by Whitney Starr & Jay Gordon

Copyright (c) 1993, 1996 by Whitney Starr & Jay Gordon ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Optioned by Matrixx Entertainment First Draft Screenplay

Based on a true story. FADE IN: TITLES OVER: 1985 EXT. ESTABLISHING SHOT: THE CHESTNUT CLUB on the Main Line. Saturday evening, late november, expensive cars are pulling up to the covered area as guests, very well dressed, get out and enter the building. INT. IVY LEAGUE UNIVERSITY - CLUBHOUSE. The members of the Chestnut Club are throwing a party after a football game at the Merion Tribute House. Their banner hangs over the fireplace where a fire blazes merrily. The lights are dim and couples are dancing while others stand around drinking. We catch an attractive girl passing by. KELLY ANDERS, thirty something, walks over to BRAD, a better looking guy, takes the drink out of his hand, and pulls him onto the dance floor. Pressed close together, they begin dancing. Her eyes are closed. KELLY (murmuring) I love you so much, Brad, darling. BRAD Yes, I know. Kelly, do you have any change left? KELLY Yes, several quarters. (then back to the subject) These last three months have been the happiest time of my life! BRAD Yea, we're an old married couple now. (playfully) And soon, I'll be getting the seven year itch. Kelly flinches, opens her eyes and moves back to look up at him. KELLY Oh, don't even joke about such a thing! BRAD Don't be so hyper, Kelly. You have no sense of humor. KELLY Oh, I know you'd never do anything to hurt me, Brad, darling. BRAD Yea, yea. DINO, a Senior with early developing attributes of a hood, bursts into the room and forces himself to stand still while he surveys the scenery. Spotting Brad and Kelly, he quickly goes over to them. DINO Yo, Brad, eh, Kelly. How are the newlyweds doin'? KELLY Hello, Dino. BRAD Hiya, Dino, old buddy. They slap palms. DINO Grab your drinks and let's go over there. He gestures to a deserted area of the room with a door evidently leading out to a porch. BRAD Sure. Here, Kelly, your... gingerale. Kelly giggles as Dino leads them away from the group out onto the porch. BRAD Just think, this time next year, we won't be here. We'll have graduated and be in the outside world. Me making a killing in real estate, and you, Dino, making millions marketing junk bonds. DINO Yea, I could miss the old place... (afterthought) ... if I really put my mind to it. BRAD (laughing) Or what's left of it. The both crack up, knowing what each means. Then Kelly pipes up throwing cold water on the issue. KELLY And most important, darling, this is where we met. Brad stops laughing, but Dino, turns 180 degrees to suppress an even bigger laugh, we suppose. Then, under control, he spins around, like a shifty villain and whips out a little silver pen and holds it up. DINO Hey, you guys, I have something here that'll really blow your minds! KELLY What are you talking about, Dino? Tapping the pen into his palm, a little thread of white powder streams out. DINO (Sucking it into his nose, like a drunk pig) Coke! And it's the good shit, man!!! Portable, ya know. Kelly visibly recoils, being totally naive ... KELLY We never take drugs! Not even aspirin. ...And looks over at Brad, who must "agree"... BRAD Yea, it really destroys...ah... your mind - mentally and physically. He does the other nostril, by coolly pressing the calf of his hand up to shut off the air from the first nostril. DINO (sarcastically) Well, pardon me! Then, as he puts the pen back into his pocket, his demeanor becomes more serious, as he looks at Kelly: DINO Is it cool? BRAD Kelly, would you please excuse us? Kelly doesn't know how to look, standing there, semi-startled. BRAD Kelly, would you go over and sit by the fire. KELLY Okay, darling. Dino watches her ass she walks away. DINO Nice girl, that wife of yours. BRAD (unenthusiastically) Yea. Now closely eying Brad, Dino takes a swig of his beer. DINO You have a job when you graduate? BRAD Yea, Bailey Real Estate, NYC. DINO Good and firm... Some tough compy though... Fierce... especially New York. BRAD Yea, but that's where the big money is, and since Kelly and I are from the New York suburbs, we want to be near our family and friends. DINO (laughs) Start in sales, slave away for that gold watch. The old 40 year plan. BRAD (cocky) Yea, but I'll make it to the top. DINO Oh, sure, eventually, but in the beginning it will be thin. BRAD (slightly defensively) I'll get by on Kelly's salary. She's gonna to work for an advertising agency. Wondering what Dino's getting at. BRAD (knowingly) So what's the deal? Dino smiles slyly. DINO I guess you've heard rumors about me around the campus-- how my dad compiled his cashiesh? BRAD (cautiously) I've heard some rumors. DINO It's true. BRAD You serious...? Dino cuts in quickly... DINO Yea. ...and looks around at a cute girl passing in the background. After a five second pause: BRAD Why are you telling me this? DINO I have a proposition I wanna make you... or rather Dad wants to make you. Brad tenses. BRAD Your father? DINO Yea, my father. Dino sips his drink, but his eyes never leave Brad's face. DINO A lot of money can be made in dealing. BRAD (carefully) So I understand. DINO And it's becoming very respectable business... mark my words cocaine will eventually be legalized... along with pot... (as a side note) and these mad mothers are shot. Dad wants to expand to better service the expanding market. BRAD Okay. DINO The only problem is, right