Independent Screen Producers Association

The Independent Screen Producers Association (ISPA) was formed in 1972 by Lee Garmes, Laurence Merrick, Leon Mirell, Don Henderson, Richard, Heagy, Steve Snyder, Burt Topper, Anthony Cardoza, Bill Byars, Jimmie Smith and E. Jan Roberts to provide a film market and voice for independent producers.

The organization was endorsed and/or financially supported by numerous people and companies among which were the following:

  • Academy Artists
  • ACE International Productions
  • American Film Industries
  • American International
  • Arazona Department of Economic Planning and Development
  • Audrey P. Franklin
  • Bayly, Martin & Fay, Inc.
  • Berkey Colortran
  • Bob Seidenglanz
  • Burt Topper Productions
  • Burton Films Distribution
  • Candace Kavanagh
  • Casting Director's Service
  • Challenge Films Co.
  • Charles S. Chaplin
  • Cinema Products Corp.
  • City of Los Angeles
  • Clarion Pictures, Inc.
  • Compact Video Systems, Inc.
  • Complete Production Facilities
  • Consolidated Film Industries
  • D&P Productions
  • Delux General, Inc.
  • Don Henderson
  • Dundee Productions
  • Eastman Kodak
  • Edmund M. DiGiulio
  • Edward Ludwig
  • Edward S. Shaw
  • Edward Shaw & Associates, Inc.
  • F&B Ceco
  • Federation International Des Producteurs De Films Independants
  • Filmkraft Services
  • Foto-Kem Industries, Inc.
  • Frank Russell
  • Fred Banker
  • Further Productions
  • Glen Glenn Sound Co.
  • GOZ Productions
  • Image Transform, Inc.
  • International Center Productions
  • International Film Distributors
  • International Film Laboratory, Inc.
  • Jack A. Mauck
  • Jimmie Smith Productions
  • Joseph E. Bluth
  • L. Steven Snyder
  • Leon Mirell Productions, Inc.
  • Magnasync/Moviola Corporation
  • National Association of Theatre Owners, Inc.
  • Panavision
  • Pat Carroll
  • Patricia Carlisle
  • Patrick D. Mulcahy
  • Producers Studio
  • PSI Production Systems, Inc.
  • QSI
  • Richard H. Heagy
  • Richard McGuire & Associates
  • Robert J. Ringer
  • Robert Wise
  • Ruth Hall
  • Sandy Blowitz
  • Tom & Delores Laughlin
  • Toronto International Film Studios
  • Trans-American Video, Inc.
  • Truman Van Dyke Company
  • Truman Van Dyke, Jr.
  • TV Recorders
  • Video Cassette Industries
  • Vidtronics
  • Warner Seltzer & Associates
  • Wells Fargo Bank
  • Young Generators
Laurence Merrick was the first president and Lee Garmes was a Vice-President along with Leon Merill and Don Henderson. Richard H. Heagy was Secretary and L. Steve Snyder was Treasurer. The Board of Directors consisted of Burt Topper, Anthony Cardoza, Jimmie Smith, Laurence Merrick and Bill Byars. Lee Garmes was the Executive Managing Editor and Magazine Committee Chairman of LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION, theISPA's official publication wwhich provided a liaison between independent producers, distributors and theater owners.

The ISPA and its supporters later reorganized as the American Film Market Association (AFMA) which has now become the largest film market in the world. The AFMA has recently been renamed the IFTA, Independent Film & Television Alliance.

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