call themselves "Christians."

With the amalgamation of each large corporation into ever larger mega-corporations, we are slowly moving, as a nation, towards SOCIALISM in the name of CALITALISM. This is something you started to underscore - but some may not quite get it - as typified by Bill Maher - who feels everything is fine "because the economy is doing so well."

Breaking this down, I would like to ask, what's the difference between:

A communist elite who, in the NAME of SOCIALISM, ran the former USSR by confiscating all private property and placing the means of production under a central government AND a residue of a few mega-corporations whose stockholders and managers, in the NAME of CAPITALISM, own and control more powerful means of production INCLUDING 80% of the wealth in the U.S. today? The often discussed wealth disparity.

The calculus of extrapolating these developments to their limit amounts to COMMUNISM created through the ideal of CAPITALISM via the mechanism of SOCIALISM. However, what we are headed for now is even WORSE than communism because at least in COMMUNIST countries the PEOPLE, as a whole, owned the means of production through their government. What we are headed for today gives an ELITE, which is not representative of the "people," OWNERSHIP and CONTROL over, not only the MEANS of production, but the FRUITS of production as well. This is a VERY serious situation and it has a name: HIGH-TECH TOTALITARIANISM.

My argument here is NOT that there is anything wrong with CAPITALISM. Benevolent CAPITALISM, which fosters free enterprises and competition is fine - but this is NOT what we have in America today. We have SOCIALISM sneaking in through the back door in the name of CAPITALISM making a mockery of our Founding Fathers' intentions and writings.

To the degree mega-corporations form, not least amongst them are the banks (who derive such acquisition capital for such things as insurance companies and brokerage houses from their unethical fractional reserve banking practices), we are setting the stage for a one-world, feudal, high-tech TOTALITATIAN civilization which violates one of natures prime tenants - that of redundancy.

If you have a world that operates under one high-tech totalitarian system and that system crashes - the world crashes. Such a crash could throw the work of the world's most important people (the philosophers, cosmologists, techys, poets and thinkers) back by 5,000 years or more - all because of a management screw up by a bunch of greedy businessmen who do not comprehend the important things in life.

Keeping a world with redundant management systems (i.e., governments) is WISE. It is even wiser to place each government into competition with each other to see which one can better-serve the needs of its people. Maybe it is not necessary to have several hundred sovereignties in the world - but there should be at least 12 - all spaced out in geographically distinct locations around the planet and so that at least ONE will always have the Season of Spring just upon it.

What we really have going on in political circles is well-meaning and good people with a lot of misplaced emotion and blame. In a genuine effort to help the poor and down-trodden, many, such as yourself, are calling upon the government to help them - to prevent runaway employment - to provide health care for all. This, in essence, is a DEMOCRATIC view. Others say, no, if you help the poor and down-trodden you will only serve to weaken them - everybody is responsible for where they are in life - we live in a country of opportunity and free (market) enterprise so there is no need for me to help the person standing in line behind me when they should help themsel3ves. The proof of this and that CAPITALISM works is: look how well the economy is doing. This, in essence, is a REPUBLICAN view.

Screenwriter-Political Philosopher, Kenneth Gullekson sums it up this way:

If the FED weren't controlling the economy and squeezing the populace of their hard-earned money, and if the economy were operating on a constitutional basis, the "poor and down-trodden" would represent an exceedingly small percentage of our populace -- MUCH smaller than it is today -- and consist of only those who truly have some limitation that keeps them from functioning in society. It would not include those able bodies who are currently part of the "poor and down-trodden" simply because they are the victims of the control and squeeze exercized by the FED. So the REPUBLICAN ideal would be working for the majority of the current "poor and down-trodden" and they would be prosperous, and the few remaining "poor and down-trodden" would be truly deserving of the charity offered by the DEMOCRATS. It all starts with the FED.

Essentially, all of society's problems are the result of the operation of the FED.