now, the law is watching him like a hawk. That is where you come in. BRAD Why me? DINO Dad likes you. You have friends. He's known you since you grew up. You're not stupid. BRAD Well he certainly has gone out of his way to make me feel welcome every time I've been over. DINO (almost overselling) Dad thinks you'd be a good businessman. But most important, you're refined. There's an air about you, a manner. You make a good appearance. (laughing in fun) In fact, you're quintessal Yuppie, but more savvy than most. Dino pauses to crush his finished beer can on his chest. DINO Like the guy that invented aluminum. They laugh and start walking off the porch. TRACKING AND TALKING: DINO After graduation, he wants to set you up in that real estate business... just like you planned... only in the Philadelphia area, you could live on the rich Main Line, with an easy commute. They walk a few steps and Dino stops by the door of a little outside steam bath. DINO But it would only be a front ... for marketing that hot "property". (smiles like a mini-devil) Comprehendo Senior? INT. HOT TUB GAZEBO BRAD Yea, all those house buying Yuppie Baby Boomers dying for the Toot-toot train to take them away from their fat board existence. They laugh. Dino starts stripping off his cloths, down to his shorts and jumps into the water. DINO Naturally. But be assured, it may be risky if you're caught, you might have to share some of the product with the judge. BRAD And there could be a 24 hour jail sentence. Brad follows suit, (or should we say de-suit) and jumps in laughing on the line: DINO With no room service. INT. PARTY Kelly is standing there holding a gingerale looking lost or single. We hear MUSIC playing in the background, almost as if the SOUNDS ARE FAR AWAY as Kelly's consciousness of the party - her attention being on Brad's absence. INT. HOT TUB GAZEBO Almost frolicking now, the two with their budding deal parameters. BRAD ... but you're his son, why doesn't he set you up in the business. DINO Because of the very fact that I am his son, the fuzz would be watching my every move. I'd never be able to get away with anything. But you, they'd never suspect. Dad thinks you'd be very successful... Dino smirks sardonically. DINO ...I mean, you made such a fuss when I offered you some coke earlier in front of your wife. BRAD (cutting in quickly) Just because I don't do drugs myself, doesn't mean that I wouldn't sell them. I'll be glad to work for your father. DINO That's what I thought. Dad will be very pleased. BRAD Something just occurred to me, Dino. Why were you so sure that I'd accept your offer. Lots of guys wouldn't. DINO Let's just say that Dad and I are good judges of character. One thing, though: Kelly shouldn't know about this... she'd obviously not dig it. BRAD Right there... she's such a square. No, I won't tell her. DINO You can say that Dad wants to back you in your own real estate business, and he'll be a limited partner. She'd swallow that, wouldn't she? BRAD Yes, Kelly is the most trusting, gullible chick I've ever met. DINO Dad will get in touch with you real soon. He climbs out of the hot tub. DINO And now let's join the other half. Oh, by the way, Kelly won't have to work now. She can start having babies right away. BRAD That'll please her. She's dying to start a family. INT. PARTY Several guys have grown around Kelly and are attempting to make conversation. Adlib conversation as Brad and Dino walk up. BRAD Wonderful news, Kelly. Brad looks around at the guys, who mill away, and then, close to Kelly's ear. BRAD Dino's father has offered to finance our own real estate business! KELLY Darling, how wonderful? Oh, Dino, how can we ever thank you? DINO (modestly) What are friends for? But, Kelly, we've got to keep my father's involvement a secret... if anything ever went wrong... it's the deep pockets syndrome. KELLY (pretending to understand) I won't tell a soul! CLOSE UP ON BRAD & KELLY Kelly hugs Brad... KELLY Oh Darling, I'm so happy! . . . as the CAMERA pulls back wide, we see that they are in a beautiful modern real estate office. Continuing to pull back showing busy people running around handling the daily business affairs, CAMERA pulls out through the window revealing that the "real estate" office is in an expensive, sleek Philadelphia skyscraper. BACKGROUND MUSIC FROM the PARTY, fully orchestrates and accentuates the grandeur of the panorama. MONTAGE: EXT. LARGE, VERY ATTRACTIVE, EMPTY HOUSE. A REAL ESTATE PERSON is showing the house to the Anders. They enter. Kelly is visibly excited, laughs and jumps around, kisses Brad. EXT. THE HOUSE. Kelly and Brad are moving in. A moving van is in the background. INT. BRAD'S OFFICE. Brad is talking into the phone. He has a road map at hand and he gestures to Florida. INT. JEWELRY STORE. Kelly is examining expensive jewelry. Brad watches smugly. INT. VACANT APARTMENT Piles of cocaine are being separated and packaged. Three half asleep teenagers are preparing bags. EXT. ANDERS HOUSE. Brad is in the driveway, washing his BEIGE PORCHE, as Kelly drives up in her DARK BLUE MERCEDES laden with packages from her shopping spree. LAVISH PARTY CLOSE UPS Guests arriving to valet parking, waiters serving champagne out of silver cut glass... trays of hors d'oeuvres being passed.. guests clad in evening clothes dancing to a baby orchestra. INT. BRAD'S OFFICE. A File drawer slams closed, bringing the earlier montage to a jolt. Brad walks over to his desk with a Magical Mystery Tour