Welcome to Mini Mogul Enterprises (MME), home of Movie Pubs and the Lee Garmes Cinema Institute. MME functions as Matrixx Entertainment's quality assurance and human resources division by providing training and reference materials for employees and entrepreneurs through the Entertainment Orientation Course and Movie Franchise Programs, respectively.

The Entertainment Orientation Course

The Entertainment Orientation Course (the "EOC") consists of 9 administrative courses (for executives and staff) and 15 technical courses (for talent and crew) which are done on the premises of the Company or over the Internet through the Lee Garmes Cinema Institute.

Serious students of film (who have learned the basics of writing and filmmaking, before or after going to film school), who want to develop their movie careers, can greatly benefit by the EOC, and perhaps shave years off their ascent to directing and producing features by setting up their own production "franchise."

Mini Mogul Productions

As part of our program, Mini Mogul Enterprises provides administrative, technical and legal support for those who license The Movie Mogul Manual and establish their own feature film production "franchise" or for those who opt to begin with student and semi-professional "Mini Mogul Productions" as forth in the The Mini Mogul Manual.

Starting with the materials found in The Mini Mogul Manual, licensees progress through a series of shoots that are designed to increase skills and result in specific demo reels, the goal being to eventually arrive at viable feature motion pictures, beginning with 1-Day Shoots, and proceeding onto 2-3 Day Shoots, a 6-Day Shoot (Mini Mogul Productions) and ultimately onto the full Feature Film Shoot of 18 or more days (Movie Mogul Productions). By training new producers in this fashion, the Company plans on creating a matrix for economically produced future film product. Pursuant to the Movie Company Licensing Agreement, the Company owns equity in each of these "franchise" productions in consideration for providing on-going consulting and support.

Admin and Tech Support

The "franchise" program provides signatories with access to state-of-the-art technical, administrative and legal know-how from its founders, outside consultants and executives in the entertainment industry and other related industries.

Confidential trade secret aspects of the licensable materials provided by MME ensure that the Company is able to direct the administrative and technical knowledge-base to signatory companies and not competitors. The nature of this program also makes it possible for a wider range of financing possibilities with minimal capital-entry costs and a safer learning curve.

The Company retains the right, but not the obligation, to receive two screen credits on each motion picture produced by a franchise production during the term of the licensing agreement. The first screen credit is to recognize that individual who provided the most help and support on a given project and second screen credit is to recognize Matrixx Entertainment's contribution in general.

As this program matures it provides a growing source of symbiotic relationships and on-going film product which the Company intends to distribute through its on-line distribution network under a new paradigm of recoupment and gross profit participation.

Initial Franchise Companies

Under the banners of its first pilot franchise companies, SILVERTHORNE-MATRIXX PRODUCTIONS, MATRIXX PRODUCTIONS, OE JOINT VENTURE, MYOPIC FILMS, MYOPIC PRODUCTIONS, DEEP LAKE PICTURES and LION LAMB PRODUCTIONS, the Company has completed a number of Mini Mogul Productions entitled: MY BUDDY THE DRUG DEALER, KAREN'S JELLY, TESTY PILOT, THE SCHEME, THE RETURN, THE PICKUP, RICK DANGER STRIKES, LET'S MURDER VIVALDI, JUST LIKE OLD FRIENDS, THE ASSIGNMENT, PEER PRESSURE, OVEREXPOSED, THE MAN WHO LOVED DONUTS, MOPS, SKINS, RESERVOIR ZOMBIES, GEORGE and IF YOU CAN KEEP IT. In keeping with the Company's founder, Lee Garmes, several films pioneered new techniques. For instance THE PICKUP was the first film to utilize personal computers for script breakdown and production scheduling and THE MAN WHO LOVED DONUTS was one of the first films to use the Video Toaster.

Movie Mogul Productions

It is the Company's goal to license a number of new franchise companies in the next several years. By retaining a modest interest in each franchise (between 1 and 5 percent), this new "studio-system" is enabling MME to establish and promote numerous, semi-autonomous production entities, any one (or many) of which could produce the next important features allowing the Company to participate in gross revenues which may be significant over the long-term. Each one of the Franchise Production Companies also participates in these revenues on the same basis as Matrixx Entertainment.

In addition to utilizing known personalities as appropriate, the Company is developing its own talent and retaining an option on future services. By doing this, the Company hopes to bring back a portion of the "old studio system" which was less ad hoc and more sympathetic to new talent, than the system today. This includes helping existing "Stars" develop careers in directing and producing features, through the production company franchise program.

Movie Publications

One of Mini Mogul Enterprise's most important functions is publishing books, manuals and Internet courses on all aspects of production and the entertainment industry. Find out more about MOVIE PUBS.

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