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Mr. Bradley C. Burger is an expert on designing and manufaturing custom personal computer systems designed for post production and administrative syatems. He also has extensive experience installing operating systems, general software and security applications. Formally with Digital Equipment Corp., NEC Technologies and Bell Atlantic Business Systems, Mr. Burger's background includes over twenty four years experience in mainframe programming environments to software and hardware support on PCs and MACs. He is industry certified on many varieties of PC and MAC computers as well as A+ Certified as a Novell Network Administrator and a Microsoft Systems Engineer. Mr. Burger founded his own company, MCS, in 1991 and is a an owner of Matrixx Entertainment Corporation. MCS is a division of BackBone Enterprises.

Mr. Andrew S. Cofrin an entrepreneur with extensive experience in multi-billion dollar corporate operations and finance, both in the movie industry and other industries. Formerly an executive with the Fort Howard Paper Company (such founded by his late grandfather and helmed by his late father for many decades), Mr. Cofrin relocated to Los Angeles in the late 1970s and pursued a career in developing and producing feature motion pictures and TV programs. Working with Matrixx Productions and other production companies, Mr. Cofrin produced over 20 features, shorts and pilots.

Mr. John W. Cones is a Los Angeles-based securities and entertainment attorney working in the broad field of film finance with a focus on investor-financing of independent entertainment projects and business start-ups. Mr. Cones consults with independent producers and entrepreneurs with respect to their choice of business entity or investment vehicle and works with such clients to help them comply with federal and state securities regulations, including preparation of the required disclosure documents (private placement offering memorandum or prospectus), notice filings and financial projections. In addition to the above, Mr. Cones has prepared offering disclosure documents for feature film development, packaging, production, completion and distribution activities. His experience extends as well to live stage plays, infomercials, television pilots, music projects and other business start-up and project financing needs. Lastly, his work encompasses the preparation of business plans, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and corporate stock offerings. John Cones is a member of the California, Texas and Orange County Bar Associations and the Independent Feature Project/West.

Mr. Paul B. Gibbons, Director of Technical Affairs for MEC, has been involved in media technology all his life. An expert in the fields of audio, video and computer technology, Mr. Gibbons has been the first-line supervisor to 14 communications technicians for the City of Los Angeles for 30 years and holds a lifetime General Class FCC license. Prior to his work with the City of Los Angeles, Mr. Gibbons was chief engineer/director of quality control for MIRROR IMAGE, INC.; a recording engineer for ASR RECORDING SERVICES; an electronic maintenance technician for SUPERSCOPE, INC. and a film editor for NBC. Mr. Gibbons has extensive experience in all aspects of analog and digital electronics including electrical engineering as related to circuit board design, fabrication, modification and all aspects of mechanical design and modification of VCRs, hard drives and audio components. Mr. Gibbons is active working on Matrixx Productions film projects in various capacities, including technical director, production mixer, re-recording engineer, video editor and director of technical affairs. An active member of the Society of Motion Picture Television Engineers, Mr. Gibbons is an owner and co-founder of Matrixx Entertainment.

Mr. Kenneth N. Gullekson is a writer/director and cinematographer formerly with the WALT DISNEY COMPANY. With a BA degree in physics from the University of California, Mr. Gullekson spent fourteen years as an engineer in aerospace, manufacturing, mechanical design and quality control prior to working in the entertainment industry. A former member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, he co-owns a U.S. Patent for a new manufacturing process. Since leaving engineering, he has divided his time between creative and technical writing. On the creative side, he has written eight screenplays (including STALIN'S BACK ROOM, based on the book and life story of Alexander Contract, for Matrixx Entertainment) and seven teleplays, applying his scientific background to several science fiction stories. On the technical side, he has written, produced and directed dozens of corporate television projects for GTE, Pacific Bell and Media Learning Systems in California, and written numerous technical manuals. In addition to his current creative and technical writing activities, he serves as Managing Director of Heisenberg Press, a publishing firm specializing in proprietary titles. Mr. Gullekson is an owner and co-founder of Matrixx Entertainment.

Mr. Abe Holtz is a cinematographer with over 20 years experience shooting features, industrials and TV spots. With over 300 shoots to his credit, 200 of which were for Steven Spielberg's SHOAH project, Mr. Holtz has extensive experience setting up and interviewing experts for documentary films.