Album and pulls out the dust cover. We see tiny columns of figures written on it. EXT. THE ANDERS' HOUSE. ELEVEN YEARS LATER. Kelly and Brad are still living in their lovely home in the exclusive Philadelphia suburb. As Kelly comes out of the house, her walk is lively and she is all smiles as she hops in the MEDCEDES and drives away. EXT. DRIVING THROUGH TOWN Kelly arrives in the business section of town and pulls up to the office building where the car is taken by an ATTENDANT. INT BUILDING Out of the elevators Kelly walks down the elegant office wide hall, furnished with antique tables and gold incandescent lamps the huge double mahogany doors of ANDERSON REALITY. She throws them open and swings inside, past a gorgeous RECEPTIONIST sitting at a white marble desk in front of a field of blood red wallpaper. TRACKING: We follow Kelly through real nice offices, past a LAWYER yelling into the phone about "fiduciary responsibility", an OFFICE CLERK standing at a xerox machine and two SECRETARIES passing with folders talking. BRAD'S OUTER OFFICE Kelly comes in the door and is greeted by Brad's personal secretary, JOANNA. KELLY Hello, Joanna. JOANNA Hello, Mrs. Anders. Your husband is just finishing with a client. I'll buzz to let him know you're here. She presses a button on the phone, and while waiting... KELLY Brad's going to buy me a new fur coat for my birthday! JOANNA You're one lucky lady, Mrs. Anders. Kelly smiles softly in acknowledgement as... The door to Brad's office flies open, and Brad and a big GANGSTER TYPE MAN come blasting out, evidently animated by the blow. Brad is so into his dealings that he sails right by Kelly to show his "Client" out. The phone at Joanna's desk continues to ring through out and she tells everyone that "No Mr. Anders is in a meeting, can I take a message." Then, after the Client has gone, Brad notices Kelly, who is staring right at him. KELLY What a tough looking guy! He really seems out of place in this neighborhood. Is he in the market for a house? BRAD (curtly) Yes. He takes Kelly by the arm and abruptly changes the subject. BRAD Come on, let's go get that mink. They're expecting us. I told them we only want the best. He turns to Joanna, winks so Kelly can't see. BRAD I won't be back until tomorrow. JOHN I'll hold the fort. Have fun, you two. BRAD (touch of sarcasm) Oh we will. Kelly and Brad exit the office. EXT. AN EXCLUSIVE PHILADELPHIA FURRIER. Kelly and Brad pull up in front of it. A PARKING ATTENDANT comes over to them. PARKING ATTENDANT Good afternoon, Mr. Anders, Mrs. Anders. BRAD Hello, Bill. BILL I'll take the car for you, Mr. Anders, sir. An ARMED GUARD greets them and unlocks the front door, allowing them to enter. INT. THE STORE The shop is luxurious. More armed GUARDS are on the balcony, keeping an eye out for thieves. The STORE OWNER hurries over to greet the Anders. STORE OWNER (fawning all over them) Mr. and Mrs. Anders! How very nice to see you! BRAD Hello, Mr. Rice. Amidst much bowing and scraping on Mr. Rice's part, they all shake hands. MR. RICE This way, please. They follow him a short distance. He snaps his fingers haughtily. MR. RICE Bill! Bill! BILL, a salesman, hurries up. MR. RICE Bill, show Mr. and Mrs. Anders our coats... our best coats. BILL Yes, sir! Mr. Rice turns to the young couple. MR. RICE There are minks, and there are minks... but then there are MINKS. As he whips back the curtains to display a raft of outrageous mink coats. He takes one off the hanger and shows it to them reverently. BILL This is a dark wild mink, a female one. That's the best kind. BRAD Yes, very nice, but show us some others. Brad notices his beeper is ringing. BRAD Excuse me, do you have a payphone? BILL Certainly, sir, right over there. As he rushes off: BRAD Show Kelly some others. BILL Certainly, Sir. He drapes the coat over a chair and reaches for another. KELLY (suddenly) That white coat! What is it? BILL It's a white mink, Mrs. Anders. Most unusual! KELLY I've never heard of white mink! May I see it, please? BILL But of course! He takes the white mink off the hanger and helps Kelly into it. Excitedly, Kelly looks at herself in the mirror, twisting and turning. KELLY Oh, it's lovely! Don't you think so. Brad hustles back over, but seems pre-occupied. KELLY Brad, isn't it beautiful? Brad. dear? He finally hears her. BRAD Yes. Oh, Sure do. MR. RICE If I may say so, Mrs. Anders, you look simply gorgeous in that coat. BILL Yes, indeed you do, Madam. MR. RICE Isn't it becoming to her, Mr. Anders? BRAD It sure is. Ladies always have a special glow when they're in mink. Kelly stops admiring herself in the mirror... pauses for a thought ... decides... KELLY Darling, I want this one! BRAD (surprised) But don't you want to see the others? KELLY No! I have three other minks, but this one is special! Oh, please, darling, let me have this! BRAD (magnanimously) If that's your choice, of course, I'll buy it for you. He turns to Mr. Rice. BRAD How much is it? MR. RICE. Only $25,000. A real bargain! KELLY (crestfallen) So much? We'd better not get it. BRAD (briskly) Of course, we'll get it. Kelly lets out a squeal of delight. Mr. Rice and Bill are smiling broadly. MR. RICE You've made an excellent choice, Mrs. Anders. BRAD (reaching for his wallet) How much is that with tax? MR. RICE $26,500. (noticing that Brad has taken out his wallet) Are you going to write a check instead of charging it, sir? BRAD No, I'm going to pay cash. Mr. Rice and Bill are aghast. MR. RICE