Also, don't forget the term "democracy" being used to describe this nation, which is, in fact, a republic ("democracy" doesn't appear anywhere in the Constitution). Stalin re-defined "democracy" to equate to "communism," and that's what is meant when our politicians use the term "democracy."

The Republican and Democratic (the REPUBLICRATS) views DO represent both sides of the political spectrum - however these two views are extremist and they miss the larger picture - that this very argument is setting the groundwork for our slide into high-tech TOTALITARIANISM, as above described, and this cock-fight takes attention off the REAL culprits who are behind it and who ALWAYS benefit from conflict - the international banks.

The distilled merits the RepubliCrats argue ARE good: it IS wise and ethical to help people get started, or who are down -- and, yes, people SHOULD have the opportunity to rise to greater heights on their own and on a fair playing field - but both sides of this equation need to be brought into balance without the need for some central global human authority - such as the CFR or the UN and its treasury department, the IMF, which bribes the "loyalty" of the poor and down-trodden through lines of credit backed by nothing but thin air and mathematical witchcraft.

We have now come to a place in the civilization of our little planet where we have to look at a government as just ANOTHER corporation. After all, many of the world's largest corporations are already much larger than many of the world's governments. If things keep going the way they are, it won't be long before one, or an aggregate, of the mega-corporations on the planet are larger and more powerful entities than even the United States government - specifically the Microsoft Corporation. And I believe we have already covertly passed this point, and it is now only a matter of time before many realize it.

The two things that have cropped up that may throw a wrench into the slide towards a high-tech, totalitarian feudal civilization are a) the Internet's ability to allow the world's people to freely communicate, co-create and vent age-old hostilities and b), the advent of intellectual property as king.

The quick rise of the Microsoft Corporation out of thin air is the most obvious substantiation of intellectual property's new sovereignty. The REAL alarm connected with the alleged Microsoft "monopoly" is not coming from its customers, the public-at-large or the technical community - it's coming from the mega-corporations whose main assets were derived from centuries of brick and mortar-type commerce. These folks, seeing what they perceive as some threatening writing on the wall, have purchased and are USING the U.S. Justice Department (and other high-tech plaintiffs, such as Netscape Communications and brick & mortar-based IBM), in an attempt to bring Microsoft into their industrial-revolution-based orbit of control. But this is a problem for them. (Every time I see the world's richest man, entrepreneur-intellectual property-grown Bill Gates, get together with the world's SECOND richest man, fundamentalist-investor, brick and mortar-grown, Warren Buffet, I can't help thinking that somehow Warren is acting as sort of a cult deprogrammer for the establishment, working desperately to reel in Bill, this young intellectual-property hippie, so that he will "properly" conform to the dictates of traditional world control/domination as his predecessors, John Rockefeller, Adolph Hitler, Alan Greenspan, Josef Stalin and J. P. Morgan have all done in the past.)

                             BARBARA WALTERS
                      Oh come on Bill, when are you
                      going to donate $1 billion the UN like
                      Ted did?

                              BILL GATES
                          (taken back, being polite)
                      Gee, Barb, I really have to study the
                      global situation some more.  Remember,
                      I'm still only a kid.
                      Thank God!

Since Microsoft's power base was derived mainly from brain-power (i.e., intellectual assets) as opposed to chemistry/physics (i.e., brick & mortar assets) - their economic base is NOT as dependant upon commodities (such as chemicals, steel or real estate) nor upon the corporations that have preempted their positions of global power through inorganic chemistry. (And remember, the schizophrenic IBM company, one of the plaintiffs against Microsoft WAS built primarily upon its hardware sales NOT its operating system sales - in fact IBM actually monopolized original mainframe operating systems thus forcing a bunch of Techies, who were real and benevolent CAPITALISTS, to develop an operating system called UNIX - and now today, it is no coincidence that the most reliable Internet servers run TCP/IP under the UNIX operating system and when they are not using this, they are using Hippie Bill's new intellectual property, another great operating system, called Windows NT.)

