Welcome to the Lee Garmes Cinema Institute

Welcome to the Lee Garmes Cinema Institute, the world's first virtual film school.tm We are happy to have you as a student or as an apprentice training for a crew, staff or executive position.

Who is Lee Garmes? The Lee Garmes Cinema Institute was founded in honor
of two filmmakers who epitomize both studio and independent filmmaking: Lee Garmes (GONE WITH THE WIND) and Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr. (THE BLOB).

The Curriculum

Students of the entire curriculum will gain a well-rounded eduation in both the creative and administrative sides of the cinematic arts & sciences. Specifically, they will learn how professional feature motion pictures are developed, packaged, financed, produced, edited and marketed.

Students who do the courses that pertain to production, will arrive at a point where they'll know how to produce and direct a feature motion picture with a minumum of risk. Such students will graduate with a full feature film to their credit.

Students who elect the courses that pertain to management, financing and distribution will learn how to set up a mini-major studio. Such students will establish their own corporation and begin business operations.

To enrole and access each course, click on the course in the Curriculum menu to your left (and if a menu is not present, please click here). The Production Course is the only course available as we are updating the other courses at this time.

Time & Expense Factors

You can do all of these courses at your own rate of speed and take as much or as little time as you wish.

For a number of years tuition on the Production Course has been free. As of the December of 2001, a total of 77 men and women from all over the world have done this course and given us very positive feedback. As a result, we have been able to improve the course to a point where we feel justified in charging tuition starting 01 January 2002.

Equipment & Facilities

We believe that the $80,000 you could easily spend on four years of Film School should be put into your productions and the acquisition of certain key pieces of equipment.

To this end, we suggest you purchase a Cannon or Panasonic MiniDV camera and use this as your first learning vehicle. These cameras are not very expensive and any serious student of film should own at least one. Shooting narrative drama, handling a crew/talent and translating the written word to cinematic images should be your primary concern -- not equipment. Once you can do all this, you will upgrade to 16mm and 35mm equipment, which you can purchase or rent with the money you saved from Film School.

At this time we supply no equipment however students who are enrolled on the Production Course may rent our editing facilities at a 50% discount.


The courses of the Lee Garmes Cinema Institute are designed to help you develop as a well-rounded film professional in less time, and at less expense, than conventional film school or in the "school of hard knocks." It is our goal that you become more comfortable taking greater responsibility and that you are able to do higher quality work.

You are pioneering something new, as Lee Garmes often did and Shorty Yeaworth continues to do to this day, so give us your comments and suggestions and refer your associates whenever possible. We will take each communication and referral seriously, even though we may not be able to thank you personally every time. To get started, just click on the course of your choice on the menu at your left.

Good luck. And most of all, have fun at the Lee Garmes Cinema Institute . . . after all this is the entertainment industry - not brain surgery!

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