Cash! BRAD (very amused) Yep, cash. He counts out the money to the stunned Mr. Rice. MR. RICE I'll make you out a receipt. It won't take but a moment. BRAD (carelessly) Mail it to me. MR. RICE Certainly, Mr. Anders. Shall I have it wrapped, Mrs. Anders? KELLY Oh, no, I want to wear it! BILL (looking noticeably uncomfortable) But-- Mr. Rice frowns at him, and Bill falls silent. A jubilant Kelly hugs Brad. KELLY Darling, how can I ever thank you? Brad smirks. BRAD Anything that makes you happy, is thanks enough. Happy Birthday, Kelly. KELLY Oh, darling, you're the most wonderful husband a girl ever had. I'm so happy. BRAD Glad to hear it. He takes her by the elbow. BRAD We'd better be heading home, Kelly, and maybe stop off somewhere for dinner. MR. RICE Thank you, Mr. Anders, Mrs. Anders. I know you'll love that coat. Kelly nods happily. BRAD Bye for now. MR. RICE AND BILL (Almost simultaneously) Goodbye and thank you. They gaze after the departing couple, then look at each other. After a pause: BILL Sir, did you realize there was a flaw in the lining of that coat? MR. RICE Yes, of course, I was aware there was a flaw. But if the Anders knew, they might not have bought it. Mr. Anders is so fussy--only wants the best. But don't worry, they won't notice. Only a trained eye could detect the flaw. BILL Yes, I'm sure you're right. EXT. EXCLUSIVE PHILADELPHIA FURRIERS. CAMERA pans with Brad and Kelly as they exit the Furriers, she in the mink, hanging on Brad's arm and looking up at him with an adoring expression. INT MERCEDES- NIGHT -RAINING. Wipers going, soft background lights shining through the droplets and mist on the windshield. Kelly sits in her mink, half dreaming, as she drives home. KELLY Oh, Brad, darling, that white mink is just exquisite! You're so good to me! BRAD (smirking) Well, I try to be, Kelly. I always want to be proud of my wife--make sure she makes a good impression. Smiling fondly, Kelly looks over at Brad. The car phone RINGS. Brad answers. BRAD Hello. (beat) Okay, I'll call you. Two minutes. Hangs up, looks out window to passing phone booth. BRAD Honey, would you mind pulling up to that pay phone. EXT. CITY STREETS - PAY PHONE She pulls over, Brad jumps out. Takes the phone. Talks for less than 20 seconds and gets back in the car. INT. CAR Kelly continues driving, not really paying much attention to what had just happened. After a pause. KELLY You're such a wonderful husband, and we have such a good marriage. Everything is perfect, except-- She breaks off frowning. KELLY Except that we don't have any children. BRAD (irritably) Well, that's not my fault! I'm not sterile! KELLY (quickly) Of course, you aren't sterile. Neither one of us are. After all, the doctors said both of us were capable of having children. Again she frowns. KELLY Then I don't understand why I can't get pregnant. She reaches over and puts her hand on his arm. KELLY Naturally, I'd like to have children, darling, but the important thing is for us to be happy, and I know I am. So very happy! Brad shrugs off her hand. BRAD Obviously, you're the one who's to blame, not me. Leaning into the back seat, he opens the tantalist and makes himself a stiff drink. Kelly looks at him apprehensively, but doesn't say anything. Kelly stops at a red light. She is in the inside lane. A car driven by and ATTRACTIVE GIRL pulls up and stops along side to wait out the red light. Looking over and noticing her good looks, Brad smiles, and the girl responds by smiling back. Kelly sees this little flirtation and winces. The light becomes green, Kelly floors it off and turns to her husband. KELLY Did you have to flirt with that girl? After all, it is my birthday. BRAD (belligerently) What the hell are you talking about? KELLY You know very well what I'm talking about! That girl in the next car! I saw it all, and I'm very hurt. BRAD (furiously) That's too damn bad! KELLY (reproachfully) Oh, Brad-- BRAD How dare you criticize me! How dare you! He grows angrier. BRAD I'm sick and tired of you and your damn nagging. Do you hear that, Kelly? Sick and tired. The car phone RINGS. Brad answers. BRAD Hello. (beat) Okay, I'll call you. Two minutes. Hangs up, looks out window to passing phone booth. BRAD Honey, would you mind pulling up to that pay phone. EXT. CITY STREETS - PAY PHONE She pulls over, Brad jumps out. Takes the phone. Talks for less than 20 seconds and gets back in the car. KELLY I'm sorry, dear, I didn't mean to nag. BRAD Well, you did! You're a jealous, suspicious-minded bitch! KELLY I'm sorry I upset you, dear. Please forgive me. BRAD I don't know why I put up with you, Kelly. I really don't. KELLY (cringing) Oh, please, let's not quarrel, dear. Please! Please! BRAD Shut up! And pull over to the pavement. I'm getting out! KELLY (by now very alarmed) Oh, Brad, you can't mean that! BRAD Pull over, I said! Or I'll jump out here and now. Too frightened not to obey, she does as he wants. Brad flings the door open and gets out. KELLY Please, darling, get back in! BRAD Shut up! EXT STREET - NIGHT - LIGHT DRIZZLE Brad gets out on the sidewalk. Kelly looks at him in despair as if to ask him to be reasonable. Brad turns and walks. She pauses and then drives along side. This goes on for about fifty feet - and then Kelly - speeds off - probably in tears or anger. INT. NIGHT CLUB Close up on $100 dollar bill, CAMERA pulls back to reveal Brad sitting at the end of a long bar. The bartender, DIANE, a flashy blonde, comes over and smiles. DIANE Hi! What