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TESLA - If the definition of a tragic figure is that the figure holds the roots of his own demise within his own belief system, Nikola Tesla is one of America's true tragic figures. So smart in the ways of science, yet so myopic in the ways of romance, Tesla sowed the seeds of his own demise with his belief that "I do not believe an inventor should marry, because he has so intense a nature, with so much in it of wild, passionate quality, that in giving himself to a woman he might love, he would give everything and so take everything from his chosen field." TESLA, potentially a 2-part movie-of-the week, is an adventure in turn-of the century New York that changes civilization forever, but not as much as it might have. © (Drama) Origination date: 13 June 1988

ECOSPHERES - Two brothers inherit a gemstone from their astronaut-father which has the ability to transmute lead into gold. Their discovery upsets the powers-that-be just in the nick of time. © Origination date: 15 April 1993

SPLASH OF RED - The incredible account of a boy who, by a twist of fate, became a foodtaster and confidant of Joseph Stalin. Based on a true story, this motion picture takes us behind the scenes in the Kremlin where Stalin assembled his young staff of trusted assistants, foodtasters, all-purpose spies, interpreters and bodyguards for his daughter, giving some of them unimaginable power and access to the vast Soviet Empire. © (Historical Drama) Origination date: 17 February 1995

FAIR WEATHER FRIENDS - Nothing like having all your crass, horny friends messing up the field of fine, fair women. © (Gen Y Drama) Origination date: 20 May 1994

THE PERFECT COMET - Comet Shoemaker-Levy doesn't hit Jupiter, it hits Earth. This time, there are no mountains high enough. Luckily, one small mission to Mars is on its way to continue the legacy of human civilization. © Origination date: 05 April 2000

BLADE RUNNER II: FORCED RETIREMENT - A continuation of the story, maintaining the look and feel of the original. Maintaining the narration. © Origination date: 30 November 2003

THE PLATINUM BEARERS - An entrepreneur who's family is third-generation Martian, gets the hair-brain idea of lugging asteroids back to near-Earth orbit in order to sell their platinum content to the planet's industry. © Origination date: 12 October 1998

GEM CUTTERS - Every time gem-quality, artificial diamonds take another leap in quality, the diamond cartels of Earth go more bananas. Finally, the descendants of Rhodes decide to sell out and invest their assets in colonizing the Moon, where they eventually go broke and extinct. © Origination date: 17 October 1998

FIRE RAIN - An asteroid hits the Moon and literally blows it out of orbit. The changes that occur on Earth are strange indeed when the Earthlings realize the Moon has impacted Mars, creating enough new mass on the red planet to attract and hold a watery atmosphere. © Origination date: 22 February 2001

SINGULARITY - A tiny black hole, the size of a grain of sand, wanders into the Solar System and threatens to dispose of the Earth in a most unusual way. © Origination date: 16 June 1995

NANOBOTS - Organic bacteria is discovered to be none less than a super-advanced civilization's truncated version of full inorganic nanotechnology, used to imprison certain beings on an isolated planet, in an outer-most spiral of a distant galaxy. © Origination date: 17 June 1995

SHOPLIFTERS - They were young. They had "potential" but they also had sticky fingers. No one could catch them as they shoplifted all the right stuff: like mini-radar detectors and you know what. © (Gen Y Beat-the-Establishment Adventure, Needs a Writer) Origination date: 22 July 2001

THE ORBITAL TOWER - A group of scientists succeed in using Nanotechnology to create a new world where diamondoid substances (with incredible tensile strength) can be lowered to the surface of the Earth from geo-synchronous orbit. The other things they are able to do with replicating assemblers are unbelievable. © Origination date: 01 June 1995

HIGH-TECH HIGH - A futuristic group of rowdy, beer-drinking, flower-power parents are forced to grow up when their teen kids refuse to save them from trouble in their high-tech world of computers, stereolithography and piezoelectrics. © Origination date: 27 May 1983

YUPPIE PUSHER - An ivy-league professional crosses the white line and into the fast-lane only to find herself on a bumpy road to jail. © (Action) Origination date: 22 December 1985

EARTH CROSSERS - Two post-graduate physics students develop a quantum telescope that suddenly allows them to see the other 95% of earth-crossing asteroids. The world scientific community is horrified when it realizes all of humanity is literally sitting in a hornets nest of danger much worse than ever imagined. © Origination date: 17 November 1997

THE NIT-WITS - Grand Pop moves in with his daughter and her new husband and "saves" the neighborhood from an evil planing commission in a high-paced mad, mad kind-of-way. © (Comedy) Origination date: 28 August 1996

DREAMING OF A GREEN CHRISTMAS - A family of five realizes that Christmas has become too commercial and so vows that, instead of buying gifts, they will try to be (extra) nice to each other. Unfortunately they practically kill one another and then, in an attempt to make up for attitudes-gone-south, they end up tiptoeing around the last department store open Christmas Eve - buying gifts for each other. © August 1998 (Comedy, Needs a Writer) Origination date: 06 May 1999

E.N.I.A.C. - The world's first computer, constructed at the University of Pennsylvania, started a chain of little-known political events that continues into a future Age of Quantum Computing. © Origination date: 13 September 1993

MARS ONE - The first human mission to Mars is so successful, the world becomes excited about its new role as a spacefaring civilization. Humanity wakes up to the possibilities of a new beginning. A golden age of art and technology begin flourishing. © Origination date: 19 April 2002

All projects, hosts and talents are provisional until and unless financed and all elements are contracted with mutually acceptable compensation and/or participation.

$50,000 - $250,000 development capital and between $500,000 and $60,000,000 production capital for each of the above projects from an active investor who is qualified to provide meaningful services to the production in the capacity of Executive Producer. Please note specific projects for specific budgets, if any. The company will grant repayment of development and production financing with interest or profit participation. This is not an offer to sell or buy any securities. Ask for an investment circular if you are interested in any particular project(s).

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While projects in the Development Queue are the highest priority projects of the Company as of 01 January 2005, all projects are subject to change or termination.

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