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dNa DevelopMent is NO LONGER looking for people who want to read screenplays (on a volunteer basis) and write reports in a professional, non-derogatory way, a way in which the writer can benefit because you have presented a carefully considered view of the pros and cons of the writing.

If we open this division again, applicants will be expected to have the following qualifications:

Like reading and read quickly with the ability to visualize what is being described.

Be able to evaluate both the negative and positive aspects of a screenplay without attacking the writer.

Have the ability to make Reader Reports on the following: character development, dialogue, setting, creativity, writer's style, feasibility of the story, structure, subplots, premise and whether the ending (or catharsis) of the story was effective.

Must regularly see movies (at least 1 or 2 theatrical features per month and rent at least 1 or 2 videos per week) so s/he is in a position to recognize relatively original material, when encountered.

Lead an active life with extensive experience and/or awareness of a wide range of lifestyles, cultures, people, places, and situations.

Must have a broad-based education, whether formal or self-taught.

Reader must able to summarize a story (if one exists) in 1 to 3 lines and make a bottom-line recommendation on the entire premise as to whether a movie should or should not be based upon the literary property being evaluated.

If you meet all or most of the above qualifications and are interested in reading screenplays, apply to be a Reader.

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