can I get you? Glum and preoccupied, Brad doesn't notice her sensational looks. BRAD A martini, very dry, straight up. DIANE Twist or olive? Brad shrugs. BRAD Who cares? Diane raises her eyebrows and walks off to make the drink. As she prepares the martini, she keeps glancing at Brad. Obviously, she is attracted to him. A WAITRESS comes over to her. WAITRESS Diane, is my order ready yet? DIANE (pointing to the drinks) Yeah, there they are. The waitress puts the drinks on her tray. DIANE See that guy over there? Waitress turns and looks. WAITRESS Yeah. DIANE He's kinda cute. WAITRESS Now don't get any ideas, Diane. Anyone that handsome is bound to be married. Diane merely grins and continues staring at Brad, as the waitress picks up her tray of drinks and walks off. Diane finishes mixing the martini and brings it over to Brad. She hands it to him with a flourish. DIANE Here you are, hon. Brad takes a big swig of the martini. Trying to get his attention, Diane leans over on the counter, revealing a lot of cleavage. DIANE Things can't be that bad. BRAD Huh? DIANE You look like you lost your last friend. For the first time, Brad really notices her. He peers down her dress and smiles. BRAD Will you be my friend? DIANE (archly) I have enough friends already. BRAD How about a rich one? DIANE That's a good approach--bringing money into it. BRAD Well, after all, money turns women on, doesn't it? DIANE (giggles) We'll see. DISSOLVE TO: Several empty glasses. Diane comes up. DIANE Last call for alcohol, hon. Don't you have a home to go to? BRAD Would you give me a lift home, I don't have a car. DIANE (sarcastically...) How convenient! (...but playing along) Besides, what would your wife think? BRAD What makes you think I have a wife? DIANE (sarcastically) None of 'em do. Brad laughs. DIANE You had a fight with her, and that's why you're here. BRAD How could you tell? DIANE I work here - ya know. BRAD You're right. I got mad at her, I jumped out of the car and here I am. DIANE You mean you really don't have a car? BRAD Would I lie to a complete stranger? INT. BEDROOM - NIGHT A distraught Kelly is lying in bed. She glances at the clock and sees it's 4:25AM. She flops onto her other side and sits up. KELLY (moaning) Where is he? Where is he? Oh, God, please make him come home soon. She pulls a tissue from its box, wipes her eyes, blows her nose, then lies back in bed. Suddenly car lights flash from outside. Quickly and stealthily, Kelly hurries to the window and peaks out. EXT. THE DRIVEWAY. Diane's car is parked there. The door opens and Brad gets out. He walks around to the driver's side, leans in to talk. BRAD It's been heaven, Diane. DIANE For me, too, hon. BRAD I'll call you tomorrow. No, it's tomorrow already. I'll call you this afternoon. DIANE Be sure you do that, Brad. You're really my type. BRAD You're mine, too, Diane. POINT OF VIEW (POV) SHOT FROM KELLY'S WINDOW Brad leans closer and kisses her. She drives off, leaving Brad standing there in the driveway. INT. THE BEDROOM. Kelly lets the curtain flop closed and hurries back to bed to pretends to be asleep. In a few seconds, Brad enters the room, but doesn't turn on the lights. BRAD (softly) Kelly? She does not answer him. Brad looks relieved and goes into the bathroom. Kelly lies in bed on her side, looking very sad, as tears trickle down her cheeks. DISSOLVE TO: INT. ANDERS' KITCHEN - SEVERAL MONTHS LATER. The affair between Brad and Diane has been going on for months now. Kelly is making a meal, Brad is on the phone. After a few minutes he hangs up and walks out of the kitchen. Suddenly the phone rings again. Kelly goes over and picks it up. KELLY Hello. Diane is on the other end. DIANE Could I speak to Brad? Kelly's face tightens. KELLY Just a moment, please. (calling) Brad, it's for you. BRAD (VO) Okay, I'll take it in the den. KELLY (into the phone) He'll be there in a second. Kelly, waits, holding the receiver. BRAD (VO) (calling from the den) Okay, I got it. INT. DEN Inter cut Brad and Dianes' conversation. BRAD Hello? DIANE It's me! Brad looks angry. BRAD I told you never to call me here! DIANE (sarcastically) What's the matter, lover? 'Fraid your wife will get suspicious? BRAD Leave my wife out of this. DIANE Have you told her about us yet? She didn't act a bit suspicious when I talked to her just now. BRAD We've been over that, Diane. You know very well that I'm not going to leave Kelly. DIANE But it's okay to hurt me! BRAD You've known from the start that I was married--that I never had any intention of getting divorced, and that we were in this just for the kicks. DIANE Okay; you wanna play that way. (after a beat) I know about the drugs! BRAD I don't do drugs. DIANE No, but you sell them! After a pause: BRAD Diane, would you meet me someplace so we can talk? DIANE (sharply) What's to talk over? Just ask for a divorce! BRAD I will, but first there's a few things you and I have to discuss. DIANE Like what? BRAD Well--er--legal things about the house and money and stuff that you should know about before I ask Kelly for a divorce. But it can't be done over the phone. We'll have to meet somewhere. DIANE (sharply sarcastic) Your place or mine, hon? CLOSE UP OF KELLY Kelly has been secretly listening in on the extension. Her eyes widen in disbelief. BRAD Look, you know where the Plaza Court Apartments are? DIANE Yeah. BRAD Meet me there in the under- ground garage in ten minutes. We'll leave your car and go out for dinner. DIANE