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Automatically Parsed Royaltiestm

Automatically Parsed Royalties are royalties received on behalf of the Licensee of a motion picture and automatically parsed through wire-transfers directly to the bank accounts of the various principles responsible for financing and producing a given project. This new paradigm of distributing motion pictures turns today's paradigm on its head.

The below chart is a suggested sample of what appears in a Distribution Agreement with Automatically Parsed Royalties. The indicated percentages must add up to 100 % and include a distribution fee of no more than 25%.

Person, Company or Entity % Royalty Bank Name ABA - Account No.
Producer Unit
Development Investors
Production Investors
Distribution 25% First Union 031201467-2050176519999

Suggested gross participations are as follows: Producer Unit 25%, Development Investors 5%, Production Investors 20%, Writer(s) 5%, Director 5%, Stars 15%, Distribution 25%.

When such a distribution agreement is submitted as a web form, all parties are assured of being simultaneously paid out of gross proceeds of Internet distribution with no "creative accounting." This is new paradigm of distribution has been piloted by Matrixx Internet Distribution and is offered to the film and investor communities in the hope that once again "film investments" will be considered synonymous with "great investments".

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