Mr. Eugene A. Jaeger, Jr. has 14 years experience in all phases of telecommunications and internet operations as well as personal and mainframe computers including IBM systems 4331, 4341, 4381, 30xx, VM/SP, CMS, RSCS, DOS/VSE, VSAM, XEDIT, EXEC, EXEX2, DDR, AMSERVE, IDCAMS, ROPES and heavy networking environments (LAN/WAN). Mr. Jaeger is an expert on Netscape Navigator, GOLD, DDG+ and Windows 95 and is extensively familiar with ADSL, cdroms, v34modems, SIMMs, MPEG, ISA, EISA, PCI bus architecture and devices, videoram, processors/cache (intel: 486, Pentium) and all associated drivers and related third party hardware. From 1975 to 1979 Mr. Jaeger operated IBM mainframe computers for marketing information systems which serviced the U.S. armed forces and the Exxon Corporation. From 1980 to 1985 Mr. Jaeger was operations manager for a crew of 8 systems operators which provided data processing and quality control services for Bell Atlantic, Ameritech, Southwestern Bell and Thomson Directories. A consultant to Bell Atlantic Business Systems/Decision One, Inc., Mr. Jaeger provides technical support for Compaq Computers and Netscape Communications. Having attended Ohio Wesleyan University and received his degree in macro economics, Mr. Jaeger is an owner and director of Matrixx Entertainment.

Mr. James R. Jaeger II is a Telly Award-winning filmmaker (FIAT EMPIRE) with over 25 years experience writing, directing and editing documentaries, features, TV commercials and multiple-camera live events. As a producer he has experience developing and packaging screenplays, private placements, public offerings and network licensing arrangements. Mr. Jaeger is also a pioneer in broadband distribution of motion pictures over the Internet and a founder of Pay-Per-View.Com. Influenced by his late grandfather, producer of the first medical training films in the United States (and the founder of the Department of Neurosurgery at Jefferson Medical College/Hospital), Mr. Jaeger began his career in entertainment around 1973 with employment at the Valley Forge Music Fair working on such shows as THE CARPENTERS, THE DAVID BRENNER SHOW, THE PEGGY FLEMMING SHOW and THE SONNY & CHER SHOW.

Mr. Warren Jaeger, a high-end flash website designer with extensive experience designing DVD sleeves and disks. He is also a strategist for emerging new markets on the Internet.

Mr. John Longecker, DGA is an Oscar-winning producer with over 30 years experience in the Hollywood-based motion picture industry. In addition to being an acomplished producer and director, Mr. Longenecker is an expert on state-opf-the art digital camera equipment and peripherals and has an active equipment rental business in Beverly Hills.

Mr. Patrick E. McShane is a network administrator with over 20 years experience Internet backbone access and UNIX networks. Prior to working with InterNet Connect and the Company, Mr. McShane was a BASIS Consultant/UNIX network specialist at Bureau van Dijk where he designed and built BVD infrastructures and information systems supporting web delivery of content based on Netscape Enterprise and Sun Sparc servers. From 1994 to 1997, Mr. McShane was a consultant to ESG and SAP America, Inc. where he designed and implemented a UNIX TCP/IP test network. From 1992 to 1994, Mr. McShane was a UNIX Network/System Administrator for Martin Marietta (formerly GE Aerospace). From 1988 to 1992 he was a UNIX Super Computer Cluster Administrator for Boeing, where he implemented the first UNIX super computer cluster for the helicopter division and wrote various key software applications in C, UNIX Shell (Bourne), Cshell and Kshell to compliment GUI user environments. Also familiar with Pascal, FORTRAN and C, Mr. McShane was a systems network administrator for Mars Electronics from 1987 to 1988 where he designed and implemented an Ethernet LAN, a DEC VAX and an Apollo DOMAIN/PCI token ring (comprised of Apollo DN3000/4000 UNIX workstations, PC AT's and Compaq 386's) sharing common data from a master database application in C. Mr. McShane, having served in the U.S. Army in West Germany and obtaining the rank of E-3, is a graduate of the Maxwell Institute and West Chester University with a BA in Computer Science. Mr. McShane resides in Villanova, Pennsylvania.

Mr. Lew Tilley is a producer and formerly syndicated COMCAST sportscaster. With over 25 years experience in television, Mr. Tilley is familiar with all aspects of producing and distributing for major network TV.

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