Okay. (pauses) Brad, baby, you're not mad at me, are you? For putting the pressure on, I mean. BRAD Of course not, you know how much I love you. DIANE I love you, too, Brad. BRAD Okay, then I'll see you shortly. DIANE Okay. INT. THE KITCHEN. Numb with shock, Kelly sets down the receiver and clasps hands to her mouth. Then, realizing the Brad might come into the kitchen, she opens the refrigerator. Brad enters the kitchen. KELLY Oh darn it, Brad... we're out of salad dressing... I'm going to make a run over to WAWA. Mouth open, just about to say some thing, he aborts. BRAD Oh, okay. Kelly picks up her handbag and hurries out. INT. UNDERGROUND GARAGE, PLAZA COURT APARTMENTS - NIGHT Kelly's Mercedes pulls into the garage and parks in the back. She gets out cautiously and walks between some parked cars, keeping low. Almost instantly, Brad's PORCHE pulls in and parks - face out. INT. PORCHE Brad sits back and closes his eyes for a second; then opening the consul, he pulls out a GUN and gently lays it on the seat next to him. His expression is grim. PARKING LOT Kelly is moving between the cars with tears in her eyes. It is not apparent where she is going and maybe she doen't even know. ANGLE ON DIANE'S CAR Diane drives into the garage and parks. She hops out, spots Brad, waves and starts walking toward him where he is parked. ANGLE ON BRAD'S PORCH The headlights flash on and we hear the engine REV UP as Brad's car lurches straight toward Diane. The terrified girl is too dazed to move, as he smashes into her and slams on the breaks. Quickly, he jumps out of the car, reaches over to the girl lying on the concrete and feels her pulse (to make certain that she is dead). Satisfied that she is dead, Brad runs back to his car and gets in. Kelly, who has seen all this, staggers out from her hiding place, screaming in horror, her hands covering half her face. INT PORCHE Realizing that someone has just witnessed Diane's murder, Brad spontaneously grabs the gun on the seat and levels it at the witness. Suddenly, to his horror, he realizes that the witness is Kelly! Instantly he drops the gun onto the car floor. His native shrewdness taking over, he jumps out of the Porche, runs over to the hysterical Kelly and tenderly takes her in his arms. KELLY (screaming) You killed her! You killed her! BRAD I didn't mean to! It was an accident, a tragic accident! Kelly bursts into tears. He gently leads her to his car and helps her into the passenger seat, then gets in himself. KELLY I can't believe this is happening! BRAD It is. Kelly moans. BRAD I can't afford to get mixed up in this. We've got to get out of here before someone sees me. You drove here, didn't you? KELLY (between sobs) Yes. BRAD You're too upset to drive. We'll leave your car where it is over- night, and tomorrow, I'll take a bus here and drive your car home. He drives off with a sobbing Kelly beside him. Kelly's foot brushes against the gun. Seeing what it is, she flinches, glances quickly at Brad, then continues sobbing. INT. THE ANDERS' LIVING ROOM. THE NEXT MORNING. Kelly is still distressed. She sits huddled on the couch, a handkerchief pressed to her mouth. Suddenly, she reaches for the phone. We can tell by the expression on her face that she is going to call the police. She dials, it rings, there's and answer. POLICE RECEPTIONIST Philadelphia PD Losing her courage, Kelly slams down the phone, jumps up and runs out of the living room INT BEDROOM She comes flying into the bedroom and lands on the bed sobbing. INT. FOYER Brad enters the house calling. BRAD Kelly? I got your car back. He looks around, but doesn't see Kelly. He goes upstairs to the bedroom. When he sees Kelly crying, his face contorts in anger, but almost instantly, he puts on a big smile. BRAD Kelly, please don't cry. KELLY You killed that girl, because she threatened to tell the police that you were dealing drugs. BRAD As I kept telling you last night, it was an accident. You know I could never kill anyone. I was very upset because she wanted me to divorce you. You've got to believe that, (tenderly) honey. KELLY I want to, Brad. Going over to Kelly, he leans down and puts his arms around her as... The Phone rings. Brad answers it. BRAD (screams) I told you never to call here Mugsie. Call me at number 14 in (looking at watch) exactly two minutes. What time do you have now. Okay. Hangs up, and goes back to Kelly, resuming his sweet demeanor. BRAD Like I was saying, I was so upset that I accidentally the car in gear. I didn't know what I was doing. Before I could stop it, the car sprang forward and ran her down. I feel terrible about it, but it was an accident. KELLY I do believe you, darling, of course I do. It's just that this dreadful thing has upset me so. I thought I'd never live through last night. BRAD You really were in a bad way. You made some terrible accusations--that I brought my gun with me to shoot Diane. You know I need it for protection against muggers. Why, you even accused me of debating whether or not to kill you too... because you had witnessed the accident! KELLY I said that? BRAD You certainly did. KELLY I don't remember. I'm sorry, darling. BRAD That's okay. You weren't yourself. He pats her shoulder. KELLY But what about the girl, Diane? Did you love her? BRAD Of course not! That was only an infatuation--a temporary madness. Since you were listening on the phone, you must realize that I was trying to break things off. I only agreed on the meeting so I could reason with her. KELLY It