Further, the mega-corporations utilize their lapdog governments to further their totalitarian expansion, (all justified as being only benevolent "capitalism"). For instance the mega-corporate vice producers bend public policy to keep the sale of lethal drugs, such as tobacco and alcohol, legal. The government allows this because they are a major, tax-collecting partner with the tobacco and alcohol companies. For instance, a bunch of rich private bankers secretly got together in 1910 at J.P. Morgan's hunting club on Jekyll Island and plotted to sneak a bill through Congress (the Aldrich Bill) to form the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913 which was set up to "fight monopolies even though it is now the world's biggest monopoly now. The government allows this because the infinite fiat currency it creates for Congress (through the Federal Reserve System) provides the money to wage wars (with the lives of innocent boys) and for the banking elite to collect endless interest and usury, which they funnel into their mega-corporations (via "charitable" Foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation, etc.). Or, for instance, I.G. Farben, a mega-corporate chemical cartel that basically hired Adolph Hitler, and his team, to set up and run the German government under conditions that would be profitable to themselves and Standard Oil of New Jersey (one of Rockefeller's thousands of companies).

So here's the summary: While mega-corporations are, in the NAME of capitalism, systematically establishing something WORSE than communism: a high-tech, global, TOTALITARIAN environment through the use of their lapdog governments, financial institutions and covert management bodies (the US government, the FED, the IMF/World Bank, the UN, the WTO, and the CFR, respectively), the Democrats and Republicans are sitting around throwing extremist arguments at each other, (both sides having some merit) and missing the opportunity set up and ensure redundant management systems (governments) which operate in a truly competitive, free global market. Augmented by the suppression of the MPAA-controlled MEDIA (such as porno-producing Disney, who owns ABC), the mainstream public has no idea of what's going on and is slowly having its freedom and rights eroded forever or until we have a global crash, at which time we can kiss the Human race goodbye - because we will either be back in the Dark Ages or into a post-Human era where (sometime between 2005 and 2020) Artificial Intelligence (AI) computers will have taken over the function and operations of Homo Sapiens. It will be interesting (or horrifying) to see if this AI is owned and controlled by a) brick and mortar-type mega-corporations, b) intellectual property-type corporations or c) some new and unrelated entity, possibly AI itself.

                             AI SPOKESPERSON
                      Bill, Warren, Barbara, do you guys
                      have enough clout to get me on
                      Politically Incorrect?  I want to appear
                      there and try to help Michael Moore
                      and Bill Maher resolve the few remaining
                      problems facing the Human race.  


State-of-the-Union Address:

"We just had the longest stretch of prosperity ever." Bull, this is just a stretch of the imagination. The Media is up to its usual tricks pulling the wool over everyone's eyes employing the usual cast of characters, staring Clinton as the supposed President of the U.S., while the real President of the U.S., Alan Greenspan, hides in the back room along with his bevy of economic spin doctors.

Number one, the government, nor the stock market nor the Federal Reserved have anything to do with any "prosperity" - computerization is the ONLY factor. The latter are only in there sucking off it with abandon, eyes rolled back and black - like a shark tearing off a piece of raw flesh.

The government, and its cast of USUAL suspects, are just parasites on the flood of monetized dollars, now being washed through endless other countries, the reason we now HAVE to have a new "global" economy: the government can't hide the debt nor the devalued U.S. dollars in JUST the U.S. economy any longer.

And of course the media is there to help Clinton and his paymaster, Alan Greenspan, make the American People think there is NO inflation and the debt will be paid down over 12 years with a little help from their friends: devalued fiat money, IMF/World Bank, WTO and not to mention the $300 billion that Alen just printed up "in case of Y2K problems." And you know THAt cash got flooded into the economy - not put back up on the shelf for a rainy day. And who gets to use that cash first - all the people inside the beltway - of course - as USUAL.

