The Movie Mogul Manual®

The Movie Mogul Manual, written and compiled by James R. Jaeger II over the course of 25 years, is an abridged version of the Studio Executive Reference Library. The Manual provides a solid foundation for policy and corporate management covering, but not limited to,
the following: The Movie Mogul Manual

Organizing for Production
Staff/Crew/Exec Job Descriptions
Delegating Responsibilities
Screenplay Development
Raising Money
Conventional & Internet Distribution
Table of Contents
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The most complete and
detailed reference available at any
price, The Movie Mogul Manual puts meat on the skeleton of the Basic Program for Establishing a Mini-Major Movie Studio.

After you've produced, directed or managed in a number of features or TV programs you may wish to establish a production company, mini-major studuio or independent news organization. The Movie Mogul Manual will give you vital corporate and production policies as well as all job descriptions you will need in order to establish an organization and initiate production. If one had to evolve this body of management policy by trial and error, it could take decades and cost millions. Opportunities to produce and release feature motion pictures (as well as documentaries and TV programs) over the broadband net are here now. The potential to reach film, TV and news audiences in the hundreds of millions is here now.

So if you're a motivated professional, why not do something unique: use your power connections and abilities to establish a company that could someday give the major studios, TV networks and news organizations some serious competition.

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