didn't sound like that, Brad. BRAD (in a hurt tone) Surely, you don't think I'm lying! KELLY (contritely) Of course not, darling. Oh, Brad, I love you so much. BRAD And I love you. He kisses her. KELLY Brad, won't you stop selling drugs. It's wrong--so very wrong. Drugs destroy people! Give it up! BRAD Are you kidding? I can't give up dealing. The money's too good. And you like the life it brings-- this house, jewelry, cars, furs-- the good life! You love all that as much as I do. KELLY That's not important! Just get out of the rotten business! BRAD If I didn't sell to addicts, someone else would, honey. KELLY That doesn't make it right. Brad, please stop! BRAD (angrily) I'm not going to quit dealing! He sees Kelly wince, and instantly, his manner changes. He kisses her forehead. BRAD Come on, Kelly, let's not quarrel. After we get enough money, I'll quit. Brad Kisses her, puts on his coat and rushes out the door to the payphone. INT. LIVING ROOM, HOUSE NEXT DOOR TO THE ANDERS'- DAY It is several months later. An elderly lady, MRS. PEMBERTON, is sitting in a rocking chair rocking and knitting. She is singing to herself. MRS. PEMBERTON Moonlight and roses bring wonderful memories of you. My heart reposes-- de-de-da-de. Suddenly a spaced out GIRL appears at the window. She is at the very least drunk. She knocks on the glass. Mrs. Pemberton starts violently and drops her knitting. She gapes at the girl. The girl beckons to her. Hesitatingly, the elderly lady gets up, goes into the hall and opens the door. The girl pushes past her and enters the house, oblivious to Mrs. Pemberton's gasps. MRS. PEMBERTON You can't come barging into my house like this, young lady! The spaced out girl merely smiles. MRS. PEMBERTON Er--are you selling something? GIRL Oh, no, quite the contrary. She stretches out her arms and twirls around. Mrs. Pemberton looks shocked. MRS. PEMBERTON What's the matter with you? The girl stops twirling around. GIRL I don't feel so good. MRS. PEMBERTON Who are you? SPACED OUT GIRL Macy. MRS. PEMBERTON Do you live around here? MACY No. She starts to stagger again. MRS. PEMBERTON You're obviously not well, Macy. I'll call your parents and have them come get you. Macy sits to steady herself. MACY My parents are far away. Far, far away. Looking at Mrs Pemberton MACY Will you front me some coke. MRS. PEMBERTON I'm afraid I haven't any coke. How about some gingerale instead? MACY Are you putting me on! MRS. PEMBERTON Why, what do you mean? MACY Will you front me some Cocaine! Mrs. Pemberton steps back with her hand pressed to her heart. MRS. PEMBERTON There's no cocaine here! Macy looks puzzled. MACY No cocaine! There must be! MRS. PEMBERTON I can assure you there isn't! And now will you please leave my house! MACY Where's chuck? MRS. PEMBERTON Who's Brad? MACY Brad, you know, Brad. MRS. PEMBERTON Brad Anders? She nods affirmatively. MRS. PEMBERTON Why he lives next doors... he and his wife, Kelly. Mrs. Pemberton's eyes narrow. MRS. PEMBERTON Why do you think he would have cocaine? MACY Are you putting me on again? She starts laughing. MACY If you ever need any great stuff buy it from Brad. MRS. PEMBERTON (faintly) Brad Anders sells drugs? MACY He sure does. MRS. PEMBERTON I thought he had a very successful real estate business! MACY Are you kidding? That's only a front. MRS. PEMBERTON Oh, dear me. MACY You said Brad lives next door? MRS. PEMBERTON Yes. MACY Which side? Mrs. Pemberton points to the left. MRS. PEMBERTON That side. MACY Thanks. I'll toddle over now. Lovely meeting you! MRS. PEMBERTON (in a strangled tone) Thank you. Macy dances out of the house. Mrs. Pemberton quickly closes the door and locks it. She hurries back into the living room and peers out the window. After a moment, she goes over to the phone and dials. MRS. PEMBERTON Operator, get me the police! EXT. YARDS & ANDERS HOUSE Macy skips across the lawn to the Anders' house. She rings the bell, and Kelly opens the door. KELLY Can I help you? MACY You sure can. With one hand, she pushes Kelly aside and waltzes inside. INT. FOYER ANDERS HOUSE KELLY Hey! MACY I came to see Brad! Where is he? KELLY Who are you? MACY I'm Macy and you're his wife, Kelly, aren't you? KELLY (suspiciously) Yes. MACY Well, Kelly, I'm a good friend of Brad's, or at least, I used to be. And I'm here to get some coke. KELLY Oh, you know about that? MACY I sure do. In fact, it was Brad who got me into coke in the first place. KELLY That's not true! Brad only sells to people who are already addicts. After all, if he didn't supply it, someone else would. But he never would introduce anyone to coke. He'd never do that! The Phone rings: KELLY Hello. No he isn't. (hangs up) Macy becomes serious, sobers up and loses her hip way of speaking. MACY I never did drugs until I met Brad. He introduced me to them, and I got hooked--just like he wanted me to! KELLY I don't believe you! Who are you anyway and what are you to my husband? MACY As I said, my name is Macy. My last name doesn't matter. And as for what I am to Brad, I'm nothing now. But once, we were very much in love. Or I should say, I loved him. Brad never loved anybody. KELLY Oh! She puts her hand up to her mouth. MACY Oh, don't worry, Kelly, it's all over between us and has been for more than a year. But while it lasted, we had some pretty good times. However, in the course of our-- She pauses, smiling. MACY Let's call it our relationship, Brad got me hooked on cocaine. KELLY (feebly) Why would he do that? MACY