And then they have a gall to say there is no inflation, that they are not still making our currency worthless. Here's the track record:

In the 1970's inflation was in consumer goods (toast poppers, et cetera).

In the 1980's inflation was in the real estate market.

In the 1990's inflation is in the stock market.

The perverted beauty of what the FED and MEDIA have done to pull the wool over your eyes can only be appreciated if you allow yourself to not take life very seriously. Here's the LSD trip you're are on:

They have twisted your mind on the term inflation itself. A better term is "currency dilution." Contrary to what the government-lapdog economists say, the MAJOR reason product prices rise is not because they are "getting more expensive" due to greedy labor but because the FED continues to flood the economy with more and more money. Thus it takes more dollars to purchase a given amount of product because the value of each dollar has been reduced. This is called dilution.

Thus, using the MEDIA to pin your attention to product prices as the culprit, they coined a bogus watch word, "Consumer Price Index," as the major indicator of "inflation." If the CPI rises there's inflation. If the CPI does not rise, there's no inflation. In other words, if the price of toast poppers and other consumer items does NOT rise, we have NO inflation. That's what Bill and Alen and the Media want you to believe.

As soon as computers began making it possible to produce twice as many consumer products (toast poppers) for one unit of energy (MONEY) it still took only one diluted dollar bill (but worth half its value, because the FED had flooded twice as many of them into the economy) to buy the same amount of products. In other words, computerization has made it possible to produce twice as many products for half the money. Since the money is only half as valuable (due to dilution of the money supply by the FED), the same dollar purchases the same amount of product. Thus the Consumer Price Index seems to stay the about the same thus there is "no" or "little" inflation. This is bogus economics which you are being asked to swallow.

But while this was happening in consumer goods in the 1970's, it began to take many more worthless dollars to buy a piece of land. Since computers can't make land any cheaper, we had a run up in land prices as the Baby Boomers created more demand for dollars to purchase more land. But the sick beauty of watching it take more diluted dollars to purchase a given piece of land is that fact that this gives people the ILLUSION that their homes are becoming MORE valuable, when in fact they are always becoming LESS valuable. Fact is, it is just taking more and more worthless dollars to purchase them. Since homes are subject to the general entropy of the universe like everything else, (i.e., they rot away) AND since the human race, according to real estate developers, has actually developed only 3% of the U.S. land mass, there IS no supply-side real reason homes should be more valuable. In fact they just SEEM more valuable because it now takes MORE bogus, FED-diluted dollar bills to purchase a given square foot of home.

All this bogusness must have given the FED a brilliant, but nefarious, idea towards the end of the 1980's: Why not do the same thing with the stock market as done with the real estate market. While using the MEDIA to rivet everyone's attention on the Consumer Price Index, the FED realized that they could print up even more M1 (cash) and hide its decreased value (called "inflation" remember) in products that "look good" when they seem to go "up in value." Real estate looks "good" when it goes "up in value." So do stocks. Stock, the perfect manipulative medium anyway, ALSO "looks good" when it "goes up." No one stops to think that they are just paying out more, and more, worthless (diluted) dollars for a given sheep skin (share).


In the 1970's inflation was in consumer goods (toast poppers, et cetera).

In the 1980's inflation was in the real estate market.

In the 1990's inflation is in the stock market.

This huge obfuscation of the monetizing of debt can only be carried out by the FED-injected-GOV if the MEDIA cooperates. And of course it does (for reasons explained in one of my last posts).

So the next time you hear a president say we are in the longest period of EXPANSION on record - believe it - the currency has NEVER been expanded farther, the National Debt pushed higher, and floods of newly printed (monetized) dollars reserved for the first call of about 1% of the Earth's elite population while MOST starve and literally kill each other wondering why life is so cruel.

Go see a movie called THEY LIVE. John Carpenter got it right.


You have just finished reading a work in progress, for anything I, or any Being, can think and utter is a link in the chain of all eventual understandings.

The World is a work-in-progress, because I am a part of the World.