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Hollywood Wars - How Insiders Gained and Maintain Illegitimate Control Over the Film Industry
Securities/entertainment attorney John W. Cones - takes us inside one of the most closed business communities in America and reveals publicly what every Hollywood insider knows privately: that a small group of insiders controls the Hollywood film industry and often engages in unethical and illegal business practices that hurt independent filmmakers and screenwriters as well as the movie-going public. Publisher Marquette Books offers a 33% discount ($27 even for the book and $4 for shipping and handling) for direct from the publisher purchaes. All of the ordering information is on the Web (how to order by phone, fax, Internet or e-mail by credit card). Click on the address below for that information:

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43 Ways to Finance Your Feature Film: A Comprehensive Analysis of Film Finance
A comprehensive overview of film finance with a discussion of advantages and disadvantages of forty-three different ways to finance feature films and other entertainment projects.
Paperback / ISBN # 0-8093-1968-3 / Published by Southern Illinois University Press / Available at or phone 800/346-2680 or 618/453-6619 / 207 pages.

The Feature Film Distribution Deal: A Critical Analysis of the Single Most Important Film Industry Agreement
A provision-by-provision critical analysis of the single most important film industry agreement. The book clearly demonstrates why it is highly unlikely that anyone will ever get a "good" feature film distribution deal. The book also provides samples of five different film distribution agreements in its appendix.
ISBN # 0-8093-2082-7 / Paperback / Published 1996 by Southern Illinois University Press / Available at or phone 800/346-2680 or 618/453-6619 / 380 pages

Film Finance & Distribution: A Dictionary of Terms
Definitions of some 3,600 terms used in the film industry in the finance and distribution of feature films. In addition, to the definitions, examples of usage and commentary are provided for some terms.
ISBN # 1-879505-12-6 / Paperback / Published 1992 by Silman-James Press / Distributed by Samuel French Trade / Available at or phone 213/876-0570 / 566 pages

Film Industry Contracts
A collection of 100 sample film industry agreements relating to acquisition, development, packaging, employment, lender financing, investor financing, production documentation, distribution, exhibition, merchandising and licensing. Also available on computer diskettes (in Word Perfect and Mac) / Paperback/ Available in manuscript format through Rivas Canyon Press at 310/477-6842 / 640 pages / Published 1993

What's Really Going On In Hollywood!
John W. Cones / Spiral-bound / Published 1997

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John Cones is a Los Angeles-based securities/entertainment attorney who maintains a private practice advising, film, video, television and theatre producers about investor financing of entertainment projects. He lectures frequently on the subjects of film finance and distribution, and, of course, has written extensively about related topics.

Mr. Cones also maintains a World Web Site that includes a Question and Answer forum Investor Financing of Independent Film.

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