Because it amuses him to hurt people. KELLY Brad does not enjoy hurting people. Macy shrugs. MACY Okay, maybe he just wanted to get another customer. KELLY I don't believe you! Oh, you and Brad may--may have been lovers, but I'll never believe he deliberately got you hooked. Phone rings: Kelly lifts it off the receiver and sets it back down, almost without missing a beat. Again Macy's mood changes abruptly. MACY I need a fix so badly--so very badly. Won't you please give me some, please! Her voice rises. MACY Please! Please! KELLY There is no coke here. MACY You're lying! KELLY No, it's the truth. Neither Brad or I do drugs. I hate drugs, and I've tried to get Brad to stop dealing. MACY (shrewdly) Yet you like the money it brings in. Kelly flinches. KELLY Yes, I do, God forgive me. MACY (slowly) There really isn't any coke here? KELLY No, there isn't. MACY Oh, what am I going to do? What am I going to do? She starts to cry. Aghast, Kelly stares at her. The other girl continues to sob, as Kelly wrings her hands, then presses her hands to her mouth. Finally coming to a decision, she straightens up and puts her hand on Macy's shoulder. KELLY There are programs, hospitals that can often help drug addicts kick their habit. I'll pay for your treatment. I'll see that you get into the best hospital available. And after you get out, I'll help you get a job or job training. And I'll get you a nice place to live. You can start a whole new life. Through her tears, Macy stares at Kelly. MACY You'd do that for me? KELLY Yes, I'll be glad to. MACY You don't owe me anything, Kelly. After all, I slept with your husband. KELLY I still want to help you, Macy. MACY You're very kind. KELLY (eagerly) Then you'll accept treatment? Macy shakes her head. MACY No, I'd never make it, but I appreciate the offer. I really do. I've got to go now. She heads for the door, Kelly trailing behind her. KELLY Please think it over. And if you change your mind, don't hesitate to call me. I'll do anything I can to help. Macy pauses with one hand on the doorknob. MACY You're a good person, Kelly Anders, much too good to be mixed up in this scene. She pauses. MACY Do you believe in prayer? KELLY (surprised) Why, yes, I do. MACY Then pray for me sometime. I've forgotten how. KELLY Of course, I'll pray for you. MACY Thanks. Flashing a little smile, Macy goes out the door. She staggers down the driveway and out to the street. As she weaves along, a patrol car appears, observing her. The police, alerted by Mrs. Pemberton, have been sent it to pick up Macy. Two POLICEMEN get out and arrest Macy. EXT. ANDERS STREET - EARLY THE NEXT MORNING. Down the street from the Anders' two DETECTIVES sit in a parked unmarked car watching the house. FIRST DETECTIVE Anders should be coming out soon if he's going to be at his office by nine. SECOND DETECTIVE How long are we supposed to keep tailing him, anyway? FIRST DETECTIVE Not long, until the chief is satisfied that he's connected. SECOND DETECTIVE How do you figure a guy like Anders-- who's had all the advantages, getting mixed up in something like this? FIRST DETECTIVE For the money, of course! SECOND DETECTIVE Yeah, but still--graduating from an Ivy League college. Owns his own real estate company. Why, he's a regular Yuppie! FIRST DETECTIVE (snickers) Yeah, he's a yuppie all right--a yuppie pusher! Second detective joins in the laughter. SECOND DETECTIVE What about Anders' wife, is she involved? FIRST DETECTIVE Apparently not from what that Macy said, but of course, she knows about it. SECOND DETECTIVE And likes the bread it brings in. FIRST DETECTIVE It's sickening what some people will do for money. SECOND DETECTIVE It sure is. Suddenly they stiffen. SECOND DETECTIVE Here comes Anders now. Brad drives the PORCHE out of the garage. He pulls out of the driveway, and after a moment, the policemen follow him, being careful to keep a discreet distance. INT. THE LIVING ROOM IN THE ANDERS' HOUSE. A FEW MINUTES LATER. Kelly is talking on the phone. KELLY Sally, I'm awfully sorry, but I can't meet you for lunch. Lately, I haven't been feeling well, I had an awful night, but luckily, I was able to get an appointment with our doctor. Anyway, I don't feel much like eating. (pause) Thanks, Sally, I'm sure it's nothing serious. (pause) Okay, I'll call you soon. Bye. INT. THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE. The DR. TREVOR is seated at his desk, with Kelly sitting facing him. He is smiling. TREVOR Good news, Kelly. You're pregnant. She gasps. KELLY Pregnant! Dr. Trevor, I don't believe it! TREVOR Well, it's true. You're going to have a baby. Didn't you suspect as much? KELLY No. I've thought I was pregnant so many times, only to be bitterly disappointed. And after eleven years of marriage, I'd given up hoping. TREVOR I know how much you've wanted a child, Kelly. You must be very happy. KELLY (a bit doubtfully) Yes, yes, of course. Only--only it's happened at rather a bad time. The doctor frowns. TREVOR What do you mean? She shifts uncomfortably in her chair. KELLY Well, recently, things haven't been going too well between Brad and me. TREVOR Perhaps you should go to a marriage counselor. KELLY No, a marriage counselor won't help. TREVOR But you do want this baby, don't you? KELLY Oh, yes! TREVOR Good! You're young and healthy. You should have no trouble. I'm sure your husband will be pleased. KELLY (quickly) Yes, of course. INT. THE ANDERS' HOUSE.

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